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Customer Engagement Assignment Sample

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Customer Engagement Assignment Sample

Chapter 1: Introduction

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1.1 Introduction

In the platform of social media promoting brands and products are much necessary to collaborate with the people. The basic objective of the companies is promoting theory brands in social media by which their reach and followers will increase gradually. There are some basic objectives of companies to grow the brand promotion in social media, such as Customer engagement that indicates brand promotion attracting customers in their firm by which the selling rate of the firm gradually increases. Hence the study focuses on the development of brand promotion in the social media.

1.2 Background of the study

Digital media in brand promotion creates inclusiveness of the brands which define the basic importance of social media in the study. In this highly competitive market, it is necessary to consume social media in brand promotion. To grow the potential customer in the business it is necessary to create a competition among the brands in social media. Hence, the research shows the digital influence by the help of advertisement in the digital world. Brand promotion in social circumstances helps to create wider opportunities in the company to grow their potential selling rate in the company. While the traditional offline process cannot generate the huge selling rate and popularity in the world. Through the digital media the branding gets promoted higher in the market by which the firm can grow their revenue structure.

1.3 Aims and Objectives


The basic outcome of the project would be generating the digital media platform which increase the brand promotion in the huge market range, beside the study evaluate the multiple types of aims for using the digital media.


  • To verify the digital experience gained by consumers and producers for brand promotion
  • To analyze inclusivity of social media for potential; growth in future
  • To evaluate the concept of brand promotion in platform of social media for inclusiveness
  • To integrate the advantages of social media platform for improving the brand image
  • To identifythe issues and barriers faced by firms in the activity of brand promotion

1.4 Research Questions

  • How digital experience is gained by consumer and producers for brand promotion?
  • What is the inclusivity of social media for promoting growth in future?
  • What is the concept [t of brand promotion in the platform of social media?
  • What are the advantages of social media platform for improving the brand image?
  • What are the issues and barriers faced by firms in the activity of brand promotion?

1.5 Rationale

Social media helps to create brand promotion in the firm. On the other hand, it also has a huge negative impact on the companies. Brand promotion in the social media can face the company audience risk, which indicates that if the company has not enough followers or audience in the firm the company can face market loss by which the reputation of the firm can be harmed in nature. On another hand, it is not easy to define the marketing goal in social media by which the performance of the company can decrease. There is a higher risk of fake influencers in social media which involve that the company can pay for their product to promote in the social media but the influencer cannot even respond after getting paid, by which the company can face huge loss. Hence, another risk is too much ad in the social media which creates a disgusting nature in the people. Too many ads distract the customer from the product in the market. On another hand, fewer post interaction can also provide non communication with the people. By which the engagement rate of the people has fallen down in social media. Negative feedback in social media is a huge issue in brand promotion, by which the company can lose their goodwill in the market. As a result, existing customers and the new customer left the brand where they were used to buying their product. Another issue is stakeholders from multiple countries cannot understand the social media interaction.

1.6 Research significance

Brand awareness is one of the vital goals of brand promotion by which the company can pay for the collaboration with the influencers. That helps the company to grow their potential customer experience in the firm. Hence, positioning the new product is also an objective of brand promotion, which indicates that after coming the new product in the market social media helps to create a promotion to grow their position in the market. Therefore, the company can gain a reputation in the market.

1.7 Summary

In order to pay for the collaboration, the influencers are promoting the products of the company by which the viewers of the products are increased in nature and also users of that particular brand also increased, which creates more new consumers for the particular brand. As a result, more people want to use the products of that particular brand. Improving customer experience is another objective of the brand promotion, which indicates that new customers are using the product after brand promotion and giving a suitable review in the social media.

Chapter 2: Literature review

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter, the aspects of social media are consumed by renowned brands to gain a competitive advantage. This includes the impacts of social engagement with the marketer and the consumer of the products of respective brands. The advantages and disadvantages of social media consumption are reflected by the researcher. The literature review helps to analyse the critical views of different thoughts or articles published for the study. The social media insights are also discussed in this chapter. This research is going to evaluate the adverse facts of branding through social media forms. The growth and potentiality of social media in increasing brand value are also shown in this part of the research.

2.2 Conceptual framework

2.3 The critical analyzation of the study

2.3.1Digital experience gained by the producers and the consumers for the brand promotion

Social media comprises different varieties where they can improve the marketing and promotional strategies of the upcoming products. There are various social media handles where the brands are opted for promotions such as “social networking, bookmarking, social news, media sharing, micro blogging, and online forum sites”. As per the view of Borg and Smith (2018), the influence of social media promotions can bring fruitful results to the company, as the consumers are mainly influenced by this digital platform. Under social networking “Face book, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn” are famous platforms which have their own web pages, websites and mobile applications. The experience which is gained through this digital platform can inverse the business insights where the makers or the sellers can easily determine the demands of the consumers. At the same time, the sellers can ascertain the current p

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