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Managing People In A Global Context Assignment Sample

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Managing People In A Global Context Assignment Sample


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The study will provide a deep insight into the selected topic of talent management of Amazon along with the different issues and challenges that are being faced while operating it. Moreover, it would also depict knowledge about evaluation of the options that are available for addressing the issues along with defining the different advancements that had taken place in the talent management department. On the other hand, it would also depict knowledge about the different steps that had been taken by Amazon for addressing those issues. It would also enhance recommendations on the different solutions that could be meted out the resolve the talent management issues faced by Russia. 


Analysis of the talent management issues and its causes 

The different issues related to talent management that are being faced by Amazon are encouraging passion, adopting innovative interests, providing attractive salary packages, offering engaging jobs, luring talent in the initial phase, and others. Proficient people need to work for a business enterprise and in a surrounding that fits their values, attitudes, and desires (Chamorro-Premuzic et al., 2019). They commonly would no longer accept ‘a task’ simply as it will pay pretty properly and they may be able to address the activity necessities. the attitudes of the one can be ordinary of the common worker even though even that is probably a risky assumption however are without a doubt no longer sufficient to draw the actual expertise. Enormously talented people accept as true that they may be really valuable, greater than that, and need to be aligned with the Amazon Company and for it to be doing certain things that they care related to it. They need a task that engages and fits them (Shet, 2020). 

The easy reality is that maximum businesses and maximum senior leaders simply are not geared up for those types of personnel, or capable of meeting their desires and aspirations. Section of that re-imagining is driven with the aid of the converting nature, desires, and conduct of more youthful recruits in particular ‘virtual natives’. It seems to be from this extra current cohort that an awful lot of the ‘talent’ the Amazon speaks regarding will come. They have communication with the arena via technology as their first intuition (Charlwood, 2021). Conversely, most of the senior leaders at the top of businesses are 'infant boomers. Those two generations usually have a completely special court with digital technologies and contemporary techniques of verbal exchange which include blogs, webinars, tweets, and messaging. Most people below '30s, which might be frequently the 'expertise pool' out within the marketplace, desire to do a job in a company that feels, thinks, behaves, and represents itself like them. They anticipate being valued and evolved, and have thrilling, pleasant, and hard tasks (Shet, 2020). 

The senior management frequently accepts as true that it's far sufficient to pay them moderately properly and deliver those vacations and some advantages. There may be an essential misfit of desires right here, and it needs to be resolved if talented candidates are to reach and live. Every so often, the Amazon Company fails to offer an accurate quantity of earnings because of loss of expected price range and income that makes expertise control extra hard. As HR analytics turns into extra disciplined and organized, HR Leaders have an extra possibility to offer insights and make suggestions based totally on data, as opposed to broader experience or unsupported opinion, than ever earlier than (Gallardo-Gallardo and Thunnissen, 2019). The possibility of CHROs being capable of offering statistics-wealthy, deep insights regarding an agency's team of workers is an effective and appealing one. For maximum corporations, the ‘holy grail’ stays predictive HR analytics in which HR is capable of reliably becoming aware of organizations of personnel who may be extra at danger for leaving; or greater strength, medical techniques of as it should be pinpointing personnel and executives who may be in all likelihood to excel in some regions and below some situations. 

Huge credit goes too fast improvements in HR data structures, HR statistics is greater available and greater without problems manipulated than ever. Running patterns and styles are distinct youth experts, in particular for the better performers. The 'toddler-boomer' technology turned into being taught to maintain their head down, perform with full efforts and comply with the guidelines, however, those men no longer assume or operate in that manner. It’s smooth to have a look at them and say ‘they would not be able to spell’ or ‘they could no longer stand up within the morning’, however that’s simply looking to force them to act and assume like their parents or grandparents, and that they’re not going to do that (Harney and Dundon, 2020). As opposed to berating or belittling them for now not being like corporations, recall the skills they have that preceding generations could no longer have dreamed of, which includes the capability to multi-project using special tools and formats. The brand new generation of expertise also has the capability to work collaboratively to create thoughts or content material. A satisfactory hire provides the first-rate mission to all companies, but there are some techniques that may be used to get higher effects. Start by way of doing an evaluation of your cutting-edge pleasantness of hire in an effort to look for capacity pitfalls that may be prevented within the destiny (Gonzalez et al., 2019). With an improving economy and increasing activity in the marketplace manner, those human beings have greater alternatives and regularly expand a "grass is greener on the opposite side" mentality. High numbers of youthful people have a trait to be swayed via elements that consist of corporate traditions and activity entertainment, which makes the recruitment and retention technique that much more complex.

There are various causes behind the rising of the issues in talent management such as sometimes failing to properly address the personal and professional problems of employees. Moreover, the main headquarter of Amazon is not taking correct inspections of the developments that are taking place with respect to modernization and digitization of the recruitment process. There are instances at Amazon in which private issues are considered legal responsibility and personnel are positioned within overall performance development plans (Obliopas et al., 2019). In order to provide an instance, an individual previous worker reviews that Amazon determined to screen her overall performance "to make certain her cognizance is at the task” after she had a stillborn toddler. The use of personal stories of past personnel for reflecting on human beings' control guidelines of a corporation may no longer be simple. 

Jeff Bezos these days dispatched an inner memo organization-based, pointing out that the object no longer defines the Amazon he based and asked his personnel to document some illegal remedy to the HR. He in addition stated that operating in a corporation just as the one defined within the New York Times could be “loopy” (Sadq et al., 2018). Some other Amazon worker, "Nick Ciubotariu", mentioned a bit on his account LinkedIn, providing his justification and remaining on the claims done with the aid of the authentic article. In his article, he mentioned that the "New York'' instances primarily based its states on beyond practices that have been already stepped forward and that the object is a "bad wrong reported piece of journalism.'' Because of this, providing the object's states the advantage of the doubt is most effectively honest (Gonzalez et al., 2019). But, "Bezos' and Ciubotariu" justifications are additionally undoubtedly one-sided and biased. The correct, and applicable, grievance for Amazon’s overall performance control might be its shape. 

The gadget advocated with the aid of Bezos helps meritocracy, in which thoughts are compelled right into a rivalry and the great ones win. This form of competition lays the foundation for a dangerous place of work surroundings in which every person has to perform better than others. The tough nature of the remarks tradition adopted at Amazon is more special than the ones carried out at different progressive groups which include "Google", "FB" or "Adobe" (Gallardo-Gallardo, 2019). The enterprise's productivity control philosophy locations an excessive amount of strain on the connection among personnel productivity and the business enterprise's average achievement from the very beginning. The wrong analysis of the possession tradition outcomes in personnel crushed with the obligation provided to them. Along with the reportedly antagonistic language utilized at some point in those remarks periods, worker morale might no longer be doing so properly at Amazon (Sadq et al., 2018). Moreover, Amazon is also failing in generating a better understanding of the working rules and regulations among the existing and newly hired employees. This led to the creation of an issue of misunderstanding between HR managers and employees.  

Examinations of options to address the issues 

The best way to address the issue of talent management by Amazon is to recognize the different hidden talents and expertise which seem to be present in the employees. It is important for them that after identifying their talents they must resort to allocating the right person to the right job. This will further help the organization in increasing the productivity of the employees along with their skills and growth within the workplace (Liu and Darbandi, 2021). On the other hand, talented and experienced employees should be given a high level of responsibilities and projects which will make them more disciplined and mature. Amazon should also create infrastructure for the training of their existing and new employees about the uses of new digital platforms, automation technologies, and machines. The training and learning skills will help the workers secure their position within the company very easily. 

Not only this, but they must also reward them with awards for best productivity and a hike in their salary. This will motivate the existing workers to work harder and take a big responsibility in future. These rewarded employees, later on, communicate about their achievements and recognition of their talents to their friends and relatives which might generate the instinct among them to join the Amazon Company too (Petry et al., 2020). Thus, it can be said that the brand value of the organization would increase in a huge proportion. Amazon every day makes certain their talent control method helps the commercial enterprise goals and everyday do that they have a clean assignment and feature set desires. 

Similarly, while making plans for a brand new service or goods release for the destiny, for instance, make certain their making plans identifies the skills a good way to be required to make it work and whether or not their agency already has this expertise or desires every day to be comfortable or increase it. Amazon should no longer fall into the daily lure of combining their talent control activities after which failing to check it even though (Painter Morland et al., 2019). Their expertise to control dreams daily be reviewed periodically every day make certain they may nevertheless nicely combine daily enterprise goals and organization projects. Amazon desires to position techniques in the vicinity daily to maintain talent. They must no longer simply depend on locating expertise; they must have clean techniques to retain it via performance control and praise methods that inspire private boom and involvement (Ali, 2022). It is frequently ignored, and lots of groups generate the error of believing that if a team of workers is genuinely properly remunerated they may continue to be in their position. 

But, a 2020 document of HR Leaders with the aid of CIPD ranked income as the third maximum crucial element that motivates personnel, at the back of ‘feeling important to company” and “studying and improvement”. They should understand that the arena of labor is hastily converting and they should secure and preserve the exceptional talent, they may want to take an innovative method. Modifications in a generation, way of life and demographics suggest that the contemporary technology of applicants and personnel have new desires from the place of work. They need their work every day to be significant and profession improving, a certain thing that co-exists with the relaxation of its existence and value extra than only a pay packet (Parbat et al., 2022). Covid-19 has modified the arena of labor and for lots of organizations which means that jobs and workplaces were decoupled. This poses a massive new threat for HR Leaders, however in the long run it seems to be a certain thing in an effort to enhance expertise control because it will force them daily construct again higher productivity. From a moral angle, they may be usually searching at how the arena of labor is evolving and the way modifications within the administrative center are having an impact on studying and improvement inside Amazon (Mahapatra and Dash, 2022). One method Amazon must have taken is daily to construct use of our personal platform, moral angle, in its talent control application. This has allowed groups of workers to interact with carried out schooling that no longer most effectively enhances their talents, however, has the twin advantage of assisting the worldwide reasons with initiatives that they want extra assistance with. 

Amazon must expand a tradition in which it turns to be second nature to find out and nurture abilities as a segment of the everyday attitude. In no time, attitudes to guide that turn into an ordinary segment of the workday. This facilitates no longer simplest give a boost to their present-day groups however is likewise beneficial in hiring extra candidates within the destiny (Ali, 2022). These days' body of workers craves an increase and as a result, this organization should make an administrative center in which studying is prioritized and constructed into their everyday operations additionally Amazon would create an area in which human beings like to do jobs. There are glaringly plenty of approaches to increase skills consisting of training, mentoring, tasks, and projects (Liu and Darbandi, 2021). They should communicate daily to people regarding the things that might be proper for them and keep in mind that talented human beings are regularly inspired in controlling their personal mastering. 

The important thing right here is remembering that each one of their personnel is a person, so they must have a variety of strategies present to them whilst searching at the way they broaden their skills. This can permit them to create the proper mixture of improvement possibilities for every personnel member for assisting them to attain their potential. Skills control spans and overlap with numerous tasks throughout the Amazon Company along with recruitment, studying and improvement, praise, and sustenance (Liu and Darbandi, 2021). The HR supervisor is required to make certain that the expertise control approach is incorporated and connected to these strategies and structures. past this, they are also required to additionally keep in mind the way talent control may be incorporated with their CSR or company volunteering packages, as they are able to boost the body of workers' motivation with the aid of permitting them to assist international reasons at the same time as studying. 


Despite the fact that Covid-19 has been destructive, it has additionally unified human beings in a manner that not anything else may want to have. Human beings were at the coronary heart of commercial enterprise responses, continually adapting to alternate and limitations, turning into familiar with remote operations, and displaying a stage of resilience that has very less ever been needed in a company placing (Charlwood, 2021). Crucially, Amazon's team of workers has additionally skilled nicely-being in demanding situations, and as an outcome, desires were shaped as to how they will be required to perform jobs in the destiny amid persisted vulnerability. As they pass back in the direction of a few types of 'normality', they are required to hold expertise and control front-of-thoughts. The things that turned into ordinary within the place of work earlier might no longer be suitable or welcome currently (Gallardo-Gallardo and Thunnissen, 2019). Amazon needs to evolve and reconsider the matters that seem to be ordinary, constructing the positives from this enjoyment and meeting a number of the demanding situations which consistently exist. 

Several personnel have used lockdown as a possibility to absorb an innovative hobby or research innovative talent, so now could be an excellent time for HR leaders to make progress on that "self-motivation" with the aid of assisting personnel takes duty for his or her profession. This could be carried out with the aid of managers accomplishing massive professional communications with their personnel, exploring the things that their encouragement is, and assisting them to become aware of which their gaps and strengths lie (Gallardo-Gallardo and Thunnissen, 2019). On the other hand, it is also necessary for the HR managers to improve their communication skills so that deep bonding can be created between them and the employees. This will assist the employees in expressing freely the different future goals that they want to achieve while remaining at the Amazon along with the different issues that they had been facing. 

Moreover, the entire HR policies should be amended on a quarterly basis so that no particular legal clause can restrict the development paths of the talented employees within the company. This can be done by the HR managers of the Amazon Company through bringing a transparent culture of working along with adopting the democratic leadership style (Painter Morland et al., 2019). This is due to the fact that the democratic leadership style will make the leaders and HR managers provide the employees mandatory rights to share and express their views and advice on the different production and sales matters. Not only this, they are further required to understand the actual reasons because of which the issues in the management of talent are being faced by HR managers. For retaining talented employees, Amazon Company is needed to make strict laws related to any racial, sexual, religious, or ethnic discrimination that the employees could face from managers or co-workers (Sadq et al., 2018). Amazon Company is also needed to modify the leave policies so that their workers can get their urgent leaves on time. Worker payroll is one of the large elements of worker control. The task of the HR branch of the agency is to control the worker payroll correctly. This consists of providing competitive salaries to personnel and staying in relation with the authority's regulations and diverse acts need to be passed by means of the authorities that cover the worker wages.

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