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Human Resource Management Assingment Sample

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Human Resource Management Assingment Sample


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“Qatar District Cooling Company (Qatar Cool) was established as a Qatari Private Shareholding Company in November 2003”. “Qatar's United Development Company PSC (91.06 percent) and other key local shareholders founded the company (8.94 percent)”.Qatar Cool is Qatar's main central cooling firm. Qatar Cool is the region's main central cooling company. Since its beginning, Qatar Cool has pushed for continuous improvement in all surfaces of the business. Qatar Cool has strived for operational excellence in all facets of business since its start. The company has gathered substantial technological and operational expertise over the preceding eighteen years, as well as refined its strategy on both the “B2B and B2C fronts”(Biswas, 2019). Qatar Cool is now the number one corporate provider of district cooling systems in the country. “Qatar Cool currently operates four cooling units with a combined capacity of twenty thousand cubic meters” in the “West Bay and The Pearl-Qatar areas”.The vision ofQatar cool is to be identified as the best in classproviding of the districtcooling services. The mission statement of Qatar Cooling Company profoundly states that they are a safe, dependable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly provider of district cooling services, with a firm commitment to assisting Qatar's development and growth, as well as creating shared value for its customers, communities, and investors.

The Purpose of the Qatar Cool is usually to commit the removal orreduction of job-relatedinjuries, illness, and pollution, it is through the effective “HSSEQ programs” that would determine the causes of the events and near misses for preventinganymishaps or occurrence over conceivablereappearances. The main business objective would include the is committed to beingfamiliar with the bestsoliton provided for the cooling service which istotally customer focused and best upon common interest.


Purpose of HR Function

The main purpose of the HRM function wouldbe the responsibilities thatwouldinclude the human resource manager to fallintothreemajor areas that are staffing, compensation of employees and benefits, and defining work(Worley and Pillans, 2019).Fundamentally, the purpose of HRM is to maximize the output of the organization by improving the efficiency of the personnel.

Key Roles and responsibilities of the HRM function for Qatar Cool

The role of HR executive:-

Human resources Planning

The HR manager of Qatar Cool is in charge of setting and attaining business goals. They frequently collaborate with top executives to develop, plan and implement corporate objectives (Podgorodnichenko, Edgar and McAndrew, 2020).Moreover, the concept and design, of this current system provide HR managers with a thorough grasp of the actions necessary to support the company's long-term performance. 

Job Analysis andDesign

 The HR manager of Qatar cool is alsoresponsible for designing the Job Analysis for hiring the candidate.

Profoundly the Jobanalysis would subtly includebut not limited to at includimgthe Qatar Cool 

  • Job description
  • Personnel’sposition in the firm
  • Who the staff should reportto.
  • The resource that the person will require to perform the occupationefficiently.
  • The person's data that is relet to the postlike the skill fortechnical aspects, experiences of workers, and more(Hermawan and Pangestu, 2020).
  • Working schedule or rosters
  • Information regarding the salary and incentives.

Hiring of Candidate

At the absolute least, an HR professional may be in control of a company's workplace brand impression. Employee marketing is a critical component in communicating a company's culture and organizational balance to prospective employees (Braun et al., 2020). Maintaining an employer brand will most likely overlap with an HR manager's tasks as more job searchers search for potential vacancies on social media.

HR managers should take a methodical approach to select the best employee for their organization, beginning with screening possible candidates on job boards and social networking sites such as LinkedIn and finishing with interviews.

Training And Development

The role of the HR manager or the HR development specialist for T&D would be the training and skill to theirreturn on investment.Moreover, the form of tarting and development for novice personnel need depends on their experience(Younas et al., 2018).For Instance, if there are fresher the manager of Qatar cool might require to arrange for a skill developmenttrainingprogram for the work tends to meet the standards of Qatar cool.

Monitor Performance

Performance monitoring is vital for ensuring the workers might stayengaged It is that better performance management includes“good leadership, clear goal-setting, and open response”. The performance manager would include the performance review of the Qatar Cool employees that are mainly analyzed by the HR manager(Huselid, 2018).The metric that Qatar cool might use is 360 degrees. feedback approach tool for “peersexecutives, subordinates”, and sometimes even the user review are also taken into account.

Resolve Conflict

Qatar Cool HR manager also needed to solve theproblem of the issue over theconflict thatcanbe aroused in this firm(. The personnel's diverse backgrounds, and different opinions meet would have a higher chance of socialrise.

Rewards and incentives

Qatar Cool would also likely provide rewards and incentives which might be anything like holiday packages, word of appreciation and recognition, bonuses, and promotion.

Assessing the Significance of HR plays

  • Assisting the firm in acquiring various sorts and quantities of personnel to meet the organization's strategic and operational objectives.
  • Creating a welcoming environment for employees that encourages skill development and progress.
  • Employee quality in terms of maintaining performance standards and enhancing efficiency via realistic job characteristics, correct orientation, fallouts fromthe response, and assuring two-way contact.
  • Fostering a positive workplace relationship (Mom et al., 2019).
  • Enforcing safety laws and promoting a healthy work environment. HR strategy, “work design, job analysis, employing people, executive and employee salary, employee engagement, and so on are all key HRM tasks”.

Recruitment and selection

Hiring is the way of creating a relationship between an employer and an applicant. The purpose of recruitment is to offer jobs for as many individuals as possible. The application procedure is simple, and applicants should apply only if there is not a high demand from the firm.Whereas selection is the process ofrecruitingqualifiedpersonnel and matching the vacantposition. It is thatunlikehiringselectionmightrejectanunsuitablecandidate.

The two differentapproaches to assess the suitabilityforspecificwork would be the person-job fit and person-organization fit(Abbasi et al., 2020).However, it is basedon the assumption about whatthey tend to determine their behaviortowards the work in Qatar cool.

StrengthsApproaches to recruitment and selection:


The strength-based approach torecruitment would take not only the people's technical skills into account but it would alsocondition an individual to innatestrength and motivator for thework (Abbasi et al., 2020). It is about finding the people those who have a passion for the role and who will thrive rather than just who can do the work The strengthsofthe hiring process would includethe b poolsofapplicants, accuracy in the qualification of screening, proactivestrategicaligned with the Qatar Cool goals, minimized turnover and increased morality. The recruitment would be based on the internal and external hiring for the Qatar cool are-


  • The firm is motivated to increase the performance of its employees.
  • Employee morale has risen.
  • As a result of advertising, the firm is considerably more unified.
  • Internal employee migration costs are significantly less than hiring candidates from outside sources.
  • A higher-level change may trigger a chain reaction of improvements at lower levels of the organization. This encourages people to enhance their talents via education and practice(Geetha and Bhanu, S 2018).
  • Job rotation and transference are techniques of training that are used to prepare people for higher-level roles.


Collaboration level: hiring educated and competent individuals to fill available positions; a broader selection: When job opportunities are extensively advertised, a huge number of people are reached and apply. When it comes to hiring new employees, recruitment has a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

New talents and skills: When new ideas come in from outside sources, they are likely to be integrated. This improves the overall operation of the firm (Czaplicka-Kozlowska, 2021).

Capturing alternative aspects fosters a competitive climate in internal workers, motivating them to work extremely hard.

WeaknessesApproaches to recruitment and selection:


Rushing the recruiting and selection process is damaging to a firm since it prohibits them from investing all of their time in screening the best possible candidates, which can result in extra challenges such as lost production or higher retention rates(Czaplicka-Kozlowska, 2021).The majordisadvantage of the selectionprocess is generallythecost of time that has been consumed for preparing the job analysis and advertisement. Congruently, for Qatar Cool the cost of outsourcing while vaccines remainunfilled.

More, some of the weaknessesofthe hiringprocess would include Qatar Cool.

  • Inadequate development of job profiles.
  • Failure to consider recruitment techniques.
  • I'm placing much too much trust in the interview.
  • Unconscious bias is being usedby Qatar Cool personnel
  • Hiring people who are less knowledgeable than you.
  • Rejecting a highly competent candidate.
  • We are looking for the ideal person once more(Czaplicka-Kozlowska, 2021).


Terrible hiring isn't only a waste of money; it's also a culture shock, the HR managers had claimed. We are a corporation that believes in individual development. When we hire someone unable to adjust to our workplace, we create a negative environment that affects others who are currently employed by the organization. That is something we want to avoid.

Benefits ofDifferEnt HRM practices

Some of the benefits of different HRM practices are as follows:-

Securing the top level of talents

For Qatar Cool, the business is more technical or of particular niche the timeline mighty change. Once thisfirm findsa qualified candidate it is still required to conduct an interview and it required to process and procedures

  • Qatar cool should waste time or post any irrelevant job board and advertisement that can work with the professionalemployment organization to help secure the top talent that can be provided for Qatar cool organization.
  • They can utilize as 3rd party recruitment agency to help speed up finding the right candidate thus securing top talent for Qatar cool (Trudgett, Page and Coates, 2021).


Even if you locate the perfect applicant who will fit in well with Qatar Cool, training may make or break their chances. The orientation program at your firm is how they establish first impressions, welcome them to your company, and prepare them for success in their job andcareer.

Should Improve Worker's retention

Firms with higher turnover lose money and, as a result, top talent. For each individual that leaves and must be replaced, the firm will spend around thirty-three percent of the institution's salary. Unfortunately, many small businesses are baffled as to why there is so much turnover(Trudgett, Page and Coates, 2021).

Lesser Compliance Issues

It is the potential formanyindividualsfor the norms and standards for which the HRdepartment forQatarCoolneeds to comply(Akbar and Ahsan, 2019). Further, if the individual is not properly trained in this area of proficiency, then staying in compliance would become a full-time job. Also, the compliance issei for Qatar cool would include hiring, rewards, payroll, and termination.

Accessto HR at anytime and at anyplace

For Qatar Cool,it takes the reliance on office-based resources to accomplish functions that complicate HR. Working with a third-party PEO gives you access to a full HR software package that includes self-service and smartphone features, allowing users to manage your HR in real-time.

HRM practices in terms of raising organizational profit and productivity for both employee and employer

HR may also increase income by using labor-saving techniques. Besides, anefficient hiring strategy can also be established. HR may help to increase a company's core capital. Human resources may also increase productivity by adopting employee engagement programs, improving training, and reducing turnover. However, for both employee and employer, the are several ways that can improveproductivity.

  • Adjustment of lighting,
  • Ensuring the employees are sitting in a comfortableposition.
  • For Qatar Cool Setting up the office Air-condition temperature is optimal (neither too hot nor too cool-25-degree optimal temperature.) A survey found that abouttwenty mine percent of the workerestimated they would spend between ten to thirty minutes each day not working becauseof an uncomfortable temperature(Davidescuet al., 2020).
  • The firm must support an flexible working environmentthat can include 100% remote work, flexible work from home, and office policies.


Methods of HRM practices

Recruitmentis one of the best practices.

It is that Qatar cool beinga populardistrictcooling firm will need skillsis agreat challenge. However, the pre-employment platform at the priority stage would need a selection process, it also assists to examine quickly and define the best resume among the thousands of other ones. An important user-friendly software named HUNDRED can be an HR hiring tool for Qatar cool as it checkstheir skill with tests with any necessity to read their Curriculum Vitae(Waxinet al., 2018).These platforms will serve the main purpose of creatinga report with employer personalfeatures and truemotivation.

Creatingfavorable working conditions

The workingenvironment has to be considered to satisfy the beside ant of theemployees and at the same time encourage them to work productively and staymotived. Further, personnel with all the necessary commodities can increase the workforce(Bibi, Ahmad, and Majid, 2018).

It is that creating a pleasant and cozy workplace with comfortablefurniture and working equipment and organizing a relaxing space in the office for the workersfor QatarCool in which they can spend their lunchbreaks.

Compensation and benefits

It is alsothe mostimportantform of HRpractice. It is that beforehiringanindividuala manager of Qatar cool has toextensivelyresearch the market payrate for theappropriateposition andoffer the employeeremuneration that is inline with thecorporate budgeting(Bibi, Ahmad and Majid, 2018).


The practice of HRM would mainly follow an impression for the employee during theirfirst day which is extremely important for the onboarding period. The Manager forQatar Cool must firstinform their colleagues about the new employees coming and tell them shortlyabout them. It would be perfectfor organization and small team building to get acquainted with the newer role for Qatar Cool personnel and those that they are hiring.

Access to knowledge tools

For Qatar, Coolaccess to necessary papers and resources is a vital component of effective HRM practices. Giving employees a basic grasp of the tools utilized inside the organization, as well as some basic teaching on how to use them, would speed up the onboarding process and allow novices to begin delivering results much sooner. Find and consider the greatest set of tools that will help your team perform much better. “JUST3thing, ScreenCloud, and Geckoboard” were three of the most popular solutions for fostering consistent connectivity among all members of your company's staff(Min et al., 2021). Further, it also tends to examine them to see whether they can assist your team in being more productive.


Hence, to conclude, For Qatar Cool HumanResource Management is essential in analyzing a group's current and prospective human resource needs in terms of number and quality. It is a fundamental mechanism that connects human resource operations to organizational goals and strategy. Further to sum up the different purposes of HRMfunctioning their role andresponsibilityas the significanceof HR for skill formeeting businessobjectives for QatarCool has been identified. Next,italso sums up the about differentstrengths and weaknesses of the approachfor hiring and section process involves for this firm. Lastly, it also assessedseveral HRMpractices and evaluated the HRM practice in terms of firm profit and productivity for both employee and employer and different methodof HRM practices is alsobeingthoroughlyevaluated. The future of HRM would be expectedtogrow by 2025 to take the role of controlling thecommercialsthrough expected disruption and become a vital part of HR strategy.

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