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Academic Skills and Studying With Confidence Assignment Sample

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Academic Skills and Studying With Confidence Assignment Sample

Introduction: Academic Skills and Studying With Confidence

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How to use the library and electronic resources: 

To have access to a library, a card is a requirement. A library card allows access to books inside a library and to borrow them for academic purposes. To use this facility, library sections of numerous books and resources must be identified first. Electronic devices like computers are available to locate a specific book inside a library. Computers must be used safely by providing passwords mentioned in the library portal, as the facility might contain valuable resources (Bedford & Wilson, 2013). Computer programs like Apollo LHS and Destiny Library Manager are used to manage libraries and complete tasks. 

Finding and reviewing sources of information: 

Fact retention and sorting is a difficult matter however, facts coming from printed sources like books, journals, catalogues, and databases tend to be original and correct. The reason behind this is that the documents are printed and carry a validity of some sort. The library can be considered the most useful source from which information and knowledge can be gathered (Cottrell, 2013).


Plagiarism denotes the practice of duplicating somebody else's work and declaring it as the original. It also means copying someone else's work without providing proper acknowledgement. Plagiarism can be avoided by putting effort into the work and making it an original one. An individual can also acknowledge the data from another source, and also by checking the work on plagiarism-checking sites online (Bedford & Wilson, 2013).

Building a bibliography and reference list: 

A bibliography list contains information about all the sources that are used to develop an idea of a specific topic or a theme. Whereas, a reference list provides information about the sources that are cited in-text of a document. The importance of providing a bibliography and reference lists are respectively to provide acknowledgement that someone's original work helps others to develop an idea about a specific topic and to avoid issues regarding plagiarism (Cottrell, 2013).


Planning benefits the completion of a task by providing an idea that would be organised and evaluated. Planning helps to keep the information on track and nothing gets overridden in an assignment. With proper planning, an individual might be able to address all the required issues (Burns & Sinfield, 2012).

Note keeping: 

Note-keeping means writing down valuable information for future use while reading a topic. A professor might say something out of the book and explain themes differently, and note-keeping enables one to retain that information for a long time, and can also be used in the future to understand (Cottrell, 2013).



Reflection is a process in which students use critical thinking to understand a topic. Reflection allows a student to learn a theme through experiences and it increases their analytical thinking of them. Through it, one learns better, with a holistic understanding of a topic (Bedford, 2013).

Communication Skills: 

The three most important communication skills required in studies are reading, writing, and listening. They are significant because they help students to understand a subject holistically. Communicating with teachers to clear doubts is also equally important.

Essay and report writing: 

A written piece of work, essay and report alike, must possess certain qualities. Qualities essential to write can be identified as focus, development, and coherence. The focus tends to provide a clear vision of the topic and what needs to be addressed. The development provides a holistic description and explanation of the theme. Lastly, coherence enables one to logically design writing which benefits the readers and the writers alike (Cottrell, 2013).

Debating (online and classroom): 

Debating is a process in which individuals engage in discussion over a given topic, and through this certain questions tend to be answered. Debates can take place on an online platform or classroom, however, their purpose remains the same. Participants can contribute to a debate by being mindful and by questioning the opponent group. Individuals are required to state their arguments properly without hesitation (Burns and Sinfield, 2012). 

Presentation skills: 

The presentation should have a unique and knowledgeable subject that will benefit its viewers. The objective of the presentation must be well defined as well, and it should align with the subject and the audience. A presentation must be organised which will provide a holistic idea about the topic to its audience (Bedford, 2013). 

Time Management: 

Time management is a significant thing that everyone should follow, and it can be managed if certain strategies are followed properly. Time can be managed if there's proper planning involving tasks. With planning, time can be equally divided and they are dedicated to certain specific works. Having a routine to chalk out such time division can be a solution. By avoiding distractions one can also save time getting wasted.

Revision strategies: 

While preparing for an exam, revising the topics is a must. Strategies can be followed to improve the revising pattern of an individual. Emphasis based on preparation is a significant approach for revising. Focus or emphasis must be provided to a certain theme that requires extra attention. If an individual tends to forget a specific theme, repetitive emphasis must be provided on that topic (Cottrell, 2013).

Section 3


There are numerous challenges one might face while studying and among them, distraction is the most common one. Distraction means a lack of concentration, or an inability to focus on certain factors for a long time. Studies require unchallenged focus and concentration, so getting distracted while studying can be a real hindrance.

Strategies to solve the challenge: 

Proper planning and setting goals can be the solutions to the challenge of distraction. Plans can make a person productive as certain goals require fulfillment. The requirement can demand focus from individuals to complete the task on time. The strategy of chalking out plans and setting goals can solve the issue of distraction. Support factors that might also contribute to reducing distraction can be meditation and the practice of following routines. With the proper inclusion of these support factors, an individual might overcome challenges that hinder the process of studies (Burns & Sinfield, 2012). 


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