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Report On The Viability And Feasibility Assignment Sample

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Report On The Viability And Feasibility Assignment Sample


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The term export or exporting can be defined as a type of global business in which a particular product or item is manufactured in a selected nation and traded to some other nation or an amenity offered in one nation for a local or resident of another nation. The vendor of those items of amenities offered is considered as an exporter and the country which is accepting the product as purchaser or importer (Easterly, 2009). So, it can be understood from the discussion that the given study is related to the concept of exporting products.

The study will basically provide its focal point of the viability as well as the feasibility of exporting as a way of getting entry into another nation. The product which has been selected to conduct the study is related to a pharmaceutical product that helps in treating coronavirus. The target business sector selected is Vietnam. The main reason behind selecting this particular product and country is due to the reason that Vietnam is an underdeveloped country and they do not good medical facilities that will provide proper medicine to deal with coronavirus. As a result, being a small country the case rates are much higher as compared to other developing countries.

Brief about the selected product and country

The selected product for exporting is a pharmaceutical product that helps in treating coronavirus. The name of the SME is PharmaGuru which is based in Leeds. The company is a newly formed company and the establishment year is 2017. The company mainly deals with various pharmaceutical products and recently they have added coronavirus medicine in their list which they do export to various underdeveloped nations. The company is run by two brothers and the total no. of employees associated with the company is around 10 people.

The country which has been selected for exporting is Vietnam and the reason is already discussed in the above section. Vietnam formally the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,] is a nation in Southeast Asia. Situated at the eastern edge of the central area of Southeast Asia, it shelters 311,699 square kilometers. With a populace of more than ninety six million, it is the globe’s 15th most crowded country. Vietnam's way of life has been created throughout the hundreds of years from native old ?ông S?n way of life with wet rice farming as its monetary ground. A few components of the country's way of life have Chinese beginnings, drawing on components of Confucianism (nationsonline, 2021).

Analysis of the business and market environment of the proposed target market relevant to the company’s product

A proper examination of the Business and Market Environment assist in tapping the valuable assets expected for the business. It assists the firm in identifying and getting hold of these assets as well as transforming them into products and amenities (Dr. Kinange, 2020).

The pharmacy business within Vietnam is showing a good response since last six and they are inviting a lot of foreign companies to export their pharmaceutical products too. Vietnam wellbeing service measurements show that the complete medication utilization surpassed $2.43 billion in the year 2015, not exactly half, of which just $1.14 billion came from home-grown medication. The normal medication cost per capita was $27.6 last year (Angelino, 2017). In this segment of the study a brief PESTLE analysis will be done so as to show the business and market environment of Pharmaceutical products within Vietnam. A PESTEL investigation is a structure or instrument utilized by advertisers to examine as well as study the large-scale natural (outside showcasing climate) factors that affect an association, organization, or sector (Bonnici, 2015). The PESTLE analysis will help PharmaGuru to understand what will be their future prospects if they export pharmaceutical products in Vietnam.


Source: Google

Political factor:

There is a developing focal point of administration in addition to the stress on Healthcare straightforwardly impacts on medication and pharmaceutical industry. Thusly, the executive administration of the Medicine and Pharmaceutical industry is the Drug Administration of Vietnam, laid out in 1996 in regards to Decision No. 547/TTG, which has a place with the Ministry of Health (MOH). Movements of every sort connected with medical services will be controlled by MOH (Simonet, 2008).

Prospective Effect over PharmaGuru- If PharmaGuru wants to export coronavirus drugs within the Vietnam market ought to think about the cut-off in political exercises. It is normal to have huge police and military presence. Notwithstanding, it ought not to be considered as significant threat in regards to the ideas of Vietnam including neighbourhood associates, making activities valuable, restricted setting aside cash, and limiting fixed resources.

Economic Factor:

The financial system of Vietnam has been consistently along with moderately developing since past few years, making positive circumstances for creating monetary areas. Nevertheless, worldwide monetary emergency has unequivocally affected Vietnam's financial sector, particularly with dealing with products both out handling enterprises, money and banking, and land. In January 2016, GDP development pace of Vietnam is 7.01%. The mega inflation reached 23.1% in 2008. Because of the inflation, Vietnamese are more cautious in utilization and speculation. Thus, it makes the businesses difficult to make grow there (TannouryBs, 2017).

Prospective Effect over PharmaGuru: It can be seen from the above picture that the Vietnam Pharmaceutical has a fundamentally development pace, most elevated development rate in Asian locale. This will provide the PharmaGuru to grow.

Social Factor:

The total populace of Vietnam is around 95.4 million with 25% below the age of 14. The difference in everyday environments as well as service modifies in socio-measurement impacts on the Pharmaceutical industry. Despite the way that Vietnam's Pharmaceutical industry actually faces notable troubles, and it is calculated to grow until 2018 and 2023 at compound yearly improvement rates (CAGR) of 15.3% and 14.3% independently.

Healthcare expenditure of Vietnam from 2009

Source: Google

Prospective Effect over PharmaGuru: In spite of the fact that there is a speedy transformation in the culture and community of Vietnam, local citizen are additionally worried on various ways of treating the sick people instead of using traditional medicine. And as the country is hit hard by Covid-19 right now they need modern medicine to deal with the pandemic. As a result it can be said that the prospective effect PharmaGuru is quite bright here.

Technological Factors:

The vast majority of drug nations are utilizing the development innovations in assembling of meds a. Right now, drug creation in Vietnam is yet restricted in the context of contributions as most neighborhood organizations decide to deliver comparable items to limit business related threats. The homegrown organizations make for the most part nonexclusive and low-esteem drugs, like anti-infection agents, and pain relievers while the high-esteem specialty drugs (for example oncology, diabetes prescription) are generally globally accepted (Wagner, 2014).

Prospective Effect over PharmaGuru: As the nation is not in a state to produce medicine and also it can be understood from the point that the country is usually depends on other countries to produce medicine. As a result it will be an advantage for the PharmaGuru to export pharmaceutical products related to Covid-19 within Vietnam.

Legal Factors: 

Prospective Effect over PharmaGuru:  This will block the PharmaGuru as medical advertisements are restricted in Vietnam as a result it will be difficult for the company to promote their products that will also limit their reach to the clients.

Environmental Factor:

Considering the environmental factors it can be said that Vietnam is a very small and clean city where government made special rules to keep the environment clean. In this case it becomes difficult for manufacturing company to directly produce products there.

Prospective Effect over PharmaGuru:  Considering this factor it can be said that it will be a good opportunity for PharmaGuru to do business with Vietnam as they will not directly manufacture the product there instead they will export some particular products in Vietnam.

Market segmentation and distribution channels relevant to the product and target market

Market segmentation can be defined as the exercise of segmenting the target business sector within a sociable set. Market segmentation helps in creating subgroups of a business sector that is relied on demographics, requirement as well as shared interest criterion deployed to better comprehend the target population (Camilleri, 2017). On the other hand a distribution channel can be defined as a chain of business or mediators by means of which a product or item passes till it attains the last actual purchaser. A distribution channel usually takes into account wholesaler, shoppers, as well as allocators as well as web too (Frazier, 2020).

Usually, the market segmentation of pharmaceutical products takes into account all age group but as this particular segment will export only Covid-19 drugs as a result the market segmentation will also be based on the need of medicine by the target market. Below given is detail segmentation done for each aspects that will help in deciding the PharmaGuru to selects its particular target market in Vietnam.

In order to distribute the pharmaceutical products in Vietnam, PharmaGuru that is a UK based company need some special phases to clear. To be dispersed within Vietnam market, PharmaGuru ought to have an advertising approval (MA) number issued by the Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) beneath the Ministry of Health (MOH), under the Law on Pharmacy No. 105/2016/QH13. An advertising approval number for the product must be distributed within one year of the approval of a whole form file. Practically speaking, the timetable for issuance of a MA number for a medication can go from 12 to 30 months. Medicines allowed MA numbers can be brought into Vietnam without an import permit.

The form file is needed to go with the ASEAN/ICH Common Technical Dossier (ACTD/ICH-CTD) prerequisites for the enlistment of medical products for human use. Specifically, a form file for another medication or organic item enlistment ought to incorporate the below mentioned items:

  1. Part I. Commanding info as well as product data file;
  2. Part II. Value record;
  3. Part III. Preclinical record; in addition to
  4. Part IV. Medical record (Vu,Hien Thi Thu , 2022)

Usually, the Vietnamese guidelines give no need to drugs previously authorized for circulation in another locale. On the other hand an imported medication is absolved from medical preliminaries in Vietnam assuming the medication is a conventional medication that has similar dynamic fixings. Also it is a known fact that there are different forms of distribution channel but as this particular segment of product which is a pharmaceutical product and that will be particularly exported from UK will specifically use selling products through intermediaries. Wholesaler or the direct manufacturer very infrequently sells their items to the end user instead they do business with the other middleman. PharmaGuru will also apply the same distribution channel strategy that is selling through intermediaries. They will export the product from UK and will first distribute to various medical retailers dealing in Vietnam then it will be distributed to various medical shops in Vietnam. This particular distribution channel will help both the countries to grow more and in the mere future will provide more opportunities to do business. Also considering the selected target business sector this particular distribution channel, selling through mediators will further help to get the client base easily and they will also come to know about the product more easily. Overall from the entire discussion it can be said that proper market segmentation and use of proper distribution channel will help PharmaGuru to grow more in Vietnam business sector.

Financial issues, practicalities and technicalities associated with moving the product from the company in the UK to the customer in Vietnam

Currency exchange in inflation rate has always been one of the major challenges of international business which means the pharmaceutical company PharmaGuru will also be facing the same issue while transporting its products to Vietnam. The value of euro won't always be equal in other currencies of different countries nor will the consistency of the currency be worth the same. It is very important that the organisation and its management focuses on familiarising themselves with the currency exchange rates between the base country as well as the one in which they are planning on doing their business (Evenett, 2019). The exchange rate can be defined as the relative value between the two currencies of a nation. It is also very important to rigorously monitor the inflation rate which can pose a major issue in terms of doing international business. The inflation rate and fluctuation can vary across countries which can leave a direct impact on the labour costs and material price as well as the pricing of the product which should be insured by the organisation of PharmaGuru. Due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic, exporting products to Vietnam can incur a huge amount of cost that might be heavy to bear for the company (Ratten, 2020). 

As none of the business operations exist in vacuum, it can be said that all the business activities are influenced by policies, politics, laws and relationships between countries. It is very important to have a deeper understanding of the relationships shared between countries before planning on doing business with another country. All the decisions made by the political leaders have a direct or indirect impact on the labour laws, taxes, cost of raw materials, infrastructure of transportation, educational systems and more (Zachariadis, Hileman & Scott, 2019). It is very important that the management of PharmaGuru stay informed which will help them in making strategic decisions as any kinds of new information arise. 

When engaging in international business, it is also very important to consider the difference in languages spoken in the countries in which the organisation is planning on expanding their business into. Language acts as a barrier in executing business operations which requires the management of PharmaGuru to have a better understanding of the various languages spoken within the country. It is also very important to be aware of the blended or specific culture that is followed within the country in which one is planning on doing business with. Keeping a check and understanding of the cultural background will help the organisation in eliminating the cultural issues that can impact the business of the company (Ferraro, 2021).

One of the major challenges faced by PharmaGuru is the management of employees in the context of global international business. When the organisation is trying to function as a team, they have encountered different accounts of language barriers, time zone, cultural differences and barriers in accessing technology which has been a major factor that can lead to affecting their organisational operations and can reduce their profitability and productivity in Vietnam (Zachariadis, Hileman & Scott, 2019). In order to build a b working relationship within the global team along with maintaining standards of quality delivered to the customers, PharmaGuru  needs to facilitate proper checking that should be preferably done with the help of video conferencing platforms so that they can interact in real time.

Another aspect that the management of the organisation should keep under consideration is the cost of the business that is required to expand them in Vietnam. Conducting the business operations overseas comes with a variety of costs such as customs, manufacturing, shipping and so on. PharmaGuru should also focus on the marketing techniques and messages delivered to the customers in order to attract them towards the products and services offered by the company. One of the practical aspects that the management of the company should focus on is to hire employees from the local market in which they are trying to expand their business into. These employees will have a better understanding of the changing trends of the local market along with the technicalities of being able to market the product in accordance to the requirements of the customers.

The organisation also should focus on logistics along with packaging the product correctly. They should understand that packaging of the products is aligned with practices which are sustainable and is one of the most integral parts of the marketing strategies. Quality assurance is another aspect that should be considered by the organisation as they are planning to expand their product internationally which means keeping a focus on maintaining quality and standards of the product can be helpful in terms of improving the revenue generation and profitability of the company. We should also look forward to understanding the economic and political stability along with considering the level of risk which is associated with expansion operation (Madura, 2020). Utilising any kind of historical information as well as forecasting the limit of the risks associated can be helpful for the organisation in mitigating or reducing the impact of the risk faced by them while doing international business in Vietnam. Ensuring that people and local individuals recognise the brand by name requires the company to invest in advertising in order to create awareness of their brands along with building favourable attitudes for the purpose of supporting the purchase process.


It can be concluded from the above-done study that there is incredible scope for business to enter Vietnam drug industry as the enormous and quickly developing business sector. Financial backers or companies who want to do export just like PharmaGuru ought to consider the issues of medication costs are high contrasted and normal earnings, which might block patient admittance to medication. Notwithstanding, import drug organizations like Pharmaceutical can produce more income because of patent assurance, yet in addition since local people accept imported drugs are considerably more viable and will more often than not incline toward them over generics. Overall from the study it can be identified if the new company PharmaGuru go step by step inclusion of the mentioned strategies they will be in a benefit and in the long run they can get more countries to export the pharmaceutical products.


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