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Managing A Successful Business Project Assignment Sample

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Managing A Successful Business Project Assignment Sample


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Sustainability within an organizational context refers to reducing the impact on the environment and society. The organization must form a holistic view of their organization’s process, technologies, logistics, and components to maintain a sustainable approach to any business. Since the covid 19 pandemic, the world has seen the distribution in the supply chain. The distribution has shown how sustainability is necessary for the organization. In order, project planning is the most important aspect for the organization to maintain sustainable growth as well as reduce risk. Moreover, project planning can help to describe how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled. The project will discuss and develop the framework for organizations to sustain their business during the pandemic and post-pandemic.

2. “Aim of the project”

The “aim of the project” is to investigate and create a post-pandemic framework for the organization to maintain sustainable growth.

3. Project objectives

Preparation of SMART objectives for the organization

4. Project planning

4.1 “Project deliverables”

The project allows the organization to identify and analyse the current standards in terms of “equality and diversity”. The organization will “gain knowledge” regarding the performance and effectiveness of its employees towards this concept. After, the analysis of data and information for making changes to “organizational policies can also be identified”. The “work environment of the organization” will become more “diverse” and there will be less possibility of conflict with the help of this strategy. Further, the strategy and policy will help the organization to become more sustainable (Keers and van Fenema. 2018).

4.2 “Time management plan”

Time management plan is very important for the “project to get completed” within the due time. From a particular perspective, there is no complexity in the project. The data analysis period is mostly a time tracking period in the project planning. In order to select a methodology and data collection method, these are two factors where time is mostly required. Gantt chart and Work breakdown structure will be used in the project to allocate the specific time for the specific task. Further, it will help managers to mitigate the complexity and complete all stages of the project plan in an effective and efficient manner (Gao et al. 2019).

4.3 Communication management plan

Transparent and effective communication is mostly required in the organization during the progress of the project. In order to communicate with the communication management plan, every team lead will be responsible for “sharing the progress of the project”. All the team members will be in that “group and all the members” will get the” necessary information” for an effective communication plan (Lestari and Gunawan. 2020).

4.4 “Risk management plan”

It is possible for the project to go through the risk because of the “changes in factors during the project”. The following risk is involved and “respective strategies for handling” those also identified.

Budget issue: “There are possibilities” to facing the issues and problems due to limited budgeting sources for the project. However, there will also be “emergency funds” in case of “certain requirements of money” during the progress of the project plan.

Communication gaps: If the members of the project cannot work with collaboration and with effective communication, then there will be thought to manage the project plan and it will be difficult to complete the project.

4.5 Resource management plan

In this project, “there is no requirement for resources” as most of the part of this research will be “based on the information”. Human and financial resources are necessary for the research. For human resources, “the manager identifies specific responsibilities” for the compilation of the research. “Specific employees” will be chosen for the management of that responsibility. The financial resource will help the project to take the financial issues which will help to complete the project in a smooth manner (Guo, 2021).

4.6 Quality management plan

There are specific stages required for “maintaining the quality of the project”.

Planning: proper planning will help the managers to develop the objectives for the organization.

Organizing: organizing will help the managers to identify the effective job role fit for the very employees in the organization.

Controlling: the managers must have control over the entire project. Controlling will help to ensure the efficient and effective use of the resources of the organization in order to fulfil the aim and objectives (Li et al. 2018).

5. “Work breakdown structure”

6. Gantt chart

6.Primary and secondary research 

6.1 Conduction of questionnaires

  1. How is your organization maintaining sustainability in operational areas?
  2. How your organization is maintaining financial risk and budgeting issues?
  3. How your organization is mitigating communication gaps?
  4. How your organization is properly utilizing its resources?

6.2 Initiatives taken by other organizations

Major initiatives have been taken by large-scale organizations in order to reduce the negative impact of covid 19 pandemic on their operations The companies BP Plc and Unilever Plc have also taken advanced approaches and strategies to mitigate the effect of the pandemic by improving their performance in their operational and financial areas. The organization BP Plc aims to increase its annual low carbon and launch an initiative to provide the low cost of fuel during the covid 19 pandemic. The company initiative will help to improve the office culture. On the other hand, the employee initiative will help to track the health of the employees and get ber which is important for the employees. The company Unilever Plc has “announced a wide-ranging set of measures” to support the “global and national efforts” to tackle the “covid 19 pandemic” by strengthening the employee's knowledge by extending the workforce.

6.3 Value and benefits of improving employee retention

“Employee retention” is the organizational goal of keeping the talented employed and reducing the cost by forecasting a positive work environment. Employee retention can be beneficial for the organization in order to reduce expenses, improve productivity, enhance the company culture as well as increase the customer experience (Chofreh et al. 2020). 

6.4 Good practices to support the business case

The future good practices can help Marshfield bakery ltd to improve business performance as well as maintain sustainable growth within its operational areas. The company can follow the “cultural learning, financial practices, conduct ongoing performance discussions. Moreover, the company can also try online practices which help to engage more customers as well as improve the customer's experience which will be beneficial for the organization. The management should try to hire experienced employees which will help the organization to improve its operational performance (Alsharef et al. 2021).

7. Findings

7.1 Analysis of findings

The findings deal with the gaps and issues which are affecting the organizational performance after the pandemic. The communication gaps and budget issues have been observed as major issues in the organization Marshfield bakery ltd. Effective communication is necessary for better outcomes. On the other hand, budgeting issues create financial problems in the organization which affect the overall efficiency.

7.2 Evaluation of tool to gather the data and recommendations

The data and information have been gathered from “primary and also secondary sources”. As the primary source, the information has been collected from the survey where the 15 participants participated. On the other hand, the articles, journals, and google scholar has used to gather secondary data to evaluate the research process. This work is beneficial for the company to evaluate the research in a fair and accurate manner. This framework will further help to analyse the different social factors which are necessary for the research (Bulturbayevich and Abduvafoyevna. 2022). Hence the company has been recommended to use proper budgeting and integrated project development plan in order to improve their performance largely.


Project plan is important to identify the current standers in terms of equality and diversity. Project plan has discussed the time management plan, communication management plan, and risk and resource management plan. Moreover, these plans are necessary for personal and professional development. Such kind a man-made plan is beneficial for the organization to improve performance in an effective manner. In order to achieve the project objective, I have observed that the communication gaps and budgeting issues has largely created the problems. Proper communication will be established to mitigate the arose issues. Good budgeting planning will help to reduce the finance-related issues in the organization. From this project, I have learned that project planning plays a crucial role in order to better outcomes for the organization and fulfilling the future goal.

9. Conclusion

Based on the study, it has been concluded that project planning is important. Lack of communication in the organization can create problems that can affect the operational activity of the organization. Risk managers and resource management plan is also an important part of project planning which provides extra benefits to the organization.

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