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Health And Social Care Strategies And Policies Assignment sample

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Health And Social Care Strategies And Policies Assignment sample

Task 1

Case Study

Introduction: Health And Social Care Strategies And Policies

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In this case study will reflect on a global issue that is delta by a social and health care organization. The overall formation of policies of that organization will be discussed here on the international level. The overall funding that helped in forming the policies will also be discussed here. And lastly evaluating the response of the issue on a political and practical level. The chosen organization will help to reflect on a special issue that is based on global standards. The company Association for the study of obesity (ASO) was founded in the year of 1967 and it became the organization of the UK dedicated towards knowing obesity and treating it (aso.org, 2022). The mission of the organization is to understand and evaluate obesity while pursuing certain research and education. The prevention of obesity and treating them is the mission of the organization. The overall objectives of the organization are: 

  • Enhancing professional understanding of obesity or its effects on health.
  • Inform the public and spread new findings about the origins, effects, therapy, and preventing obesity.
  • Give attention to obesity and demonstrate leadership regarding policy in the UK.
  • increase awareness of overweight prevention and care across the UK.
  • Enhance the standard of obesity awareness across the UK.
  • Create connections between people and groups working on obesity research across the UK.

Current issues

The issue of obesity is possessing excess body weight. It differs from being overweight, that refers to putting on excessive fat. Body fluids, fat, muscles, and bones might all contribute to the weight. Both phrases imply that an individual is overweight compared to what is deemed healthy regarding their health. Whenever an individual consumes extra calorie than they burn off over period, they become obese (Denova et al. 2020). Each person has a different ratio of calories consumed versus calories expended. The genetic appearance, overeating, consuming meals heavy in fat, but not exercising can all have an impact upon body weight. The risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, and several malignancies are all increased by obesity. If an individual is obese, only a 5-10% weight loss can help to avoid or delay the onset of several of these illnesses (omicsonline.org, 2022). The majority of individuals in contemporary society consume enormous quantities of processed meals and other elevated items, and they spend a lot of time sitting at computers, on couches, or in automobiles. As a result, being overweight is an issue that is becoming more and more prevalent. "The International Obesity Taskforce", a policy branch of IASO, is a global leader in advocating obesity-related issues and policies. 

According to studies, there are many factors that contribute to obesity, including modifications in life, exercise habits, eating patterns brought on by economic development, urbanization, greater longevity outcome expectations, women's participation in the working population, widespread food supply and lesser costs of meals, the availability of preservatives to extend life span, and greater accessibility to packaged food rather than healthy meal.


In order to establish and maintain more secure venues for deliberate physical exercise, local governments should collaborate with neighborhood partners including business and nonprofit organizations, giving top attention to any security, criminal activities.

  • Offering amenities and programs including bicycle and pedestrian paths, bicycle parking, neighborhood guides, secure play areas.
  • By implementing strategies like traffic slowing, congestion pricing, pedestrian walkways, cycling paths, illumination, and strolling programs, streets that are clean (Kumanyika S.K. 2019).
  • Ensuring that structures and environments are created to inspire individuals to engage in more physical activity.
  • Particularly inactive, vulnerable populations should be taken into consideration since they require specialized guidance and assistance.

Schools and other places for children should:

  • Reduce the amount of time children spend inactive throughout playtime and give them regular opportunity for fun sports activities and planned regular exercise programs.

Workplaces must offer chances for employees to engage in physical activity and a nutritious diet, including:

  • Active and ongoing marketing to promote healthier alternatives for customers and employees in diners, hotels, coffee machines, also retail settings in accordance with current "Food Standards Agency" recommendations.
  • Workplace procedures and rules, including those governing guests' and employees' active transportation.
  • Favorable physical surroundings, including remodeled ladders, bathrooms, and safe bike parking
  • Assistance for after-hours social events, midday strolls, and utilization of neighborhood community centers are examples of leisure options.

Figure 1: Approaches for heathier program

Approaches for heathier program

Funding Influencing Policy Formation

Building Relationships

When it comes to funding in a Public Health Organization it is important to build a good relationship with the local bank that the state holds. An appointment should be fixed while the individuals can show their strategy to the funding association and when the work intention is pure then the bank is capable of funding the Public Health Organization. Helping them to understand the issues will clarify their doubt towards funding the Health Organization and make their work easier (Gnezdova et al. 2020). Also, there are different Agencies that are involved with providing funds for health companies. Building relationships with them also help to establish better funding management for the company, Other than attending different meetings and conferences also help the public organization to manage a better funding strategy for their policy formation


  • The most money is frequently made available to finance organizations or projects through public financing. A state with a sizable population has an expenditure in the billions of dollars. The national budget is billions of dollars. As a result, even a relatively tiny fraction of the revenue might provide significant funding for initiatives.
  • In many cases, public support is more dependable in funding. When public financing for a certain problem is acknowledged as a budget line category, it is frequently repaid every year except for any debate (Cherif et al. 2019).
  • The national govt, the majority of regions, and local governments provide funding for activities including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, juvenile care, skill acquisition programs, public health training, and rehabilitation programs, among others. Requesting funds that have already been set aside for their project is frequently simpler than persuading a sponsor.
  • The group gains greater legitimacy inside the community thanks to public funding. This is simpler for everyone to obtain the emotional and material assistance of the community by establishing a company as a genuine one.

Evaluating health care policy in UK

The obesity policy was first recognized in 1991 by the UK government and this is considered as a challenge in population health (Theis and White, 2021). In England there are certain strategies to track the obesity disorder found by the government. Even after implementing many strategies, it was not possible to prevent obesity disorders successfully because of many criticisms that were ongoing in the country. The Government of UK Defines the health care policy as a particular course or plan that will be only adopted by the government person or group. The obesity policy is particularly built to create an impact on the overpopulated health in a positive manner. The policy also indicates that the outcome of health is totally determined by an individual's behavior like economic and social gesture and this supports the overall area of policy. This statement signifies that the policies are mainly influenced by the government sector and the particular group who has the ability to implement changes within public figures.

According to fresh findings from study, it states that the UK government regularly presented 689 comprehensive measures to combat obesity in London during the past nearly thirty years, but none of them have regularly and effectively decreased the incidence of obesity or social inequality (Theis and White, 2021). Only one government plan for tackling obesity required an outside assessment of earlier government initiatives. This indicates a serious lack of policy knowledge and might even aid in understanding why the same or almost similar policies are proposed again in several years. There are many policy implementations that did not happen successfully and this is the reason why most policies are not implemented in a viable criterion. Governments also signified the approaches for adopting policies were made and several times changed throughout the years. The behavior changes also Influenced the policy implementation in external manner like economically and environmentally. When the policies are successfully being implemented the government also interacts to ensure that the lead of the implementation is properly identified throughout the plans or not. this strategy overall health, the implementation to effect and equitability as well. Although there are certain changes in the system that help to power the implementation of obesity policy in the United Kingdom.

Practical and Political Responses

Practical response

Community initiatives should concentrate on promoting good nutrition and healthy lifestyle in a range of contexts in order to address obesity. Understand about several initiatives that may be implemented in fresh food, clinics, classrooms, and children's services.

Education in the early age

Developing the early care for children is underrated and most importantly education has a greater impact on children as they can consume much more than adults and develop certain functions within their daily routine to implement healthy habits. 

Healthy environment for food

It can be stated that several policies and programs have the ability to contribute to a greater community of healthy food environments (Pérez?Escamilla et al. 2021). This consists of offering farmers and businesses the fresh products so that nutrition and calorie consumption can be implemented in a standard manner within the hospitals, schools and workplaces.

Although these are the practical responses from the community that are receiving since the past years. Obesity has become the newest Epidemic in society and this is the reason why the community is teaching themselves to stay aware of the disorder. The most affected ones are mainly recognized as children. As they tend to learn adoption and habits faster this is the reason why concerning them about all facts is important when it comes to self-learning. The community within the school is also encouraging students so that they can drink more water rather than consuming a large amount of sugar. The habits of consuming sweetened dessert are totally cut off from their daily habits. In place of that they are provided with fruits that are combined with natural sugar and no artificial ones. The options for healthy food should never run off their list. Also, they are creating a local wellness policy within their school so that everyone can make themselves up to the date.

The food corporations are most likely to not agree to the obesity code maintenance in their advertisement and this is the reason why their adoption to healthier strategy went on the lower side. Out of the 20 corporations only one of them agreed to maintain the code of obesity self-regulatory. But there was more going on than simply business meddling. Researchers found that the "public health community" lacked consistency. The single obesity area included nutrition, regular exercise, and other pertinent independent policy concerns, drawing together a greater variety of specialists. Although with variety came conflict about the best course of action. This was believed to add a great deal of extra labor to the policy-making process. Parallel to this, researchers discovered that public health organizations were divided for a variety of reasons, particularly disagreements about the problem of food branding.

However more crucially, certain health care organizations acceptance of commercial financing was viewed as a severe field of interest. Every future initiative to reduce obesity will need to recognize these regulatory obstacles and act to get around them. But first foremost, fostering unity among health workers and activist groups is crucial. This involves agreement on important policy viewpoints. Both political parties should realize the ability of the global food business to obstruct the implementation of the UK's obesity prevention programs (Patterson et al. 2019). The existing aspect of public governance seems contentious and difficult to find a solution. Also, obesity is a factor that will receive a huge amount of political attention in future and in that case the portal will be presented with more preparation so that the regulations have to be maintained by all the corporations in the coming future. This will help the overall United Kingdom to get rid of the epidemic known as Obesity. 


This case study is mainly based on the food habits that are observed within the individuals and especially children. This case study is particularly focused on improving the unhealthy habits of food. From this case study the necessary findings will be taken and put into action so that the goals of reducing obesity can be fulfilled. The main issues that the organization is facing at the current stage will be reflected so that appropriate action plans can be scheduled accordingly.

Task 2:

Report & Business Plan

Significance of external and internal environmental analysis

The external and internal environment are important to analyze because it has several effects in the health care organizations. For instance, while developing a competitive strategy it can be difficult to achieve it because of the less knowledge consumption. The requirements of law are a reason the number of patients is increasing inside a healthcare organization. Because of this fact the doctor is sometimes not able to satisfy the huge number of patients visiting the hospital. Because quality service is mandatory in every health care organization this is the reason why hiring a proper employee is necessary. The employee and health practitioner of ASO are trained to tackle certain areas only and they are not dynamic. This states that the workers are able to handle only specific issues that are arriving, not all of the issues. 

When the insurance company also declines to invest that is considered as a great loss for the organization (Leisegang et al. 2019). Because of many requirements for treatment like equipment, employee cost and real estate the insurance company is gradually increasing the cost of operations. Because sometimes the healthcare organizations are dependent on insurance companies as in treating a patient who cannot afford their treatment cost. In that case the insurance companies cover for them and when they reject it, it is considered as a greatest threat for the healthcare organization.

Appropriate strategic actions

The strength and weakness should be recognized when a proper strategic action will be implemented within a healthcare organization. Evaluating the strength of the organization it is found out that the organization has a strength of holding many employees together. This is the reason why maintaining the employee together is also considered as a difficult job in the healthcare organization. When an organization is maintained it is important for them to maintain all the internal hygiene and healthcare system so that their internal employee’s habits do not create an issue while implementing any techniques. The first strategy that will be used as an action inside the healthcare department is known as maintaining the health of the internal employee related to the organization. This strategy will be implemented with the help of a proper business planning and that will be offered here as well. The maintenance of employees and staff working inside the healthcare organization are mostly important to be careful of their nutrition so that the internal training can help them to fight the obesity that is growing in the outside world as well. This plan will be strategically applied with the ASO and this might be considered as a time-consuming process as well.

Policy solutions

The policy solution is to offer how the chosen concern can be reduced and, in this case, it is obesity. Obesity is rapidly increasing in the present years and also it is considered as a serious health problem. The imbalance in the diet and lifestyle is mainly the reason for this disease and the common health issues that are also arriving with obesity is known as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. There are many countries that reflect on this issue of obesity so that it can be reduced overtime (economicshelp.org, 2022). There are many countries that came up with different policy implementations so that obesity can be diminished.  

  • Warning label on food package
  • Information campaign
  • Tax
  • Restriction on unhealthy consumption
  • Restriction on commercial promotion
  • Promoting healthy food

Although the overall success of any policy implementation is mainly dependent on how the overall organization is able to adopt them. When unhealthy foods are being sold the warning tag on them will change the overall food culture in the first place because people will be aware of consuming them every time. When many children inside the classroom have the ability to consume healthy food then they will be more concerned with their overall food habits.

Justification of the best strategic choice

The strategy that is chosen here is mainly based on the goals that are set for solving with the help of the through business plan. Here in this case the crucial component that is at the center is known as obesity and it is related to the food habit and lifestyle that everyone is handling. This will show how the strategy will be directed in the right way so that the implementation can be easily applied inside the healthcare organization. The employees who are involved inside the organization should train themselves in a way so that they can easily fight with obesity inside the organization in the first place. After analyzing how much it is important to implement the strategy, the justification of implementing such strategy is mainly based on developing the habits within the healthcare organization so that they will be able to help the outsider knowing how to adopt the habits in a better way. This will assist with the overall significance of the modification inside the internal environment. This strategy is solely directed towards reducing the obesity challenges. Here a thorough business plan will be proposed so that the approach seems to be easier to imply for the healthcare organization. Thai will be the fast step towards building a healthy environment within the ASO environment. 

Business Plan

This program will be based on motivating the staff of the organization so that they can inspire each other and that will reduce the rate of obesity within the internal environment of the organization. Here in this plan the assessment will describe and the health care service that is being planned will also be presented. Also, the method for implementing the goals will be discussed to clarify the process ever clearer. Also, the timeline for implementing the program will be described in this business plan so that the justification can be clear to the conductor of the services.

Organizational assessment

Although the ASO supports employee health awareness, earlier initiatives did not improve their health status. It's indeed evident that the workers' health deteriorated based on a previous assessment of staff's health data.

  • Some of the people are consuming a body mass over 25, and some of their employees are recognized as having obesity with almost 30 BMI.
  • There some of the staff are recognized as consuming tobacco on a daily basis.
  • Some of the employees have reported feeling stressed during the work period.
  • Almost all the employee is seeking for a wellness program
  • Almost 500 euro is spent for the workers' employees each year and mostly due to the back injury.

From the recent study of national health trends, it can be stated that the obesity and overweight issue will keep on increasing (Palmer et al. 2019). This will cost the compensation of employees to increase over the period.

Proposed Services

This is strongly advised to implement a comprehensive worker wellness program. This concentrates upon that group's most pressing requirements in order to avoid expense increases and restore staff performance and wellbeing. Every year, a physical examination and worker surveys will be carried out so that the services provided are focused upon the employee's most pressing medical requirements. A national strategy outlining the project's desired objective and future course will be given to the chosen leaders each year.

The objective is to appoint a consistent worker welfare director to form a wellness council and create an extensive employee healthy lifestyle program that focuses on pressing health requirements of the workforce in relation to organization and ASO objectives.

Target market Analysis

Veterans make up about a quarter of the workforce, and they may be patients of healthcare to receive further medical care. All workers at ASO are welcome to participate in the professional program dependent on volunteers. It's possible that there's unique services developed with a group of workers in personality based upon the demands of a certain demographic that were discovered during their yearly evaluation. Its demographic composition of such divided categories could enable these programs to be specifically customized to prospective individuals with certain health requirements.




Reduce the percentage of workers who have an increased BMI of 30 and decrease to 20% less within a year.

By implementing the reduction of weight program and the staff who will be qualifying are those who consists of more than 30 BMI.

Also implementing the program within the 6 months. The requirements of the gym need to be determined and prepare the proposal within a year. The gym will be opened within 3 years from now.

Reduce the consumption of unhealthy food and start a healthy natural habit of food.

There will be a system for monitoring the consumption that everyone is taking every day. This will help to track down the food habit and how fast they are changing.

The implementation of the system will be applied within 2 years and this will help the employees to keep their habits healthy.

Managing campaigns on a weekly basis to avoid the food promotions constantly appearing on the commercial.

Education will be provided to everyone so that they can educate themselves and others on consuming unhealthy habits.

This will be conducted for the rest of the time from very long time until the organization is open to serve healthcare to the public.


Marketing Plan

Information will be given throughout staff Training, HR, also the healthcare in the workplace to assure that only workers are informed of services it provides to individuals. Using email transmissions, posters, and flyers, workers promoting health program and certain events will be promoted as being available to all staff. Employees can also browse an internet domain with a schedule of activities.


The resources that are important to conduct this assessment is first the coordinator of the program so that the services of the materials can be bought. Depending on the requirements identified in yearly evaluations, more assets might well be needed. When necessary, more funds would be provided and demanded. The organizer will also need a private residence where they may perform normal business and have one-on-one staff meetings. It is envisaged that programs will be supported by sources like the use of healthcare materials, replication, and "information resources management systems". 

Recommendations for improvement

After going through all the plans of implementation it is crucial to know how they can be consistent in order to make their effect stronger. For the record of consistency, it is crucial for everyone to know how they are continuing with their habits on a daily basis. This will show the overall improvement of the strategy implementation. In this case the habit of daily food should be tracked down to an application so that the analysis of the consistency can be maintained (Mokhlesi et al. 2019). This is a good way to track down the consumption of food habits. Also, another recommendation is to inspire others to consume healthy food while showing them the good outcome of the habit. This will encourage others into adopting such habits as well. Other than this a campaign will be organized on a weekly basis so that the organization’s staff can put their feedback on the recent changes that happened in their lives.

National and international socio-political issues

The promotion of health is considered as a great component of the political field and it states that the will of political power has the ability to bring changes within public health. Both the availability of essential medical infrastructure and services and the appropriate budget required by any successful healthcare system are largely influenced by political influences. By including populations in behaviors that have an impact on health, such as media influence, campaigning and advocating, expressing information, education the health system aims to strengthen and change societies. These are the reasons why promoting healthcare is important to encourage the community in the first place.

Analysis of the role of health promotion

The health care promotion is an important factor when it comes to determining the services that will be offered for healthcare. This is important to find out that the services are specifically invented to promote the healthcare within the organization. Here the organization's core determination is to treat obesity and for that intention the service will be based on educating the community at the beginning so that one can teach the other on how they can tackle such issues in their coming days. Obesity cannot be reduced within a short period of time and this is the reason why reducing the issue might take several years and their consistency is the key to successfully implement the habit of natural food and lifestyle within the internal community at the starting. The crucial promotion of healthcare is indeed necessary to imply within the workers who are involved with the organization. This will determine how the services will be successfully delivered and reducing the impact of obesity is possible by the organization ASO.

Evaluation of the impact of international campaigns

Obesity is seen within the children's age group and this is the reason why maintaining the consistency of good habits becomes difficult to handle in the first place. There are several approaches that can be taken to reduce the issue of obesity but the importance of international campaigns will be discussed here. This is known as a practice strategy to help the children so that they will receive some visual and interesting thoughts on bui8lding a healthy lifestyle. The campaign will clarify the aim and objectives of social care so that it can be directed in the correct way. The main reason why the campaigns are impactful is that many people will be forming a group where they will fight for their health and this will give a strong reason to the market so that they can stop the promotion of unhealthy food as this affects the children the most (Babu Rajan P. 2018). This will show the ultimate way on how the goals and initiates can be maintained. The rules and regulation will be built based on equality. While maintaining the best communication within the organization helps the people to maintain and carry the planning in the long run. The main aim of conducting campaigns is to maintain the consistency of the plan so that the invested time can help to achieve the objectives of the health program.


This business plan is organized in a way so that the company ASO can overcome the current issues that they are facing related to obesity. Here all the political and social factors are presented to influence the health program in the correct direction. While maintaining the appropriate planning within no time the organization will be able to achieve their goals.

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