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Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

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Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment Sample



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As it is a well-known fact that human resources are one of the most important facts that enables an organisation to brag the remarkable success. However, human resources can be considered as the backbone of any organisational growth for most of the organisational functioning activities are well executed by these resources only. Moreover, it is quite certain that if an organisation has well equipped and skilful workforce, the organisational performance, as well as the productivity of the organisation, reaches its peak. Furthermore, the organisation needs to implement strategic action to improve them and the output of the human resources. In addition to that, several actions increase the engagement of the human resources at work and develop a sense of motivation in them (Stankovic and Radojevi?, 2022).

Moreover, strategic human resources management refers to the activity that is taken or implied by an organisation to improve the efficiency of the workforce and along with that provide them sufficient support from all, the aspect so that they can feel motivated in terms of giving their utmost in the workplace, it will, however, increase the performance of the organisation as well as help the employees in terms personal development.

Explain The Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) And How Value can be added to The Clubhouse

Strategic human resource management is considered the substance of a strong business as it helps to provide support to the company to make sure that the goals are achieved. Expanding a business becomes quite difficult considering the multiple emerging trends. Following that, organisations embark on digital renovation projects to create a competitive advantage (Greer, 2021). Through an effective strategic HRM process, The Clubhouse will be able to form an equipped workforce to enable the business operations of the club. Therefore, it can convey innovation and resourcefulness to the cocktail bar along with building a ready workplace for the employees.

In fact, a strategic HR manager will measure the organisation’s goals and take initiatives to select the right people for an accurate place in The Clubhouse. Moreover, it can mitigate the problem of low employee engagement in an organisation (Hamouche, 2021). Thus, The Clubhouse can increase efficiency in their workplace and draw attention to potential customers.

Explain The Strategic Human Resource Services that Could Be Provided to The Clubhouse and Their Purposes

In terms of strategic human resource management, it consists of the ability to devise incentives which stimulate the workforce. This directly impacts accomplishing the company objectives and to reinforce the success benchmarks. This can be accommodating for The Clubhouse to decrease the rate of absenteeism and to advance the assurance of the employees to contribute to the company’s vision. The ultimate purpose of this cocktail bar is to reduce inefficiency, alter the staffing structure and encourage the staff to decrease the employee turnover rate (Boon, Den Hartog, and Lepak, 2019).

Considering these factors, the employees will require promotion and social recognition so they can effectively operate in the cocktail bar. Involving the workers in the decision-making progression can be facilitating engaging the employees. Furthermore, resourceful training and development program is important for the staff of The Clubhouse. Getting rewarded and appreciated by their seniors, they will effectively operate in the workplace.

Analyse The Factors That the Clubhouse Should Consider Before Embarking on the Renovation and Restructure

Before embarking on the renovation and restructuring of The Clubhouse, there are a number of factors that should be considered. The cocktail bar requires focusing on the key aspects and the problems involved within. It is indeed necessary to analyse the complaints derived from the survey to understand its core insights. Thus, it will be accommodating for the CEO to find a solution how to overcome the issues. Moreover, the fall in membership over the past few years needs to be considered and to distinguish the reason behind this(Greer, 2021). Employees are the key aspects of any accommodation sector or any restaurant business as it depends on customer service extensively.

Regarding this fact, The Clubhouse needs to stimulate and provide promotion to the workforce to enhance workplace productivity. Most importantly, the refurbishment should be done in the allocated time avoiding any types of disruptions(Hamouche, 2021). Otherwise, the huge delay can be damaging for the cocktail bar to enhance its profitability.

Determine Some Preliminary HR Requirements for The Organisation Considering the New Contract

These are some of the preliminary HR requirements for The Clubhouse regarding the fact of its new contract:

  • HR requires the ability to interpret and implement strategic approaches to provide support to the employees and to assist them to reach their goals(Boon, Den Hartog, and Lepak, 2019).
  • HR needs to know the ability to justify the functional essentials of a strategic plan. This leadership skill will enhance the working progression of The Clubhouse quite effectively (Hamadamin and Atan, 2019).
  • The HR of the cocktail bar has to be technologically advanced and requires to be data-driven. Thus, the employees will get resourceful training and be competent to operate ion the bar effectively.


An Outline of a Human Resource Plan

The formation of this proficient human resource plan will determine the productivity and augment its membership of The Fox and Hound Bar. 




Project completion

To encourage the staff and to increase employee engagement among them

Motivating the employees towards prompting their creative sides as well as conveying their ideas into the projects might be facilitating increasing engagement among the employees in the cocktail bar (Collins, 2021). Therefore, allowing them in the decision-making process can be advantageous as it will make them feel like an integral part of the bar. Through the formation of individual objectives in a regular manner, the employees will be able to dedicate an extreme level of energy and commitment to their responsibility. In fact, working as a team make certain everyone feels valued and plays a significant part in attaining a goal. Thus, the staff of The Fox and Hound Bar can be encouraged and will be engaged quite effectively.

By getting an adequate amount of encouragement from their HR manager and supervisors, the working progression will be enhanced quite in an effective manner. Regarding this fact, they will be able to comprehend the necessity of change and can work effectively feeling secure about their job. In a relation to that, they will have committed to contribute more to the job and thus the service quality of The Fox and Hound Bar extensively. While the employees’ engagement will be enhanced, there will be a low amount of chance of occurring any type of internal clash among them.

1st week

To ensure a well-developed training program for the employees of The Clubhouse

It is indeed crucial for an HR manager to set goals within establishing benchmarks for the employee training program. Through the formation of substantial infrastructure and utilising the targeted outcomes, an HR manager will be able to set individual goals for the training program. Therefore, determination of the assessments and necessary equipment is necessary to regulate the learning requirements. Employees’ assessments will be accommodating to disclose vital feedback which can enable the learning and development program initiated by the Clubhouse. Therefore, the selection of a suitable training model is sufficient to enhance their skills as per their requirements.

An exceptional training and development program will make certain of the fact that employees are skilled and proficient enough to maintain the business operations quite effectively. In terms of that, the service quality will be enriched and the rate of complaints about the service quality will be decreased. As a result, the cocktail bar can gain its reputation again and increase its revenue margin. By getting efficient training they will be able to mitigate any kinds of conflicting situations in the bar. As a result, more customers will come to the bar for enjoying their parties and having fun. Considering the outcome from the initiatives taken by the HR professional can be facilitating for profitability rate of The Fox and Hound Bar. 

2nd week

To improvise the condition of the bar and to enhance its facilities for the customer

It is therefore the concern of the HR manager to keep an eye on the working environment of The Fox and Hound Bar in order to efficiently operate for the employees. According to the survey results, it has been observed that the memberships of the club have been deteriorating steadily over the past five years. To decrease the rate of complaints due to lack of service quality, the cocktail bar requires to provide frequent offers of alcohol as well as other food items. It might be accommodating for drawing attention towards the potential members quite in an extensive manner (Collins, 2021). In fact, the seating capacity of the restaurant should be augmented, maintenance of the furniture is necessary and the manual process needs to be prevented for bookings.

The renovation of the Clubhouse is extremely compulsory to attract potential customers as well as upsurge the rate of club memberships in a widespread manner. through getting incomparable facilities for coming to the bar, the customers will look forward to coming again to this place. The refurbishment will determine having an exceptional optimistic atmosphere for hanging out for the youths. Therefore, more customers will come while the seating capacity has been increased. For booking reservations, The Fox and Hound Bar needs to implement digitalised way which will be more efficient and way faster than the traditional model. In this way, the cocktail bar will be able to create a competitive advantage and upsurge its profitability. 

3rd week

To make alterations of the leadership practices to increase efficiency

Through the modifications in the leadership practices, the organisational culture of the cocktail bar will be enhanced and augmented quite in an extensive manner. It has been observed that the staffs of The Fox and Hound Bar were not satisfied with the decisions of their previous manager. Moreover, they also feel a lack of compliment in spite of contributing enough to the Clubhouse. The application of the transformational leadership strategy might be enabling to enhance the organisational culture and increase efficiency among the staff. In this way, the alteration of the leadership practices makes certain that employees of the cocktail bar will stay reliable for a longer period of time. 

It is indeed true that a competent leadership strategy has the ability to monitor the employees and improve their performance of the employees. In terms of that, the application of the appropriate leadership practice will determine organisational performance in an extensive manner. The enhancement of the organisational culture will directly impact the profitability of the clubhouse quite effectively.

4th week

A Memo Concerning the Importance of HR Policy

Through the formation of the memo, it will be able to maintain the ethical guidelines of the employees of The Fox and Hound Bar resourcefully.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines

  • Adopting teamwork as well as employee participation, reassuring the representation of dissimilar employee viewpoints.
  • Requires to treat colleagues with dignity and reverence during the time of interacting with them (McQuoid-Mason, 2022).
  • Support supple working arrangements in terms of the co-workers with dissimilar needs, aptitudesalong withresponsibilities.
  • Be open-minded and effectively listen whileproviding constructive feedback concerning others’observations of your conduct(McQuoid-Mason, 2022).
  • Report and address unsuitable behaviour as well as negative comments which are considered biased, harassing, offensive, offensive or undesirable.

Living Wage Vs Minimum Wage

In terms of the living wage, it basically refers to the income level compulsory to sustain a suitable standard of living based in terms of thestructure of the family as well as the location (Dube, 2019).On the other hand,the minimum wage indicates the income level sanctioned by the regulationwhich ensures that the workforce is not forced into poverty. The board of directors of The Fox and Hound Bar needs to implement guidelines by keeping in mind these two factors.

Maternity Cover

In terms of maternity cover or insurance, it is considered one type of health insurance policy which provides coverage to all pregnancy-related incidentals (Karunaratne, 2020). It is indeed necessary for The Fox and Hound Bar to provide maternity facilities which fall under the category of employee rights.

Equality Act 2010

The equality act has been published in 2010 to protect employees from facing internal conflicts in a particular organisation (Walkey, Brown and Martin, 2022). According to the statements of the Equality Act 2010, any type of discrimination relays to gender, sexual orientation, sex and ethnicity will be prohibited. The HR manager of the cocktail bar requires to take account of this to promote an inclusive culture. 


A well-developed HR policy, as well as strong Human Resource Planning, make sure to forecast and progress a reasonable workforce which has the ability to meet current business requirements meanwhile building it future-ready. The changes in the leadership practices, as well as its training and development strategy, will determine the increasing rate of memberships in the bar. Through the implementation of suitable HR tactics and strategic approaches, The Fox and Hound Bar will be able to increase the working efficiency inside the bar. In this way, the refurbishment procedure will bring productivity and create a competitive edge for the cocktail bar.


Examine the impact of different management and leadership theories on organisational strategy and structure.

The organisational structure and strategy get largely influenced by the management and leadership approach as through this way only the functionality and the activity of any organisation are determined. However, there are several theories of organisational management and leadership approach which effectively assist the organisation to regulate the organisational activity, as well as the different approaches of the leadership and management, determine the structure and the strategy of and organisation.

Transformational Leadership and its impact on organisational structure and strategy

Transformational leadership has the potential to inspire change in its followers. Leaders that are committed to transforming their organisations have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Involvement is not enough for some leaders. Each member of the group is expected to do their best (AlNuaimi et al., 2022). It is based on the idea that transformational leadership is established on the idea that a leader works with members of the team or supporters outside of their immediate self-interests to identify essential reform, establish a vision to drive the transformation via impact and support and execute the change with devoted group members. The change in self-interest enhances the maturity, values, and concerns about the success of the followers. This kind of leader may influence their followers’ beliefs, attitudes and motivations via their visionary personality.

To be a transformational leader, one must possess all three of these characteristics. The company’s production and creativity will soar under the leadership of such a manager. Other transformative leadership qualities include providing personal incentives and attention to motivate and inspire subordinates, as well as stimulating intellectual curiosity, evoking positive emotions, and igniting creativity (Zhang et al., 2022). This enables the organisation to change its strategy to improve efficiency and performance. People are more likely to be motivated, authority and integrity are strengthened, and a common future vision is sparked by transformational leadership. The shared vision is at the heart of leadership’s idealised effect and motivation.

Transformational leaders concentrate on the future and new opportunities. They are paying attention to what they observe. Transformational organisations are led by transformative leaders who appeal to human attributes that transcend the mechanical and power-oriented framework. Leaders that can alter their organisations are essential in all enterprises (Begum et al., 2022). Those in charge of the firm’s upper echelons are looking to implement structural changes and instil confidence in their workers by presenting them with an alternative vision that promises better prospects for the company as a whole.

Democratic Leadership and its impact on organisational structure and strategy

Democracy or participation leadership is a kind of management where all members of a team are engaged in making choices. The individuals who work for democratic leaders are just as important as the leaders themselves. Stay tuned for additional information about democratic leadership in this blog. Democratic leaders are those who make decisions and take responsibility for their actions as members of a group (Cengiz and Cinoglu, 2022). Everyone gets the opportunity to engage, ideas are shared freely, and dialogues are started.

In addition, this leadership style encourages employee participation and feedback, two critical variables in boosting morale and productivity. Employees are more likely to go above and above for the organisation when they feel appreciated. Mutual respect also helps individuals work together as a team and come up with novel approaches to solving problems (Liggett, 2022). Members of the team are capable of putting fresh ideas into action and achieving the desired business results. Mutual regard also aids in teamwork and the generation of fresh ideas. A team’s interactions result in fresh ideas being used to attain certain corporate goals.

Describe the impact of organisational strategies, structures and culture on the management of HR

Impact of the organisational Strategies

HR activities, such as compensation and benefits, are influenced by organisational strategy. Motivate your employees by offering them a good salary and a generous benefits package. Pay and incentives are influenced by an organisation’s strategy. Organisational strategy dictates HR compensation and incentives. Prospectors favour compensation and incentives depending on performance. The organisational strategy has an impact on compensation and benefits. External or intrinsic. The housing allowance, bonus, and commission are highly regarded by organisations employing the prospector technique. As a result, consumers are better equipped to deal with a volatile and competitive market. To attract top-notch employees, companies prefer to pay their workers on a salary rather than on a commission basis. In defence organisations, intrinsic compensation is preferred. This demonstrates that HR management is influenced by organisational strategy (del-Castillo-Feito, Blanco-González and Hernández-Perlines, 2022).

Impact of the organisational structures

The management design of a corporation is its organisational structure. It splits the labour. Its responsibilities include expressing the context in which decisions are made, wielding influence, and achieving goals. The structure has a variety of effects on HR management. It affects HR responsibilities, roles, and engagement. The organisational structure influences human resources management. Organisational models based on teams need certain HR management techniques, such as hiring and selection, performance evaluation, and training. Organisational structure determines HR’s role (Alzoubi, 2022). In a matrix organisation, project management advice and recommendations are part of HR management. Third, HR management is impacted by organisational structure. Employee behaviour, performance, motivation, zeal, and contentment are influenced by structure. Their ability to accomplish organisational goals is impacted by this. Workers are unable to take initiative in a bureaucratic structure that is overly centralised.

Impact of the organisational cultures

Organisational culture is defined by shared values and beliefs. Employee behaviour is influenced by culture. This practice of collective thinking divides groups. Organisational culture is a method of keeping employees in line and adapting them to the set objectives. Organisational culture influences human resource management. Certain sorts of employees may be drawn to an organisation’s culture. HR’s involvement in training and development is influenced by culture (Xenikou, 2022). Acquiring and maintaining abilities is part of training. Culture has an impact on training content and delivery. A role-focused organisation, for example, prioritises job-related training above personal development. It includes problem-solving and social skills. This method presumes that the function is more important than the individual. Decisions are made by top management. A task culture prioritises team growth and internal potential.

Determine the effectiveness of the current ClubHouse HRM, and critically discuss the link between leadership & management and HRM

Even though many personnel have worked at the ClubHouse for many years, nothing has changed. The workforce often complains about the length and inefficiency of the present procedures to which they have become used. Each department has an authoritarian leadership and staff organisation. The restaurant, bar, and event management sections are detailed below (Hall and Birtles, 2022). Making decisions without first consulting the department head or presenting fresh ideas to improve practice is frowned upon in the workplace. Changing practises from the top down is common, and workers are seldom consulted. In a tiny annual study of the workforce, many younger employees quit after just a few months, claiming a lack of opportunity and insufficient training. The poll also found that employees are unhappy with their bosses and believe they are undervalued.

A hierarchical structure is used to organise management, subordinates, and the teams they work in. In this system, the boss has a big say in how policies and procedures are carried out. This style of leadership is acceptable when the team members are undertrained. When other forms of leadership are ineffective, autocratic leadership may be the only choice. If our workers want to contribute their ideas and knowledge-based efforts, authoritarian leadership should be avoided. An authoritarian leadership style’s the power to make decisions (Alqudah, Carballo-Penela and Ruzo-Sanmartin, 2022).

Because of this style of leadership, no one’s opinion is sought after; instead, employees are required to follow commands. These leaders reject performance-based remuneration and only support fixed predefined incentives. These leaders should not be bothered with the justifications of their followers, even if they make bad decisions. They often reprimand their employees, and the majority of their behaviour is predictable. As a result, there won’t be any interaction between the workers and the company. As a consequence, the employee is unable to give the project all he has.

Present an analysis of how the existing culture and structure of the ClubHouse might impact the success of the ClubHouse project and the motivation of the staff.

Through the case study, it is quite evident that the concerning organisation follows a hierarchical culture and hierarchical structure, as the employees of the concerning organisation are discouraged from making choices on their own without consulting the department’s head, and they are also discouraged from bringing forward fresh suggestions for improving existing procedures. It is unusual to get input from the personnel while making modifications to existing procedures (Ghiasi et al., 2022). Which both have advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, there are certain elements which will help the organisation in terms of advancing the organisational performance and retaining optimal employee engagement and motivating them.

Everyone in a hierarchical organisation has access to the same channels of communication. Direct supervision would provide daily tasks to employees in entry-level roles. The direct supervisor is responsible for translating commands from their higher-ups. Once you reach the top of the organisation, the process repeats itself. Assuming workers adhere to the organisational structure, this makes it simpler to design and execute corporate initiatives rapidly. That’s not all; larger companies have to deal with everything from human resources and accounting to marketing and buying, among other things. In the hierarchy, these areas of interest are divided into several departmental arrangements that specialise. Companies might focus on certain skill sets and resources to attain optimum efficiency via specialisation.

As a general rule, employees want to advance in their jobs. There is a desire to learn, grow, and succeed in their lives. However, to achieve this, the organisation must create possibilities for professional progression (Malagas et al., 2022). It is possible to achieve these demands via a culture of hierarchy, which allows highly driven individuals to develop their talents, get appropriate training, and take on increasing levels of responsibility. Another reason why people remain loyal to a company is that they feel safe and secure in the job they play since they are paid on time and have defined roles and responsibilities. Employees’ need for stability and predictability may be satisfied by a hierarchical organisational structure.

Explain how you would develop, monitor and evaluate a leadership strategy that supports the development or revision of the ClubHouse organisational mission, vision, values and objectives.

Workers are dissatisfied with the firm’s leadership style since it takes a top-down approach and excludes them from decision-making. Due to the poor morale and lack of advancement opportunities and training, a small yearly survey of workers reveals low morale. The survey also found that workers are dissatisfied with their supervisors and feel undervalued. Moreover, there are certain ways through which the organisation can enhance the employee’s engagement to fulfil its vision and mission of “High-quality hospitality at affordable prices.” For over a year, a declaration of values has been on the agenda, but nothing has been done about it.

Communication Openness

Face-to-face discussions and open communication may help uncover problems and pinpoint the root causes of productivity decline (Ishaque et al., 2022). Everybody’s thoughts and ideas must be heard to find a solution.

Engage workers in business planning

When employees are involved in setting strategic objectives, they feel more responsible and engaged. Involve your employees in the company’s business strategy planning, identification of potential and generation of improvement proposals.

Wellness Programs

Happy and healthy employees are engaged workers. These days, businesses are concerned about the Health Quotient of their workforce. The mental, emotional, and physical well-being of employees may be improved by the holding of routine health camps.

Encourage Teamwork

Collaboration increases output. As a result, employees feel more connected with their colleagues and the company. Attending team meetings and face-to-face meetings may be helpful in this regard. These tactics will aid the company in achieving its objectives and enhancing output and performance (Ishaque et al., 2022).


In summing up, it can be driven from the above discussion that human resources are key to a company’s success. Human resources are the backbone of every organisation’s development since they perform most of its functions. If a business has a well-trained and skilled team, its performance and production will soar. The company must also take strategic steps to boost human resource output. Several methods boost HR engagement and motivation at work. Moreover, this report has evaluated the different theories of management and leadership and their impact on the structure and how the cultural aspect of the organisation is impacted by that and it has also given some measures for improving the approach of the HRM.

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