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Deviant And Criminal Behaviour Assignment Sample

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Deviant And Criminal Behaviour Assignment Sample


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The sociopath and psychopath are the ones that are capable of main stare situations along with being eligible as a general citizen. The sociopaths and the psychopaths are usually capable of managing their circumstances and working as normal individuals; however, their capability to manipulate as well as the cruelty could lead to devastating outcomes for the ones who are surrounding them (Barton-Crosby et al., 2021). The words psychopathy is usually utilized for emphasizing that the emergence of disorder is an internal phenomenon that has its basis on genetic, biological, and psychological factors, while sociopathy is utilized for emphasizing the predominant factors of the society regarding the disorder - the familiar or social sources in respect to their development as well as the non-capability to become social or to follow the rules of the society (Barton-Crosby et al., 2021). In this respect, the sociopaths could be considered as an unwanted sociological phenomenon that is at par with excellence. This entails the incapability regarding the companionship or socius, yet a large number of sociopathic accounts describing them topic come outgoing, confident, and charming (Barton-Crosby et al., 2021).

Research Methodology

Purpose of research study

The major purpose of the research is the analysis of the difference between deviant and criminal behaviour through qualitative research. The major focus of the research is based on the resolution of some questions regarding the distinction between deviant behaviour and criminal behaviour through the instances taken from the task of media manipulation, folk devils, and moral panics (Erdo?an et al., 2021).

Research question

  1. What is the difference between deviant and criminal behaviour?
  2. Why, throughout a particular historic moment, the youth are considered to be deviant (Erdo?an et al., 2021)?

Research method

In the given research paper, an inductive approach of research is adopted, which is mingled with the descriptive research design along with the gathering qualitative data from both of the primary as well as secondary sources to get the appropriate outcome of the finding. The non-repetitive methodology is utilized to get the desired result of the research (Vazsonyi et al., 2021).

Brief Discussion

Predominance culture being prevailed in the society

Within the modernized society, which has the features of secondary predominance instead of the primary relation, the psychopath or sociopath works, in at least a famous culture, as the major index regarding the contemporary unease of the society (Vazsonyi et al., 2021). The psychopath is similar to a good never residing in the next house who on occasion go off or is noted to have a sinister secondary life. In a large number of ways, a psychopath is a cypher regarding various anxieties which we experience regarding communal loss, along with deciding among those who are unaware of this. In the given sense, a psychopath is quite a modern form of deviant (Vazsonyi et al., 2021). The contemporary approach towards sociopathy and psychopathy has its focus on genetic as well as biological causes. It is the tradition that is noted to go back towards the 19th century-based approach of positivism towards deviance that attempted for finding a biological reason regarding criminality along with various kinds of deviant relating behaviour.

Insights for the deviant act in the society

Suppose deviant is dependent not on the definition of society regarding the act (Opp 2020). The acts could not always be considered deviant. The secondary insight of sociology is desired the deviants could not be considered intrinsic, that is, psychological or biological attribute of an individual or an act on their own (Opp 2020). However, it could be considered as a product regarding the process of society. The norms themselves or in context to the society which determine the action to be deviant or not can be defined continuously as well as redefined by a continuous process of society - cultural, legal, political, etc. A method where some particular actions or individuals arrive together for understanding as well as defining the deviant by an intervention of the moralized entrepreneurs (Opp 2020).

By means of interaction of the society, people could be labelled as deviant aur arrive to become familiar of themselves in the form of a deviant. For instance, in earlier Greece, homosexual relations between a young acolyte and an old man were supposed to be a usual component of the relation between teacher and student (Gottschalk 2021). Up to the 19th century, the query regarding who would sleep with whom is considered an indifferent matter towards the custom or law, accept their association with the alliance of family by marriage or transferring property by the inheritance. But during the 19th century, sexuality was noted to be an issue of psychological, legal, and moral concern (Gottschalk 2021).

Social monitoring for crime and deviant behaviour

The given objective regarding the social monitor is for maintaining the order of society, the arrangement regarding the behaviour and practice upon which the members of society have their basis of regular life (Gottschalk 2021). Thinking of the order of society as the handbook of the employee as well as control of society in the form of this incentive and incentive is utilized for encouraging orb lysing the employees for following the underlying rules. In case an employee is found to violate the guidelines of the workplace, manager ii is found to enforce the regulations. One method to enforce the regulation is by sanction (Sergeyev 2018). The sanction could be either positive or negative. The reports provided to work according to the norms and the promotion in the workplace for the hard work of employees could be considered as a positive sanction. At the same time, giving punishments to violet the norm aur being arrested as the shoplifting punishment what we considered as the negative sanction. Both of these sanctions are quite essential in context to the control of society (Sergeyev 2018).

Results and Findings

The deviance is known as a violation of existing social, cultural, and contextual norms, either in the form of codified law, mores, or folkways. In contrast, the crime is an act of deviance that is found to break both the law as well as norm. The deviance could be a minor act of picking someone's nose in the public area or a major act of murder (Sergeyev 2018).

The folkways are known as the names which are based on regular customs regarding the culture associated with practical issues such as the method of folding fork, kinds of clothes that are considered suitable for various situations, or politely greeting someone (Choi et al., 2020).

The major issue regarding this status of deviance is known by the process of society. Any person is not a deviant by their birth, but during a certain historical moment, the young individuals are considered deviant (Choi et al., 2020). This is because of their becoming dividend by interaction with various referential authorities institutions and groups. Bi interaction with the society people level of deviant.

Moral entrepreneurs are known as the groups or individuals who, through their aspirations, problematize and publicize the inappropriate actions and again the power of enforcing as well as creating rules for analyzing the inappropriate actions (Choi et al., 2020). Atactic, which is utilized by the moral entrepreneur, is the creation of moral fear regarding those activities such as using marijuana, which makes them deviant (Choi et al., 2020). Immoral fear happens when overreaction, and it also comes to the people who are fuelled by media leading the authorities to repress and label the deviants. However, in turn, it creates the cycle where a large number of deviant activities are found along with the generation of large fear and enactment of separation (Choi et al., 2020).

Recommendations and Conclusions

Deviance and crime are the society-based constructs that differ as per the form of crime, their definition along with effectiveness regarding the policy, social features of criminal and the association of power which gives a structure to the society (Le Blanc 2017). The portion of issue regarding the ones is that of the abnormal activity of society to label some sort of people or their activities or limitation by the deviants regarding the kind of available response of the society (Le Blanc 2017). The main problem is not the arbitration of the labels or the probability of not utilizing these labels but a consequence of the labelling choice. The consideration is regarding who would label whom, and the method through which the labels of society are implemented have their powerful repercussions towards the society (Le Blanc 2017).

It is the core tenet regarding the interactionist's symbol of the theory of labelling that the people would become criminal by contacting the system of criminal justice (Choi et al., 2020). When an insight in context to the research of society is added into characteristics of society regarding the ones who are processed through the system of criminal justice or arrested - variables like that of the class, race, age, and gender - this is evidence that the variables of society as well as powering structures are the major key term for understanding those who opted path in the criminalized career (Becker 1963). To determine if an activity could be considered deviant is completely dependent on society and their explanation (Choi et al., 2020).

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