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Principle Of Marketing Assignment Sample

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Principle Of Marketing Assignment Sample


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The presentation will cover the aspect of Nike as a brand over their chosen business identity and also provide an example of their brand personality and their brand loyalty to further discuss the role of branding. Also, the various platform that is used in digital marketing and also benefits of each will be discussed. Finally, the presentation will further depict the choice uses of digital marketing and the impact Nike has.

NIKE as Brand Overview

“Blue Ribbon Sports was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman, a track and field coach at the University of Oregon”, and her former student “Phil Knight”. They established their first single store in 1966, and in 1972, they introduced the Nike brand of sneakers. The company is renamed Nike, Inc. in 1978, which becomes official two years later. Nike is a valued brand in the sports business and currently, it employs over 76,000 workers worldwide(Alazzawi, 2019). The brand is much special due to high-quality manufacturing, better-looking footwear, and sponsoring for sports teams. Nike truly excels through marketing. No firm does branding like Nike.

Identification of Brand personality (examples)

The brand personality of Nike is like excitement. AS the brand strength service as persons special announcement even if the persons were stuck on the desert island.Nike is recognized for its active lifestyle as well as its upbeat, fascinating, and trendy demeanor. Nike would have been exciting, provocative, energetic, cool, innovative, assertive, and healthy if he had lived as a human (Wells, 2019). Since the “late 1970s, Nike has backed excellent athletes” in a range of sports. In this approach, they convey Nike's image as vivid, aggressive, imaginative, and long. “Just Do It” is a divisive yet inspiring company slogan for everyone who aspires to greatness. When someone wears Nike clothing, they feel more confident.


 Brand identity can be included in the visual elements that is being associated with the Nike brand from the “Nike Logo (A right-headed sign) and the typography to the color, its product packing design, the Nike website design, and also the social media graphics”. Characteristically, any brand asset is a constituent of the brand identity(Iglesias et al., 2020). Nike's Brand identity example is “Just Do It” and is famous for the “Swoosh Logo and tagline stated above”. Essentially the “Nike brand identity is the personality of their business” and the promise that has been made to the patrons.

Role of branding

Branding has become vital because not only does it makes a memorable impression over the suers it also allows the patrons and consumers to know when to expect from Nike. Further, Nike has had great success in advertising its products by enlisting the help of superstars such as Michael Jordan. The idea is that by imprinting a celebrity's image in the minds of purchasers, they would associate the endorsement with Nike’s products(Iglesias et al., 2020). As a result, the brand grows in popularity and profitability.It's a technique for distinguishing oneself from the competition by saying clearly what you have to offer and why you're the better alternative.

Various platforms used in digital marketing for Nike

Platforms such as “Facebook, Instagram Tik Tok, and YouTube and blogs are the digital marketing aspect for Nike or their branding. Nike also uses Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn” as other major platforms for their social media digital marketing. It is the brand that has been diversified it's online proposed by creating discrete pages of its product to cater to the different audiences to target (Herbert, 2020). Further, Nike’s main trade app is responsible for a major amount of the company's digital performance, as indicated by one hundred fifty percent plus growth in mobile revenues in back-to-back months. Three further uses are linked to Nike’s development of these technologies: “SNKRS, Nike Run Club, and Nike Training Club are all Nike products”.

Benefits of Platforms used in digital marketing

  • “It tends to incur the customer's loyalty with frequent communication
  • It tends to engage the patrons in every buying phase
  • It generally targets the right audience 
  • It tends to generate a constant lead to pipeline
  • Its benefit is to optimize and obtain better conversion rates.
  • Uses of Digital marketing and impact 
  • The reach of Nike over these platforms is greater global reach to the audience 
  • It also increases the engagement 
  • It does not have any time barrier(Bhosale, Raverkar and Tamondkar, 2020).
  • Advocate the brand development”.

Utilization of Nike Digital marketing and impact 

Nike's digital marketing strategy is backed up with a slew of incredibly effective ads. The company not only offers stuff but also the emotional advantages of those products. To put it another way, they are assisting in the perpetuation of poverty. As an outcome, only a small part of a “brand’s” advertising efforts reach the general audience with the offered items (Liu, Liu and Zhang, 2021). In context, Nike’s digital marketing impact uses social media to create a sense of connection and community among its supporters. Its tweets are concise, convincing, and nearly always feature “hashtags like #justdoit and #nikewomen”.

Utilization of Nike Digital marketing and impact cont.

The way commerce function and interact with its clients has been revolutionized by digital marketing. Further, digital marketing tactics have had a direct impact on a company's profitability and prospects for expansion. Nevertheless, Nike Digital marketing is a cutting-edge company that is always experimenting, learning, and developing(Liu, Liu and Zhang, 2021). Consumer technology and development, online marketing, app development, social media, and other technologies all have the potential to weave intelligent, personalized online experiences into every level of brand involvement, according to experts.


Hence, to conclude “Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs, develops, manufactures, and promotes garments, shoes, collectibles, equipment, and services across the world. The firm's worldwide headquarters are in the Portland metropolitan region, in Beaverton, Oregon (USA)”. Further to sum up branding might take the form of developing items, establishing a brand, or making statements. Consumer purchasing behavior, branding strategy, business philosophy, and culture, among other topics, were all covered. It contains all of the characteristics that make you unique. Finally, the several digital platforms would endeavor the Nike competence to share the reach over global presence for their operation to run swiftly.

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