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Employability And Wealth Creation Applying Mwc Assignment Sample

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Employability And Wealth Creation Applying Mwc Assignment Sample


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Employability and wealth creation plays a major role to bring creativity and productivity to any field. Employability defines a set of attributes that is important to make a person grow as an employee with the help of enhancing the ability to gain and maintain it. On the other hand, wealth creation represents the improvement in mental health that enhances the power of gaining and learning more. 

Rationale and Problem Identification

Week 1

In the first week, the whole process focused on the importance of physical intelligence. It simply focuses on enhancing the ability to gain experiences without getting stressed. I have learned to channel my inner strength and confidence and be involved in making risk-taking decisions under pressure. It also gives a clear idea of being committed to the work as well as being creative and collaborative. This week, it gives me the idea of “Industry connections” and “Enterprise & entrepreneurship”, which generate the creative component and design the thinking process. I have learned the idea that gives professional knowledge. As a part of it, I came to know about the “Leadership Approaches and “Sustainable development Goals “.

The main thing that surprised me about the concept of “physical intelligence” is the way it upgrades the ability to “quick-thinking” process staying optimistic. This process helps to adopt learning about mindsets and develop the capability to suppress conflicts.

"Physical intelligence" is considered the most important skill that can help in achieving many more goals as an employee in the workplace (Ismail et al. 2020). The key elements of the process can help in having the determination power and eventually can help in focusing on achieving future goals. The ability to make plans and learn about the way to execute them is also its long-term results.

Week 2

The second week of the process focused on “cultural intelligence” and its importance (forbes.com, 2022). In this part, I learned the way of interaction between multicultural societies, which eventually helped me to understand and evaluate other employees& different cultures and adopt the best from them in my behavior and approach. It also includes “Social & emotional intelligence and Community connection & UEL give back” as a part, these two give me the understanding of how to enhance the capacity of awareness within myself and it also gives benefits of interaction within the community.

The most important thing that surprised me during this process is the understanding of different cultures and their cues that will help to communicate and engage in the workplace. Other than that, the capability to improve learning from the mistake also surprised me, because it involves individuals' effort and the ability to understand the wrong from the mistake.

“Cultural intelligence” and its key components can help me to understand everyone& s viewpoint and accept their opinion. Diversity in the workplace demands proper understanding, which can be achieved through adopting the problem-solving practice. 

Week 3

“Cognitive intelligence” is a part of the process that helped me to understand how to channel my attention, memory, and reasoning capacity. I came to learn the way of focusing on a single job for a long time, without being intercepted by any kind of distractions. Even, it makes me learn to use my memory power for recalling past information for the betterment of the job. This process also emphasizes “digital proficiency” and in this, I came to know about new devices and their applications, software, and their capacity. As a part of it, I have learned about “Cloud Computing”.

The most surprising factor that I came to know this week is the way of “visual processing and enhancing the processing speed”. A strong visual processing power simply gives the exposure to focus on the power of analyzing designs (Ismail et al. 2020). On the other hand, the “processing speed” determines the way of completing a job with more accuracy. 

This process helps me to improve my capability to deliver work that is more productive. It can help me to reduce stress and help me in being more focused it can be a great exercise for my brain. As an overall process, it makes me learn how to engage in a job and still make time to care for physical and mental health to enhance my productivity.

Problem Identification

In this three-week process, I came to learn about more than 7-8 qualities that can help me as an employee to grow. However, I have noticed a few drawbacks of mine, which can hamper my other abilities. Such as, under digital proficiency, when started learning “Cloud Computing”, I faced problems because of my knowledge of the codes. On the other hand, Leadership Approaches demand a basic leadership quality to embrace the post. I found myself quite incapable of leading the team under pressure situations, which I need to improve to be a more efficient employee and to contribute my best to the workplace. There is a part under “Cultural intelligence” where I came to learn about the importance of communication within the community and I have found difficulties to communicate with other individuals, which is going to reflect my productivity and teamwork, therefore I need to improve my ability here. This also help me in my future career development.

Reflection on one MWC (Gibb& s Model)


In the first week of learning, I came to learn about “Physical Intelligence”, where I learned the way of enhancing the ability to detect the need of the situation and act accordingly and actively on that. I came to know about the key elements of physical Intelligence, and to make the whole part understandable they use the easiest process, communication, and share real-life examples to make us understand the way Physical Intelligence can be implied in Workplace and can affect productivity. 


The whole process was very new to me; however, with each passing time I realized its importance in my work life. The key elements that have been described to me were strength, flexibility, Resilience, and Endurance (Trainingzone.co.uk, 2022). They make me learn the process of channeling inner strength and confidence and they make us understand the decision-making power under pressure. I feel amazed to realize the way neuroscience works in supporting an employee. They have made us realize that work can be fun and done without having too much stress if you know how to handle the situation.


The best thing about the process that I realized so far is the way it teaches us to deal with the workload without affecting our nerves. If the technique of adaptation is present and one can have enough confidence to deliver the job, regardless of the pressure, productivity will enhance automatically (Gibb and Rahman2018. This process made me understand why it is important to have control over your nerve. During that time, I found myself less capable of handling the situation under pressure. Not only that I lack courage when it comes to decision-making, and those are two key things that I need to work on more.


In “Physical Intelligence”, it is important to have mental strength and flexibility in a huge amount (Yildizet al. 2020). For a better understanding of the job, it is important to be committed to the job. Not only that it needs to be creative and innovative in terms of delivering productive jobs. It also includes the importance of adopting “different cultures” and “different behavior styles”. A proper determination and focus on long-term goals is the ultimate aim of “Physical Intelligence”.


"Physical Intelligence" is a process that helps an employee to be focused and helps in being centered, which ultimately helps them to have a clear perspective of the job and gives confidence and needed strength (My.cumbria.ac.uk, 2022). Enough confidence automatically works as a positive component for leadership and it enhances the power of decision-making ability. Self-control provides the needed response according to the demand of the situation (ed.ac.uk, 2022). Many techniques can be used for handling the situation, for example, confidence can be brought just by changing the posture. On the other hand, simply by changing the pace of breathing one can show calmness.

Action plan

The only way through that I can improve my "Physical Intelligence" to be a more efficient employee is to adopt the techniques for improvement. Once I applied the whole process for the betterment, then I have to repeat a few actions to have a continuous result, because the only practice can make one person better and better.


At first, I have learnt about the requirements of mental wealth competency to understand the whole process very clearly. Then, I have joined a mental wealth competency study to work on the improvement of "Physical Intelligence". As a result I came to know about my limitations and to overcome the boundaries I took initiative to improve my skills. I made a routine and work hard on my skill development process, start using learned skills for further improvement, start updating those skills, and as a result, increased my awareness.


Employability and wealth creation, are dependent on each other and in combination, it defines the personal growth of an employee by improving the mental health situation. This study aims to understand the employee's growth in mindset with consistent action and awareness and its impact. Improve the employee's understanding of physical, cultural, and cognitive intelligence will be discussed. 



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