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Social Media Advertisement Versus Traditional Advertisement Assignment Sample

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Social Media Advertisement Versus Traditional Advertisement Assignment Sample

1. Introduction

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The given research proposal is related to the topic of “How successful is social media advertisement in comparison to traditional advertisement” where a detailed analysis of each points related to the proposal discussed in detail. The main reasons behind selecting this topic because of its popularity in the current times in addition to also due to the information are easily accessible to this field of study. The proposal will discuss about the research problem associated with the study and will provide research aims as well as objectives

2. Justification of research problem

A research problem usually defines an issue related to the topic within a particular field (Pardede, 2018). The problem that has been identified in the study is related to comparison between the two mediums of marketing. This is due to the reason that both has got different set of target population where people these days due to Covid-19 usually prefer to believe mostly on social media. As a result it will be difficult to compare both segments of study in addition to might be getting data related with this topic will also be difficult to get.

3. Aims and Objectives

One of the important aims of this research proposal is to examine in what way social media advertising is more beneficial as compared to conventional advertising. The various research objectives related to the study are listed below:
To study the effectiveness of social media advertisement as compared to conventional advertisement
To study the various benefits related to social media advertisement as compared to conventional advertising
To study the buyers purchasing behavior based on their preference
To study the difference between social media advertising and traditional advertising

4. Hypothesis

The hypothesis statement is a presumption, a thought that is designed for contention so it tends to be tried to check whether it may be correct ( Cherry,Kendra , 2020). The hypothesis for the given study is mentioned in detail below:

H1: Social media advertisement is more effective as compared to conventional advertisement
H2: Social media advertisement benefits more as compared to conventional advertising
H3: Buyer purchasing behavior for social media is greater as compared to traditional advertising
H4: Social media advertising is very different as compared to traditional advertising

5. Literature Review

5.1 Social media marketing

These days, social media has becomes a main segment of people day to day lives.
As per Davies, (2018), purchasers have progressively begun well as encounters of organizations and brands (Iankova, 2018). Also as pointed out by Gómez (2011), purchasers are utilizing stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share encounters, in spite of the fact assuming that it is great or negative encounters (Gómez, 2011).

5.1.1 Social Media Platforms

Online media podiums can be characterized as an organization website that permits individuals to make individual data profile, connection with companions and associates to approach alternate profiles. Usually there are different forms of social media platform but the most used among the people are Facebook, Instagram andTwitter (Tumer, 2015).

5.1.2 Benefits and difficulties with social media advertising

Web-based media promotion has demonstrated to be additionally less expensive as compared to conventional promotion. Another benefit with web-based media advertising is that has likewise made it more straightforward for organizations to quantify how viable the promoting is for an organization and it have additionally made it workable for organizations to focus on their promoting to wanted purchasers (Todor, 2016).

5.2 Traditional advertising

Taherdoost (2014) expresses that advertising is a method for organizations to convey to the purchasers (Taherdoost, 2014). As stated by Matsumura (2011) customary publicizing as utilizing media like TV, transistor, paper and bulletins etc. These mentioned podiums are commonly one-way correspondence publicizing in light of the fact that these are essentially centring to reach whatever number buyers as could be allowed (Matsumura, 2011)

5.2.2 Broadcast media

Hsu (2007), depict that TV is a very much involved apparatus for promoting because of its ubiquity and its capacity to contact crowds. The creators likewise clarified that TV and radio promotions are similar in light of the fact that both TV and radio utilize audio cues and topics altogether to intrigue the crowd (Hsu, 2007).

5.2.3 Benefits and difficulties traditional advertising

The benefits of customary promoting are that it might create outcomes a lot quicker. And the disadvantage is it is harder to quantify the outcomes w for instance mark mindfulness and here and there conventional publicizing can't be estimated (Hsu, 2007).

6. Methodology

Research methodology can be defined as the process of identifying g various methods and tools used to do proper research of the given topic. In order to complete the research methodology segment the study will be use quantitative research study method because without use of proper data it will be not be possible to show the viability of the study with proper data collection. Sample collection will be done through using questionnaire and that will be distributed among various college students and also by the passer by too. The observational information for this study will be accumulated by means of semi-organized top to bottom meetings. The justification for utilizing semi-organized interviews is on the grounds that the review has a subjective methodology with an exploratory reason and thusly semi-organized interviews were suitable. Last but not the least data analysis will be done on the basis of questionnaire result where it will be showed through using pie charts. Total respondents for the selected study will be around 300 and a total of 30 questions will be prepared so as to interview them.

7. Gantt chart

A Gantt chart can be defined as sort of bar chart which shows the entire timetable of a venture or proposal. The contemporary Gantt chart also illustrates the association between the works as well as active timetable status. Below mentioned is the Gantt chart for the above study.

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