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History Of London Assignment Sample

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History Of London Assignment Sample


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Q.1 “Choose at least TWO resources from the list below and critique their usefulness to a would-be student of Roman London”.

Purpose of the website

The “Layers of London” website source aims to educate the students about the history of London during the “Roman London” period from c.50 -c.450. It is a “map-based history website” that enables users to collect “historic maps” of ancient London to research the social history and memories of that era (Layersoflondon,org 2022). The preliminary purpose of this website is to guide users regarding their studies related to the stories and memories of “Roman London”. With the help of its evidence and maps, users can start their exploration of the rich history of Roman London with utmost authenticity.

Offered information

The “Layers of London” website has segmentation for all kinds of information that can assist users in times of their research regarding the history of London. The available information on the website starts with “Lost London” and concludes with the “health and welfare” of the “Roman London” era. Besides that, there is ample information regarding the “government and politics”, “trade, transport, industry and commerce”, “education”, “infrastructure, environment and housing” “, “worship and religion” of “Roman London\” period (Layersoflondon, org 2022). It also offers information regarding “crime, war, conflict and punishment”, “gender, ethnicity and identity” and the “sports and culture” of the “Roman London” era of London.

Most importantly, the website delivers maps of ancient London allowing users to assess and understand how things were different in that period in London. The evidence portal shows a “topographic map of London”, that showcases the “Erith road” from the “junction to the broadway” that was most commercialized in that era. Apart from that, there are audio-visual documents of “sports and social distancing” that can outline the way people lived during the c.50-c.450 in “Roman London”. In addition, there is ample information about the way people maintained their lifestyle and complied with their basic needs of “education”, “leisure”, “sports” “industry” “food” and many other things. The website also provides an imaginary landscape of that time, which speculated how London will look in the coming future. 

Navigation process

The “Layers of London” website comes with an easy navigation process that is very user-friendly and easily accessible in terms of collecting information. First, the user has to access the website and develop a detailed idea of what the website is all about. After that, there are different sections available for different aspects like “culture”, “sports”, “politics” government etc. in the “Roman London” era. Here, the users have to manually click on the particular tab to learn about the aspect in detail. After the section is opened, there is a “map section” where the map of “Roman London” is available and below, there is a “your search” section that shows different records related to the selected aspect of the “Roman London” period.

Good things about the site

The “Layers of London” website is a well-arranged and precise website that offers a detailed insight into the history of London by providing detailed information regarding different historical periods of the place. The first good thing about the website is, that all the information is well-checked and is specifically directed toward developing detailed knowledge about the era of “Roman London” in the history of London. The information available on the website is supported with written, video and audio evidence that can allow the users to cross-check the authenticity of the evidence successfully.

Historical evidence enables researchers to verify the attained information and check whether it is relevant to them or not (Barker et al. 2018). The segmented approach is the best part of the website which enables the users to do their research in a precise manner. Available information on the website is well-segmented and authentic, which allows the users to dip into the rich history of London easily. Most importantly, the website provides topographic maps of the “Roman London” era which particularly assists people with a detailed understanding of how things were different in the “Roman London” period from modern times.

Not-so-good things about the site

The “Layers of London” excels in almost all the categories but in a few cases, it somehow fails to cope with the expectation of the users. First, many maps provided on the website show inaccurate locations which are not beneficial for detailed research work. Inappropriate information sometimes causes major damage to research work, especially when providing information regarding the location and history of a place (Fulford, 2019). In addition, some segments in the website have less information than expected, which minimizes the research and maximizes the effort for the users to look into other websites for further assistance. 

Source 2: “Museum of London Roman Gallery”

Purpose of the website

The preliminary purpose of the “Museum of London Roman Gallery” is to educate users about the Romans-built city in London which stands beside the Thames. This website is a major repository of the time when Romans came to the city of London approximately 2000 years ago. Another purpose that this website serves is related to providing historical information about “Roman London”, the largest city and the vital international port in Britannia (Museumoflondon.org.uk, 2022). The website also aims to provide a few rare pictures and artefacts of the era of “Roman London” which are the witnesses of the marvels of that era.

Offered information

The “Museum of London Roman Gallery” website offers information regarding “Roman London” which was considered the biggest city of that time. Information related to the foundation of the city is clearly mentioned and stored on the website where people can study the 1000 years of history of the city and its gradual changes with time. Precisely, the website contains information from the timeline of AD50 to AD410 which was the prime time for “Roman London” in the history of London. It also offers information regarding the vicissitudes of the city of “Roman London” until the 13th century.

The website also offers ample information about the facts and history of that period, specifically about the formation and gradual ascendance of the city of “Roman London. In addition, there is a gallery access” section on the website that showcases some of the rarest pictures and artefacts of the “Roman London” era. Information regarding Londinium is extremely useful for users who intend to pursue research works on “Roman London” (Weekes et al. 2019). It also provides a series of factors and historical anecdotes that are related to the period of “Roman London” in the history of London. Most importantly, the website has enough information available for the “school workshops” that can be effective for school students in times of preparing assignments on the period of “Roman London”.

Navigation process

The “Museum of London Roman Gallery” is a user-friendly website with an extremely easy navigation process. One has to enter the website through its URL first and then all the contents are available in front of the user in a segmented approach. There is a “permanent gallery” section on the website that provides information about the “Roman London” era (Museumoflondon.org.uk, 2022). One can easily access this section by just clicking on it. Additionally, there is an assistance section where one can register the places they want to visit and can get a full-fledged plan about the places that should be visited to collect the essence of Londinium in the “Roman London” era.

Good things about the site

The “Museum of London Roman Gallery” is a precise website that allows people to collect needed information about their research on Londinium, the biggest city in the era of “Roman London”. The good thing about this website is its collection of “ancient photographs and artefacts” that are the attestors of the “Roman London” period in the history of London. The website also has a “fact-telling section” where people can know many facts about “Roman London”. Additionally, it has an assistance page where people can know about what the museum is offering for history enthusiasts. Learning facts about the “period of Roman London” can successfully assist people in their learning process about the history of London between AD 50 and AD 410 (Irby-Massie, 2018). In addition, the presentation of the website is very precise and directed towards detailed learning. Therefore, this approach of the website appears as a major perk for users who wants to collect maximum information on a given website for their research purpose regarding “Roman London”.

Not-so-good things about the site

The “Museum of London Roman Gallery” website is a decent website for those who are interested in the history of “Roman London”. Although the website appears as a successful attestor of the history of “Roman London”, a few flaws restrict it from being the best in the market. First, the representation of the facts is way too brief for people to develop detailed knowledge. Second, there is no proper segmentation regarding the various aspects of “Roman London” history of that time. Finally, the website does not contain a “people also ask” section from which users can develop expertise on historical topics that are related to “Roman London”.

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