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Social Media To Accomplish It Assignment Sample

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Social Media To Accomplish It Assignment Sample


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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction:

The growth of digital platform activity among consumers helps organizations to create their own brand image. Online platforms have access to connect with a huge number of consumers in a short period. Their own customer base could create inclusiveness of brands by improvising advertisement processes through digital platforms. Well-known brands are using social media to achieve inclusiveness of brands to accomplish revenue. Using social media platforms brands are promoting products and raising the voice of potential customers. This chapter would be about the background, aims and objects, and questions for further proceeding with research topics.

1.2 Background of the study

Consumption of social media to accomplish the inclusiveness of brands has been the study to define the importance of digital media. Competition among brands is increasing day to day where acquisition of new customers is required for business expansion. Through research influence of digital advertisement on consumers would be a point to identify. Previously traditional promotional processes provide limited access to a limited number of consumers, whereas consumption of social media provides leverage to gain wider opportunities for promotion. The motive of organizations is to establish popular well-known brands among customers to gain opportunities for revenue growth. Although, promotional platforms for brands are increasing through different digital platforms, where using social media extra benefits would be identified to set future prospects of branding.

According to the above figure, the digital market outlook of the UK has shown huge opportunities for brand recognition by consumers. Based on this figure, the growth of advertisement cost has been growing in the last few years[1]. The projected expenses of advertising through special media have been estimated at around 17 billion in the UK (Statista.com, 2022). Connectivity with consumers is important for branding products advantage, using digital media brands get better importance to create their own image among competitors.

Consumption of social media, brands would get a comparative advantage in digital advertising or not, which would be presented by further research. Another prospect of this research is to identify the flaws of using social media platforms to create inclusiveness. Inclusiveness's impact on the brand image will be explored for understanding the growth of brand popularity through social media. Social media improve brand image of the organization by communicating with the individuals.

1.3 Aim of the research

An important outcome of this research would be the evaluation of social media platform influence to increase brand recognition by consumers. Along with that, this study emphasizes the different advantages of using social media. Further, this research would project brands important in competitive advantage through social platforms. 

1.4 Objectives of the research

  • To identify social media consumption by brands for accomplished inclusiveness
  • To evaluate the advantages of social platforms for marketing and sales of products among consumers
  • To identify flaws and backlogs of social platforms used to connect with a huge number of customers by brand image
  • To identify comparative advantages, gain by brands to compete with competitors
  • To provide a preferable understanding of social media influence to create inclusiveness among customers

1.5 Questions of the research

  • How brands are consuming social media to accomplish inclusiveness in the comparative market?
  • What advantages are gained by brands to achieve targeted sales volume?
  • What are the backlogs and flaws being faced by brands for promotional activity?
  • What are the comparative advantages gained by brands to survive in a competitive market?
  • What is the impact of social media to create inclusiveness of brands for future growth potential?

1.6 Problem statement

The problem regarding the inclusiveness of brands has decided the potentiality of the future progress of the business. Nowadays, the major population is active on social media platforms where creating barns inclusiveness is a challenge for each management. Apart from that progress of business could be possible by huge customer participation for products or services. Through social media organizations are able to promote their products on digital platforms, however, in some situations, market goals are brewing ignored by management to improvise more capital use in social media advertisement.

Brands create their own image among customers through unique service or product selling, in social media platform expenses for advertisement is higher than in the traditional advertising process. Target audience and right platform identification are important for creating a brand image whereas using social media platforms have not been succeeded by critical analysis. Due to extreme costs have been carried by brands for social media advertisement where product prices increased by the organization for financial profitability[2]. In this context, the comparative advantage would not be managed by organizations.

According to data, around 47% of organizations are struggling to decide on market goals by using social media platforms. While increasing brand awareness among customers through social media platforms, 70% of market players in the UK are unclear about which KPIs matter for more acquisition of customers[3]. Using various social media platforms to create inclusiveness would impact higher expenditure on the organization's financial statements. Questions could be raised about the future growth of organizations due to the consumption of social media advertisements cost.

1.7 Rationale of the research

Achievement of inclusiveness in a brand's image is dependent on advertisement strategies. Using social media is not the only option for barding products. Around 42% of organizations have struggled to achieve potential benefits from digital marketing. Branding of products on social platforms is cost consumption where the potential outcome is not sufficient for financial survival. According to date facts regarding advertisement, the cost of each product is around £200 - £500 (Ladguru.co.uk, 2022). The financial performance of the business is improved by the advertisement which is involving by the social media strategy. Financial liquidity has been destroyed by social media use for branding products or services. Moreover, the use of capital in social media advertisement processes is not sufficient to deliver higher revenue to organizations. Inclusiveness of brands is not sufficient for making revenue for brand owners.

Inclusiveness of brands is being used for making revenue through customer participation. Using social media as a promotional platform has become an issue for the organization because allocated funds are not sufficient for further progress of advertisement. Most brands face more challenges to promote products among customers because of brand recognition. Besides that, part of social media is biased for some reason advertising product contact could not be useful to attract customers' attention[4]. Social media consumption by brands focus on best-selling products, whereas other products of brands are being ignored by social media influence.

Other facts about this activity also increase dependency on one product, which impacts the organization's financial condition. Furthermore, activity regarding social media consumption for branding is required for proper analysis of the targeted audience. As per data for fact organizations are using around 22% of financial resources for the online promotion of brands[5]. Considering this fact, organizational strategy and content for social media platforms are important for customer retention. Online promotional activity is included by the social media strategy which is necessary to create companies brand image by customer satisfaction. Whereas, adverse results of social media consumption impact badly on organizational sustainability.

With the help of research, this study highlights the importance of the social media advertisement process for better results. Along with that, research would highlight social media platform importance for better performance for branding of the organization. It is also going to focus on the benefits and disadvantages of social media consumption of social media to make inclusiveness. Along with that brand is important for an organization's financial benefits and also going to highlight the importance of brand value. Using a social media platform for braiding is a better option for organizations, however, management is reduced to managing the adverse impact on the organization's financial condition. 

1.8 Research significance

The significance of this research is to provide the importance of online advertisement to increase the brand value of the organization. Further significance of this research is to provide information about online platform uses for the promotion of brands among customers[6]. By using social media organizations get benefits to promote their brands worldwide through less cost consumption practice. Along with that organization also provides advantages of branding through social media influencers. Moreover, the expected return through social media platforms is not sufficient to continue business prices. For new startup companies, social media advertisement strategy has become an issue to create brand inclusiveness.

1.9 Proposed structure of the dissertation

1.10 Summary

This chapter elaborates on the significance of social media platforms for the branding of products. Although this chapter conduction introduction to social media's influence on the customers base of brands. On the other hand, the frequency of ads impacts higher expenses for advertising which would impact profitability and cloud impact on the future survival of the business. Focusing on branding is important for product marketing, it helps to gain more revenue through the participation of a larger customer base. The problem statements also describe problems that have been faced by the organization due to social media consumption for inclusiveness. Another highlight will be identifying brand value increment by recognizing the brand value of the organization among consumers. There are so many platforms available for social media advertisement, however, identification of the right platforms for product branding is difficult to decide. 

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Introduction:

This character is going to focus on different advantages and disadvantages of social media consumption by brands. Although it can be stated that literature review is important for insights analysis about this research topic. The literature review is helps to represent different factors that influence social media consumption for branding of products based on historical analysis. Through literature review, researchers will evaluate the impairment of social media for the promotion of brands among more customers. Research is also going to elaborate on different flowers and adverse effects on organization activity due to branding of products on social platforms. Information regarding social media platforms is used for better growth of sales volume to explore significant levels of promotion brands on social media.

2.2 Conceptual Framework

2.3 Concept of brand promotion in social media platforms for inclusiveness

Brand promotion is the practice to achieve a better customer base for revenue growth. Furthermore, customer participation in social media helps to increase the factors of sales revenue improvisation. Although, 65 million internet users in the UK provide more opportunities to achieve a gain in revenue volume through digital marketing practice[7]. Also, these social media not only improvise the branding of products but also information about the advantages of products for more customer participation.

Although branding products or services on social media platforms helps to achieve more growth potentiality for business gain[8]. Along with that inclusiveness of products is the prime element to the target audience's attention. In the comparative market, the organization has been disrupted by competitors' new move to achieve a better customer base where social media has provided equal opportunity for all bands to promote their products to customers.

According to the statistical data about internet users in the UK, a major percentage (67%) of users belong from 16 to 24 age. This age group number is potential customers for the organization. Along with that branding of products would be useful; to improvise branding organization among that 67% of users. Young habitation activity in social media helps to achieve organizational loans through digital marketing. Creating brand value through social media platforms is important because 67% of users are from the younger generation of the UK[9]. The second-highest percentage of users is 62%, those are users belonging to the age group 25 to 34. Conducting historical data analysis helps to understand that the brand value of an organization would be increased by using social media platforms for branding products.

2.4 Online social media platform advantages to improvise brands image among consumers

Brand awareness among users is important for future reb\venue value. Using social media platforms for organizations' active participation with active users helps to create awareness about the brand value of the organization. Along with that organizations also get opportunities to provide unique information to customers. More inbound traffic by users also increases brand awareness among new customers[10]. More searching regarding brands increases search engine ranking which helps to suggest new customers. A high conversion rate has been achieved by social media platforms used for advertisement. It helps to increase the factors of cost efficiency by revenue growth by organization activity.

Through the use of social media, continuous connectivity with customers helps to gain customers' feedback regarding the organization's products or services. It helps to improve the factors growth of an organization by taking precautions and required action for the betterment[11]. Although the use of brand value organization could increase overseas business through social media. Customer satisfaction has been recognized by social media conversations that help to achieve more attention from customers[12]. Although, the targeted audience of the organization is different damps on the product specialty. Social media conditions could be useful for organizations.

This process also plays with the physiological factors of customers to suggest others to use the same brand products. Using social media platforms, organizations become able to connect with customers 24X7, which helps to gain more attention from customers through digital marketing. Furthermore, information about social media users in the UK is 45 million, which indicates social media is the prime zone to offer brand value to an organization.

2.5 Backlogs and flaws being faced by brands for promotional activity

The electronic platform for the brand promotion has faced some backlogs and flaws in their firm, by which the revenue structure of the firm has gradually decreased. There are multiple issues that the firm is facing, as there are no track records in the social media by which the firm can chase. On the other hand, most aged people are not able to know the usage of smart technologies through the use of mobile phones where social media promotion created barriers to covering up all segment-oriented customers [13]. The companies who are growing their product on social media are facing issues like they do not have any dedicated media marketing team in the business, by which the firm has to promote their business by themselves.

The customers who belong from the age group of 50 to 70 are not interested in online shopping which the brands promoting cannot increase in a high aspect of the market. The aged people have a tendency to buy from shops as they are not interested in brand promotion and all kinds of activities. On another hand, negative reviews and negative comments in the brand promotion can create a negative impact on the business, by which the company can face an issue in brand promotion. As written by[14]Wang, and Wang, negative comments or negative feedback on social media can ruin the whole business of the firm. By which the company can face a huge loss by brand promotion.

For example, cosmetics have launched their product on social media by which people get acne-free skin in seven days. Based on the brand promotion the consumers have attracted to the product but after using the product 60% of people are facing problems with more acne on the skin. As a result, many people have given feedback that they are facing issues with using the products on their skin. The new customer who will be attracted to the brand has also disliked the total brand. Hence, the company will face huge losses in their company, as a result, it will have a negative impact on its selling structure. The reputation of the firm as well as the goodwill of the firm will be combusted in social media as well as in the international market structure.

As a result, the company also faced a decrease in customer growth as well as a decrease in the selling rate in the market. Government rules about social media promotion become a critical job in mandating ethical consideration in business operations[15]. By which the company will run under losses in the future. There will be no guidance to the firm as to which the firm can follow a strategy in the brand promotion.

If the brand has not gained many followers on the social media platform the company's brand promotion has not any impact on the business. Audience and followers are essential for brand promotion on social media. The company grown by the influencers in the market, decreasing the followers can harm the brand promoting of the company. By which the firm cannot grow in a successful nature. As opined by Abdullahi[16], if the brand focuses on quantity over quality there can be a negative impact on the business. By which the firm can face huge problems in brand promotion on social media. Hence, it can be a huge problem posting the same content again and again in the marketplace. Collaboration process of the organization helps to identify the organizational difficulties. On another hand, the collaboration process can be fraud which indicates that the company has paid for the content to the influencer, but the influencer cannot even collaborate with the company. By which the company's financial structure has faced problems in brand promotion on social media. Hence, the brand promotion in the business can face a huge loss in the firm[17].

2.6 Comparative advantages gained by brands to survive in a competitive market

In the new era of digital platforms, upcoming brands and small to large companies are using social media to promote their brand. By which customer attraction is going in the firm. As a result, the company has grown its selling structure the business. The huge number of customers has attracted the firm after promoting the brands on social media. The selling rate of the firm had grown in nature, as a result, the firm has increased its selling rate as well as market demand in the international market. As per the view of Tien[18]. brand promotion in social media helps marketers by attracting customers from different countries.

Well-known brands promote their products by collaborating with multiple people on social media. Besides, it creates the interaction of the consumer with the brand[19]. On another hand, the brand promotes better feedback options on social media by which the new customer can check the reviews before purchasing the products. Using social media for brand promotion is a better option for companies that help to grow their followers in the market. Customer retention has increased in the firm which helps the firm to gain potential customers in the business. On another hand, it provides a better opportunity to the consumer that they are having much more options to purchase the products.

As narrated and stated by expert brands promotion in the business is an essential component to increase the potential customer by which the firm's revenue structure will grow business, another factor about social media influences viewers' adoption of new products for consumption[20]. Hence, it is beneficial for the firm to grow the selling rate in the firm. Brand promotion helps the business to increase the audience rate by up to 40% in business. Gradually increasing the audience rate provides the business better selling structure in the firm. Hence the beneficial part for the company is that it helps to grow the influence of the firm[21]. By which the profit rate of the firm will also increase by 70% in the business.

Brand promotion can face high risk in the future due to the competitive market in social media. In the social media structure, there are multiple types of the same content in branding by which the company will face problems in the business. Same content creates more competition between the products, by which the company can face huge competition and loss in the future. If the brand promotion of the firm focused on quantity over qualities and other companies focused on quality over quantity then it will be a huge competition for the business. Branding in social media helps the business by increasing the brand awareness of the product. Hence, the brand content helps to increase the social media strategy in the business. On another hand, the higher conversion rate also increased in the firm by which the firm developed their customer relationship up to 50%.

On another hand, the broad audience structure helps the business to engage in a huge market promotion as well as grow the followers of the firm. Along with that organization has faced progress in sales volume because of the promotion of products on online platforms during the covid-19 period[22]. Also, it provides more inbound traffic to the business by which the business can promote their multiple products on social media and different people from different countries will attract to the new product after launching. On another hand, it improved the search engine rankings which indicate the business ranking in the social media structure. It helps the business to track the records of ranking in the top position in social media.

2.7 Impact of social media to create inclusiveness of brands for future growth potential

Inclusiveness of the brand indicates the content of media forms such as blogging, posting a video created, and images on social media. The inclusive content includes multiple kinds of blogs, videos, and images as well as reels. The image content provides various kinds of data by which the brand promotion will grow in a sustainable nature. On another hand, the inclusiveness of brands has a positive impact on the business, as it provides feedback on the firm. On the other hand, it helps to increase the marketing structure of the company as well as the company's profit structure is gradually increased by brand promotion on social media.

Hence, it helps to grow the audience through paid collaboration, paid collaboration attracts the consumer differently. The help of paid collaboration which includes videos and multiple blogs and posts on social media provides a better market strategy compared to offline shops. Therefore, it is necessary to use inclusive in the brand promotion, by which they will gain a better revenue structure in the business. On another hand, the web content provides better opportunities to the companies such as increasing the selling rate in the business as well as the search engine help to create the potential client in the business[23]. The inclusiveness of the brands indicates that the brand promotes content influencers and the collaboration of people from different countries.

Besides, it helps to engage more people in the branding of the new product which helps to build potential customers in the business. Also, collaboration helps the business to gain more influence in the company, and streaming on social media also helps to increase the followers in the business. Hence, it is necessary to use inclusiveness in the business by which the firm will gradually increase its market reputation as well as market goodwill in the firm. Hence, it provides better communication with the consumer on social media. As per the narrator of expert[24], it provides multiple brands to the influencer, by which the influencer can use the product and will give a suitable review on social media.

For example, the beauty cosmetics company has launched a hair serum with mineral oils and comedogenic ingredients. The company tries to decide to collaborate with the social media influencer and the company starts creating brand promotion with the influencer. Also, the companies have paid the influencer to promote their product on social media. As instructed by the company the influencer started creating multiple posts, videos, and images on social media. By promoting the company's hair product on social media, the general people, as well as the consumers, start watching their videos on the social sites by which the consumers are attracted to the product. As a result, more consumers are attracted to the firm and start using the product.

Company's profit structure will start increasing in the future as well as the company starts generating more revenue in the firm. It helps to grow the potential viewers to the firm as well as grow the audience on social media. Social media content help to grow the customer relationship between the customer and the firm, on the other hand, there is a huge role of influencer to increase the customers in the brand promotion. Using various product segments for business exposure, an online platform provides extra benefits to promote products to many consumers at a time[25]. As a result, the consumers start purchasing the product in huge demand and using the product in their daily life.

2.8 Importance of inclusivity and representation on social media

Inclusivity is important as it helps to represent and broadens the base of the customers. Many creators on social media generate more social content with the idea of working out a message that each person can relate to. The puzzle arises as it is sometimes missing the inquiry of the correct representation of the groups. Creating and generating the products in the market is a demographic representation and is crucial as it provides a broader base of the customer. The brand speaks more than anything.

The customer is attracted to the brand more than the price and the product. Moreover, the most important function of inclusivity is that it brings the brand to life. The social media content examines the beans as it repeatedly allows the clients to feel as if they are the ones. The importance of social media is to enable the person regarding the attributes. This helps in generating the same opportunities. It helps to know the rights and even generate services that are available in the groups of the mainstream. Moreover, it also allows the customers to resonate with the brands. The brands can include more products as the people of the modern knowledge follow different cultures and ethnicities.

The customers are attracted more towards the brands. It highlights the attics and the trust towards the customers. The key to success is trust. The brand focuses on the loyalty and the trust of the customers. 48% of their clients pay more for the brands than the products. Inclusivity can win the points. It is exclusively important to target the customers or the audience. The company is growing in the market and it needs to take note of this. It believes that it is relevant to show the brands that are showing the representation and all the avenues. The goal of the product should be rate rather than generating profits. When the product is rated it can itself generate more profits than earlier. The campaign highlights that the whopping 75%, the margin as compared gained 49% and the millennials are 55%. Creating and generating the products in the market are a representation and it is important as it provides a broader base of the customer. The brand highlights performative activism. Social media also defines the culture and influences marketers. The budgeting and the influencers generate meaningfully and do the changes that are long-lasting and effective.

2.9 Integration of brand building an inclusive social media strategy

The integration defines how to look after the customers and tends to increase the marketing of the products or the services that have the most demands in the market. The customers are the only one who guides the currency marketing strategy. This is effective and also benefits the offerings as well as the population. This has a wise look at leading the achievers to achieve their goals and didn't pan out. This can be favorable because of the p[rice of the products. The recognition of the role of the brand is the way to determine. Each and every brand on social media needs an approach to corporate with the audience. The importance of developing the plan is the representation of the brand.

The integration helps in prioritizing the representation. The goals are considered demographic that are represented on social media. The representation can be improved because of the external representation on the team that is internal. The plan made should highlight the actions of the employees and their ongoing work on social media. Implementation plan of the business organization are successfully maintained by the digital media strategy. The team has a full focus on volunteering and using the platform that highlights the impact of the community that has been served. This generates an opportunity to promote the organization that earns no or fewer profits. The people with high standards prefers brands more than the price.

The main intention of building a brand that is exclusive on social media. To understand the spend of the integration on the organization is to flex the products in the social media. The diversity plans to develop the content in the communication that is created and risky. This highlights the performance of the organization. The organizations must be improved day to day by choosing the strategies over the tools. The importance of social media is to enable the person regarding the attributes. This helps in generating the same opportunities. It helps to know the rights and even generate services that are available in the groups of the mainstream. The second way is to drive on social media to take a stand against the goals of the marketing. This is needed specially to align social media with the strategies of marketing. The main aim of the integration defines how social media is important for the organization. To achieve the aims of the communication it supports the platforms and the tools on the media can help achieve this.

Driving social changes through inclusive marketing

Today's customers have become savvy and demanding. The customers now prefer to consume branded products only. Social media has brought changes everywhere. The organizations are trying to cast changes toward diversity in the ads with the help of inclusive marketing. Inclusive marketing highlights the age factor, ethnicity, languages, and income. Social media is driving changes with the larger section by creating a reflection of them. Inclusive marketing is highlighting the brands. The highlighting of the brands creates a huge impact on the customers as the customers are preferring the goods with the brand. They pay a higher price for the product but bring home the goods that are exclusively branded.

It can be said that the market campaign is often not predictable. This is because some factors on social media showcase the potentiality in case of revenue and one wrong decision can drag the company to bear losses. The brand sometimes fails to reflect the society as it can generate a silent social revolution. The advertisement can make changes in the minds of the customers as the organizations think that the inclusive products and the campaign for the marketing can be diverse. This can help to give meaningful messages that are refined and can be useful in broadening the minds of the people to make it successful. Inclusive marketing provides to alleviate cultural as well as social bias. It brings the c Ganges for the brands that are favorable and optimistic. Research shows that almost 70 to 80% of the purchasing decision is made by seeing the brand.

2.10 Literature Gap

The literature review highlights the integration of brand building. The organizations are trying to cast changes toward diversity in the ads with the help of inclusive marketing. Hence, the report shows the gap in the literature. The main problem deals with the lack of availability of resources and data. This is the major factor affecting the brands on social media. This can be improved by checking the trends of their products. The company should focus on the customer's services as well as on the brands. The ads are also not specific. This should be improved to attract customers and the company should basically focus on interacting with the customers. When the company will focus on the availability of resources and data it will be much easier for the brand to gain control of the market and also in the minds of the customers.

2.11 summary

The literature review of chapter 2 dealt with brand promotion on the social media platform for inclusiveness. Moreover, the online platform of social media has the highest advantages and limitations. The report also deals with the backlog and the flaws that have been faced by the brand for promotional activity. Furthermore, it also highlights the comparative advantages that are gained by brands. It determines the sustainability of the product in the competitive market. This creates an impact on social media that generates exclusives of the brand for generating potential in the future. Apart from this it also highlights the importance of inclusivity and representation on social media. 

The social media content examines the beans as it repeatedly allows the clients to feel as if they are the ones. This report has created an impact and have showcased the minds of the customers. The customer is attracted more towards the brand than the price and the product. The importance of social media is to enable the person regarding the attributes. The social media content examines the beans as it repeatedly allows the clients to feel as if they are the ones. The importance of social media is to enable the person regarding the attributes. Moreover, it also examined the social changes through inclusive marketing. The integration of brand-building inclusive social media strategy was also highlighted in this project. Moreover, the most important function of inclusivity is that it brings the brand to life.

Chapter 3: Methodology

3.1: Introduction

This chapter of the research work shall further outline a suitable discussion on the methodologies applied. In order to further facilitate suitable methodologies for identifying the role of social media in branding, a detailed discussion on research approaches and research design shall be conducted. Moreover, this chapter shall further outline a detailed discussion of research philosophy, research paradigms, data collection method, and data analysis method shall also be discussed. Following is the credible discussion of all these suitable elements of methodologies and proper articulation of social media's role in improving the branding image of an organization.

3.2: Research Approach

The adherence to research approaches is further considered a suitable and important consideration for this particular research work on social media influence and its relevant role in improving the overall brand image of an organization. The additional emphasis on research work methodology shall be further concerned for providing a suitable discussion on sampling methods, ethical considerations, research timeline, and summary. Various approaches of a particular research approach further consist of inductive, deductive, abductive, inductive, and mixed methods. Suitable discussion on all these facets is further discussed briefly as follows

3.2.1: Deductive Approach

The deductive approach is further considered to be an important research approach, which enables us to identify various scientific investigations. Various scientific implications of research work based on the evaluation of social media influences can be further associated with measuring the relevance and significance of social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram [26]. Hence, with the suitable application of the deductive research approach, vital roles of social media influence can be further accomplished with respect to an increase in the brand loyalty and brand value of a company. Comparative advantages related to informing can also be established in this research, which can further provide suitable details on the overall influence of social media.

3.2.2: Inductive Approach

The second important research approach is further considered to be an inductive approach. Specifications and features of an inductive approach further enable to extraction of various facets of social media's role in studying various trends and patterns associated with the study of branding the image of an organization. Further discussion on the abductive and mixed research approaches is further conducted as follows.

3.2.3: Abductive Approach

The abductive approach is further considered to be a vital component of the research approach structure for conducting particular research [27]. Specifications and benefits of employing an abductive research approach further enable us to find necessary nuances, which are considered to be out of the box and unique. Hence, this research approach is further deemed to be a significant one to establish suitable findings

3.2.4: Mixed Approach

The fourth significant research approach is considered to be related to the application of mixed approaches. The application of mixed approaches further enables us to find aesthetically important facts about the role of social media and establish suitable impacts on the overall perception and evaluation of the branding value of an organization. Following is the suitable justification with regards to the selection of an appropriate research approach. The application of the mixed approach can further enable this research to ascertain qualitative aspects such as operational excellence for organizations. The establishment of operational excellence can be further considered a vital component of the qualitative data analysis methods.

3.2.5: Justification

In order to conduct this particular research work on identifying the role of social media in improvising the overall brand image of an organization, the selection of Inductive research approach has been selected. The selection of an inductive research approach further enables us to gather suitable details and numerical prospects of how brands improve their overall business prospects. Hence, the selection of this research approach shall further enable to improvise the higher quality of findings regarding the effect of social media and establish how corporate culture is being further influenced.

3.3: Research Design

The second important attribute of the research methodology further consists of the various research designs that could be applied for conducting particular research [28]. Various research designs further include descriptive, correlational, experimental, diagnostic, and explanatory research. Following is a suitable discussion further highlighting the key research designs and justification for the particular selected research design.

3.3.1: Descriptive Research Design

The first important research design is considered to be the descriptive research design. Major attributes and characteristics of the descriptive research design further enable us to extract systematic patterns and trends about the role of social media in improving the overall brand value of an organization [29]. The additional features of the descriptive research design further enable quantifying the relevance of social media as well as addresses key conflicting areas for the concerned research of brand value maximization by integrating social media influence.

3.3.2: Correlation Research Design

The second important aspect of the research design further involves the correlation research design. Correlation research design further enables us to extract and measure the degree of correlation between multiple variables of a dataset concerned for the research of social media influence on improvisation of brand value.

3.3.3: Experimental Research Design

The third key face of the research design further involves the experimental research design. Usage and implementation of this research design further allow drawing out suitable conclusions on the importance of research for determining the role of social media influence on the brand image and value of an organization [30]. Under experimental research design, emphasis is further provided on conducting various statistical calculations which include descriptive statistics and regression analysis. 

3.3.4: Diagnostic Research Design

The fourth key research design is considered to be the diagnostic research design, in which special emphasis is provided on identifying a certain problem area of the research work. The major area of problem or conflict in this particular research is considered to be the influence on business brand value owing to the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic. Hence, this problem is further deemed to be an essential factor in further extracting suitable implications due to social media influence.

3.3.5: Explanatory Research Design

The fifth key research design is considered to be the explanatory research design. Exploratory research design is further deemed to be a vital research design as it enables to explore of the validity of social media influence concerning the limited availability of data and information [31]. Necessary future trends and patterns can be further identified by the application of explanatory research design, which shall present an overall description of how social media influences the overall brand value of an organization.

3.3.6: Justification

In order to excel in this particular research work about the identification of social media role concerning increase in brand value of an organization, an Experimental research design shall be chosen. The basic advantages endured by selecting this research design can be further attributed to numerically calculating various results of statistical calculations as well as employing a large number of numerical variations. Adherence to numerical calculations is deemed to be an important facet of this research work for identifying the importance of social media in brand value across major industries in the United Kingdom. 

3.4: Research Philosophy

In addition to the research approaches and research designs, adherence to research philosophies is further deemed to be a vital component. The research philosophies applicable for particular research can be further determined by applying positivist, pragmatist, interpretivism, and realistic research philosophies. Following is a suitable discussion of all the important research philosophies in detail.

3.4.1: Positivist Research Philosophy

The first important aspect of the research philosophies further includes the application and implementation of positivist research philosophy [32]. Selection of the positivist research philosophy for the research work on the role of social media concerning improvement in the brand image can be further benefited by gaming factual observations about the research. The application of this research philosophy further enables us to gather vital information, when the availability of the dataset is considered to be succinct.

3.4.2: Pragmatist Research Philosophy

The second important research philosophy is considered to be the pragmatist research philosophy. The application and implementation of this particular research philosophy further enable us to extract suitable operational decisions that are needed to be incorporated for identifying the role of social media influence[33]. Hence, a detailed aesthetics on the overall impact of organizational brand value can be ascertained and the significance of social media role can be therefore identified feasibly.

3.4.3: Interpretivism Research Philosophy

The third important research philosophy is widely regarded as the interpretivism research philosophy. The features and key attributes of the interpretive research philosophy further enable us to identify the role of social media in determining brand value through viewing an external perspective. Viewing from an external perspective can be further evaluated based on identifying responses related to social media usage in an organization. Subsequently, the contribution of social media influence on the overall brand value can therefore be located in detail [34]

3.4.4: Realistic Research Philosophy

The fourth key attribute of the research philosophy is further deemed as the realistic research philosophy. The application of realistic research philosophy further enables a research work to examine the real prospects from an individual's perspective. In order to establish suitable realism philosophies related to the research work on brand value identification by social media influence, realism can be further divided based on critical and direct groups.

3.4.5: Justification

In order to emphasize numerical aesthetics in the research work on brand value determination through social media influence, the positivist research philosophy has been chosen. The selection of positivist research philosophy further enables to determine the overall numerical aspects, present data in a qualitative manner, as well as further, objectivize the dataset.

3.5: Data Collection Method

In addition to the research approaches, research design, and research philosophies consideration of the data collection methods is further considered to be a necessary aspect. Conduction of business partnerships with various organizations to handle online product delivery-related services would be a growth opportunity in the future. Additionally, grocery and pharmaceutical product selling companies required adequate communication systems to maintain communication and improvise sales volume and generate higher brand value. The necessary aspect can be reliably linked and integrated with the research work on brand value maximization concerning social media influence by organizations. The various data collection methods further include the primary data collection method as well as the secondary data collection methods. Suitable and reliable discussion on the various data collection methods is further discussed as follows.

3.5.1: Primary Data Collection Method

The primary data collection method is considered to be the first important data collection method [35]. The primary data collection method further allows data collection for this research by gathering raw data and information from sources including interviews and surveys. However, the limitation of the primary data collection method can be further considered as a non-reliable one, owing to a limited sample size of the dataset for the research work on brand value determination owing to social media influence. Moreover, the reliability and credibility of data gathered from primary sources are considered to be partially biased, thereby leading to indifferent findings about the dataset for the role of social media influence to ascertain the brand value of an organization.

3.5.2: Secondary Data Collection Method

The second important data collection method is considered to be the secondary data collection method. The secondary data collection method further enables a researcher to gather data about this particular research work from various external and credible sources [36]. Various secondary sources of data collection can be further identified as journals, peer review articles, websites and online articles. Advantages associated with the collection of data from external and secondary sources further include possession of a large dataset and thereby expressing validity of the dataset based on statistical and numerical findings.

3.5.3: Justification

All the above-mentioned sources of Secondary data collection methods enable a researcher to get a plethora of knowledge and understanding about the topic of conducted research. In order to establish true and fair research conclusions, this method is deemed to be the best for conducting research, particularly concerning the role of social media in the determination of brand value for an organization. Hence., the selection of the secondary data collection method is further considered for conducting this particular research.

3.6: Data Analysis Method

The data analysis method is further considered to be an important attribute for determining the suitable methodology aesthetics for particular research work. The significance of data analysis methods can be further compared to be linear with the significance of research design, research philosophies, research approach and data collection methods [37]. In order to suitably conducting a detailed data analysis for the research on brand value determination by identifying the influence of social media, data analysis methods include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Following is a suitable discussion of all three data analysis methods, which are relevant to the research of social media influence.

3.6.1: Quantitative Data Analysis Methods

The first important data analysis method is widely regarded as the quantitative data analysis method). Quantitative data analysis methods further emphasize statistical calculations of a dataset in which added focus is further provided on identifying categorical and numerical variables of a dataset. The basic advantages associated with the application of quantitative data analysis methods further involve numerical expressions of a dataset. Thus, by applying quantitative data analysis statistical expressions of the dataset for determining the brand value of an organization based on social media influence can be ascertained full-fledged. Both these categories further establish a degree of dependence on each other as well as elaborate statistical findings in a more refined manner.

3.6.2: Qualitative Data Analysis Methods

The second important attribute of the data analysis methods further consists of the qualitative data analysis methods [38]. The selection of a qualitative data analysis method further enables a researcher to obtain detailed qualitative aspects of the research for the identification of brand value based on the influence of social media. The disadvantages of qualitative data analysis methods can be further considered as non-adherence to quantitative and statistical calculations as well as it is generally regarded as a time-consuming process. The additional discussions on mixed methods and justification are further conducted as follows.

3.6.3: Mixed Methods

The third important data collection method can be further classified as mixed methods, which involves a combination of both quantitative and qualitative methods. In order to extract suitable findings about the research for determining the influence of social media concerning brand value determination, the added emphasis shall be mostly provided on numerical calculations as well as statistically defining social media influence. 

3.6.4: Justification

In order to articulate a detailed identification of numerical aspects for the conduct of this research, the quantitative data analysis method shall be considered. The application of quantitative data analysis methods shall further benefit to underline the necessary statistical impacts and influences of social media. Moreover, a numerically influenced behavioural pattern can be further established in this research, which leads to the identification of customer responses for an organization. Young and aged customers are more prone to the usage of social media and the selection of quantitative data analysis shall further enable the determination of key statistical findings.

3.7: Sampling Method

The detailed relevance of the sampling method is further regarded as an important feature and research methodology characteristic. Therefore, it is considered to be an important attribute of the research for determining the influence of social media concerning the identification of brand value generated by organizations[39]. The various sampling methods involve random sampling, and systematic random sampling and a suitable discussion on all three elements are further considered as follows.

3.7.1: Random Sampling Method

The first important method of sampling is considered to be the random sampling method [40]. Under a random sampling method, the probability of selecting a particular sample of the dataset is considered to be equal. Hence, the concerned research on social media influence on establishing brand value is further signified based on a selection of various numerical samples, which determines the relevance of social media influence.

3.7.2: Clustered Sampling Method

The second important sampling method is considered to be the clustered sampling method [41]. Under clustered sampling method, the dataset available for social media influence is further clustered and formed into smaller groups to achieve suitable relevance to organizational brand value [42].

3.7.3: Justification

In order to conduct this particular research on social media influence for establishing the brand value of an organization, the random sampling method shall be selected. The basic advantages associated with the selection of random sampling methods further allow us to remove biases in the dataset as well as calculate essential statistics with simplicity. The data analysis method used is considered to be quantitative data analysis method, 

3.8: Ethical Consideration

The adherence to ethical considerations is further considered an important characteristic of the research methodology, which determines the stipulated guidelines needed to be followed by researchers. Adherence to ethical considerations can be further regarded as researchers refraining from using unethical research practices and actively allowing the collection of data from various secondary sources.

3.9: Research Timeline

From the above graphical demonstration of Timeline and Gantt Chart, the research for the significance of social media influence on brand value can be further divided based on key chapters. The chapters of this research further consist of Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings and discussions, and conclusions and recommendations. The stipulated timeline for completing all the above-mentioned chapters is stipulated as 164 days or within 6 months.

3.10: Summary

This chapter has outlined the research methodology applicable for the identification of social media influence in determining the brand value of an organization. The research approach chosen is considered to be the deductive approach, while a positivist research philosophy is needed to be applied. Data collection methods are useful to identify the research design and truly communicate with the individual. The research design chosen is regarded as the experimental research design, while a secondary data collection method is being used. The data analysis method used is considered to be quantitative data analysis method, while the random sampling method has been chosen to attain higher numerical findings about the research on the influence of social media for determining organizational brand values. Hence, the concerned research on social media influence on establishing brand value is further signified based on a selection of various numerical samples, which determines the relevance of social media influence.

Chapter 4: Findings

4.1: Introduction

This chapter is going to explore quantitative data set analysis to express the influence of social media on the branding of the organization's activity. Inclusive and branding of products are dependent on the organization's product advantage, which makes inclusiveness of products to customers. In this section, the researcher will focus on consumers' consumption of social media to analyze the impact of social media on customers. With the help of qualitative analysis of researcher's additional analysis of competition of social media according to the age group. It also defines a specific age group as consuming more consumption than another age group. Branding of activity in the research study would provide findings regarding the influence of social media on creating brands of organizations.

4.2: Statistical Analysis 

4.2.1: Statistical Analysis for annually media evaluation

bly favorable and unfavorable commerce of customers influences other customers to consume this product. Branding of products is depending on its advantages and benefits. whereas, unfavorable approaches from consumers impact product branding by negative commencement on a social media platform. According to the statistical analysis campaign regarding a product, advantages make a more beneficial activity for revenue growth. Campaigning means the value has been evaluated 24.67, which is presenting the average activity of branding operated through campaigning.

The activity of participation of an organization attracts more customers to participate in organization branding activity. Act of an organization regarding branding would be activated with specific information supplied to consumers to improvise aisles volume. According to statistical analysis, customers ' reflection on social media is important to creating brand value for products. The annual evaluation report of media is presenting important activities for barding that could impact consumers' consumption. Although, based on calculation article evaluation, it has represented publication on social media as a better approach to improvise branding activity. 

Information on social media platform consumption is providing such analysis regarding marginal percentage. Article type communication contains a marginal percentage of 8.3%, it represents a lower range of activity that has explored effective influence on customers. Although using an inclusive approach toward the promotion of a product, benefits attracts customers to consume more products. Although approaching article type letter branding is producing brand value of products. Moreover, the active participation of organizations in social media platforms improvise awareness regarding product benefits and advantages. Through the activity, communication with customers helps to generate branding of products toward customers. Using promotional activity like advertising products, benefits and information contains a mean value of 24.56 and the standard deviation is 25.3. Both are statistical facts representing branding of products in the new digital era is possible through social media platforms.

4.2.2: Statistical Analysis for annual media evaluation by top publications 

Social media platforms are performing as communication tools in the current digital era. Based on statistical factors, publication houses have subscribers by catering to interesting content. Hence with the help of those statistical top publications, social media houses are advertising products of organizations to gain commercial benefits. Considering those factors organizations have to reveal statistical factors like OTS and volume have been considered for statistical analysis. Hence, the statistical calculation of OTS represents a mean value of 24, it has to reveal the average performance of publications improvises barding of products through a continuous advertising process. Moreover, the top publication has an average mean volume of 76.75, which means presenting influence to consumers would be possible through a partnership approach with digitality media channels. Hence, having a larger number of subscribers would be captured by publishing branding activity on top searching digital platforms. According to the statistical minimum value of 79640, it is presenting branding of products would be evaluated by approaching digital advertisement activity.

Analysis considering regression tools has presented various relations between two variables. Hence, based on statistical analysis R-value is .564, which is presenting a positive relationship that has been identified between the two variables. Additionally, the significant value is .010, which is presenting a less significant value being identified between the two variables. The significant value is also representing the changing relationship between two variables. 

4.2.3: Statistical Analysis for social media search engine engagement 

Analysis of the dataset of the social media engine engagement for branding of products has been considered as another fact that needs to be analyzed. According to descriptive analysis of the dataset of search engine engagement in branding of products, representing the searching activity of customers is important for the choice of important customers. Based on the analysis of the descriptive relationship of engagement of search engines, it has required huge storage capacity to fulfill the demand for air conditioners. With the help of arranging two variables improve the distribution of branding customers. 

Comparative analysis between all variables helps to improvise branding of products by identification of higher searching engine use by customers. Considering all the facts of search engine-related descriptive analyses provide a result of .654 as the mean value of search engine activity in social media. Based on the result of regression presenting branding of products should be on highly searched digital media platforms to help to improvise awareness regarding product information. Moreover, the productivity of branding should be done through a highly viewed searching platform, which will increase the customer base through more information to customers. Although the most searched platform has a huge number of subscriptions, the highly searched digital platform will be used to effectively measure branding activity. 

The maximum descriptive value is 37328, which is described as positional benefits in branding from search engines that help to improvise the distribution process regarding information of products to customers by the social media platform. improve the potentiality of revenue. Through revenue and fixed cost, organizations revile profitability through using social media for branding, along with that cost and expenditure become less to the organization as the less average consumption of cost. It could be possible by social media influence to the young generation to help to improvise positively with a productive approach to customer acquisition.

Moreover, engagement means the value of 3282.15 is presenting more positivity than could be possible in promotional activity by a productive approach[43]. According to the standard value of 261.246 present captivity errors could not be possible in branding products in digital media. Through engagement analysis engagement, a higher mean value is present than mentioned, which is highlighting branding activity-related advertisements taking place on the digital platform. Although, adopting new advertisement activities in digital media platforms provide features to improvise branding activity.

Based on regression analysis of two variables is presenting an R-value of .517, which highlights the positive relation presented between the two variables. Along with that positive relation has a null significant value. Although product quality delivered in digital platforms gathers more customers at a time through direct communication. According to R square, 0.267 is described as a negative relation of engagement that could be possible if external activities influence negatively on the searching engine. Although, organizations' advertising activity on social media platforms helps to improvise advertisement activity on the social media platform. Additionally, the mean square of 4746063157600 is presenting a significant level that could change the effectiveness of both factors that influence digital advertisement activity because of the influence of organization activity.

4.2.4: Statistical Analysis for social media streaming data facts

Another dataset is oriented toward the engagement of search engines for the branding of products. Through branding activity in digital advertisement improvisation of branding through a more effective approach in digital marketing[44]. Although, organizations approach a digital platform to improvise branding quality search engine has played an important role. Additionally, providing a more effective approach to digital advertisement activity could be identified by a range of statistics of 14173 to explore a higher effective approach to branding operating through the digital media platform[45]. By calculation of the cost of per, which is going to be added to the production of wine bottles in the UK. Additionally, maintaining density in digital media is cost-effective activity, whereas maintaining branding of the advertisement has explored possibilities in digital marketing activity.

Automatic Linear Modeling

Additionally, the Beta of engagement describing higher volatility is present in the engagement rate which evaluates the influence of digital marketing could improvise the branding activity of products. Another fact of organizational activity of digital marketing is improving awareness of product quality to customers. Meanwhile, a positive relationship between search engine activity and customer participation helps to improve the quality of branding. Hence, a positive approach to branding improvises the quality of branding in organizational benefits.

Branding activity focuses on improvisation of product quality and benefits to more customers to grow financial benefits. Actual benefits from the branding of products are essential to improvise revenue conditions, hence productivity of an organization will be improved by adopting digital marketing culture. Through analysis data of mentioned items presenting low vulnerability is established in branding. Additionally, the positive relation of search engines with branding provides a more reliable path to creating the branding of products. The beta of engagement is .662, it is representing less than the standard level. Through analysis of beta level presenting stability of search engine activity is presenting most influence branding activity is possible through digital marketing[46]. Another prospect regarding age group reviles major percentage of participation is belong to the young generation.

4.3: Summary 

Along with that, positive factors of evaluation of advertising activity in social media could be improvised by the positive influence of searching engines. It does mean searching for participation to influence customers is an effective approach for branding. This statistical fact highlights that change between two variables could happen at any time, which also changes the ultimate result of branding. Hence, branding of products on digital platforms is gathering more engagement for branding products.

Chapter 5: Analysis and Discussion 

5.1: Introduction 

The analysis and discussion part of the research is going to explore critical discussion regarding previous statistical analysis. Although, considering all analysis help to determine the different aspect of organizations to improvise branding in the digital platform. Consumption of social media among different age-oriented customers could be targeting customers for the future that would be evaluated in this section. Additionally, the discussion part is going to evaluate the influence of digital media on improving the branding of products. Collective information and analysis regarding social media and searching engine-related data facts would evaluate possibilities and future aspects of branding through social media consumption.

5.2 Descriptive statistical analysis for annually media evaluation

The evaluation of the descriptive statistical analysis of the annual media evaluation has been explored with the different prospects of mean and statistical analysis. The mean value of the article type is 7.17 which clearly visualizes that the article type interview is determined as 1.08. The perspective of the present evaluation has visualized that the comment opinion is said to be more explicit than the impact of the article-type interview. According to the evaluation of the statistical analysis, the value of the campaign FHRS has the highest volume of the mean which visualizes several relevant aspects of making further growth in the media evaluation in the upcoming years[47]. However, the value of the standard error of skewness and kurtosis remained the same in all of the possible causes as per the evaluation of the analysis.

The data set has continued information regarding an article type to another different source of advertisements being used on digital media platforms to influence customers. Along with that excessive activity in digital media platforms improvises customers based on the production or advertising benefits of products[48]. In this context statistical analysis of social media, tools help to analyze the influence of activities performance regarding the branding of products[49]. According to statistical tools, descriptive analysis has presented the mean value of article types that are oriented with commented opinions that helps to understand consumers' participation in social media platforms.

Based on the calculation, the mean value is 7.17 of the article approach in social media indicates that consumer participation is a continuous process. Article type letter has provided information regarding mean value is 1.08, it presents about the progress of communication between organizations being operated through airtel publication activity[50]. Through this activity, organizations become able to connect with a larger number of customers at a time. During analysis of the user's feedback regarding information, activity has oriented with 3.83, it represents customers' expectations and experience regarding the product has been reflected in social media. Branding creation of products would be useful by adopting this communication practice.

5.2.1 Justification of the case processing summary

The case processing summary in this analysis has been evaluated into the seven different factors in which the article types, user interviews, and the campaign have a crucial impact on the analysis. The marginal percentage of all the cases remained the same as well as the comment opinion being evaluated in the discussion. The evaluation of the case processing summary is being considered as maximum in those cases in which the value of the case processing system is being observed as descriptive in nature. The determination of the total valid value is observed as 12 and the total number of the missing value is being found as 0 in the evaluation. The present evaluation explores several relative analyses to understand the analysis and the impact of the possible factors within the required period of time. 

All online branding accretion activity has a different standard deviation, which is exploring dependence between all activity is null. Whereas, branding of products becomes useful through digital marketing platforms. Although statistics less than .5 are presented, cumulative approaches are being taken by organizations to increase product branding[51]. Social media captivity in the UK is increasing in the last five years because attitudes toward social media communication have changed. Hence, advertising of products benefits customers social media platform is the active communication platform[52]. With the help of analysis media evaluation, the branding activity of products is dependent on the communication activities of an organization.

5.2.2 Model summary visualization of annual media evaluation

One of the major aspects of the annual media evaluation is directly interconnected with the targeted article type and the evaluation of the features. The data preparation and automotive preparation of the necessary issues associated with the model summary. The forward stepwise method has been evaluated for the purpose of making the evaluation of the necessary information to figure out the crucial aspects. The classification of the relevant information and the variable analysis of the module is directly connected with the majority explanation and finding out the module of the strategies for a given period of time. The application of the promotional techniques and classification of the valid information has been observed.

5.3 Statistical analysis for annual media evaluation associated with top publications

The descriptive statistical analysis has been made with the help of using the mean, standard deviation, kurtosis, and skewness of the relative important factors. The value of the statistical skewness is going to be observed as 3.074 as it visualizes that valuation of the measure prospects into the analysis. The identification of the OTS volume and valid strategies to be maintained[53]. The standard error of kurtosis and skewness need to be adequately evaluated to measure several important aspects. The valid value is more than the OTS as it means the impact of social media in improving the brand value of an organization. Both the value of the standard error and the kurtosis should help in exploring the necessary activities as they increase into the volume of the social media influence has made a huge impact in deriving the value of the organization.

5.3.1 Regression analysis of the top publications and valuation of model summary

The variable analysis of the OTS and the value of the method has been observed as an entry method. The evaluation of the model summary and clear execution of the R square should need to be maintained. One of the main areas that have been highlighted to derive and the model summary has been clearly visualized which evaluates the new aspects of determining the factors that are observed necessary to improvise the requirements of the social media to improvise the total volume of the top publications[54]. The R square value has been evaluated as .318 which means that almost 31.80% variations in the changes in the brand value of the organization. The positive movement and the changes should need to be clearly explained to evaluate the necessary changes and adaptation of the sustainable issues of the country.

5.4 Descriptive statistical analysis of social media search engine management

The descriptive statistical exploration and the improvisation into the social media search engine management have been made with the help of making descriptive statistical analysis. The development of the maintenance and the effective exploitation should be made in such a manner as it can help in developing the improvisation into the main areas. The volume of the statistics of the kurtosis of the Date is minimal in this evaluation as it helped in maintaining the managerial techniques and improvisation of the managerial issues of the processes. The mention of the engagement value of the valid information should be collected to evaluate the measures and relevant aspects of the information[55]. The improvisation of the maintenance of the different issues and the pieces of the products are going to be improved as the techniques to utilize the skewness and the power of the brand value in respect with the different organizations.

Additionally, the R square value of the two variables is .318, representing a negative relationship that has been presented according to the previous activity. Although the less significant level is provided, a more effective approach could be possible by social media platforms to improvise branding of the organization's products. The adjusted R square value is 0.280, it is exploring negative relations could be possible due to the influence of external factors. The derivative of the social media platform is dependent on subscribers' participation, where fewer or more subscriptions are decided by the performance of social media performance toward branding. Although, using subscription numbers to identify effective social media platforms for the branding of products advantages. The benefit of social media performance analysis is presenting organization should go for more subscriptions holding social media platforms to promote organization benefits to brandings of product advantages. Moreover, acquisition of product quality is being operated through compromission of standard errors 17.850.

The coefficient level analysis is used to present the effectiveness of both variables to analyze the progression of improvisation advertisement of product quality to customers. The use of social media platforms has been revealed through significant value analysis. The coefficient value of both variables represents a constant 70.427, which is describing the relation between two variables as positive but situational influence decides this relationship. The beta of .564 describes changes in volume that are vulnerable. Additionally, providing a significant level of .010 is representing negative relations that could be represented in future operations.

Although, proceeding with productivity like the increasing volume of OTC platforms would be possible by adopting barding culture in social media platforms. Moreover, the quality of products needs to be highlighted among customers where social media platforms help to deliver advantages of products to customers by the social media platform[56]. Using the various platform for branding activity also activity improve awareness of products among customers. Although, a significant level of regression analysis is presenting a change in relationships that could be possible in a short time period. Additionally, external influence on social media platforms could change promotional results for organization management. Hence, negative comments from consumers could change the approach of other potential customers. Considering this context of approach in branding positive communication is required for creating branding of organizations.

5.4.1 Regression analysis and explanation of analysis of variance of the social media search

The value of the coefficient of multiple correlations is observed at 0.517 which means that 51.70% of the variation in the social media research can be evaluated based on the evaluation of the techniques applied to improve the brand value of an organization. The improvisation into the measures and the classification of the necessary activities should need to be visualized for a specific period of time. The main perspective of the minimization of the standard error is that social media research has positively affected the improvement in the sales volume of the organization[57].

5.5. Statistical analysis for the social media streaming facts

5.5.1 Regression and model summary explanation of social media streaming facts

The statistical kurtosis of the engagement and the valid evaluation into the descriptive statistical analysis has helped in visualizing the factors that the value of the sustainable issues should such as the increase into the cost of expenses of a business has been increased for a strategic period of time. The classification of the statistical factors and the improvement of the areas should need to be effectively made to utilize the issues and the promotional techniques for a frequent number of years[58]. The higher engagement value in the descriptive analysis for the perspective of the automatic linear modeling analysis.

Additionally, an R-value of .347 represents a negative relationship established between branding and engagement-related data facts. Engagement activity by social media platforms provides a higher influence on customers, whereas an effective approach through search engine activity improves the quality of branding. Another piece of information on the regression sum of the square is 45, which explores positive relationships established between engagements and mentions[59]. Using different factors of engagement search engines will be used as the dependent variable to identify R squared 0.120, it is presenting an explanatory factor of two variables is not satisfactory. Although, a Beta of -.471 is presenting the relation of two variables as not satisfactory.

5.6 Summary

The improvisation of the targeting activities and the classification of the model service method make a curricula impact in utilizing the substantial impact into the evaluation. The information criteria reflected a value of 50% which means social media segmenting can be able to improve the volume of the brand value up to a range of 50%. The valuation and the classification of the model have made a sustainable impact in exploring the value and the growth of the organization for a perspective of several years.

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations

6.1: Conclusions 

The overall conclusion deals with the overall objectives of the research study regarding the inclusiveness of the brand. It identifies the consumption of social media by brands for accomplished statements. It also dealt with examining the advantages and limitations of social media and also sold the products among the customers. Moreover, the study also highlights the flaws and backlogs of the social media platform that is used to connect the huge numbers of members through the internet that visualizes the image of the product to the customers. It also identifies the competitive advantages by visualizing the brand that competes with the competitors.

6.1.1: Linking with Objective 1 (identifying the social media consumption by brands)

Brand promotion is the practice to achieve a better customer base for generating revenue. Objective 1 desk with the internet users that are 65 million in the UK. the brand visualizes the products that help the company to achieve the target. It also increases the growth of the product and helps the business to gain profits[60]. Moreover, the report also highlights that, in the competitive market, the company has been totally disturbed by the new move of the competitors every day.

That provides the opportunity to achieve a better customer base through the use of social media. Among all the inclusiveness of the product is a prime element that is targeted to gain the attention of the audience. The number of internet users has increased between the ages of 16-24. On average, 67% of users have increased in the country. The age group number has the potential number of users in the UK. From their historical data, it has been concluded that the brand value of the company has increased by using the social media platform.

6.1.2: Linking with Objective 2 (Online social media platform advantages to improvise brands image)

Brand awareness is important for generating revenues in the future. Hence, objective 2 highlights the benefits of social media for improving the image of the brand. By using social media an average of 67% of users have increased which has created awareness about the brand's value. Not only have they increased the awareness of the company but have also created great opportunities to provide unique information to the customers. Moreover, this has increased the search related to the brands and has also suggested new customers for the organization.

The advertising process has also been concluded favorably as it has increased the opportunity of increasing the profit. Furthermore, the organization is earning profit by the advertisement because the limited profit is divided for the advertisement that is being observed by the customers. This helps the organization to increase cost efficiency by generating revenue through some activities. The customers are also satisfied as it gets easy for them to search online about the brands and also order from there. This convenience has generated more revenue for the organization.

6.1.3: Linking with Objective 3 (backlogs and flaws that have been faced by the brand during the promotion of the products)

[61]Objective 3, has highlighted the flaws that have been faced by the brands during the promotion of the products. The electronic platform has faced the problem of tracking issues on social media. The company is likely to have such problems every day. Moreover, the problem faced by the company during the promotion was the lack of guidance. This means that the company was not having proper guidance during launching its products. Apart from all these issues, the main issue during the promotion was that the customers between 50-70 have not generated interest in buying the product from the online marketing because they are not likely to use the function of the online marketing part the digital marketing.[62] Moreover, the part also highlighted the negative comments and the reviews made by the people for the company. The reviews have reduced a total of 20% of the customers which was not favorable for the company. The negative feedback is considered unfavorable for the company as the negative feedback has ruined the market. 

6.1.4: Linking with Objective 4 (competitive advantages gained by the brands and sustainability in the competitive market

Objective 5, deals with the sustainability of the business and also the profit and benefits gained by the competitive markets. The brands and the small, as well as the large companies, are using the brands to promote the products. This has created the opportunity for the company to generate profit for the organization which results in a huge amount of profit. The positive feedback has increased the customers as the customers are attracted towards the feedback as the customers generally check the feedback before purchasing the product.[63] Moreover, the objective has also highlighted the increase of the product by the positive feedback and conducted the growth which is beneficial for the company.

The increase in the customer and the company generating higher profits because of online marketing have increased the sustainability of the business. This also gives the opportunity to fight with the competitors. Sustainability determines that the organization will be long-lasting and will be able to sustain itself even in between competitors. A large number of customers have been attracted to the brand and the product.

6.1.5: Linking with Objective 5 (Impact of social media to create inclusiveness of brands to grow in future)

Objective 5, highlights the impact of social media on the creation of exclusive brands to grow in the future. The content has various blogging, videos, reels, and images also. The objective here highlights the images that provide many extra data that is sustainable in nature. It has also highlighted the inclusions of the product and the brand and depends on the feedback. This has helped the market to grow and generate the idea of paid collaboration. The Paid collaboration attracts customers which help to generate profit for the company. The company has gradually made a profit with the help of social media. Any company that collaborates with social media has the chance of growing as online marketing trends increase the profit for the business. The online platform provides extra chances and extra benefits to purchase the product and sell them. The only thing in trend is high demand and the use of the product in their everyday life. The influencer can also utilize those products and can give reviews in online marketing. This has attracted customers increasing the customers and profits.

6.2: Recommendations 

  • The company should apply the visual branding strategy to increase promotion. It can enhance the business and helps in making a profit. The company should make regular updates of the content to be updated and avoid future problems. Ire will also help in making the brand specific and tends to produce some particular idea and generates emotion in the mind.
  • The organization should avoid adopting the same content and representing the same advertisement on each channel and on social media platforms. The company can improve to create a profile that can be of high events. The company should also focus on the value and also do not make it complex.
  • The company should use different tones and different ads on various platforms. The content created should also be updated and standard. Moreover, it should be more meaningful to promote the product quickly. Using good and meaningful pictures all over the channel and website creates a greater impact on the business in a large way. 

6.3 limitations of the research 

The limitations of social media are the communication problem. People don't get the opportunity to understand the product face to face. The researchers have faced the problem of a lack of resources and data. Moreover, the lack of data can create the problem of reducing the statistical power. The researcher may also face the problem while doing the analysis of the data present and eligible data. Sometimes the data that is missing creates a huge impact on the research.[64] These are the daily challenges of the researchers facing these problems. The virtual connection can be harmful sometimes as it creates a lack of communication and is not able to understand the product in a huge manner.

6.4 Future scope 

The branding can help in the future by spreading it to all corners of the world. This will be beneficial in the future as it will help to study the influencers and help them to gain knowledge on the branding that will take place with the help of social media[65]. It will help the researchers to know that the customers are more attracted to social media marketing as it is comfortable and saves their time. The branding on the social media platform will help the researcher to increase visibility and will give the opportunity to grow. It will help the researchers to understand that social media can connect anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why the business made profits on a large basis. 

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