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Ethically Problematic Situation Assignment Sample

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Ethically Problematic Situation Assignment Sample

Ethically Problematic Situation Assignment Sample

1. Introduction: Ethically Problematic Situation Assignment Sample

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Business Ethics refers to the adoption of different policies of the business and practices with respect to the values of the company. Business ethics is an integral part of every business organization operating around the world. Business ethics aids the business organization in making sure that there is a formation of healthy trust between customers, the workforce, and the business organization (De Bakker, Rasche and Ponte, 2019). Many ethical values and guidelines of different businesses are different to each company but applicable to everyone working in the organization. This essay will focus on analyzing the personal work situation and experience and discuss the different ethical issues that are being faced from the theoretical perspective. 

The main aim of this essay is to critically analyze the different ethical issues that are being faced by the workforce working in the business organization. Various theories are also utilized here to help in understanding the ethical problems more profoundly and comprehensively. For example, when working as a part-time employee at Fontain Motors, the business lost many employees due to environmental, ethical issues and Poor health and safety in the workplace.

2. Overview of the Fontain Motors Organizational Issue 

Fontain Motors was the first dealer in the United Kingdom that helped to boost Audi as one of the specialist brands. For this essay, many ethical issues such as environmental, ethical issues, and Poor health and safety in the workplace are going to be highlighted and discussed comprehensively. For example, when working as an automotive interior repair technician in Fontain Motors in 2021, it can be recognized that many employees get injured due to poor health and safety protocols implemented in Fontain Motors. As a result, many employees left the job even after getting a very handsome salary from the company, and in addition to that, even though the business is contributing to the environmental sustainability by providing car maintenance services to various customers but it is also very contradicting since Fontain Motors also offer Audi cars such as Audi A4 can generate around 143-163g/km CO2 emission to the environment (Buberger et al., 2022). 

3. Ethical Analysis of the selected organizational issue 

As discussed above, Fontain Motors is an emerging SM regarded as Audi specialists in the United Kingdom, and many individuals from the United Kingdom work in Fontain Motors (Tien et al., 2020). The mentioned ethical issues, such as environmental, ethical issues, and Poor health and safety in the workplace in Fontain Motors, can majorly affect the business in accomplishing the business sustainability. Furthermore, it can compromise employment rights as well as many fundamental human rights (Patsatzis, 2022). 

As per the shareholder theory of Milton, the maximization of profitability must be the core focus of any company (Gücüm and Özesmi, 2022). The company can never generate a vast number of financial resources without the proper implementation of a quality work environment lacking in Fontain Motors since health and safety are not being appropriately maintained. Due to the poor health and safety standards, the employees get injured, which ultimately results in affecting the overall productivity of the business.

There is no denying the fact that the ultimate aim of any business organization is to generate maximum profitability because, without profit, a business can never survive or grow in this competitive business environment. The stakeholder theory focuses on satisfying the customer's needs and wants, but it can never succeed without following business ethics (Carlo, 2020). The stakeholders' approach revolves around the fact that the business organization must always strive for doing right. Then only the business organization can accomplish the long-term goals and business sustainability (Brin and Nehme, 2019).

The stakeholder theory is a broader concept in which all the suppliers or manufacturers, employees, customers, community members, as well as all the government bodies are among the relevant stakeholders for any business organization that can influence the operations of the business (Dmytriyev, Freeman and Hörisch, 2021). In the case of Fontain Motors, the company is tiny in scale. Still, it is one of the most popular companies in the United Kingdom, the company is successful, but it impacts environmental sustainability. Being a car company involves many manufacturing activities that are harmful to the environment. It can be observed that cars are among the most significant contributor to CO2 emissions as well as air pollution. It can be approximated that the production of the vehicle is only going to rise, and it might reach 2 billion by the year 2035 (Mock and Díaz, 2021). Fontain Motors is an independent dealer of the Audi brand, and by engaging in buying and selling Audi cars, Fontain motors are violating the business ethics regarding the environmental ethics.

When analyzing the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility by Milton Friedman, no business organization should be involved in unethical practices since it is ethically wrong and can directly affect the business's ethical values (Sroka and Szántó, 2018). As per Milton Friedman's statement, Utilization of resources and engaging in activities developed to increase the profits in open and free competition without any unethical business practices (Elrick and Thies, 2018). But from personal experience, it can be recognized that Fontain motors contribute to environmental sustainability as well as affects the environment by selling cars that are contributing to the rise of CO2 emission. This is one of the aspects of Fontain Motors contradicting Milton Friedman's stakeholder theory. 

Another problematic ethical issue is the poor work condition, which is heavily compromised by poor health and safety standards in Fontain Motors, which is also resulting in employee turnover. As per the stakeholder theory, the employees are among the critical stakeholders that are ultimately going to contribute to accomplishing the goals and objectives of the business organization via effectively and efficiently carrying out the business operations (Freudenreich, Lüdeke-Freund and Schaltegger, 2020). Therefore, providing good, healthy and safe work conditions is essential and essential for meeting the needs of the employees, who are also part of the stakeholder theory. 

In this time of globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility is very critical and important for a business organization like Fontain Motors, which suffers from many environmental and ethical issues and Poor health and safety in the workplace. Corporate Social Responsibility is a huge part of Stakeholder Theory. To achieve the goals and objectives of Fontain Motors, there is a requirement to take full responsibility for the welfare of the employees (Harrison et al., 2019). These ethical issues are very important to be solved for maximization of profitability as well as maximum productivity. 

4. Management Analysis of the selected organizational issues 

As mentioned in the essay, there were many ethical issues impacting the business operations of Fontain Motors and the human resource working in the business organization. However, the management of Fontain Motors is making different efforts in addressing ethical issues such as environmental, ethical issues, and Poor health and safety in the workplace.Fontain Motors set targets can be recognized for diversifying the people working in senior positions. Fontain Motors is a company where there few numbers of people work, and it is increasing, but the higher rank is planned to be diversified and equalize the gender pay gap by the year 2024 (Magaldi, 2021). In addition to that, Fontain Motors is also providing adequate training and development to empower all the workforce. 

The main aim of Fontain Motors is to increase the overall work productivity by providing a safer and healthy work environment by taking measures such as daily inspection of the health and safety standards and furthermore implementing the safety measures such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and a medical team that can provide emergency aid to the workforce on time, especially in the time of this ongoing pandemic it is more than ever needed (Kaushik and Guleria, 2020). These activities for safety and health measures can help the business is to satisfy one of the criteria regarding business ethics. 

Managing Fontain Motors is very easy since the company is very small in size and few people are running the company. The management of Fontain Motors ensures that standards and values are being carried forward by business policies, impactful training, and the mechanism of reporting.

In addition to that, the management of Fontain Motors is also focusing on providing a healthy and safe work environment to the employees working in the business organization. Fontain Motors is making significant and vital decisions making for a healthy work environment which can aid in accomplishing the business sustainability goals and objectives. Consequentialism theory involves the actions that can bring more positive outcomes or benefits than harm and is always effective for the business organization. In Relating to the Consequentialism theory, it can be observed that Fontain Motors is concentrating on addressing many issues simultaneously, which can bring more benefits than harm (Slote, 2020). Management tools such as SWOT Analysis, Stakeholder Matrix, and Risk Mapping are among the tools that can aid in fostering ethical and organizational responsibilities. Fontain Motors is also utilizing these different tools, such as SWOT Analysis, Stakeholder Matrix, and Risk Mapping, to address the ethical problems or issues (Sapapthai et al., 2020).

5. Proposed Recommendations for resolving the organizational issue

Firstly, there is a requirement for Fontain Motors to implement basic health and safety facilities such as implementing a fire extinguisher, fire alarm, and designing an emergency exit door in the workplace. Furthermore, there must be at least two emergency exits near the location where the route directly leads outside of Fontain Motors (Liu et al., 2020). In addition to that, proper training must be given to the employees, especially in lifting activities as well as manual handling. Regular workshops can be beneficial in utilizing the different machinery and tools while providing car services such as replacing the spark plugs and replacing the oil filter, and many more (Nugroho, 2018). 

Furthermore, the company must understand the importance of its stakeholders for carrying out the business operations effectively and efficiently and, most importantly, accomplishing the different goals and objectives for business sustainability (Di Vaio et al., 2020). This can be overcome effectively by ranking the stakeholder and prioritizing stakeholders accordingly. For instance, for any business organization, the employees are the most critical and vital stakeholders in the business that contribute the most to shaping the business organization. In other words, prioritizing the stakeholders as per the mission of Fontain Motors is also directly connected with the growth and survival of Fontain Motors.

Fontain Motors believes in doing business ethically, which is not taking place as per the personal experience. It can be recognized that the business values are the "beliefs", "philosophies", and "principles" that drive the whole business in the right direction. Any company working towards accomplishing the business sustainability must respect and maintain the business values to gain trust and increase employee engagement (Adiguzel, 2021). For Fontain Motors to succeed and be sustainable in the longer run, there is a requirement of the business values to follow authentically that can also aid in setting up a clear vision and how to accomplish the goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. 


This individual essay has come to an end. This essay has attempted to discuss many problematic ethical issues from personal experience. It can be observed from the essay that ethical issues like environmental, ethical issues and Poor health and safety in the workplace were affecting the overall productivity as well as the profitability of Fontain Motors. Stakeholder theories, business sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are discussed in with respect to the ethical issues and different dimensions of the ethical problems. It can be concluded that Fontain motors need a severe overhaul of their workplace to carry out the business operations effectively and efficiently and also for satisfying the stakeholders’ theories. The implementation of health and safety measures such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, two emergency exits, adequate and proper training to the employees regarding the activities like lifting and manual handling and many more. In addition to that, workshops can also aid in informing and keeping up-to-date with the new tools and machinery and reducing the rate of employees being affected by uncertain incidents. 

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