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Learning And Development From Internship Assignment Sample

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Learning And Development From Internship Assignment Sample


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My experience at THINK PACIFIC was one of a kind because working as an engineer there made me realise what were the different areas in by professional development that were still lacking. This internship that I took was indeed full of various knowledge and without reflecting upon it I think that there are some points that I might miss out on. According to authors Nguyen et al., (2014) the definition of a reflection stands as the process of engaging oneself in such a manner that exploratory interactions are made with ones actions and thoughts. It is through this the development of a conceptual frame can be developed to see what are the various changes that were faced hence outlining the impact of the changes on self. This would be important for me in order to make sure that I gain everything out of my internship even it be post.

Think Pacific was the organisation that my internship was done in. This organisation deal in delivering volunteer projects to Fiji. Think Pacific is considered to be a sustainable organisation as it provide projects that can help to uplift the economy of Fiji in an ecological manner rather than causing harm to the environment present there. The organisation also makes sure to devise plans not only for the ecological aspect to be looked at because it seems that focus is also being done on to provide adequate education to the children in Fiji so that the uplifting of the economy can be done as well. This was the reason that I choose to work with such an organisation as it made me feel that I was contributing back to the society.

It is through reflecting learning that I would be able to understand what can be the different areas for further development to be made. There are different models that would be used in this reflection in order to provide better analysis of my experience. One of the models that is going to be used is the critical incident technique through which qualitative information can be received about the experience that was achieved. The use of the Kolb’s Reflective model will also be done in order to clarify what were the feelings were during the experiences and what could be the different areas for further development to occur. The models will be used in collaborations with the learnings that were done in the lectures so that there can be proper theories taken into account. Theories such as the social exchange theory, behavioural theory will be used in order to make sure that there is effective work that can be established.

Reflecting on critical experiences of learning

  • According to Belobrovy (2018), professional development mainly refers to the continuation of career training and education after the individual has entered the workplace for helping in the development of new skills, staying with the current trends, and advancing in their career. The module provided in the PG internship has helped me in excelling in the development of my career and also focus on the valuable insights which will help in building my abilities. I have enthusiastically attended the workshop which has provided me with the opportunity of tailoring my LinkedIn profile and CV and improving my practices of search (Tabachnikov et al 2019). The approach of the start model interview has been effective in the application of job interviews with successful results.
  • Being a new individual in the workforce of the UK, the internship module has helped me in providing effective guidelines and also focusing on the small steps which should be undertaken for enhancing my career development. Furthermore, I learned about the relative importance of work ethics and relationships, stress impact, and how there should be a balance between self-care and mindfulness. According to Theelen et al (2020), the main tasks which were performed by me included the headed emphasis on engineering science which include interdisciplinary bridging of the major gap between the applications of engineering and scientific theory. It also laid the major emphasis on following the integration of art principles, engineering, scientific and mathematical.
  • Furthermore, the focus on the theory of cognitive dissonance has helped me with ineffective and direct relationships in the conduction of research. The theory mainly entries focus on the mental conflict which occurs when the beliefs of one are challenged by new information. It is mainly related to the research field which includes the contradiction of the various sources and difficulty in forming effective conclusions. It includes that focusing on the theories in the research and internship has been related to the theory of cognitive dissonance (Hu et al 2022).
  • Experience of internship
  • The internship coming to end has made me realize that the limited time has offered me various opportunities for the completion of my university work and the work internship which has been beneficial for becoming better with procrastination and time management. Finishing the work on time and believing it had led to anxiety. While considering the same the lack of proper work experience has taken me to a high level of anxiety about how I would be finding a job. But the internship has helped me in offering the best positions and leading to my overall development.
  • Considering the part of the three months internship at THINK PACIFIC, the incidents which come to my mind which has a major impact on my professional and personal development. The first was in the internship starting when the company manager asked me to deliver points on how the company functions and what are the major functions of the company. Focusing on the starting period of my internship period has been a little hectic because of the new discussion and not knowing about the policies of the company (Jeske and Linehan 2020). The focus on increasing workshops and online seminars has helped me effectively network with people who are like-minded internationally and allowed me in developing my professional and personal development through the different skills which are transferrable (Evans 2019). There has been the effective promotion of ethical volunteering which has helped in offering the best experiences and positions in volunteering with the practice which should be direct locally and also focusing on promoting local empowerment, local monitoring, ensuring effective sustainability and effective possible outcomes.
  • Therefore, the incident has helped me in the blissful opportunity of how there should be an effective focus on the analyst f making decisions in the organization and what is the basic knowledge which should be understood for effective outcomes should be explained. The following has to lead to the ability to follow the ideas which are related to decision making and how critical thinking is enhanced (Hobbs and Coiro 2019). Focusing on the professional context of the workshops and seminars which were conducted by the company helped me in focusing on how global experience should be maximized and what is the focus on the development of unique skills (Williams et al 2020). The projects of the company are based on the upliftment of the economy in Fiji turning it to an ecological balance and causing effectiveness in working. The main attention of working with the following organization has helped me in focusing and believing how the work needs to be done and to contribute towards the betterment of society.
  • Additionally, the whole experience has led me to improve my time management skills and become more effective about time and how there should be an effective basis for following the best decisions for the company (Jeske and Linehan 2020). The live video sessions, it had helped me in focusing on how I should enhance my personality and nature and come off the introverted side of mine. There has been a proper focus on leading with the ideas of how critical thinking should be enhanced and what the best practices should be followed that will help in enhancing the requirements of the company and also giving the best advice to its employees and staff (Bernstein et al 2020). The theory also led to proper management of how my ideas were contradicting the ideas of the company and what the major initial importance should be taken into consideration. The program has helped me in focusing on enhancing my skills which include laying the major emphasis on the opportunities, threats, and weaknesses which I may face during my internship and in the future where I will work. The whole idea of the working environment has helped in focusing on the learning decisions and how the company helps in the proper enhancement of the society which also leads to the social motive consideration by the company. The staff is very friendly and helped me in focusing on being grateful and also the decisions I made and the things which I learned from the organization (Powell and Bodur 2019).
  • Focusing on my second incident with the company was at the end of the internship when I had the proper idea of how sustainable ideas are considered to be the best for the organization. This included that when I had to show my entire internship relations and following the workplace diversity in the organization, I also faced several issues and challenges which the first one included communication. Due to a lack of communication, I was unable to focus on the workplace criteria and how the organization's work was being done. It included that due to lack, I had to face a tense environment in which the people are not motivated and being inspired, and productive in collaboration (Hildebrand 2018). I also faced a lack of motivation which mainly affected doing the work as being inspired was the main criteria of the research. Poor communication also leads to extreme situations of tension, confusion, frustration, and friction in which the people are not able to work with effective collaboration and productivity. It included that due to a lack of the working culture importance and communication, I faced issues which included how things needs to be done. The last experience was hectic but also enjoyfull in which I managed and learned about the sustainable impact of the company. The major vision of the company was to focus on safety with a unique approach to the organization of the project for responsible volunteering and promoting sustainability.

The vision of the company was to focus on inspiring the young leader, with a positive impact on the global and local challenges. The mission of the company was to focus on empowering the youth of Fijian in achieving the goals of the development plan nationally (Rolfe and Freshwater 2020). It also included the effective standard of ethical volunteering. The next challenge I faced included collaborative working which is also known as a partnership and joint working which focus on covering the various ways in which more and more than two organization can work together. The options mainly range from alliances and informal networks, which include projects of joint delivery to a full merger (Hobbs and Coiro 2019). Taking part in the internship helped me in managing the entire process which include the focus on managing the skills of critical and analytical skills. With my constant focus on the internship criteria, I aligned my major attention in following the best ways which will lead to managing my entire job position and leading to working for the best job in the future (Lynch et al 2021). The entire internship period has helped me in gaining the purpose for growth and also focusing on how sustainability is the key importance for working in the organization. It included that the proper management has helped me in managing the overall working experience and also gaining the importance of following how the mistakes should be corrected. The next challenge which I faced in the organization included multitasking at the work. Due to the loaded work, I was not able to focus on my entire career opportunities. It includes that due to low focus on following the best measures had led to the challenges which are faced by me. Multi-tasking is the way in which people are loaded with work and this includes hurting productivity. Multitasking also includes juggling the various activities of work and shifting the entire attention from one initial task to another. Due to this, I was not able to focus on the working environment and this led to not focusing on the management requirements (Sadullayevich 2021).

Furthermore, I faced various cultures during the experience, and this led to a low focus on adaptation. Due to less focus on cultural issues, there was less managing impotence in following how the internship will be successful and how the following will lead to the working capabilities. Due to overthinking during working, I also faced the issue of time management due to which I faced difficulties in working and this led to not focusing on timely duties. Not being able to manage the situations and dealing with them in a correct manner lead to not focusing on the issues which were also witnessed in the organization (DiPaola and Wagner 2018). I also compelled the major focus on managing the continuous work due to which I was overburdened with the work. But the following also included the plus point which includes that I was able to work with my potential and also gain major control on following the best decision-making purpose. Time management is the key purpose which includes managing the entire working culture and also focusing on managing the issues which are faced in the organization. It included that spending time in the working situations leads to focusing on effective working requirements and also considering the needed attention in following the ways through which the work should be done. The following situations and challenges faced, led to perfection in my working culture. The following will help me in dealing with the overall situation of work and also getting an effective job in the future. The following included that managing my work will help me ineffective working and also lead to the situations that have challenges. Therefore, the needed environment for the workplace should be placed in a manner that includes a proper working environment and deadlines for the work (Alexander 2022). The major values which I understood while working in the internship program include having a mindset and passion, resilience, humility, accountability, aspiration, and collaboration. It included that the following will help me in working for the best and also gaining the managing attention in following the best ways which include effective working culture and environment. Therefore, the need for effective development includes focusing on the challenging environment and being humble in making the decisions of the company. The internship has helped me in excelling in my major field and also led me to work with the best cultural requirements. It included that the following has helped me in managing the overall culture of working and working with the best capabilities and abilities towards enhancing my future career options (Farrell 2020).

Conclusion and Discussion

The above analysis has provided a key outline of the various experiences that I had during my internship at Think Pacific. There was a lot of learning that was done during this experience but it seems that I was also able to get a clear idea about what were the gaps that were missing in me. This requires that I need to create goals that will help me achieve effective management of the gaps. I have used the SMART goals concept in order to plan out the goals that I want to achieve.

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