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Identify Risks And Safeguarding Procedures Assignment Sample

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Identify Risks And Safeguarding Procedures Assignment Sample


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Here in the current study Sahara a 21 years old girl living with her family. She wants to go for her further higher studies with Maths GCSEs and English.Unfortunately, her father does not care about his daughter’s dream. According to him Sahara have to marry Shermake, a 35 years old guy. Further,she undergoes through depression. The father of Sahara does not give priority regarding the precious dream of Sahara. 

Thesis statement: This study is intended to understand the psychological or mental changes in Sahara and to understand the abuses in the society.

Idea for understanding of the meaning of risks faced by adults and safeguarding way

Identification of relevant situations that makes a person or group vulnerable

Vulnerability describes the special situation of someone when that individual suffers from a minor problem. For example a senior or older person is vulnerable in terms of comparatively decreased physical ability (Drane et al, 2020). The risk refers to an exposure to some bad situations. That means to be exposed to a bad situation refers to an individual who is at risk (Wilkinson et al, 2020). For example if you are staying in a hilly region. The pure water crisis is increasing day by day. It can be termed as risk. 

Here in the current study Sahara, a 21 years old female who is staying in the country Somalia. Her dream is to make herself a family law worker within the society. Unfortunately, she does not meet any situations to go to any reputed university for her future studies. One thing that has to be mentioned is she is not fluent enough in Math GCSEs and English. Sahara’s mother supports her entirely. Sahara’s mother also wants Sahara to be a family law worker. At this moment Sahara’s father wants to complete the marriage ceremony of Sahara with Shermake, a 35 years old man currently staying in the UK. This decision completely makes Sahara vulnerable and the pressure given by her father to marry Shermake makes her risky.

Frame of various kinds of abuses and people experiencing those.

Generally, abuse is a term which describes the wrong treatment or misuse of a particular thing, living individual etc. In Sociology, there are 10 types of abuse. These are like physical abuse, sexual abuse, abusing related to domestic violence, modern slavery, emotional abuse, organizational abuse, financial abuse, abusing related to gender discrimination, neglects to others as well as self-neglect (Sen et al, 2018). Differentiation should be required to understand the abusing nature. Physical punishments, forcefully isolating one individual, misuse of medicine injected or forced to eat, forcefully feeding something else which is not generally eaten by the victim etc are considered as physical abuse. Sexual assault, rape, touching sensual body parts without taking consent from the opposite guy, sexual photography without taking the consent and maintaining the privacy and looking with sexual intention etc are considered as sexual abuse. To stop the emotion-feelings-choices without knowing the intention of the victim, social isolation which is done through forcefully, to stop the meeting with a lovable one, prevent the democratic mobility or communication with others etc are considered to be a psychological or emotional abuse (Messing et al, 2020). As per the case study, Sahara’s father created a tremendous mental pressure on her by fixing her marriage with olderperson. The mental pressure can be pointed as an example of the psychological abuse on Sahara. Use of human being as trafficking, sexual abusing and forced labour etc. are considered modern slavery. Making fraud, scamming, misuse of money showing false activity etc. are considered as financial abuse. Discouraging the employees, putting on fears over the employees showing the power of higher authority, poor leadership programme etc are described as organizational abuse. Gender discrimination apart from necessity is also a gender abuse. In case of ignoring someone in huge is also an example of negligence. This also can be termed as negligence abuse. Except these points the age gap is creating the difference in decision making which is the main cause behind the promotion of the domestic violence. 

Here in the current study the girl named Sahara wants to pursue her future studies in Math GCSEs and English in a reputed university. Unfortunately, her father’s intention is something different from her mother’s intention. Her father is eager to complete the marriage ceremony of Sahara with a 35 years old person Shermake who is currently staying in the UK. Here the father of Sahara forced her to agree to the marriage proposal. The father of Sahara does not want to consider the choice or feelings of Sahara. It is a type of psychological or emotional abuse that Sahara is facing has been done.

Description of important safeguarding policies and legislations

Safeguarding and legislation policies are the special rules and regulations that are made to protect one's safety in terms of ensuring the security of an individual. By another way it can be defined as protecting someone who is vulnerable, neglected or within any kind of harm. There are few acts made by the honourable justice board of the UK (Prip, 2018). These are like the safeguarding groups act, 2006. Other two are the care act, 2014 and the children act, 2008. There is another children act, 1989 in the UK made by the justice board of the UK. Safeguarding regulations should maintain the safety of a spot and other instruments, which belong from there, alert of symptoms and signs of abusing related activities, describing the ownership of the concerned property or agenda (Schittenhelm, 2019). There are also some points that are also involved in the safeguarding policies, the probable things that can be done by someone without making any allegation and matter of concerns, procedures by taking the ultimate discipline while an incident occurred or allegations arising.

According to the adults safeguarding act the adults need proper and full safety in vulnerable situations. By applying safeguarding rules and regulations, both parties will be benefited in terms of ensuring the safety measurements. The basic principle of safeguarding policies and legislations can be demonstrated by major 6 key points. These are like empowerment, partnership, proportionality, prevention, accountability and finally protection. Empowerment means a person gets safety guard due to the good decisions made for them.The chosen case study can be solved with the prevention method; here the prevention method can stop the on-going psychological abuse on the girls by their family or relatives. Partnership means the local solutions or ideas made by the friendly behaved people. Prevention and protection describes the defending nature against the abuses faced by the victims. 

Here in the current study the 21 years old girl, Sahara does not want to marry Shermake. Sahara wants to pursue her further study in a reputed university with Math GSCEs and English. Her dream is to make herself a family welfare law worker. Unfortunately, her father does not want to carry on the study of Sahara. According to the father of Sahara, marriage is the ultimate option after the age of 21. Here the father of Sahara abuses his daughter by psychological abuse. 

Necessity of confidentiality in society and the issues came related to it

Importance of confidentiality in this case study and the problems that can affect

Confidentiality consists of a series of rules and regulations that should be maintained while execution of a certain kind of planning or ideas. Generally, maintaining confidentiality means the secrets about someone which should not be out in public access (Lopi�i? and Lali? Novak, 2018). Previous medical information, address, other customer’s or client’s information in case of business, exam questions-results, business plan-marketing strategies etc are moral examples of confidentiality. 

The term confidentiality is very important because of some points of view as per each individual. It can make trust over an organization or individual, further this trust promotes the faithfulness among both parties (Yu et al, 2018). It can enhance the confidence of the customers or clients in case of business. The confidence may be in terms of examination in academic institutions, health care systems including government hospitals-private nursing homes-clinical diagnostic centres etc, and other workplaces etc. Breaching the confidentiality means giving or disclosing someone’s data without consent of him/her (Hem et al, 2018). Breaching confidentiality may take the whole matter to the police, justice board, lawyers etc. For example sending an email to an unauthorized person who is not responsible for receiving the mail has been done. 

In the present case, Sahara did not go to the university for the past few days. She has been distressed and agitated for the past few days. At a time, her teacher asks her about what is going wrong with her. Unfortunately, she is unable to give a response at all. Her teacher makes a number of phone calls to Sahara for knowing the exact situation, which creates pressure on the mind of Sahara. She cries a few times thinking about herself and the consequent situation. She doesn't want to disclose the original situation anymore as well as she wants to keep that matter confidential.

Few complexities may come over the situation. There is a chance of breaching the privacy of the individual. Further that can be shared to public access for either misuse or to create more pressure on the victim. Here is a thing to be mentioned that the “Health and Social Care Act, 2012” in the UK is available for the safeguarding of social care of any individual staying in the democratic country. 

The father of Sahara enforces his daughter to be isolated within her bedroom. The siblings of Sahara would not get suitable as well as preferable spouses in case Sahara definitely rejects Shermake to marry. Not only that but also Aaden, another 21 years old guy who is a good friend of Sahara, is also beaten badly. The boy Aaden has to be hospitalized due to health injuries.

Outcome of values-ethics in health and social care work, related ethical dilemmas to it

Values and ethics are necessary in health and social care work and ethical dilemmas

There obviously few values-ethics, which are necessary in health and social care, work. The major 6 core values of the social work profession have been done. These are service, integrity, dignity and importance of a particular person, social justice, necessity of human relationships and competence (Pollock, 2021). In the present study, Sahara wants to pursue her further studies rather than marriage. Her father forces her to be engaged with Shermake. 

Based on ethical consideration someone categorized something in good or bad. There are four main ethical considerations such as autonomy, beneficence, justice and non-maleficence. By ethical considerations, someone is capable of distinguishing the morally good and bad things in the present case study. Ethically the case of beating Aaden is bad. Sahara may also lodge a complaint against her father and Shermake showing that they give extreme mental pressure upon Sahara for marriage. Due to maintaining the prestige of her family and the future of her siblings, Sahara is within an ethical dilemma for what to do next.

Promotion of equality and effective workflow to create a difference

Promotion of equality in the society and make the work difference

Equality and the importance of every person should be mentioned in every work place. In our society all the communal members can promote equality and diversity by presenting all the members fairly (Suhonen et al, 2018). By imposing some strategies that can promote equality and work effectively with a difference like by creating and encouraging a safe work environment, help to educate the community, adopting the innovative ideas and their execution procedures. 

Here in the present case study, Sahara loses her hope to pursue further studies in a reputed university. She wants to educate herself to make herself a family welfare law worker. She takes a moral way to create equality and change effectively. Another thing is moral friendship among Sahara and Aaden. Sahara can find a relaxation while meeting with Aaden but it would not be worked due to his injury.


The whole case study is based on the risks, which is faced by the adults of UK. There are different kinds of abuses are present in this society. Physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence is the example of different kinds of risks, which is associated with the adults in the modern society. As per the case study Sahara who is 21 years old want to focus on her career but her father did not allow her and he fixed her marriage with Shermake who is 35 years old. This is showing the gender equality is not maintained here. According to some previous report the age gap creates a difference in decision making as a result domestic violence occurred in the family but before that the decision of her father created a psychological abuse on her mental condition. Safeguarding policies are made by the government of UK to provide safety to every adult in the country. The justice board of UK for the safety of the adults created “safeguarding group act, 2006”. “Prevention” is one of the main key points, which can be used to establish the gender equality in the society as well as to prevent the psychological abuse, which is occurring in this case study. Maintaining the confidentiality of the case study is also described in this assignment, which is much necessary to protect the personal details of the victims of the abusive condition. Promotion of equality is the last key point of this assignment, which is served to the readers through the case study. 


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