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Internship Applied Research Project Report Assignment Sample

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Internship Applied Research Project Report Assignment Sample


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1.1. Purpose of the internship

I must acknowledge on the study that an internship is one of the best ways to adopt the skills with a practical overview of the jobs and responsibilities. It is very important to understand the depth of the concept to make a career from those learning. The technique of representing the jobs and responsibilities with the proper skill management is the main aim of the internship. Therefore, the utilisation of learning can be understood from the practical representation of those lessons in the period of internship. I think the fundamental practical ideas that have been given to the students of data science are highly complex and those are needed to be implemented through making default applications in real life. Internship creates a platform for the students to understand the techniques of the application of the various dimensions of data science application.

I have found that an internship aims to develop the features in the characteristics of a student to identify the actual skills that might be applied by the student while practically handling any activity. It is needed to find out the real-world experience of practical learning. I want to state that I have experienced that real-world overview practically while maintaining my job responsibilities. I have understood the basic requirements for applying the learning in the job. The internship has a huge purpose to serve smarter ways to the students to apply their learning in the proper area. The various structures of the lessons are not meant to be applied in any place. The knowledge about the application of different sections of data-science application studies would be explained in this report. The internship aims to enable a high level of experience to the students according to their fundamental knowledge. This gives superiority of putting the knowledge into action with proper methods.

1.2. Objectives

The study is all about showing my ability in gaining the internship knowledge and the experience I have earned for the period of my internship. I want to express some of my knowledge and experiences by implementing some objectives in this study. It would help others to understand the importance of internships, which have been defined in a superior way. I would represent the objectives to give prior ideas in my learning, which would be explained in the finding and analysis section. The significant features are the main topic, which has been represented through the objectives. It gives easier ways to the readers to understand the depth of knowledge about the study. The objective is given below:

  • To briefly discuss the concept of internship
  • To identify the project management style represented by internship procedures
  • To motivate others in adopting internship roles
  • To represent my contribution towards the organization as an intern
  • To create better knowledge in an internship experience for future career development
  • To represent the fundamental application of data science technologies in different working areas
  • To identify related problems in the internship
  • To represent methods of data collection and their applications

These objectives can give the fundamental knowledge on the subjective matters that would be discussed in the literature review part of the study. This report could be represented by these objectives. I have generated these objectives to make a clear overview of the main point of the study. The objectives can show that this research is going to be very effective to motivate other students to adopt skills from the internship process. According to the objectives, the different areas of studies would be represented in this report in LR and findings as well.

1.3. Reasons for the investigation

I have identified that this is very important to utilise the idea of the internship through a report. This report will show the methods of gaining knowledge and the methods of applying the learning. It would significantly create implications on the techniques of the application of data science. The fruitfulness of the study topic and its actual requirements should be described to others who get high interest in the data science application. Therefore, the main reason for investigating my own knowledge is to create an overview of the practical application structure, which I have experienced through this internship. I found this effect to make a student more agile towards enhancing the inner quality and ability to apply theoretical knowledge in real life. The experience that has been provided by the internship can evaluate the matters of experience and adoption techniques for the students.

The investigation of the internship results could be very valuable for the other students to identify the strength that has been given by the internship procedures. This is a fruitful one to provide enough fundamental practical experience. The ideas regarding prior learning get clarification through the real-life application. Therefore, in case of describing the significance of internship this investigation by making a broad report on the topic. This report would clarify the fundamental styles of the internship. Therefore, I can assure that the risks people think in doing an internship would be less safe in understanding the matters followed in this period. On the other hand, one more applicable reason is there which gives high support to this investigation that is the creation of ability is being demonstrated in this report which would make the students more active to positively join in an internship. Besides, I wanted to express my experiences and the stages of ups and downs while doing an internship positively and actively with complete concentration.

1.4. Statements of problems

While making this report I have identified that I have to maintain a rule of creating this investigation. It was very necessary to understand the use of the proper method in expressing the experiences that I have gained. As a team member, I have understood the different perspectives of my project colleagues. Therefore, while presenting their opinions in findings and results I have to be aware of their ethical value. This could create a huge problem if any personal information of my colleagues would be leaked through my reports. I have to be concerned only about expressing n-my experiences. The problem that takes place in the internship should also be represented in this study so that the critical overview could be represented which would attract the readers. Besides, in case of finding the problems in the internship period, I must say that I felt uncomfortable on the fundamental stage of the internship. All the candidates were new to me. The process was completely new to me.

The way of representing it could be wrong anyway. I have recognised that people who are actually very conscious about their own skills get into problematic situations while representing their aspects. The characteristics of the interns should be adaptable. The circumstances provided by universities or respective educational platforms to the students should not be the same as the workplace where they are working or taking an internship. Therefore, I have identified that this could be a terrible problem for the interns. I felt confused to represent this problem in this report. The main aim of study is to figure out the key features and the factors related with the internships and project managerial approach have to be developed. The roles associated with the internships and contribution level should need to be developed to manage the rules and regulation assembled with the several roles and duties of the internships.

1.5. Purpose of the study

I have created a goal to express my concerns regarding the adoption internship once after done with the course a student was doing. I have gained practical learning which was lacking by my prior educational course. Therefore, the purpose of this study could be represented as making the idea about the complete effectiveness of an internship after completing an educational course. This report will show the consequences that have been faced by the students while going through the internship period. The most effective part of the internship would be represented in this study as well as the challenges that have been faced by me will be presented as well. I do not want to overwhelm any other students with my report about the internship period. This is the main reason for me to represent both the positive and negative implications of internship methods.

The main subject of this report is to explain the effect of internship and the experience level boosted up by the internship process among fresher. It can be said that after completing an internship a student or candidate should be considered as an experienced worker and suitable for jobs in that respective field. I understand that this statement is very true. I think I can get opportunities in other IT companies after giving interviews. They will prefer me to other fresher candidates who come for preceding interview sessions. This report will service all the dimensions of the IT technologies, which have been done by me while doing an internship. I would include the methodology part in this report, which would be a supportive matter to explain the method I have used in making this report. The collection of data and the significance of adopting the information through that particular method would be explained anyway in this report.

2. Literature review

2.1 Importance of literature review

I feel that a proper literature review is important because it recognises the requirements for the justification of this research as well as identifies the relationship of work in this research context of its contribution to the project management (client-side Zoho project) and other works. According to me the appropriate literature review integrates the understanding of what constitutes this project and generate evidence from the literature on project management. Based on this it also incorporates the characteristics of the project, processes and the activities and knowledge areas. The effective knowledge, research attributes, skills and competencies would be effective for me to establish my career as a successful project manager. The selection of the key financial indicators and maintenance of the theoretical framework should need to be evaluated as it can help in measuring the relative fundamental aspects and problems associated with the internships. The clear execution of the different data presentation and collection method has been used to figure out the key strategies and relative problems into the analysis.

2.2 Concept of internship

An internship is an effective phenomenon and is a professional learning experience that generates meaningful and practical work associated with the study and career interest. An internship provides a student intern with a great opportunity for better career exploration and development as well as adopts effective skills and knowledge for success. According to Karunaratne and Perera (2019), the internships aim to generate a purposeful activity of the student intern measuring the related project in order to fetch better learning outcomes within the research curriculum. An internship is effective for the student intern to acquire effective learning experiences and it provides the student more development advantages for better career goals.

The effective learning skills and knowledge offer the intern project team member to bring the news and creative ideas as well as execute the potential energy into the workplace. The internship is the effective paradigm for the student to build the talent required to work in an organization and potentially develop the pipeline for future full-time employees. The integration of the internship within the organization generates a clear vision about the job description for the better working experience (Brown, 2018.). The internship orients with the student intern and builds the effective working culture on them to excel the future career paths. The feedback from the internship helps the students to learn more knowledge and by working on the regular feedback the student intern can thrive on the targeted learning goals.

2.3 Importance of internship in project management

The internship is the supervised and structured learning experience with the professional setting that allows the student intern to gain valuable working experience in the targeted field of study. The internship in the project management significantly guides the student intern to gain real working experiences with multidisciplinary collaboration and generate meaningful assistance to the organization (Mazzetto, 2016, October). The monitoring and proper guidance, regular feedback, receptiveness, and professionalism are the prime aspects that student intern expects during the internship and it eventually helps them to acquire better experience in the field of study ("data science, data analysis, Microsoft Excel, SQL python and analyzing the WordPad”). The internship within the organization develops the more basic knowledge about the company structure and the working pattern as well as helps them to measure their compatibility for future success.

The assessment of the relevant theoretical framework and model summary has been developed to visualize the financial policies and objectives associated with the entire project. The implementation of the financial policies and developmental roles need to be performed to figure out the key strengths and necessary actions has been done within the organization. As narrated by Karunaratne and Perera (2019), the overall delivery and the assistance of the proper completion of the different factors has played an impact into the visualization of the relative aspects. The evaluation of the several important methods and the selection of the method should need to be done as it can help in managing the resources used within stipulated period of time. The required reason for investigation and qualitative approaches should need to bed followed to develop the schemes and growth of the obstacles for a stipulated period of time.

During the internship, the student internet gains better exposure to the higher management and receive an orientation from the organization for which they are interning. The phenomenon of the internship helps the student interns to embrace the mission and goals of the organization and execute the information about the organizational rules and procedures for the better future development. The project management internship helps the student intern to embark the gained skills and knowledge on a career path that means it develops the b “organizational, interpersonal and communication skills” through which the student intern can observe the big picture which managing the project details (Song and Zhu, 2016). The appropriate implication of the gained knowledge and potential skills can ace the future of the student internet to achieve the targeted career goals.

2.4 Advantages of the internship

Finding and undertaking the internship is an effective rite of passage and it generates the great way to figure out an initial role within the desired organization and introduce you to the world of work. Internships provide many advantages significantly with experience and help the student intern to encompass the valuable learning experiences and streamline the better professional network.

Real working experiences:

The internship within the organization is an effective introduction to work and it will be able to incorporate real work responsibilities for student’s intern in a real working environment (Karunaratne and Perera, 2019). The internship will help the student intern to enable them to adjust to the working norms and patterns. The hands-on experiences in the filed-on data science would offer high-value experiential learning that the world stands with the intern in effective stead.

Get a taste of the chosen field:

If the student never worked in industry before and wondering what a career then an internship can assist the student to make up their mind. Getting practical experiences in the field of data science helps the intern to decide if it is an inspirational career path or not.

Better networking opportunities:

The internship male more connections with the project manager, colleagues and build the peripheral contacts (like human resources and clients). It is essential and b network might help the student to secure a permanent role (Karunaratne and Perera, 2019). 

Assist to recognise a speciality:

The internship can offer better knowledge in the fields of data science and data analysis and help the strident to adopt the complete change the future career (careers.umbc.edu, 2022). Specialization in the data science is often lucrative as well as a rewarding career would be immeasurably valued for the deep insights of certain skills and potential knowledge on this sector rather than just having generalist knowledge across various responsibilities.

Develops self-confidence and motivation:

Moving from the educational field to the working environment can be significantly Jarring experience and it is full of unknowns as well as what-ifs. The internship knowledge and skills build the confidence in a structured way and motivate to improve the professional behaviour.

Boost the CV:

The working experience within the organization is an extra dimension to stimulating educational experiences (Karunaratne and Perera, 2019). The skills and practical knowledge gathered during the internship can help the student during an interview by making the process more attractive.

Raises student intern’s market value:

The skills, credibility, and experiences during internship raise your market value and help them to achieve professional experiences.


The support from the mentor and valuable feedback from the project mentor can excel the knowledge with supports and helps intern to handle the work-related situations with effective advice.


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