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Branding In The Digital World Assignment Sample

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Branding In The Digital World Assignment Sample


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1. An overall brand story that influences existing brand narrative

The brand narrative consists of a streamlined concise where the marketing and communication activities are presented in brief. As per the view of Anzera et al. (2019), it includes a framework or message that is conveyed with the brand image and the products. Brand narrative is important for a firm as it helps to create a brand experience that can change the customer conception which is based on the emotional note or behaviour of the customer (unilever.com, 2022). Unilever uses different brand stories to attract more customers to a global extent. As per the author Arriscado et al. (2019), striving people by providing good quality products enables a good brand image and helps to reach the current market standards. The brand story develops a concise which types the requirement and knowledge of the consumer mind when they buy a product by seeing the brand labels and promotional strategy.

Attracting people to the business community enhances the marketing levels of a firm where they increase sales by ensuring excess profits. As opined by Budnitsky and Jia (2018), the brand story consists of various stages and is bound by ethics. However, the brand story mainly depends on the recent events that attract more customers by describing real and true events through streamlined stories. Good vision in brand narrative shows an effective bond with the customer where they imply their focus on buying those goods on a continuous basis. Branding activity of is needed to be focus on benefits of products, which is going to improvise customer attention for future growth. Branding activity through social media platform will help to gather more customers through digital marketing. Using of digital media by organization branding would be useful to produce more effective activity to generate branding of products to generate higher volume of sales. Organization aims to develop sales volume for future growth. Revenue growth is the prime option to improvised organization financial condition where branding of products through digital media advertising would be useful for customer acquisition. Additional objective of the organization is consisting with profitability growth where branding of product will improvise sales. Through revenue average cost of products would be reduce by cost management strategies and improvise earrings of the organizations.

2. Short-term branding activities and how do these support the overall brand narrative

Short-term branding activities refer to the temporary boots or increase in business traffic. As stated by Dabirian et al. (2019), it also influences the brand narrative to a great extent by supplying various modes of help in building the brand story. Advertising promotes companies brand image which is attract numerous customers to the business. Unilever Plc is British multinational consumers Goods Company with headquarters in London. A product can be sold when it’s promotional and marketing elements has increased its impact on the consumer. Short term activities are built specific routine to increase business productivity and which is archive positive business goals. Reduce business overheads as well as improve business productivity also considered as short-term business activities. It is also stated that the support that they are getting from these trading activities can increase the product genre. As mentioned by Fournier and Srinivasan (2018). In the context of the company Unilever, the branding strategies are made to attract more consumers from all over the world. The company uses broad differentiation, and social media to increase the consumers' reach.

Reducing the pricing of the marketing can be done through branding strategies enabling a good outflow of revenues in the business. The companies barely opt for this “opportunity to personalise their brand and form a deeper connection with their customers”. In order to improve customer service as well as recognize competitors are considered by the market trends. As per the view of Gielens and Steenkamp (2019), it is also stated that the company is also changed in other promotional activities in making the products such as “food, condiments, ice cream, cleaning agents, beauty products, and personal care” items. For this short-term branding, techniques imply growth in the firm's revenues. Innovative products as well as improve customer service are come under short term activities of Unilever Plc.

3. Long-term branding activities and how these supports the overall brand narrative

Long-term branding and promotional activities imply growth strategies by which the firm gets success through its branding and promotional events. As narrated by Maresova et al. (2020), the long-term activities consist of “SEO, social media, and content creation”, which helps to maintain positive results throughout the business life. The appropriate branding strategy can be made by creating the market scenario, product range and demand. It directly influences the company revenues long-term branding positively affects the growth projections, manages the cash flows and fulfils the hiring needs of the organisation. In the context of the company Unilever, the long-term strategy used is “A brand with a purpose”. As per the author Muslimin et al. (2022), this is the best strategy which is adopted by many retail and food businesses globally. The senior management of the marketing team decides the best strategy to be adopted for the product branding and promotions.

Develop brand awareness over next three months, which is necessary to increase companies share in its market. Moreover, there are other branding strategies that can create a long-term impact on the firm by implying more sales. It mainly sums up all the business operations that exist beyond the capacity of earring money. Increase total income as well as reduce production expenses are followed by Unilever Plc which is considered as long-term branding activities. Brand narrative gets affected by the long-term goal because the narrative is made for the current period whereas for long terms activities the branding needs to be done by ascertaining ideas for a specific activity. In order to, improve financial and investing activity of Unilever Plc is creating more business values which is increase companies’ annual profit.

4. Relationship between short-term and long-term brand activities

There is a b relationship between long and short-term activities operated under branding. As per the view of Nathan et al. (2019), Short methods of Unilever Plc can bring favourable outcomes in a quick time whereas long-term activities imply positive results for a long period of time. Effective relationship among the teammates of Unilever Plc enhancing the trading and marketing segments related to an individual product. However, the trading segments imply a long-term branding factor where the company can achieve its targets by quick sales. This will only increase the profit margins but for the long terms branding strategies. As opined by Scheidt et al. (2020), for long-term strategies, the timeline shows the duration of 6 months to 1 year whereas for short-term strategies the branding activities are done for 2 weeks or for 1 month. The CPM “(cost per impression) strategies and Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns” are held as a shirt term branding activity for an organisation.

On the other hand, for long-term branding planning, the content and the SEO are mainly used to show the innovations in making the storyline. Differences between retailer’s short term and long-term promotional activities are necessary to meet business objectives. The dynamic business performance is using to increase company’s competitive growth (Unilever.com, 2022).Online websites are also used to involve the brand segments by publishing accurate and innovative ideas for the statement storyline for the sale of the product. It is also stated that Unilever has uplifted its skills by ensuring various sources to increase the brand image of the stated product. Short term marketing strategy is a tactical approach which is meet major requirements of potential customers. On the other hand, Long term marketing strategy is built accomplishment to improve companies brand image.

5. Relationship between online and offline channels, brand story and customer experience

Online channels refer to the digital modes of operating the business and attracting customers through various computer applications and websites. Offline channels refer to the buying and selling in the market premises with verbal and visual interaction. As per the view of Theodoropoulou and Alos (2020), the relationship between these two market segments is ascertained by the volume of sales and expenses. Offline channels involve human interactions whereas online channels reflect no human interactions (Unilever.com, 2022). A brand story is built to attract customers from different regions through which the customer experiences are evaluated at the initial branding stages. Customer experiences matter a lot for the company because the production is done to attract consumers and to get feedback or reward for the products.

6. Engagement of multiple shareholders in the overall brand strategy

Maintaining the business position and communication implies consistency in brand strategy. Engagement of shareholders for the overall strategies related to branding incurs conflicts and the branding process can imply negative approaches. As per the author Wijaya and Nasution (2022), though the CSR reports the shareholder's engagement can improved, by which thy can decide the best branding structure or strategy to form the brand image of a new or existing product. Shareholders must concentrate on strategizing on an inventor's relations, external environment and the “Long-Term Plan for the Company”.

The shareholders interfere in maintaining marketing and promotional activities enlarge the strategies to a great extent. Unilever announced an intention to put its climate transition action plan before shareholders and seek an advisory vote on the company’s ambitious emissions reduction targets and the plans to achieve them (Unilever.com, 2022). Moreover, it facilitates more ideas and expansion of systematic norms which influences the branding activity. Marketing assets and repurpose content are the two aspects that the firm follows for consistency in the competitive market segment.

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