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Performance Management Helps The Supervisors Of A Company Assignment Sample

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Performance Management Helps The Supervisors Of A Company Assignment Sample

Introduction (Slide 1)

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Rewards are, in general, considered to be an element which helps a human feel better. The concept of using rewards to make employees feel better is also common in workspaces as it helps them in performing better and consequently affects the overall effectiveness of the company. The usage of rewards, be it monetary or non-monetary, are used in performance management within workspaces (Chaurasia, Verma and Singh, 2019) Performance management takes place between supervisors and employees which is initiated to reach the goals and objectives of the company.

  • Performance management helps the supervisors of a company to simulate the actions of the employees.
  • Rewards are used to improve the performance of the employees so that they work towards the achievement of the company's goals.
  • There are several techniques to performance management and rewards packages are among the most commonly used.

1.1 (Slide 2) Intrinsic and extrinsic reward

Intrinsic rewards are abstract rewards which help recognize a person’s sense of achievement; feeling appreciated for doing something commendable and knowing that one has personally done something worthy of appreciation (Chen et al., 2018). Extrinsic rewards are those rewards that are tangible and are physically given for an accomplishment. For example, a medal of honour or a certificate which is awarded to people for something they have accomplished.

  • Intrinsic rewards are something intangible and very personal.
  • Such as feeling appreciated for completing a meaningful task or making visible progress.
  • Extrinsic rewards are tangible and physical.
  • A medal of honour or a certificate is an example of extrinsic reward.

1.1 (Slide 3)

Intrinsic rewards are something personal and help an employee to feel better within themselves and that ultimately leads to a positive change within the behaviour of the employees. The employees being positive and motivated would affect the work environment in a positive way and make it more peaceful (Hariri Akbari et al., 2018). Extrinsic rewards on the other hand is also essential in moulding and altering the performance of the employees in a positive way and increases the participation of the employees.

  • Intrinsic rewards help employees feel better which ultimately leads to the creation of a constructive and positive work environment.
  • Extrinsic rewards help in moulding the performance of the employees for the better and increases their sense of participation.

1.1 (Slide 4) Reward and business objectives

Reward packages are one of the most important elements of performance management. Introduction of rewards and recognition helps in encouraging the employees to give their ultimate performance which consequently helps the company in getting their objectives and goals met in an efficient manner. Rewards and recognition are important parts of human resources and companies introduce reward packages and have their techniques of recognition for the employee’s solid performance. Recognition of the performance helps the employees in either staying consistent with their performances or improving it to earn more rewards and recognition (Huo, Boxall and Chuong, 2022).

  • Reward package is an important element of performance management.
  • Reward and recognition helps in motivation and encouragement.
  • Motivation and encouragement helps the employees to function well and consequently leads to the achievement of the company's business objectives.
  • Reward and recognition are important elements of human resource management in a company and helps to keep the employees to either maintain their good performance or improve it.

1.2 (slide 5)

The primary requirement for introducing policies related to rewards or initiating performance management within an organization is to determine the goals and objectives of the company in a proper manner. Knowing the goals and objectives would help Home International in knowing the effort which would be required to be put in by the employees; the intensity of efforts would then help in determining the rewards (Hegner et al., 2019).

  • Determination of goals and objectives is important to introduce rewards within the organization.
  • Knowing the goals and objectives would help in determining the efforts and consequently the size of rewards.

1.2 (Slide 6)

After the aforementioned steps, the company would also be required to assess the likings of the employees by conducting an organization-wide survey. If the reward package would be according to the likings of the employees it would help them to function in a proper manner. However, the reward packages must be within the ambit of the company’s resources; meaning, something which the company would be able to afford to give away in a comfortable manner. Therefore the company must present policies of reward which would be affordable for them and negotiation techniques can be employed to fix the policies (Li and Wen, 2019).

  • Assessment of the inclination of the employees in terms of what they want for reward.
  • Assessment would take place through a survey.
  • Introduction of policies in line with the likings of the employees would result in them functioning properly towards the company’s objectives.
  • The reward package must be something which would be affordable by the company and in line with their resources.

1.3 (slide 7)

The primary objective of reward or performance management is to improve the people and consequently organizational performance of a company. A company initiates performance management within its organization and includes policies of reward so that the staff would be encouraged to function in a way that would help them to reach the aims and objectives of the company. If the people and organizational performance is functioning in a smooth manner then it would be a positive reflection of the reward packages.

  • The main objective of reward performance is to improve the organizational and people performance.
  • Positive people and organizational performance is the positive reflection of rewards.

1.3 Slide 8

If improvement within the performance of people and organization is the positive reflection of awards then showing no improvement in the performance of the people and ultimately the employees is considered to be a negative reflection on the concepts of reward. If there is no improvement, then the company would gain a negative reward (Liu, 2020).

  • Showing no improvement within people's performance and overall organizational performance is a negative reflection of rewards.
  • If introducing rewards would show no improvement then the company would acquire a negative image of the concept of rewards.

1.4 Slide 9

Home International offers a variety and combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Intrinsic reward includes regular encouragement of the employees and leaving them a thank you note; small gestures help people feel better about their work. It also offers extrinsic rewards such as coupons for free meals in favourite restaurants or redeemable leaves in a month. Home International follows a combination of both types of rewards.

  • Home International offers a variety of both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.
  • Intrinsic rewards include constant encouragement and appraisals.
  • Extrinsic rewards include redeemable holidays and coupons for meals in favourite restaurants.

1.4 Slide 10

Another company Decor Woods offers extrinsic rewards such as gym subscription to their employees. They also offer other rewards such as paid vacation of a week to employees who perform well. Although this helps in some employees improving or maintaining their performances, the approach of Home International is more sustainable for the over organizational and people performance of the company. Home International's approach is something which encourages even the less extraordinary employees and affects most of the workforce (Malik, Sarin and Haon, 2020).

  • Decor Woods give extrinsic rewards such as gym subscription and paid vacations once a year.
  • The approach of Home International is more sustainable.
  • The intrinsic and extrinsic reward combination helps in the performance of most of the members of the workforce.

1.5 (Slide 11)

Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are two ways in which the performance of the employees of an organization and the overall organizational performance is affected in a positive way and improved. Since intrinsic motivation is something which comes from something helping an employee to function in an efficient manner, intrinsic reward helps reduce the labour cost of the company. Labour cost is reduced because lesser employees function more and well. Extrinsic rewards help the supervisors to guide the performance of the employees in a considerable manner.

  • Intrinsic rewards help reduce labour cost of a company because the employees work more.
  • Extrinsic rewards allow supervisors to supervise the employees in a greater manner as they become accepting of guidance.

1.5 (Slide 12)

The primary drawback of intrinsic rewards is that it is difficult to find employees who are easily intrinsically motivated as most employees work for physical incentives and benefits. The drawback of extrinsic reward is connected to the drawback of intrinsic rewards as it is extrinsic and physical rewards only which lowers the motivation within employees through intrinsic motivation (Russel et al., 2018).

  • The primary drawback of intrinsic reward is that it is highly difficult to find employees who are intrinsically motivated in this world which is dominated by material needs.
  • The major drawback of extrinsic rewards is that it lowers the motivation within people from simple intrinsic motivation.

3.1 (Slide 13)

Performance review meetings are when employees meet with the managers so that the manager may assess the level of their performance and give them feedback. Performance review meetings give employees the chance to get to know what the manager thinks of them in terms of their overall performance and how the employees can improve and do better.

  • Performance review meetings help the employee and manager to discuss things on how to improve and get better.
  • Performance review meetings help employees to improve themselves.

3.1 (Slide 14)

360-degree feedback is when employees sit around and tell their perceptions of each other. This helps the employees to know what the coworker thinks of them and further helps them to either maintain or improve their performance. It increases the effectiveness of the workspace as it brings harmony among the employees.

  • 360-degree feedback is when employees tell their own perceptions to other coworkers.
  • It helps the employees to either improve their performance or maintain it.
  • It brings a sense of harmony within the workspace.

3.3 (Slide 15)

Line managers are one of the most important elements of the organizational hierarchy and they oversee one or multiple staffs or members of the workforce. It is upon the line manager to judge the performance of the employee and rewards based upon the performance index of the employees. It is upon the line managers to oversee and evaluate the contribution of the employees (Serin, 2018).

  • Line managers are one of the most important members of the entire organizational hierarchy.
  • It falls upon the jurisdiction of the line manager to oversee different staffs.
  • The line manager evaluates the performance index of the employees and evaluate their contribution.

Slide 16

The primary requisite for judging whether or not an employee deserves a reward or not is based upon their performance and that performance is overlooked by the line manager. The line manager knows the company's policies on the reward system and being the one who evaluates the performance of the employees, the line managers makes the decision and judgement related to rewards.

  • The primary need for reward allocation is the assessment of performance.
  • Line managers are the ones who assess the performance of the employees and also know the company policies related to rewards.
  • On the basis of the performance the line manager makes a judgement on the allocation of rewards.

3.2 (Slide 17)

People professionals are the ones who look after the goals and visions of the organization and see if the employees or people working within the organization are working in accordance to those visiond and goals of the company. If the people are not working according to those goals and visions, then the people professionals intervene and try to alter the way. Since people professionals remain in direct touch and contact with all the employees and often intervene them, they can be a supportive ally of line managers in their endeavour towards the judgement of reward allocation (Wu et al., 2019).

  • People professionals are the ones who look after the goals and visions of the company and help the people working within the company to function accordingly.
  • Since people professional are intervening and interacting with the employees, they know their position and hence can help the line managers in their judgement.


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