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Online Entertainment Management Assignment Sample

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Online Entertainment Management Assignment Sample


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App Description

Filma Web is indeed a membership related streaming service which enables the members for watching TV shows and movies on just a network-connected machine without advertisements. One may indeed save TV series as well as movies to any Android, Windows 10 machine or iOS for watching them offline (Liao et al. 2021). Filma Web materials vary with area and therefore are likely to modify. One could view award-winning TV series, films, documentaries, as well as other content. The further people watch, the greater Filma Web becomes at suggesting TV series as well as movies that experts believe clients or consumers will love.
Consumers might stream movies on Filma Web on any network platform which supported the Filma Web application, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming devices, set-top machines, smartphones, as well as tablets. Users could also use a web browser to stream Movies on Filma Web via computer (Zhang et al. 2021). To ensure the greatest experience, evaluate the required functionality including internet browser compliance as well as the connection speed guidelines. Every Filma Web plan specifies the number of machines that may watch Movies on Filma Web at the same moment, as well as whether users want to watch in SD, HD, or UHD.

Functions of the App

The size of Filma Web Mobile is indeed a negotiated settlement: small controls as well as a video display that people can't realistically connect throughout a film. Besides that, everything else is the same. Users could indeed resume watching a movie since when users abandoned off, as well as the queue is fast (Herath et al. 2020). The streaming quality is superb, and this is managed via simple controls. Users should ensure that the data connection could handle the increasing requirements of streaming. Video content consumes a great deal of data, therefore verify using the phone carrier to be assured users are not charged for exceeding the data allowance. A two-hour Filma Web movie will consume approximately 300 MB.
Assuming that Filma Web is ad-free, memberships are indeed the major method company makes money. Filma Web includes 3 subscription levels to its viewers, who would then spend monthly or yearly fees for continuing to use the services of Filma Web. After making subscriptions there are following features the mobile application of Filma Web will follow:

Ad-free Streaming of Movies, TV shows and Web Series: Using Filma Web, users could experience an uninterrupted streaming of content since it is ad-free for even the most basic package. This gives Filma Web a big advantage over its competitors including Hulu, who charge an additional $4 every month for circumventing advertisements.
Number of viewers is spread out: Filma Web supports concurrent viewing in both its highly prevalent regular and subscription plans. This enables family as well as friends to share the very same membership as well as watch multiple displays at the very same moment. As a result, the service of Filma Web is highly adaptable. Numerous people purchase a single membership (for example, a premium plan) then distribute the membership with several friends or relatives.
Remote Streaming Option: Customers of Filma Web may store material in both regular as well as quality products. Although there are certain restrictions on what users may download, Netflix is attempting to improve this anyway (Salamzadeh et al. 2021). Users may use this function to save movies as well as play them back later when they are comfortable, although if they do not have an internet service. This operates well on aircraft flights and also in areas with poor internet connectivity.
Exceptional Library: Whenever it chooses the type, Filma Web is unquestionably the obvious victor. Filma Web outperforms Hulu with almost 100,000 selections. It features the much more renowned TV series and also a diverse selection of successful films from across the world. This also features a selection of series and films.
Simple to Use: This is one of the easiest-to-use streaming services that are available. Users only need to sign in once from the services, and then users can enjoy the graphical interface of the offering anytime users use the application.
Flexibility of Equipment: Filma Web is marketed as one of the most adaptable streaming platforms since it is accessible across nearly every gadget. All users want is an Internet service as well as the Streaming application on any smartphone.
Pricing: When contrasted to those other prominent streaming platforms, Filma Web is likely the much more economical option, even on the most expensive paid membership.
Best Viewing Experiences: Possibly the finest binge-watching opportunity currently available (Kumar et al. 2021). The site makes suggestions based on the user's prior viewing history, provides several genres of series and films to pick from, allowing users to easily avoid the recapping and introductory sequences of every show, and more.

Analysis of the Marketplace

Filma Web attempts to integrate social media networks (beginning with Facebook) into its service. Its goal, therefore, has been to raise awareness regarding Filma Web to a larger audience by posting items which consumers had viewed (Aithal et al. 2019). This is really a brand recognition strategy. Filma Web's devotion for experimenting has created what they will be presently: a pre-streaming period survival. Filma Web is now "Streaming-Ready". The company recently adjusted their positioning strategy away from DVD rentals and more towards streaming as their primary business. A significant shift for such business. That shift may well be attributed in great portion to the firm's regular review of consumer habits. Filma Web is capable of learning so much more about its viewers via constant A/B experimentation. This makes it possible to make educated judgments about where they might place themselves in the marketplace, resulting in fewer mistakes and much more opportunity to concentrate on what's really important, making streaming pleasurable for everybody. For many other firms, it might not be the main platform of the website, however concentrating upon things that are critical towards the sustainability of the company will indeed be the preliminary stage.

Ethical and Legal Constraints

Numerous studies have shown that a comprehensive, semi-role commercial has a higher value than "auto-play or pre-roll spots" inserted in relatively brief material. In just this regard, OTT functions similarly to conventional TV, and marketers are ready to pay premium prices for just that excellent connection. There is a segmentation of adults and minors while streaming movies in the OTT platform named Filma Web (D.Y. et al. 2018, December). The application ensures whether the viewer is a minor or an adult and then proceeds with the streaming of the videos. This has been ensured because adult movies will provide a negative appearance in the mental health of the minors. The application has taken a pledge for avoiding any films or TV series that would create copyright infringement. No user will expect any copyright movies to be streamed after subscribing through the application Subscription Portal. Media streaming via OTT Services is just not broadcasted, that seems to be, this is not available for public display, but instead for private screening.

Business Model Canvas

Key Partners

  • Persons as well as Filmmaker Guides
  • Investors
  • Organizations that run television networks
  • Service Providers of internet
  • Theaters as well as films
  • Influencers
  • Film Festivals as well as Awards
  • Content Creators
  • Owners of Intellectual Property
  • Collaborations involving Smart TV Manufacturers

Key Activities

  • Marketing
  • Licensing of Content
  • Creation of Content
  • Technology and Development
  • Acquisition of Content
  • Analytics

Value Propositions

  • Add-free
  • Pricing
  • Personalization
  • Library Content
  • On-demand
  • Localization
  • Capability of watching binge

Customer Relations

  • Support for users
  • Social Media
  • System for Recommendations
  • Self-service
  • Self-control

Customer Segments

  • Segmentation in micro and macro (targeting via ads) mode
  • Segmentation of users on the basis of technology and behaviors for viewing and browsing

Key Resources

  • Content
  • Brand
  • Staffs
  • Prizes
  • Film-makers
  • Application
  • Data and Algorithms


  • Mobile
  • Outlets of Media
  • Channels for supporting
  • Social Media
  • Festivals of Films and Shows of Awards

Cost Structure

Revenue costs

  • Customer Service
  • Delivery Costs for Streaming
  • Amortization of Content
  • Costs for Operation
  • Processing fees for payments

Administrator and General

Revenue Streams

  • Plans for Subscription for streaming internationally
  • Revenue Stream for future that is potential


In "user experience or UX", a storyboard seems to be a device that automatically anticipates as well as examines a user's experience or knowledge about the application of mobile or about any product. It depicts an application or product in regard to how people would be using it, much the same as a screenplay (Ebrahimi et al. 2021). It may assist UX designers with tracking the movement of user's interactions with such an application or a product over the time, providing the strategists with such a realistic understanding of what is really absolutely necessary to users of an application or of a product.

Home Page

It is the homepage of the application which is about an OTT platform. In this home page there are four options available for the application which are featured movies, TV shows and web series. In this page there is also a search button where people can search for a movie or TV shows or the web series (Barnes, 2020). Through this page the user can get to the movie which he or she was watching in the previous time and want to continue their watching time of the movie. The user of the application can also get to the movies which are released in recent time. This is the basic homepage of the application which is "FILMA WEB".

Registration Page

This is the registration page of the application for "FILMA WEB". Through this page a user of the application can register himself or herself with the application of "FILMA WEB" (Fekete-Farkas et al. 2021). For the registration in this application the user will need and unique username and email id and they have to create a password for the privacy of their account in this application and after creating a password for confirming the password they have to type it again and by doing this they can register themselves into this web application where they can explore the application of "FILMA WEB".

Login Page

This is the login page of the web application. Through this page a user of the application can easily log in with their account in this application (Wu et al. 2019). For the successful login of the user the user will need a unique username as well as they will need a strong password which they have created before. by entering their unique username and the strong password they can login into the web application and can enjoy their movies or TV shows or web series.

Subscription Page

This is the subscription page of the application of “FILMA WEB”. Through this page the user of the application can get a subscription of the application with the help of the subscription they can enjoy at free movies on web series or TV shows in the application there are many varieties of the subscription for the mobile user II monthly pricing is 1.48 Euro and they will get a video quality of 480 p and their can watch the videos of the application on tablet or mobile. The basic subscription price of the application is 1.98 Euro subscribers of the application get this fact they can get the quality of 48 and they can run the videos of the application on mobile on tablets as well as on computers and TV as well (Haq et al. 2019). The standard subscription price subscription price is is 4.56 Euro with this subscription the user can watch the movies or the TV shows or the web series in 1080p quality and they can run their videos on mobile tablets computer and also in TV full stop there is also a premium pack where the monthly subscription cost of the pack is 6.48 Euro where they will get the best video quality which is 4k and HDR and the user can run the videos on TV mobile tablets and computer also.

About Us page

This is the about aspect of the application of filma within this page the user of the application will get to know about the application. And if there is any feedback, they can contact the administrator application aur can mail to the administrator of the application.


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