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Hosting Olympic Game Assignment Sample

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Hosting Olympic Game Assignment Sample


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A critical understanding of contemporary issues and themes in Hosting Olympic Games

The contemporary issues along with themes in hosting Olympic Games include:

Sheer cost:

The actual price of the Olympic Games is termed as difficult for pinning down and is also considered the contention point. The Olympic Games which have already taken place consist of unparalleled private and public investment and are considered one of the negative sides of the Olympic Games (Dubinsky, 2019). Such kind of legacy actually promises infrastructure re-advancements, job creation, transportation systems and the advancement of economic growth.

Infrastructure challenges:

Setting up one of the mega-events always incorporates urban regeneration and urban renewal as well. Yet advancing the actual stadia of sports, transportation and accommodation networks for coping with an expanded number of athletes and tourists is straightforward (Hayduk and Rewilak, 2021). The planners of the Olympic event actually seek for capitalizing on several urban lands with the help of re-imagining the city for recreational surroundings. This particular attribute is further viewed as one of the contemporary issues in hosting Olympic events and games.

Violation of human rights:

Constructing the latest infrastructure in a particular town or city, it means destroying the established urban lands. As referred to by Ribeiro et al. (2021), at the time it takes place, local communities along with populations are frequently displaced and dispersed. In addition, the neighborhood of such urban lands is destroyed and the actual residents of the urban lands are further removed outsides of that city or land.

Security and fear:

There are multiple risks in holding proper Olympic events in any of the nations around the world. The respective procedure for securitization has actually been filled with the help of attacking fears on sporting events and occasions as well. The responsible planning authorities are further burdened with impossible tasks for preventing such kinds of attacks on tourists and athletes as well. (Rocha et al. 2021) Therefore, the responsible authorities should take perfect measures for securing such kind of attack in the coming days.

Demonstration of the capability of searching, retrieving and creatively combining evidence along with information

  • Olympic events and games are considered to have the highest multisport evener around there globe. The respective events or games at the time of operation regularly draw worldwide audiences in trillions for watching the athlete's skills and capabilities.
  • As mentioned by Teare et al. (2021), the respective event further gained a huge deal of scholarly attention with regards to co-creation, consumption and media coverage as well.
  • As the term coverage consists of the capability for impacting customers’ perceptions of issues and nations, it is further crucial to advance recognition of several research trends which completely related to Olympic events (Hayduk and Rewilak, 2021).
  • Therefore, for outlining the actual trends in the respective literature, a systematic review concerning the Olympic Games was conducted for examining the Olympic game status.
  • Furthermore, it is crucial to gain knowledge about the limitation of holding up Olympic Games. On the other hand, the Olympic events expand the possibility of attracting tourists and athletes from around the world which can further boost native economics.
  • The Olympic Games further expand the global stature and trade of the hosted nation and furthermore forms a national pride sense (Dubinsky, 2019). As a consequence, the ultimate objective and goal of Olympic Games hosters are to cultivate individuals from around the world with the help of sports.

Innovative ideas along with formulation of meaningful conclusions regarding the issues of hosting Olympic Games

In inspecting the huge price of situating a proper bid or upholding the Olympic events, the respective cities or towns face a significant dilemma. Risks and benefits may not be effective for the respective investments. The respective data were further utilized from former Olympic game failures and successes with the attachment of comparable outcomes along with events (Ribera et al. 2021). Intangible and tangible results or outcomes are further taken into consideration at the time of establishing advantage justification. Poor nations further seem to be anxious because of the monetary investments incorporated in leaving chances for the capable nations for investing revenues in building proper infrastructure. In addition, the altercation of global attention further permits the capable nations with an opportunity for risking capital along with stimulating ability through trade and tourism. Furthermore, the towns and cities that could stay and plan within their respective budget could find proper success in the coming days (Teare et al. 2021). Developing the infrastructure along with technology might attract proper attention from the respective national phase.

A transparent plan for suggested practical action and upcoming research

With the help of performing this particular study, it can be recommended that the planers of the Olympic events should make perfect measures for preventing attacks in the coming days. The responsible authorities should not violate human rights and further build venues for Olympic Games in free lands. In addition, the stakeholders along with investors need to make proper norms and policies for both athletes and audiences for performing the events in an organized way (Hayduk and Rewilak, 2021). Notwithstanding, the responsible governing bodies of the Olympic Games need to make sure that there is proper legal protection for the athletes who are coming from around the globe. The Olympic Games which have already taken place consist of unparalleled private and public investment and are considered one of the negative sides of the Olympic Games (Rocha et al. 2021). Therefore, for this particular contemporary issue, responsible individuals should entirely focus on re-advancing their venues in a legal and proper way. Besides that, the governing bodies or the managerial bodies of such kinds of games or events need to incorporate proper sustainable development in their games (Ribeiro et al. 2021).

However, this study lacks several aspects such as a discussion about the services or the facilities offered to the athletes who come from around the world. In addition, the respective study also lacks in providing statistical figures about former decades and games. Therefore, the upcoming researchers might include these two consecutive points in their upcoming research.

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