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Digital Marketing Assignment Sample

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Digital Marketing Assignment Sample

1. Introduction

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Digital marketing is the process of advertising the products through various channels to promote the brands. The report deals with the Five guys Enterprise in the UK which is a restaurant selling hot dogs, French fries etc. It also highlights the digital marketing strategies undertaken by the company to achieve its goals.

2. Background of the company

Five guys LLC is an American fast-food restaurant which was founded in 1986. In the current phase the company has acquired almost 1600 locations and also had 300 stores. The organization has a total of 5000 employees. Moreover, the company has generated revenue of 181.2 crores in 2021. Now the company is planning to spread their business in the UK. As prescribed by Saura (2021), the company can use digital marketing to promote their brand as well as promote their items via online business. This will help their company to advertise easily and reach the audience globally. It also reduces the cost and is scalable. It can cover the customer all over the country and help to know through the searches that which location will access more customers. If the company uses the digital marketing process it will help the company with multiple innovative solutions.

3. Macro factors of the company

The Five Guys Company can follow the PESTLE analysis to spread its business in the markets of the UK.

Intermediaries’ analysis and customer analysis

The intermediaries of the Five Guys Company are the banks, stock exchanges and the insurance organizations. The Five Guys before establishing its organization in the UK should analyse the customer’s rates of the UK, their needs and demand.

Competitor analysis & metrics

The Five Guys can use the customer’s analysis through which it can analyse the competitors like McDonalds and the Smashburger LLC. As mentioned by Purwanto (2021), the company can follow the SWOT and sales metrics to measure the customer ranking and can also follow the social media metrics to achieve the goal.

Current RACE elements

The RACE elements include the Research, Act, Convert and Engage which will help the Five Guys to achieve its goals. Relevance of all these elements is further considered to be important as it helps Five Guys to feasibly propel favourable business propositions in the market.

Marketing mix

The marketing mix followed by the Five Guys is the Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The 4Ps Product defines the organization that wants to sell the product. The price determines the amount the customers want to pay for the food. The Place determines that according to the demand the product shield be sold at that place. The promotion includes the target of the customers and the customers should know about the brand (Van et al. 2021).


The Five Guys Company can use the 5Is which includes the involvement, interaction, intimacy, influence and individual. The goal of the company is to build the brand all over the UK. 

Current Online value proposition

The Five Guys should use the current online value proposition to determine the reason why the customer should use the product and which product is suitable for the customer which examines the satisfaction of the customer (Erlangga, 2021).

SWOT analysis and TOWS matrix

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis will help to determine the Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threat of the Five Guys. It will help the company to determine the overall competitors in the market and the barriers of the company.

TOWS analysis

4. Objectives of the company

Objectives of the digital marketing plan

The digital marketing helped the company to grow and achieve its targeted goals.

Creates awareness of the brand and retainment of customers

The digital marketing plans have generated a greater awareness of the brand by sharing the brand on the social media by giving running ads or advertisements (Chen et al. 2021). The Five Guys can avoid using the same channel of advertisement all over social media. They should create new content for each. This will retain the current customers and will also increase the locality among the customers. 

Greater market share and customer loyalty

The company can also get the availability of greater market share by using digital marketing. They have to stay ahead of all the competitors and have to build a unique product to attract the customers and increase the shares of the market. The customer loyalty can be improved by providing those discounts on the products and encouraging the referrals.

SMART communication and commercial objective of digital marketing

The SMART communication helps to improve the engagement of the employees and helps in making prudent decisions.

5Ss framework and appropriate metrics

Top level goals of marketing will be achieved by the company through the integration of the 5Ss framework with using the sell and serve criteria to the customers in order to achieve the RACE largely. The 3month time period will be integrated by the company through using the sales matrix and client retention rate largely. 

5. Strategy undertaken by the company

The strategy the company can undertake to set the, market in the markets of UKis as mentioned as follows.

Target markets

The online marketing will help the company to increase its costumes and can increase loyalty in the existing customers. It will even help to fight the competitors in the market and can attract their customers to buy the new food items launched by them. The digital marketing will help to know the people who will be benefited from the offer.


The online value proposition (OVP) helps to create the value of the customers and can clearly communicate. The OVP can be achieved by using the 6Cs. The 6Cs include the choice, challenges, control, and collaboration, constructing and cost reduction. The choice includes the customer choice of ordering the food as per their demand. The challenges include the competitions the Five Guys are facing in the market. Moreover, the control and collaboration is set to look and take care of the customers. These are the ways the 6Cs help OVP to achieve the goals.


The sequence in the digital marketing sequence includes the way by which t6he digital content is distributed in a scalable manner. This increases when the existing and the loyal customers write testimonials. The brand visibility increases by making unique offerings to the customers, making extra demands on food to them so that they order more (Varadarajan et al. 2021).


The integration includes the unique form of expression that needs to be created and channels that are used by the customers. The data integration helps to keep all the previous data of the customers and used to track their sales, accounts and etc. the integrated marketing communication includes the advertising, marketing through the internet, direct marketing and also the sales promotion.

Tactical tools

The tactic that is in digital marketing describes in what way the strategy made should be implemented. It also examines the channels and analyses the tool that is used for the Five Guys. The PCC is a type of marketing on the internet that includes the payment to the advertisers that pay for free in the ads. The SEO is the way by which the process is taken by a technical configuration that shows the popularity in the pages that are served. The content marketing is used to attract the customers by sharing important articles.


The engagement includes the interaction of the customers that is used for attracting the customers. This is the way by whi8ch the customers are engaged in the name of brands. The loyalty ladder is a tool which is used in the marketing communication to determine the loyalty of the customers.

6. Tactics of the companies

The tactics of the PCC, SEO, PR, social media and content marketing had a greater impact on the digital marketing used by the Five Guys. Hence, the suitable rationale for tactics has further created a huge impact as the PCC is a type of marketing on the internet that includes the payment to the advertisers that pay for free in the ads. The SEO have served the platform by taking the technical configuration that shows the popularity in the pages that are served. The content marketing is used to attract the customers by sharing important articles. The social media in the internet marketing that uses the applications further aggravate to appropriate budgets, which improvises external and internal skills. The rationale of the online tools used by RACE is mentioned as follows.


The reach includes the awareness that has been made by the brand and its food quality and the service that has been taken from the various social media sites and also the pages on social media.


Act stands for interact which clearly means that the company will be encouraged and will be able to interact a huge number of customers on the social media for challenging the huge number of online marketers.


The conversion includes the sale of the Five Guys online or offline. It also includes the audience through which the next step can be of paying the clients whether in the online form or offline form.


The engagement is on a long-term basis which determines on building the customers loyalty and can repeat purchases by utilizing the presence of the social media. This can satisfy the customers and reckon others to use this application.

7. Actions taken in favour of the company

The company can determine the internal and external skills. The appropriate budgets should be set by the Five Guys on each food item to make it more sales. The 3M used and implemented by the company is considered to be men and women, minutes and money that are used by the company to achieve the target goals.

8. Control set to achieve the targeted plans

The control used by the company to achieve the plans is saving the cost, extending the brand of the product. Revenue growth and client retention rate of the KPIs metrics will be used to address the performance of the company. The rationale for contingency plans set mitigates the risk and determines the potentiality of the risk.

9. Legislation affecting the digital marketing activity

The advertisement that includes the digital marketing activity is the paid advertisement which costs a lot.

10. Conclusion

This report deals with the digital marketing strategies undertaken by the company to achieve its goals. Furthermore, it also determines SMART communication and the commercial objectives of digital marketing. The 3M used and implemented by the company is considered to be men and women, minutes and money, which is feasibly used and implemented by the company to attain higher market sustainability.

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