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Essentials Of People's Practice Assignment Sample

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Essentials Of People's Practice Assignment Sample


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AC 6.1: Learning Needs

One of the most important learning needs is cognitive learning needs which are responsible for describing the fact of a mental process or action with respect to acquiring understanding and knowledge through senses, thought, and experience. Moreover, cognitive learning defines the skills or knowledge acquisition gained through lessons taught, study, and experiences. As stated by Rivero-Martínez et al. (2021), through cognitive learning needs, it is possible for the new managers to perform their activities in the organization from their previous experiences and academic pieces of knowledge. The cognitive type of learners needs to be responsible for acknowledging the good questions. It provides the managers to improve their managerial skills and capability; in addition to this, the manager is able to prove their high efficiency to the upper hierarchy (Omer et al. 2020). Facilitation is an approach to learning that is used by managers as well for engaging themselves in the application, creating and discovering learning insights (Chen et al. 2018). The managers are assisted completely through the particular approach as they can apply, acquire, and retain skills and knowledge. One of the most crucial approaches to learning is training for the newcomers irrespective of their designation. In the behavioral approach, human behavior is learned therefore, it can be stated that it is possible to unlearn the old behaviors by learning the new ones in their place. One of the main concerns of behaviorism is two important aspects of behaviors of humans such as measurable as well as observable. 

AC 6.2: Approach Learning

In some cases, it can be noticed that managers’ face issues in dealing with the team of Technow, and therefore they ask questions in return to their heads such that they can tackle the situation appropriately. In such a situation, the managers are assisted by their head to solve the issue as well as the queries accurately and thereafter making practice problem-solving skills (Tung and Alissa, 2021). The two types of learning approaches that are used in this particular field are cognitive and experimental approaches. According to Rigato et al. (2021), the cognitive approaches mainly focus on remembering and memorizing the information related to the tasks that are needed to be performed as a leader of Technow. 

The level of satisfaction in employees can be increased in Technow by managing the investment on them such as offering coaching’s, training, mentoring and up-skilling. Through the respective approaches, it will be be3neficfaila for Technow to increase the level of engagement of employees along with satisfaction. It is only possible to gain benefit from employees as an employer by making them happy by providing a suitable workplace (Otundo and Garn 2019). The opportunities gained by Technow from satisfied employees are increased strength of retentions. The different factors depending on which satisfaction is gained are job security, paying properly, and motivating employees. 

AC 6.3: Delivery and Design of Learning

The delivery of learning in cognitive learning needs is the formulation of corporate training. It is considered to be a strategy that is used by managers for not only individual improvement yet for organizational growth as well. The learning objectives of the organization as well as of the individuals are clearly visualized through the development and learning strategy. The understandable corporate setting training objectives allows them to improvise their knowledge in their respective field and get a better understanding of the jobs that are needed to be performed by them in Technow. 

AC 6.4: Methods of Evaluating Development and Learning

The learning and development are evaluated through an exception way known as the four-level training model for evaluation purposes. The four levels are reaction, learning, behavior, and result.  Another form of learning needs is social learning needs which depict the social way of reacting in the workplace of Technow. As mentioned by Stilgoe (2018), one of the noteworthy social learning needs is communication appropriately and accurately with peers. The peers of a manager include the board members such as the CEO and chairperson. It is the duty of the manager to report regarding the progress of the ongoing projects to the upper hierarchy as well as about the issues that are faced related to projects and the working environment. The team members are completely dependent on the team leaders, therefore. They need to support the team whenever needed in the best possible way. It is not always possible for a manager to solve all issues single hand, and at that time, there is the necessity for support from the head authority. 

Primarily the managers are introduced to their organizational duties, and thereafter questions are asked to them related to their job activities in order to check their working capability; as per the view of Otundo and Garn (2019), the answers obtained from the new manager who is considered to be a learner as well suggestions are provided according to the requirements. Among different types of methods for evaluation of development as well as learning, such as four-level evaluation, the ROI (Return of Investment) model is one of the effective procedures (Kendal et al. 2018). The ROI of training is calculated in five steps, among which the first one is data collection of pre-training. Similar to the pre-training, post-training collection of data is done in a similar way to get the idea of the immediate supervisors and peer groups.

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