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Public Health And Health Promotion Assignment Sample

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Public Health And Health Promotion Assignment Sample

1. Introduction

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In this essay, a brief description about the public health and health promotion will be provided. In addition to that, an action plan for my improvement would also be discussed. This will help me to understand the key areas of my weakness and the way I can strengthen upon this. A recurring theme will also be discussed in this essay, after analysing the theme I will be able to comprehend my strong points as well. Gibbs reflective cycle would be used further here to provide a better understanding of the same. The benefits of the action plan would also be comprehended easily by this. The need for solving the problems for solving personal academic things would be highlighted in this context. The plans to face the barriers would be emphasised too in this essay to be successful in the public health field. In order to support the writings, useful academic resources will be used as well.

2. Action plan

In order to be successful in my goal, a detailed action plan needs to be made. With the help of this action plan, a well-developed structure will be made. Along with that, the aims and benefits will be comprehended too. These steps will be made strategically for gaining success and to fulfil the objectives, milestones would be set and actions will be done according to those. The needed tasks will be prioritised in that accordance. The important and required resources would be identified further and success criteria will be discussed as well. The aim of creating this action plan is to meet the criteria of being successful in the professional field of public health promotion. These will provide me with an immense number of benefits to identify the weak areas and strong areas as well. After gathering these benefits, I will be able to make a stand in the professional aspects. Furthermore, I will use Gibbs reflective cycle here to understand these areas and to gain more success in the profession in which I want to enter.

Table 1: Action plan 1

I have used Gibbs reflective cycle while preparing this action plan. Describing the problem is needed according to this cycle and this will help to understand the difficulties accordingly, to gain success in the professional field (Adeani et al. 2020). After describing the problems that I have faced, my thinking and feelings need to be described in that stage. On the other hand, the good things and bad things should be taken into consideration about the whole experience. I have made an action plan based upon that so that the problems would not seem that much difficult in future and I would have solutions to overcome those easily in the required period.

3. Analysis of the theme

From the weekly reflection, I have found that I face difficulties in managing time successively. I cannot prioritise the tasks and sometimes fail to provide tasks within deadlines. Hence, the goals are not fulfilled and my efficiency becomes lowered which ultimately reflects on my professional career in this way. As discussed earlier, the recurring issue of mine is time management. For my personal development and academic development, it is important to develop a plan that will eliminate the issues and help me to be more recognised in this context. I will be able to handle these problems if they persist further and can come to a successful conclusion. According to Gibbs reflective cycle, each stage would be described here.

Description- My problem lies in managing the time and hence I find myself missing constant deadlines.  I need to have conscious control over the actions that I am about to jump into. In order to increase efficiency in the personal, professional, and academic field, I should not fail at managing the time. I cannot maximise my effort for gaining success in the academic aspect. Different activities are hard to manage for me and I feel immensely pressured, especially when the time limit is tight in that accordance. On the other hand, I cannot prioritise the tasks based on their importance. 

Feelings- I thought of solving these problems by managing my time effectively. While I found it difficult to manage the time, I never wanted to lag my friends and found myself overwhelmed by missing deadlines constantly. I took on too many tasks and later could not manage them accordingly. I thought I could be flexible while managing the time, but I made repetitive mistakes in this field. Dividing the tasks according to their priority is needed to be recognised and to be successful for the next semester. To fit within my lifestyle, I need to make the action plan in that order. I could not attend the campus as well as I was not able to properly manage the time with my internships.

Evaluation- The whole situation was difficult according to me and quite challenging as well. Moving towards the right direction was not easy at all with managing the time effectively (Sekarwinahyu et al. 2019) I believe that accurate priority to the tasks needs to be provided at a time as well. In order to gain knowledge about the public health and health promotion system, managing the time and prioritising the tasks are inter related and depend upon each other. In this way, improving in the professional and academic fields will be made easy too.

Analysis- As a healthcare professional, it is needed to understand the concept of public health to provide better service and make a better mark in the professional aspect (Constantinou et al. 2020). After researching various journals about time management, I have identified the risks and have worked along the way to avoid this risk. My actions and decisions will serve the public and will help to improve their health. Hence, I need to be conscious about my decisions and based upon those decisions, managing the time should take place properly as well. I have also observed that being preoccupied with my work can be overwhelming and can lead me to make errors within my designation and hence I should ask for help when needed in the required situation. This ultimately makes the work situation stressful and failing to prioritise the tasks and eventually lead to less productivity and zero effectiveness.

Conclusion- The safety of the public while receiving healthcare and the conflicts between the healthcare professionals must be considered as the priority. Hence, asking for help whenever the situation arises, the ability to work in a team will be considered. To solve the complex issues within time and manage the tasks within the deadline, effective leadership is also required. In order to develop a healthy environment in the workplace, the tasks need to be divided among the workers to accomplish them in proper order.

Action plan- An action plan for mitigating the problems will be discussed below with the help of this table accordingly.

Table 2: Action plan

4. Analysis of the challenges

There are severe challenges in managing the time and making the action plan possible. Apart from this, there are problems of interruptions and procrastination (Suhonen et al. 2018). The barriers need to be overcome for gaining success in the professional field.  In the above-mentioned action plan, I discussed asking for help whenever a crisis arises. The challenges would be discussed further in this context.

Setting the time limit- I tend to fulfil everyone’s goal and hence setting the time limit for accomplishing the tasks can be found challenging for me. In order to face these problems, I need to set the time limit accordingly. I need to estimate the timings before jumping into the tasks. However, the estimation can be wrong sometimes and hence calculating the time might make no difference in that accordance. Without setting the time limit, it will not be possible to finish the tasks within the deadline and it can affect negatively in that context.

Prioritising the task- Lack of skills in prioritising the tasks is the main barrier in the context. In the context of public health and dealing with health care, professionals should be conscious enough to prioritise the task. As the profession deals with public health, hence every task seems to be important and needs to be prioritised (Mojir et al. 2019). Thereafter, prioritising the task can be difficult most of the time. However, it can be overcome by discussing with the experienced persons and deadlines need to be considered as well for prioritising the tasks. A proper, strategic analysis needs to be made as well so that the best outcomes of the situation can be gathered further. These barriers will not be there with positioning the tasks from a lower range of priority to a higher range of priority. In this way, time would not be wasted and can be utilised with maintaining the proper function.

Asking for help- I find myself anxious while asking for help and hence, it is problematic while managing the time. Asking for guidance from my seniors and for help from my colleagues can produce efficiency and productivity in this context. Working on myself to reduce anxiety and asking for help without feeling shy can help me to gain success in the professional field. While minimising the shy nature and being confident about asking for help from experienced colleagues, I will be able to understand the scenario and can work upon them accordingly. It will enhance my efficiency and productivity as well. 

Justifying the actions- I need to justify my actions with having proper confidence if anyone asks me about the actions taken. I need to be confident while dealing with the problems and need to set expectations based on reality. I tend to procrastinate but to gain success, I need to reduce the tendency of procrastinating and need to be not distracted in this context further. I sometimes find myself losing confidence in the situation and this can be considered as the main disadvantage and I should work upon.

5. Conclusion

The essay has shown an argument about the profession of public health and promoting health intervention for the public.  It can be concluded that managing the time effectively is needed for gaining success in the professional aspect. Along with that, Gibbs reflective cycle has been taken into consideration. Evaluation, discussion, feelings are also considered in the given context. The benefits of making this action plan have been discussed and the key effects have been highlighted as well.  The challenges have been analysed and the solutions have been gathered as well for gathering success further. In this context, to support the essay, Academic resources have also been considered.

Reference list

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