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Corporate Governance Assignment Sample

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Corporate Governance Assignment Sample


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The project tends to analyse the aesthetics of corporate governance of the UK for the company Vivo Energy. The company distributes and markets shell and branded lubricants and fuels to commercial and retail customers. According to the company's annual report, Vivo Energy makes customers by using an easier experience which is more convenient, rewarding and enjoyable. This has been a remarkable year for the company as it has again achieved succession objectives to accelerate its growth. The financial review is involved by the senior management to identify the long-term growth of the business.

Maintaining safety and innovation is the responsibility of the energy solution to increase the net income range. The b performance of Vivo energy is included in the commercial business process and sales volume almost increased by 3% in the same financial year. Furthermore, one of the key traits of the operating performance of the business is measured by the annual report which is delivering a sustainable business process. Continuous growth and business development techniques of Vivo Energy is rapidly established its operating structure which makes easier business process within the following country.

Part- A

“Principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018”

Corporate governance in the firm indicates that the companies have been directed by a particular system. Hence, in corporate governance board of directors are responsible for the organization. The company has completed an initial public offering by maintaining the money market of the business. The corporate governance framework, of the company, directed and controlled the company's performance which is to accelerate long-term growth. Corporate governance in the company is a much vital component which is directed by the administrative department of the company. Therefore, the shareholder has played a huge role in corporate governance to appoint the auditors as well as directors in the firm. As per the view of Jiang and Ki (2020), there are multiple principles in the corporate governance by which the UK companies have been directed. The principles are

  • “Board Leadership and Company Purpose.
  • Division of Responsibilities.
  • Composition, Succession and Evaluation.
  • Audit, Risk and Internal Control.
  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Purpose and Strategy”

According to the annual report, Vivo Energy has used corporate governance in their firm by which individual managers and administration departments positively control work culture. Hence corporate governance helps the company Vivo energy by providing multiple principles. By which the structure of the company has grown on a larger scale. The market growth of the business organization is unable by the b opportunity which is necessary to measure the financial performance of the business. The core principles of corporate governance, “Board Leadership and Company Purpose”, indicate the collective responsibility of the company's shareholders for the huge term success of the sustainable position of the company. Besides the purpose of company settings, the strategy of the company of internal controls systems. In a company Vivo energy is the basic role of the board leadership to plan the strategic goals and aims as well as objectives of the firm (Jurakulovna, and Bahodirovich, 2021).

Principles of the code applied for Vivo Energy

The employees of Vivo Energy set core business values such as integrity, honesty and respect for individual people which is improving customer satisfaction. Audit, Risk and Internal Control, indicates that the firm has been controlled by the external auditors of the firm who do have not any type of relationship with the firm. As per the annual report of Vivo energy has followed the “principles of corporate governance”, the company's board of directors has committed to the “highest standards of corporate governance” in the firm which was published on 2018 July. On another hand, the company has been controlled by the “audit and risk committee” by which the board of directors, as well as the administration department, has maintained their responsibility bly. As per the annual report, Vivo Energy has used a corporate governance framework to expand the huge market demand as well as run the business error-free. The internal and external environment of Vivo energy is focusing on accelerating long-term business growth by identifying business difficulties.

The committee of the firm has been undertaken by the external auditors. As opined by Kovermann, and Velte, (2019) the governance code of the firm recommends that all audits and committee members, as well as directors of the firm, have to be independent in all character as well as judgment and free from any relationship or circumstances. The general control system of the corporate governance in Vivo energy indicates the specific times as well as effectiveness in the firm. In an internal control race, the company Vivo energy has controlled all kinds of misstatements due to the error and fraud that have occurred by the workers has been rectified. Besides, it will help to detect the errors in the palm by an internal control system. Across the markets, Vivo Energy expects fuel demand to continue to grow which is to achieve a positive aim to meet this demand in the most climate-friendly way possible.

The purpose of the governance manual is to describe the application to protect the environment while efficiently conducting business. The standard details are identifying the important requirements which are manually using some protocols to ensure implemented system. Leadership and commitment strategy is maintained by Vivo Energy which is necessary to improve risk management functions. Successful completion of initial public offerings, 2018 the development and deployment structures are measured by the company which is observed by the annual report of Vivo energy.

Evaluate the explanations regarding the principles not applied

In corporate governance, the principle of Division of Responsibilities indicates multiple obligation requirements as well as responsibilities of both parties which have not been set by the firm. Hence the division of responsibility refers to the classification of responsibility between the land available resources of the firm. This guideline also indicates the “clear division of responsibility “between the leading and of the board department. Hence, the other principal Composition, Succession and Evaluation and committee have with the directors between the appropriate balance of multiple skills and expertise not applied readily. furthermore, to identify the major business principles of the organization are measured by the annual report which is necessary to identify the long-term business strategy. The company is highly focused on the customer’s commitment which is necessary for the business.

The board committee and the senior management succession planning have also indicated the critical management group of the firm for planning the succession of the company. On the other hand, the board revaluation indicates the external evaluation of the committee and board which ensures the effectiveness of the leadership of the firm. As per the view of Aguilera et al. (2021), corporate governance is remuneration which indicates that the remuneration is appointed by the administration department of the firm as well as the board of directors. The core business principles principle of the company is acquiring relevant knowledge to evaluate important techniques to identify the limitations. The planning procedure and implementation strategy of Vivo Energy continuously assure operating units by using major commitment. As per the annual report of Vivo energy technological disruptions are improved by the efficient planning system which is necessary to identify long-term business growth.

Approving, establishing and continuous reviewing is necessary to manually track improvement techniques within the organization. Fastest growing business operations are mandatory which makes the easier business process of Vivo energy. The company's guidance protocols are mandatory to maintain corporate governance structures within the environment. Providing accurate service quality of the product is mandatory and can meet the basic requirements of customers. Stakeholders and employee questionnaires are mandatory to maintain organizational performance and continuous review the quality assurance plan. The growth and succession of the organization is involving some protocols which are maintained by Vivo Energy. The core values of the firm are honesty which positively supports a succession plan in order to achieve the long-term goals of the organization. The operation supply chain of the company is continuously focusing on b benefits to ensure future succession. The market-leading plan is followed by Vivo Energy which is more convenient for providing quality with the product. b market performance of the business is mandatory for empowering organizational performance.

Part B

Discuss corporate governance is connected to the generation of long-term shareholders' wealth

Benefits of corporate governance

Quick thinking terms, as well as an innovative decision-making process, is necessary for the smooth business running of Vivo Energy. A good corporate governance process is necessary to conduct public affairs which are necessary to minimize the corruption level. The rules of corporate governance are following some laws which are regulated by external factors and also control companies' individual stakeholders. Poor corporate governance includes corruptions, fraud, and lack of accountability which put a negative impact on the company’s performance. The principles of corporate governance are connected to the generations of long-term stakeholders and succession planning is involves by individual founders (Dinh and Calabro, 2019). Sometimes corporate governance is affecting environmental rules and that can be impact long-term investment. 

Corporate governance includes the long-term success of the organizations and also attracting talent and financial capital. Corporate governance ensures the company's proper policies and rules which easily create long-term shareholders' value. The UK approach combines the high standard of corporate governance and constantly shows how corporate governance creates rules and practices that determine company operates its all stakeholders. Transparency is necessary to balance economic development and also ensure the b business performance of the firm. There is numerous purposes of corporate governance which is entrepreneurial and company directors are responsible for the succession plan (Barzuza et al. 2019). Stakeholders' value is necessary for an individual company and that can easily find out and facilitate centripetal development. Corporate governance is the combination of regulations of the country which operates the business world. During the calculation of the companies, a carbon footprint depends on executives’ salaries.

Improving top-level decision making

Financial planning is important for the decision-making process which is related to the competitors. Identify companies' financial performance decision-making process played an effective role and which is considered with the important consequences. Evaluate the decision-making process is a necessary and a common strategy which is to achieve positive goals and objectives. A strategic decision-making process is necessary and tactical decision is necessary to how things will get done (Borghesi et al. 2019). Identifying the decision-making process is necessary and that can play an effective role to identify valuable things to consider satisfaction to achieve the natural environment of the business. Transferable skills are necessary which is encouraging the decision-making process. A b decision-making process is necessary to identify major business challenges and that can easily minimize difficulties. In order to, maintain professional responsibility directors are following major corporate governance rules and regulations which is easily collaborating with multiple viewpoints.

The strategic level decision-making process is important which is to determine future goals and objectives. Identifying possible business solutions is mandatory and sometimes alternative information is necessary for problem-solving factors (Zhao et al. 2018). In order to, evaluate the performance measurement system is important that allows involves some alternative solutions in the business. 

Identify and state what significant shareholders

Stakeholders are usually determining and controls public limited company and vulnerable believe that offering insufficient price. Financial details are having with the stakeholders and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs are easily access the important documents through the website. Equality shareholders are played an important role in enhancing companies’ performance and that can easily be enhancing the joint stock of the company. Stakeholders are vital and almost 25% of shareholders are focusing on the business performance (Turnbull, 2019). In order to, track financial records employees, investors, suppliers, and vendors are equally communicate with the company. Stakeholders equally communicate with the company and that can easily achieve companies’ long-term goals. Transfer of ownership as well as inspection of corporate documents are necessary to identify wrongful acts of the company. Sometimes investors as well as employees are considered as primary stakeholders and also includes with the individual communities. 

Performance influenced by the corporate governance

Well managed corporate governance mechanisms are necessary and that played an important role in improving companies’ performance. Good corporate governance fundamental is important which is develop companies brand image and also increase shareholders performance. Sometimes fraudulent activities, as well as a major risk, are minimized by the corporate governance strategy and Vivo Energy always follows a corporate governance strategy to improve its performance management system (vivoenergy.com, 2022). Corporate governance factors are also necessary and companies' long-term strength is depending on that. Performance alignment system is important to monitoring companies’ performance which is improved by the ownership structures.

The relationship gap between performance and governance is necessary and which is needed to maintain by individual companies. Corporate governance is a composite assessment and also describes how organizations executes performances which are measured by the important parameters. There are several benefits of the corporate governance which is followed by Vivo Energy such as reducing the cost of capital, encouraging positive behaviors, and ensuring internal controls through the strategic planning. Attracting talented directors is an important role that is played by corporate governance and which contributes to the company's success (Nasih et al. 2019). b and effective corporate governance strategy is necessary that easily cultivates companies' culture and includes sustainable business performance.

Better decision-making process of Vivo Energy is involved by the governance which promotes financial viability and creates long-term investment opportunities by raising market participants. Implementation of good corporate governance is necessary which is transparently managed profitability and also eliminates negative business performance. In order to, set corporate governance policies necessary which are easily balanced among the companies' requirement. Corporate governance is the combination of important regulations which is followed by the company and which attract individual shareholders. Clear vision and mission are also directed by the company which is necessary to increase business demands. The major selling point of Vivo Energy hasalso improved the company's performance and also increase profit margin rates. Companies’ performance is combined with the performance measurement system and which is monitor financial and non-financial aspects of the company.

Discussion of shareholders' wealth

Shareholders' wealth is the appropriate goal of a company which is capitalist by society. The production level of the business is making more business money due to shareholders' wealth and also enhancing the present value of the company. The procedure of the dividend payments, as well as the investment return of the company, is depending on the net income. Shareholders' wealth is calculated by the preferred dividend as well as the net income of the company. In the year 2017, shareholders' wealth of almost £350 million and long-term debt is minimized by the safety records, and investors are attracted by the specific process (vivoenergy.com, 2022). There is significant progressive on the net year total shareholders wealth approximately 4% increased which is almost £364 million. The annual report of Vivo Energy refers to negative growth in the year 2019, £334.5 million which is depending on the net income. 

The new, as well as long-term debt, also increased by 13% in the same year which is quite difficult for the company. In order to deliver a b performance of the organization corporate governance strategy is important and that can easily monitor by the financial records of the company. The depreciation and amortization grew up by 24% which is adjusted before the interest. Almost 3.8% of clients are reduced to investing in the current company in 2019, and some said due to the pandemic situation the performance had decreased. The operating profit margin rate is almost 3.11% decreased in 2020, due to individual competitors. On March, 2020shareholders wealth of almost £203 million in dividends and £155 million in net income has to be considered. Shareholders' wealth was almost £358 million during the same year which is considered a great achievement for Vivo Energy. [Referred to appendix 1]

Part C

Carroll’s Pyramid to evaluate the CSR practices

An individual company is using a balanced scorecard system to measure corporate performance. The internal and external business performance is also measured by the corporate governance framework. The primary literature tracked by the board of directors and audit committee of Vivo Energy is necessary to minimize fraud and difficulties (Scherer and Voegtlin, 2020). Governance set potential boundaries which are necessary to operate and identify innovative solutions to minimize difficulties. Vivo Energy achieves greater accountability in its investment decisions and protects the interests of shareholders. CGF promotes companies’ accountability and transparency which is necessary to increase the economic as well as financial conditions of the business. Better governance is able to set the efficient decision-making process which increases productivity. The process of financial growth also involves attracting individual investors in the business which is necessary for effective performance.

Corporate governance support investors with accountable practices and transparently enhances the material wealth of the company. Key external factors are indicated by the “Corporate governance framework” which is necessary for companies' long-term growth. The main structure of the corporate governance is necessary which is to enhance cultural values along with the company's brand image (Fahad and Rahman, 2020). The company efficiently operates with the cultural difficulties which sometimes minimize shareholders' interest. Small business needs to follow the corporate governance framework which ensures the financial capital of the business. Revenue growth, increase profit margin rates, as well as client retention rates, are also improved by the key performance indicators which are involved in the “Corporate governance framework”. The internal and external business performance is also measured by the corporate governance framework.

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility is necessary and which is influenced by the practice of the firm. The financial decision-making process is also necessary for individuals and can easily meet long-term business requirements. Economic responsibility is minimizing long term business gaps and which is necessary to improve companies' financial performances. Corporate social responsibility also maintained economic benefits and that can easily be enhancing sales volume along with the customers' loyalty (Gelter and Puaschunder, 2020). Operational cost saving mode is necessary and that can easily involves by the economical responsibility. Individual CSR is socially responsible and can easily track companies' goodwill by maintaining responsible programming.

Legal responsibility

Pay accurate taxes to the government as well as executing reasonable plans comes under legal responsibility. The management process of the company is generally used to acquire business operations by executing reasonable plans for the company. Respectfully maintaining legal responsibilities are necessary for the business and also minimizes long-term business threats (Jamali et al. 2020). Sometimes ethical responsibilities are maintained by the company which is necessary for the business. Carroll’s Pyramid are explained social responsibility to highlight the important business elements of Vivo Energy. Economical, legal, as well as ethical consideration, is important for the business and can traditionally maintain CSR responsibility. Individual companies adopt ethical behaviors which are necessary for individuals. The core characteristics of CSR is follows important features which are aligned with the social and economic factors.

Ethical responsibility

Ethical responsibility includes the minimum wage which is ethically sourced, and other comprehensive benefits as well as competitive payouts. Ethical responsibility is considered by the ethical manner which is achieved aim and objectives of the company. The recycled production process as well as consuming fewer sources achieved by the ethical considerations. The major purpose of the model is to focus on the CSR responsibilities which are necessary for the business (Schoeneborn et al. 2020). Ethical responsibility is necessary for the organizations which is minimize major business issues. Ethical responsibility is necessary which is improving the financial decision-making process. The financial decision-making process is mandatory and can easily track all the financial records of the company. Sometimes major issues are involved in the corporate governance issues and accountability of stakeholders are not maintained.

Philanthropic responsibility

The main difference between ethical as well as economic responsibilities and can easily enhancing for business promotions. Charitable donations of the firm are necessary for the business and that can easily enhance major responsibilities during the same time. Systematic understanding is improved by CSR and that can easily enhance companies' long-term strategy (Ahen and Amankwah-Amoah, 2018). CSR practice is important because it involved economic opportunities in the business. Philanthropic responsibility is considered a vital role which is minimizing communicational difficulties. Philanthropic is important because that provides numerous opportunities in the business. According to the council on foundations is maintained the investment activities and is able to manage companies' performance. Financial decision-making process is also important in the business which is adopted by the CSR activities of Vivo Energy. In order to, demonstrate systematic understanding is necessary which is involved by corporate social responsibility. 

Analyze CSR activities

Vivo energy focuses on the investment community which is necessary to maintain the flagship sustainability of the project. Engaging in investment opportunities is necessary which is involving a conscious business process. A wide range of actions in the business process is necessary which is focusing on the primary purpose. A positive reputation is mandatory which is maintained by the workplace policies. Environmental practice, as well as the volunteering process, are also maintained by Vivo Energy which is maintain environmental responsibility. The key ideas are arrived behind the individual CRS and employees also focus on achieving market goals and objectives. Environmental responsibility is measured by the organizational ethical responsibilities which are necessary for the business. Sometimes economic goals and objectives are involved by the CSR that can easily measure CSR strategy. Critical awareness is mandatory for cultural and social responsibility and which is also improves organizational structures.

Corporate governance is involved with the shareholders and that can easily enhance the entire business process. Shareholders' wealth is created as well as destroyed and that can depend on the company's dividend or net income. The purpose of the CSR program model is depending on the employees and customers which is to maintain environmental responsibilities. Economical as well as legal responsibilities are necessary for an individual company which is bringing more value and positive impact. The stakeholder model of corporate social responsibility efficiently operates all the members by playing ethical duties. CSR briefly describes legal obligations to meet all the business objectives. Positive and sustainable business performance is necessary and which is to avoid major mistakes in the company. The performance of Vivo Energy is more efficient due to using a corporate governance strategy and also includes higher quality employment opportunities.

The relationship between the modern corporation and shareholders is necessary and operational controls can easily improve by the common factors. Operational control is necessary for individual managers and corporate governance principles are necessary which are followed by the professional managers of Vivo Energy. CSR principles are following a long-term business strategy which is professionally managed by the CSR responsibility. Identifying the legal obligations is necessary in the business to maintain financial as well as nonfinancial performance. Operational cost-saving mode is necessary and that can easily involve by the economical responsibility. Individual CSR is socially responsible and can easily track companies' goodwill by maintaining responsible programming.

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