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Principles Of Marketing Assignment Sample

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Principles Of Marketing Assignment Sample


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One of the main notions behind conducting this study is to analyses as well as the intellect attained at the time of learning this module which is related to the service marketing concept. The study will discuss the selected company’s service marketing issues using various ranges of theories and models. Based on the issues and threats identified proper recommendations will also be provided. In general, the term service marketing can be defined as the type of advertising which offers amenities to their client’s deployment to expand the trade awareness as well as deals. Just like item marketing, service marketing provides its focal point over the promotion of physical dealings which offers worth to the clients (Zeithaml, 2015).

The company which has been selected is UK’s one of the leading companies in the field of aviation industry namely the British Airways. British Airways is also identified as the flag holder airline of the United Kingdom. The company is identified to be the 2nd biggest UK-based carrier relying on the mass of the flight travelers after easyJet. The services provided by British Airways include both short-hauls as well as long-haul services. The company is also known for its superior class of in-flight services which long-haul travel passengers can avail themselves of easily (Airways, British, 2022).

SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis of the British Airways is discussed in detail below”

Organisation’s key service marketing challenges

It is a known fact that British Airways has already set a brand name both locally and globally. But due to the ongoing pandemic since 2020 the company is facing some major challenges in its service marketing area. The three notable service marketing challenges that the company is facing and might face in the coming next three years are discussed in detail below.

  1. The first key challenge which the BA facing is relates to the traveller’s comfort and experience.After the pandemic, big airline companies like British Airways are facing major problems in providing proper service to their travellers especially considering their comfort zone and their experience. British Airways is always been known for its outstanding passenger services but in the last few years, they are lagging because no two passengers are the same. People nowadays have become very much safety concerned due to which they have created a boundary between them which most the airlines companies are failing to provide and this is the reason the service marketing is getting affected hugely in British Airways (Efthymiou, 2018).
  2. The second key challenges in service marketing are that British Airways facing is the need for the tickets to be below the delivery level. People these days are avoiding travel due to which most airline companies are facing tremendous losses. Though they have an ample number of tickets to provide bit due to the onset of sudden lockdowns and travel restrictions the airline tickets are going in vain. These are usually identified as perishability threats within the service marketing area (Dhall, 2021).ow considering the intangibility issues in the service marketing area it can be said that frequent increase in the cost of fuel is also a kind of threat to airline companies like British Airways. When the demand is less and other expenses increase that creates a future threat of survival in the competition. Flight fuel accessibility along with expenses have stayed to be a major financial variable influencing the aircraft business for almost thirty years. High fly fuel costs straightforwardly affect the aircraft's monetary portfolio of British Airways. With the number of carrier organizations increasing every year, the expense of petrol was at an unequaled high, making an endless loop that will continue to affect the service of the BA in the coming three years also (Efthymiou, 2019).

Analysis of the threats through the lens of theoretical principles of services

Considering the principle of service marketing, the service marketing mix can be vest fitted for the above-mentioned scenario. In general service marketing mix can be defined as the mix of advertising works a company usually entails to advertise as well as deal with the intangible amenities. The service marketing mix is also known as the extended marketing mix which defines three major segments of the mix which are people, process, and physical evidence.

  1. Considering the first service marketing mix that is people it can be said that in the case of British Airways this part defines the customer or the passengers. The first threat which has been identified in the BA case is related to passengers’ comfort which got affected as the company is going in loss due to less travel of the people all across the world. It defines that Consumer loyalty for administrations utilization depends on the nature of communications with the faculty who offer the assistance.
  2. The second element of the service marketing mix is the process. The process usually alludes to the framework an association executes intending to facilitate the supply of amenities. In the case of the challenges faced by BA, it has been seen that the demand for the tickets is less than the supply which shows that the process of BA is also getting affected.
  3. Last but not least acknowledging the physical evidence increase in the fuel cost is one of the threats and challenges for British Airways. It also shows the inimitable and immaterial components that include the climate wherein amenities are supplied usually (Jeanty, Jacquelyn, 2017).

Now in order to deal with the challenges to turn them into strengths and opportunities, British Airways can adopt the below-mentioned strategies.

  • In order to deal with the client's satisfaction, British Airways need to comprehend the client's expectations like what sort of services they need considering the safety and precaution of Covid.
  • In order to deal with the issues related to the demand of the ticket, they need to do a client analysis based on which they can identify how much amount of the clients are travelling per week. Considering this point they can charge the ticket and make them available for the passengers.

To safeguard themselves, aviation companies regularly support their fuel costs. They do this by trading the normal future cost of oil through a scope of subsidiaries, hence shielding them from rising costs


So, it can be concluded from the above done study that service marketing plays a very important role for British Airways. From the overall study it can also be identified that companies is going through some of the key challenges which has been thoroughly examined through the service marketing mix principle as well as the suggested strategies will help the company in dealing with the issues in addition to make them as strengths and opportunities for the future. 


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