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Development as a Strategic Manager Assignment Sample

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Development as a Strategic Manager Assignment Sample


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The study focuses on how an organization's leadership and management may be improved, as well as the talents required by the business to accomplish both of these goals. As a manager of an organisation, it is critical that you have the ability to effectively manage the team and acquire new abilities that are critical to the business's strategic goals(Leroy et al., 2018). Furthermore, it is critical that the organization's strategic competencies be aligned with the business's real strategy. This requires a thorough awareness of the variables that allow for leadership growth.

A personal development plan is also necessary for managers to improve their management and strategic abilities, so that they may rise to a new level.

The company has developed a welfare environment for its employees, which has resulted in increased employee engagement and decreased employee disengagement. Increasing productivity and meeting company goals may both be aided by a well-designed employee wellbeing programme.

Aim and Objectives

It is the aim of this study report to define the organization's vision and long-term objectives, as well as the skills necessary for leadership development and a better work environment. The survey also looks at the environment of employee well-being and the role it plays in shaping employees' level of commitment.


It is the purpose of the written report to assist the organisation in developing effective management and leadership abilities and identifying the current deficiencies in the team at hand. A personal development plan and an organisational welfare culture will also be developed as part of the study, in order to assist the company in efficiently meeting its goals.

Task 1

1.1 “Critically evaluate the vision and strategic objectives of your organization or those of an organization of your choice”.

Vision Statement:

“Lumeon has the vision to serve every patient with care and to proactively manage every process of care so that it can provide personalized care service according to individual needs”.

Strategic Objectives:

  • “To provide high quality personalized care”.
  • “To be at the top of the competition in healthcare sector”.
  • “Transforming the care delivery to virtual processes”.
  • “To deploy service to more than 15 countries across the globe”.
  • “To become the leader in care delivery through 60% increase in clinical capacity” (Lumeon 2021).

1.2. “Critically evaluate the managerial and leadership competencies required to deliver the strategic ambition over the period of the plan”.

Managerial and leadership skills are critical to the long-term success of an organization's strategic goals. Competitive advantage may be gained by establishing strong management and leadership abilities (Lumeon 2021).

Competencies required of managers

Evidence based decision making: Lumeon must make decisions based on interactions with patients if he is going to provide high-quality treatment that is supported by evidence.

Critical thinking ability: the capacity to reason rationally about a variety of healthcare issues is critical for healthcare organisations (Veenema et al. 2017). Lumeon also takes a variety of factors into account while analysing health problems and deciding on a course of action.

Leadership competencies

Relationship management: direct connection with patients and employees to position them as equal partners in their treatment is another critical leadership competency applied by Lumeon.

Persusion skills: Lumeon ensures that the organization's department heads have the persuasion abilities necessary to persuade patients to participate in certain care procedures and provide access to future patients (Veenema et al. 2017).

1.3 “Demonstrate that you have used one or more attributed skills analysis models from management theory. Present the conclusions of your evaluation, identifying the four most significant skills the organization needs to enhance in the next year to begin to deliver the strategic direction”.

Lumeon just use Mckinsey 7s model to assess the critical skills required to offer next-generation healthcare services.

Strategy (high)

  • Differentiation to allow for virtual patient management.
  • Market expansion and presence in 12 countries

Structure (medium)

  • Manage specific patient needs algorithmically and pro-actively.

Systems (high)

  • Optimization of patient engagement and handling.
  • Orchestration

Skills (low)

  • Managers get access to their staff's technology ability, communication ability, and problem-solving ability.

Staff (low)

  • Competencies in relationship management.

Style (moderate)

  • Collaborative atmosphere.
  • Process automation.
  • Individualized care

Shared Values (high)

  • Compliance, prompt service, an efficient experience, and involvement are core principles.

1.4 “In addition, identify at least three new skills the organization will be likely to need to enhance in the next 3-5 years to achieve strategic ambitions. Discuss the implications of the skills gaps you have identified”.

Along with current abilities, Lumeon will need to create new core competencies in the future years in areas where the organisation is weak or moderate, in order to fulfil its strategic goals, which include the following:

Technical ability- Lumeon is a highly specialized system that provides healthcare services digitally, necessitating the organization's continued development of strong technical skills and skilled people (Koopmann et al., 2020).

Problem solving- Staff members must be adept at problem solving in order to maintain high levels of coordination with patients and make sound judgments.

Self-development- it is critical for Lumeon to create training programmes for employees that will aid in their progress.

The consequences of skill gaps include that the organisation will be unable to adjust over time, and the firm will become competitively weak due to inadequate work management.

Task 2

2.1 “Research and critically discus how environmental conditions may provide opportunity to support leadership development. Highlight both favorable and adverse environmental conditions. Review smart ways of converting possible constraints, ambiguities and risks to good effect through effective leadership development”.


(Source: As created by author)

2.2 “Using at least two different analysis frameworks, assess your own leadership skills against those required by the organization now and in the future, and identify areas for development for the next three years. Determine the methods most appropriate to meet each of these development needs, showing that you understand your personal learning style by the completion of an appropriate analysis exercise”.

In the healthcare industry, it is recognised that a leader must possess a variety of leadership abilities in order to offer health services efficiently. Framework for assessing leadership competencies:

(Source: As created by author)

The Mckinsey 7s Model framework aids in evaluating one's own leadership abilities.

(Source: As created by author)

The action plan demonstrates that my preferred mode of learning is kinesthetic, with a greater emphasis on actual activities than on theoretical knowledge.

2.3 “Describe how and when you plan to meet these development needs over the next three years and detail the outcomes you hope to achieve as a result of the development plan. Describe at least three actions you have taken to develop your leadership skills in the last six months and analyze the progress you have made as a result”.


(Source: As created by author)

Task 3

3.1 “Taking the results of the personal development plan you have produced in Task 2, analyses how your development has contributed to the performance of your own function and to the strategic ambitions of the wider organization. Keep in focus the originally stated strategic human resource objectives”.

Using the personal development plan stated above, I have been able to better execute my own leadership responsibilities at Lumeon, such as successfully managing my team members in the critical healthcare sector (Grit, 2019). Moreover, it assisted in the critical examination of each health condition as well as the efficient guidance of health team members while making healthcare-related choices. As a consequence, the company is able to provide successful performance, including the provision of high-quality service to its customers. Additional benefits include the ability to provide superior technical development approaches, automate involvement, and improve the skills of my employees. The development effort will also assist Lumeon in achieving its strategic goals, which include growing healthcare capacity, gaining market share, and remaining competitive.

3.2 “Evaluate how leadership style has favourably supported or presented adverse leadership conditions, keeping in focus the originally stated human resource objectives of the organization”.

As a managerial role, leadership is critical in directing an organization's resources toward greater efficiency and success (Xu, 2017). Leaders that have a clear vision, excite their employees, and direct the business toward its goals are effective. One may make a significant contribution to the success of the company's goals if they understand the function that leaders play.A leader's style is critical to the success of a healthcare organisation because it enables successful administration of its operations. Effective leadership styles contribute to the achievement of the organization's strategic and human resource goals as follows:

  • Positive relationships facilitate the development of positive relationships.
  • An effective leadership style will assist workers in growing and progressing in the right path.
  • It will provide personnel with timely training opportunities.
  • Motivate and empower healthcare personnel to cope with adversity.
  • It provides a good and ethical work atmosphere for employees.

Lumeon advocates for a democratic leadership style for its members, emphasising participatory decision-making whereby all employees and patients are involved in healthcare-related choices. This type of decision-making and cooperative work procedures will be facilitated by the personal development plan (Spurgeon and Cragg, 2018).

3.3 “Discuss where the development has made a greater contribution than originally envisaged, and where the contribution has been less than expected, giving reasons for the variances. Review how these variances may be avoided in the future, and how learning may be cascaded to the wider organization”.

Problem resolution, effective communication, team building, and the timely development of staff abilities have all benefited from the advancement. Conflict management and cultural development are two areas where it has less of an impact. Due to a lack of and disregard of measures in these areas, the development strategy has failed. In emergency scenarios, there were times when Lumeon was unable to effectively control risk. If the leadership wants to prevent future difficulties like these, they should assess their prior performance and do the necessary training and seminars. As a result, employees and executives will be better prepared to deal with risk and minimise the likelihood of conflict and delays in the delivery of health care services. Through timely training, the information will be disseminated across the company.

Task 4

4.1 “Critically evaluate a broad, high level interpretation of the influence a staff welfare environment can have on the achievement of organizational objectives. Include reference to relevant legal duties and obligations”.

The staff welfare environment enables the business to foster a healthy work culture that would be concerned with the welfare of its workers and motivated to address employee concerns. Among the most significant factors in an organisational progress is the well-being of its employees, which is achieved via employee welfare programmes. As a result of a great work environment and pleasant health service delivery, the health care workers will be driven by their own well-being (Odeku and Odeku 2015). As per the Labor Act, businesses are required to protect workers' rights and provide a safe work environment for their employees.

4.2 “Discuss yours or your chosen organization’s welfare culture. Give practical examples of the commitment to staff welfare and identify any areas for improvement. Keep in focus the previous stated strategic human resource objectives”.

Lumeon's primary objective is to collaborate with its workers and pursue an inclusive approach to decision-making. Welfare culture is one in which individuals are encouraged to take charge of their lives and demonstrate their strengths. There is an adhocracy in the workplace at Lumeon, where employees may come up with creative healthcare solutions. With the support of automated technologies, healthcare workers are encouraged to come up with new methods of delivering service through virtual means(Wheelen et al., 2017). Employees at all levels get a variety of financial and non-financial incentives for their efforts. Benefits like paid time off, insurance, and timely bonuses are just a few examples. There are also options for personal growth for employees, including such timely training and seminars by well-known health specialists. Employees at Lumeon have a better work environment if they are exposed to people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

4.3 “Analyze and determine the impact a commitment to staff welfare has on strategic objectives and on organizational values, staff morale and motivation”.

Employee morale and productivity may be improved by focusing on the well-being of the workforce via a variety of initiatives that support the company's strategic goals(Ford,  Piccolo,  and Ford,  2017). As a result, workers' morale is raised and they are inspired to take new choices and procedures to improve healthcare services in a growth-oriented atmosphere.


As a result, the study achieved its objective of emphasising the relevance of leadership qualities and employee welfare programmes inside the business and their impact on the fulfilment of the organization's strategy and vision. To enhance strategy execution in the future, the company must engage in good planning.


Organizational leadership and management are examined in the paper, as well as the skills needed by a company to achieve both of these objectives. To be a successful manager, you must be able to successfully lead the team and develop new skills that are vital to the company's strategic objectives (Leroy et al., 2018). In addition, it is vital that the strategic skills of the organisation be linked with the underlying strategy of the company. An understanding of the elements that allow for leadership development is essential. As a consequence of the company's efforts to create a welfare environment for its workers, employee engagement and disengagement have grown.

It is possible that a well-designed employee well-being programme might help both increase productivity and satisfy business objectives. Lumeon will need to develop new core capabilities in areas where the organisation is either weak or moderate in the next years. An inability to adapt over time and a lack of effective job management are some of the negative effects of a lack of skills in an organisation Lumeon's strategic objectives, which include increasing healthcare capacity, gaining market share, and maintaining competitiveness, will benefit from the development effort.

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