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Financial Report On Personal Development Assignment Sample

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Financial Report On Personal Development Assignment Sample


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A personal development plan (PDP) for the university career is made to oversee the work and plans to increase the capability of the learner. The aim and objective of PDP including a practical plan are reflected in this report. The goals that are listed to achieve the university target are also reflected here.

2. Concept of personal and professional development

Personal and Professional Development” (PPD) and PDP are different from each other. As per the view of Egert et al. (2018), in this part, PPD is mainly evaluated to show its competencies in managing the skills of the learners to achieve the highest target at the university level. In this planning, people assess their own skills and strengths to consider their aim in life. The goals which are set up for accomplishing the PPD maximize the true potential of an individual and realize more value to them. A high-quality lifestyle, happiness, and more fulfillments are the core competencies of this plan. As opined by Evert et al, (2019), the epitome of invisible life that strives for what they need is reflected in these plans. Net knowledge and skills are applied to develop various job opportunities where learners at the college level can effectively make their decisions reading their careers.

The concept of this directly shows the significance in one's life e where an effective decision can change the whole scenario. As per the author Fanzo et al. (2019), in the context of a university, continuous growth in the career phase resembles the positive output where the leaner gat goes through various options and settled for one. The growth process involves “participation in professional organizations, enrollment in training programs, research, and an improved job performance”. These elements comprise beneficial outcomes to the individual where they can develop their own interpersonal skills. Motivating to develop different skills that enhance the abilities to lead life has influenced a better and clear path. As mentioned by Galiè et al, (2019), envisions achieving a clear path take time to complete the tasks that are developed for the earners. Setting up targets for enhancing the talks can be a great motivating element.

University careers depend upon the hard work of the learner where the stents read and learn about new things. As opined by Goldberg et al. (2020), the changes in education, places, and though about life change a student's mindset. Therefore PDP and PPD components are the most important ones to follow. However making the plan for starting the time limit, for example- the plan must be of 6 months, 3 months to one year can bruins fruitful results to them. The basic concept in this segment is that setting up personal or professional goals can be achieved where the individual is totally determinant to access the results.

3. Discussion on the value of short-term goals, identifying at least three personal examples

Shorter goals have a life span of six months to one year. These goals are levied up to the small time range where the executor has few shirt goals that must be achieved for its growth (Leclère et al. 2020). The value of these short-term goals is reflected through the realization of what can be completed today and what should be the further plan to take action. Big and overarching goals are reached through these goals as it has fewer time limits compared to the other goals. As per the view of Li et al. (2022), the simple and specific goals related to the university career, such as tests, exams, and pretest comes under these kinds of goals. These goals are ascertained with the high consent to complete the stated goal within a stipulated time.

The merits of short-term goals are as follows.

  • The improved focus of the learner
  • The overall plan must have the clarity for completion within the time limit
  • The learner must get good insight and feedback from the stated goals
  • Help individual gauge to complete the detonated goals
  • Help in assessing the new roles

The three examples of short-term goals are getting a degree or vocational degree within a year, changing the job, and improving the working aspects. As per the author López et al. (2020), these examples are stated as personal goals that can be achieved within a short period of time. Starting a savings account, investing in stock, and improving an IRA are the other examples of these goals. In the context of learners the short-term goals can be referred to as learning new things except for their optional studies. Personal learning includes other activities than studies. As narrated by MacCann et al. (2020), professional learning such as “finding or creating an internship, working a part-time job, and Network marketing”. The above-mentioned personal examples can be achieved with high potential and emerged ber. Capabilities and outcomes are also evaluated in the goal achievement process.

4. Describe medium-term goals with three personal examples

Medium-term goals are reached by taking more time than short-term goals. These goals are reached after the completion of the series in the short-term goals. As mentioned by Morice et al. (2020), midterm goals are important to make significant changes or progress in the stated goals. The “values and priorities won't be dramatically different by the time to achieve the goal”, or else it will take more time to get completed. The time range for these goals is stated from 2-5 years. Examples of the goals are an increase in the market shares, reduction in costs, and greater value in shareholders' position or value in the firm. As per the view of Reddel et al. (2019), these goals are shortly measured within 1-2 years of progress. The projections and outlook of the achieved goals are not in the completed position. 

This is because the half ascertained report cannot be placed tinder the same position. As opined by Revill et al. (2019), therefore the intermediate goals can be effectively completed within the time period. This kind of goal remains flexible as it can be accessible and coordinated with the main plan at any point in time. The process to create a midterm plan consists of specific goals, achievable objectives, measurable goals, and designing the goals as per the relevancy. As per the author Roupnel et al. (2019), the timeline for the goals must be viewed according to the main objective which is the career growth of the university-level students. The mid-tern goals include the exams that must be qualified to achieve the long-term goals or else the stated goals can never be achieved.

5. Describe long-term goals with examples

Long-term goals are accomplished in the future which requires proper planning and time. As per the view of Starrs et al. (2018), these are not the same as other plans which can be completed within a month or a year; it tackles many years to accomplish the stated goals. In the context of an organization, the goals are stated for five to ten years. For students, the goals are stated for two or more years. Many steps are involved to accomplish the long-term goals. These are important for career establishing work life and for personal life too. An example of a long-term plan is the dream job which needs accurate planning and requires a high potential to achieve. The dream job must be difficult to achieve because the job is stated to be a aspire job then it will take 5-6 years to accomplish. 

In order to show the influence of these goals the examples must need to be followed. An example of long-term goals is “completing your first marathon, Creating and committing to a fitness routine, and learning a foreign language”. These examples need time to achieve in an accurate way. As per the author Xu et al. (2020), it can be stated that the goals which require a long time must be adjoined with the regular changes. This is because the additional elements and progress on regular basis involve good outcomes. If the progress is not generated on a regular basis then there will be no effective output. Therefore the long plans must be drawn by asserting or reevaluating the responses. The forecasting must be ascertained by the evaluative plans in form of PDP. The results can be positive or negative but they will be clear results. 

6. Value of personal development plan

Short term goals

A personal development plan is necessary which is developed by self-evaluation, and self-reflection which is creating an action plan based on awareness. Goal setting as well as creating personal development within the organization is necessary to improve the relationship among learners. Set up a prioritized goal to recognize future threats and opportunities (Bintani, 2020). In order to, improve focus on learners, continuous feedback and training process is mandatory which is played by the new and innovative roles. I can realize that the overall plan is necessary to identify future threats and a continuous feedback process also improves to chive my short-term goals.

Improves communication skills is assessing new roles to achieve strategic goals within a stipulated time. In order to, achieve short-term goals is necessary to improve working aspects which is to achieve or improve IRA according to the learner's context. The structure of the personal development plan is necessary to improve the process of self-evaluation. There are three important areas of a personal development plan such as social, mental and spiritual which is improves self-evaluation. PDP is a beneficial plan to identify and achieve workplace positive goals and objectives.

Medium-term goals

Learning a new skill to change career, which is necessary to increase new opportunities which are necessary to learn new skills? Medium-term goals are necessary to identify the strategic goals and objectives of individuals (Kivimäki and Meriluoto, 2018). Self-evaluation is necessary to identify strategic goals which are useful to achieve major goals. In order to, achieve a mid-range of goals is necessary by using practical steps to achieve medium-term goals. In order to identify strategic goals and objectives, it is necessary to increase self-evaluation. I can realize that identifying strategic goals and objectives is necessary and self-evaluation is the easiest way to achieve positive goals.

Long term goals

Achieve long term goals are necessary and PDP is focusing on implementation planning of individuals. Standard PDP helps to recognize future opportunities and threats to maintain work-life balance among the learners. Long-term professional development goals are necessary for learning new skills or obtaining professional credentials (Rubens et al. 2018). In order to, build and improves professional relationship among the learners which ensures time management skills. Sometimes new challenges are involved but self evaluation is an important method to identify strategic goals and objectives. Long-term personal goals are necessary to involve a fitness routine among the learners.

Self-evaluation or awareness is necessary to achieve long-term goals and meet numerous objectives. Learning new skills as well as obtaining professional credentials is important which is involved in the self-awareness process. A long-term goal is an ultimate objective which is followed by the individual learners. Strategic communication is necessary to achieve long-term business goals and identify the requirements which are necessary to enhance m abilities. In order to, achieve long-term goals and objectives is necessary to achieve promotional activity by learning new or innovative skills. In order to, improves communication skills are mandatory which is developing leadership skills. [Referred to appendix 1]

7. Conclusion

Based on the above context it can be stated that the PDP and PDD are the two core components where the goals are determined and achievable during a stated time limit. It is stated that the PDP must be measured by the horizons where it can review the outcomes that are ascertained at the last stage. The shirt goals are easily reached as it has fewer time frames, whereas the long logs are reached at the time or take more time to complete. Hover the practical stated plan can be achieved with n the stated time frame as it influences the learner's plan for the university level.

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