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Teaching In A Specialist Area Assignment Sample

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Teaching In A Specialist Area Assignment Sample


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A teacher has recently been appointed in a new college as a lecturer. Here, the teacher should be focused on motivation, knowledge, qualification, demonstrating creativity and many other things. With the help of these components, a proper teaching process can happen to lead to better education development. Here, six different tasks are going to elaborate on understanding all teaching processes and other relevant factors. On the other hand, the secondary data collection process is going to be used in this report to proceed with this report. It will be beneficial to know individual perspectives regarding the teaching process and other philosophical training sessions.

Findings and discussions

Task 1

1.1 Explain the key aims of training and education in your own specialist area

The main aim of training and education of a new teacher should be focused on higher education, depth knowledge of specific subjects, such as business development, science, leadership and many other things. A teacher can enhance his or her qualification based on any special subject. A lecturer should be focused on some learning outcomes that are given in the following.

  • Improvement of educational skills, more expertise areas, motivational factors and job performance; these features are effectively helping to manage education and training sessions for that teacher.
  • Manage his or her skills and knowledge depth to maintain responsibilities in a new college.
  • An initial teacher-training program, professional development, and efficient or attractive skills need to have in that teacher.
  • The proper decision-making process, proper knowledge of theories and other subjects, competitive skills and other relevant knowledge need to have for educational organisations.

Based on this fact, Gilpin et al. (2018) stated that a teacher is needed to have some specific aims to provide better training and educational sessions in a new college in his specialised area. For this reason, the teacher has to focus on his or her behaviour, identify problems, open challenges, explanatory artificial intelligence (XAI). With the help of XAI, a teacher can get to know regarding better training process for students. Proper mechanisms of simplifying problems, the direction of making solutions, enhancement of dealing with challenges, and many other things can be the main aims of a teacher.

In contrast, Rieckmann, (2018) implies that sustainable development of education (SDE) should be the main aim of a teacher. This motive can take towards success; on other hand, SDE reflects its effect, where social, cultural higher education, motivation, complication management, and other things are incorporated. Apart from this, an integral part of lifelong learning and quality education need to understand with the help of SDE. Additionally, proper job roles and responsibilities need to be involved in the teaching profession to maintain competencies, sustainable goals, collaboration, and specialised subjects. These features help to maintain sustainability in academic organisations. 

1.2 Analyse philosophical problems relating to training and education in your own specialist area

A teacher needs to have a brief knowledge of ethics and awareness of philosophical issues that may occur in the training session. A teacher should learn these ethical factors to avoid philosophical issues. Due to this reason, theoretical models, cognitive skills, self-modification, motivation, inspiration, problem-solving skills, knowledge development, and many other things are needed to increase for eliminating philosophical issues. In the educational training session, some creative approaches need to be taken by a new teacher to learn different ethical theories and models to know reflective statements and measure the quality of knowledge depth.

Ethics is a basic part of each learning session and professional sector. This factor helps to manage the psychological aspects of students and employees. Here, Grosz et al. (2019) stated that an Embedded Ethics framework could help to manage technical knowledge, enhance motivation, develop communication process, and eliminate ethical issues, incorporating modules, and many other thongs things. Usually, master or PhD students are following philosophy to enhance their knowledge and skills. This skill helps to get a job in a new college and university. Proper computer-based knowledge, special knowledge based on a particular subject, ethical reasoning skills, understanding of academic contexts, psychological aspects and many other features need to be maintained by a new teacher to mitigate ethical issues and spread philosophical ideas among students.

Additionally, Remišová et al. (2019) signify that the Code of ethics framework can manage the philosophical aspects of a new teacher in the educational training session. Here, the organisational ethics program helps to manage behaviour, explore potentiality. Ethical programs have some different components, where promotional factors, behavioural structure, compliance, functional operations, academic potentiality, norms, and many other things are included. Sometimes, many students do not maintain ethical functioning and philosophical aspects to mitigate ethical issues. Here, poor behaviour, communication gap, problem-solution issue and many more challenges can be found. From this discussion, it becomes easier to understand the significance of philosophical aspects.

Task 2

2.1 Describe the structure and aims of key qualifications in your own specialist area

For a new teacher, some specific aims are needed to assemble for the teaching profession. In this case, a new teacher, who is a new lecturer of a college; at this point, it should have in-depth knowledge of specific knowledge. It is important to specialise based on a specific subject that helps to play a role model in a new college. Students will be influenced by focusing on a new teacher; in-depth knowledge will attract students and it is beneficial for their career. Additionally, that teacher will achieve goals. Here, a teacher must cover operational skills, academic skills, communication skills, employment and social, cultural, and political issues. In this way, students can get to know different areas of knowledge.

Based on this fact, Conti?Ramsden et al. (2018) argued that language disorder issues need to be developed for teachers. The qualification of a teacher determines his knowledge areas; in this vase, language development can make a good communication process and relationship bonding between students and teachers. Poor educational development, behavioural structure, unemployment and other qualities should be analysed and evaluated for students for their careers. Here, a teacher can put his efforts by following his qualifications, aims, and goals to focus on these features. This activity helps to develop academic development, employment and other vocational qualifications.

Additionally, the qualification of a teacher can determine the significance of academic opportunities, analyse students’ backgrounds, and provide better ideas or concepts regarding specific academic topics and many other things (Windschitl et al. 2020). In this case, these authors have also stated that learning and teaching sessions help to support engagement in practical practices, make better planning for students, demonstrate evidence-based explanations, support predictable changes in thinking and clarify upcoming issues. These aims are effectively helping to develop the careers of students. Due to this reason, better qualification and knowledge depth are important for an educational session. In addition, a teacher needs to implement his arts, science, marketing, business knowledge, and other academic areas for adapting information based on these subjects.

2.2 Describe the structure and aims of the learning program in your specialist area

Based on the structure of learning programs, a teacher needs to have enough ability and skills to develop business management factors for professional areas. Regarding this fact, Daumiller et al. (2019) explain that the achievement goals of a college or university lecturer can bring positive outcomes. Here, all professors, lecturers, staff, and other members need to focus on learning structures, so that students can get to know all areas of employment facilities. The main aims of the learning program are given in the following.

  • A teacher needs to evaluate management theories, developing experiences of students, strategic thinking, and other academic areas.
  • He needs to analyse all academic approaches, and interconnections between students to understand their perspectives.
  • Teachers have to make concrete goals and objectives for students to help them with learning programs.

Regarding this fact, it can say that a proper learning structure and aims can help to determine the achievement of goals. Emotional aspects, behaviour, practical implications, and other skills need to be provided to students with the help of achievement goal theory. Apart from this, different cognitive skills are also important for students which make them more able to achieve success. Here, motivational feasibility, psychological strengths, doubt clearance, questionnaires, and other relevant factors must be covered to enhance to make an appropriate frame for students. Learning program is a basic and essential part of enhancing the experience regarding academic sessions. It helps to manage self-reliability, achievement goals, competencies and other functions. Due to this reason, an experienced and proficient teacher is needed to maintain the structure and aim of learning programs.

Contextually, emotional factors are important for maintaining learning programs in a college and university. Here, teachers are focusing on their teaching skills and enhancing the essence of training lessons. Based on this fact, Chen, (2019) stated that teachers are maintaining emotional aspects, investigating unknown facts, making good relationships with students and many other operational aspects. With the help of a structural equation modelling approach, students can determine their self-centric approaches; and understand the link between academic constraints. In the training session, a good teacher provides conceptual factors based on specific academic subjects, mitigates regression of excess loads, and enhances the ability of prediction.

2.3 Explain how to own approach to preparation and planning for the delivery of a learning program in own specialist area enables its aims to be met

Usually, in the first stage, lecturers and teachers are focused on their behaviour and academic lessons. This approach helps to manage all assignments, online students’ learning programs, determine initiatives, and help to progress higher education and many other things. According to Ally, (2019), the use of digital systems can be an advanced approach to delivering learning programs. This system effectively helps to enhance knowledge, is easy to demonstrate, and many other things. With the help of advanced technology, teachers can easily explain academic topics. The competencies of teachers can help to enhance the ability of students. They can use online platforms to progress training sessions by standing in the 22nd century. Therefore, it can be said that the digital learning approach is beneficial for all students, which makes it more efficient outcomes in terms of delivering learning programs.

Additionally, Gilar-Corbí et al. (2018) explain that an emotional approach is necessary to provide opportunities to all students. It helps to manage psychological aspects, motivation, higher education, training environments, and many other things. This approach provides support from undergraduate students to postgraduate students. In academic organisations, gender inequality issues can be found. In this case, an emotional approach can help to mitigate this issue. With the help of this approach, an efficient teacher can manage his training sessions in the classroom and workplace. This performance will help to implement in the professional sector. Therefore, it can be stated that all approaches and teaching procedures are effectively providing benefits to all students to achieve goals for future development.

Task 3

3.1 Analyse the inclusiveness of own approach to the planning and preparation of a learning program in your specialist area

In the training session, language barriers can create obstacles. Due to this reason, a specific language needs to be known to communicate with students and teachers. English is a common language that is easy to learn and reliable to communicate. This criterion must include inclusion factors. Apart from this, Jabbarov, (2020) stated that leadership formation, skills, and leadership qualities are part of the inclusion factor, which helps to manage learning programs. Pedagogy does not allow poor skills of learning structure. Due to this reason, modern training sessions, knowledge, social psychology, speaking skills and other relevant functions are included in learning programs. It can be said that all teachers have to include all inclusion factors to make it feasible for all students. 

Based on this fact, it can be stated that good relationship factors, advocacy, transparency, experience, perceptions of new academic topics, social aspects and many other things are needed to manage business development. These components can be a part of inclusion components. However, a new teacher has to be more polite and patient in managing training sessions to provide better learning materials to all students. Besides that, proper information on students’ backgrounds, their learning capacity, time management skills, and other relevant functions are needed to maintain for rectify issues. Hence, it is clear that teachers are using inclusion factors to manage training sessions for learning programs.

On the other hand, Caliendo, (2020) explains that a shortage of efficient teachers should not be present in colleges and universities. This activity enhances the risk of learning programs. Due to this raisin, diversity of the teacher workforce must be included in the inclusion factor. In regards to this inclusiveness, flexible online sessions, independent study, and diversity of knowledge and skills are playing a vital role in learning programs. In this case, sustainable pedagogy is needed to manage all students’ careers, skills, academic degrees, and employment. A concrete structure of a learning program can help to achieve professional goals in the workplace. Therefore, it can say that a teacher must include beneficial academic features, cultural diversity, social skills, diverse knowledge, and innovation processes in training sessions, and make it more informative to enhance the quality of a training session for learning programs.

3.2 Explain how to own approach to the preparation and planning of a learning program in own specialist area takes account of key curriculum issues, including the role of new and emerging technologies

According to Napal Fraile et al. (2018), information communication technology helps to manage the communication process. In this case, teachers can use a competency framework for increasing their competencies. This approach helps to develop the communication process, technical uses, and personal and professional development. In this case, all teachers have to show their ability to develop the careers of all students. This is a self-management process, which provides benefits to teachers and students. Therefore, it can be said that the competency approach helps to enhance the ability and efficiency of teachers. This is the main plan and goal of teachers.

Different problem-solving approaches, decision-making approaches, leadership, business management and other relevant approaches are needed to manage training sessions for learning programs. With the help of these approaches, a teacher can show his ability and competency to deal with training-oriented challenges. In this case, that teacher has to be highly qualified to clear all doubts of all students. The behaviour of teachers influences all students and motivates them to learn new things. Based on this fact, teachers are making their own plans for students. Hence, it is logically clear that a better plan and approach can influence all students and make a flexible training environment.

On the other hand, Janssen et al. (2019) suggested that teachers have to prepare learning program plans for their students. Technical and pedagogical approaches are needed for this case. Here, the ICT process, diversity of knowledge, integrated support, and other technical influential factors are included in a training session. Due to this reason, all employees need to focus on the teachers that have made for them. Besides that, a student-centric approach can also be included in this learning program. Thus, it is predictable and logically mitigates vague conditions from training sessions to make better plans for students. Hence, a new teacher can learn more things by focusing on multiple approaches to enhance his skills and knowledge.

Task 4

4.1 Analyse ways in which teaching and learning resources, including new and emerging technologies, meet the individual needs of learners in their own specialist area

Currently, many teachers use the online teaching session process. In this case, students are facing some difficulties that must be eliminated while taking classes. Different online forums, such as Google Meet, zoom and teachers use other applications. This emerging technology is helping to manage teaching sessions. Apart from this, an efficient teacher needs to show his ability by providing his knowledge and skills even in online classes. In the ongoing class, a proper interactive process should include communicating with students. It is important for online and offline classes. Besides that, a teacher needs to provide essential resources regarding academic subjects. Those teachers have to extend the learning processes by focusing on multiple sources for learning materials. 

Usually, as the online sources, teachers are using websites, journals, scholars, Google Books and other sources. With the help of these internet sources, teachers are gathering information and sharing their knowledge with students. According to Maseleno et al. (2018), learning analytics tools can develop knowledge and skills even in in-house online sessions. In an online teaching session, students can learn personalised learning programs by taking more classes from teachers. Learning analytics determine the measurement of learners, analyse learning patterns, collect resources, and provide a proper understanding of academic contexts. With the help of this tool, teachers feel benefit in the online teaching session. Therefore, it is clear that an online learning session can also be profitable by focusing on online forums, resources and other analytics components that have been mentioned in this discussion.

Besides that, Martin et al. (2019) suggested using course design, evaluation of learning procedures, and facilitation practices can help to achieve success. Teachers and class lecturers use this activity. In online classes, many assessments, technical uses, facilitation strategies, and other qualitative resources are used to manage learning programs. Here, emerging technology can be used to demonstrate multiple academic topics, which enhance knowledge, and skills and motivate students for their successful life. Apart from this, an able teacher can focus on his higher qualified knowledge, skills, competencies, teaching practices, and online interaction process or communication procedures. These functions help to enhance the diversity of knowledge of all students; they will imitate that teacher and be inspired by focusing on an ideal person. 

In accordance with online classes, Demir et al. (2020) mentioned implementing e-service in teaching sessions would be beneficial for all students. Apart from this, all online meeting platforms are helpful for continuing the classes for educational purposes. Here, students need to have internet connections and e-devices to propagate their academic lessons. In this case, teachers are facilitating their best efforts to provide adequate knowledge, using technical systems, and demonstrating critical topics, by using computers and other digital systems for all students. These devices are also helping to collect resources, including other software programs. This activity is influencing and inspiring for students. Moreover, they can benefit academically; this procedure can also increase their professional development by gathering individual aspects based on some business management topics.

4.2 Analyse the inclusiveness of own use of teaching and learning resources in a specialist area

Usually, teachers use books and other lecture notes to provide knowledge. Besides that, online books, journals, websites, and other online resources are used in a learning session. Apart from this, some inclusive factors are included in it, such as general discussion, group discussion, question and answer forums and many other things that can be incorporated into the learning program. In this process, inclusiveness brings sustainable development while teachers are sharing their effective knowledge and experience in the learning sessions. According to Stites et al. (2019), exam processes, descriptive analysis, proper knowledge of coursework, and other relevant factors are part of inclusive factors. These features enhance the quality of learning programs; moreover, students are getting beneficial outcomes and mitigating their disabilities with the help of this inclusiveness.

In contrast, other inclusive components are included in pedagogy. Here, teachers maintain all educational policies and guidelines, which make a systematic process in colleges, universities and other academic organisations. It also helps to manage even in the online classes (Pappas et al. 2018). Inclusiveness provides equal opportunities and brings positive outcomes for educational systems. Pedagogically, all teachers are responsible for student development. With the help of this inclusiveness, educational systems can be developed. As a result, all efficient teachers can show their ability, proficiency, attitude, and other cognitive factors. Learning abilities, applying theoretical knowledge in practical fields, confidence, and other developmental aspects can increase the inclusive environment. From this discussion, I have understood that inclusive factors enhance teaching practices and learning programs.

Task 5

5.1 Liaise with others within a specialist area to develop own practice

It is important to maintain all practices for teacher training sessions. Many experienced teachers are the main lecturer of colleges and universities. They are following diploma in education and training (DET) policies so that upcoming teachers can follow all guidelines for better educational development. I have noticed that they are focusing on eight different DET practices that are discussed in the following.

  • At first, it is important to show the higher qualification in the DET teacher training session (Publishing.service.gov.uk, 2022).
  • New teachers or candidates have to implement possible solutions for any problems, which can make them more able to deal with educational obstacles.
  • They need to manage workload and improve the working conditions.
  • It is important to manage all resources and display all educational plans.
  • They have to be more patient, provide a healthy and safe environment for students.
  • DET trainers are providing motivational theories to candidates so that they can learn inspirational tricks to manage all students.
  • New teachers have to support and consider all emotional intelligence, change inconvenient roles for balancing the educational environment.
  • Additionally, a trainee teacher has to trigger at a point, where the evolution of education can start.

These criteria are provided to trainee teachers by DET trainers. With the help of these cognitive and educational skills, they become more proficient and able to manage educational policies and rules. I realise that a trainee teacher has to be more responsible and play a vital role to teach proficiently to all students, so that psychological aspects, career management, social working tasks and other relevant functions can be maintained (Nationalcareers.service.gov.uk, 2022). Therefore, it is clear that DET trainers are providing beneficial training sessions and taking tests of trainee teachers for practicing their skills. It helps to provide fluency while trainee teachers will join in a new college. All solutions will be at their fingertips.

5.2 Review the impact of liaison with other teachers and trainers within own specialist area on own practice

From the above discussion, different training components have discussed. Readers can learn easily understand the significance of being a teacher. All DET training rules make it compatible to work in different colleges and universities. With the help of these DET operations, a teacher can learn more things, such as self-assessment, self-tracing skills, improvement process, decision-making capabilities, and solution making ability. All these operations reflect positively to enhance the quality of educational plans. A higher qualified teacher will be ideal for all students. According to Fusarelli et al. (2018), a proficient teacher is following learning strategies to manage academic sessions for learning programs for students. As a result, the entire educational plans, academic knowledge, skills, cultural and social performance are positively increasing to provide beneficial outcomes. 

Regarding this fact, it can state that higher authorities of a college and university will also be more influenced by following that new teacher, who is implementing his knowledge depth and incorporating all students in cultural and social tasks. In this way, all students will be more experienced and confident to manage their upcoming professional life. Master’s programs, university programs, leadership management, and other relevant aspects are needed to manage for advanced educational development. A proficient or confident teacher is focusing on long-term achievement and other beneficial strategies to enhance professionalism to address all challenges.

In contrast, Madani, (2019) stated that to focus on ethical factors, where human rights, educational quality, growth and wealth of society, evaluation theme and many other things need to increase for advanced educational plans. Human right is a basic and essential component to gather knowledge. Sometimes, students are misbehaving with others; at this point, human rights knowledge and DET training knowledge can help to mitigate this issue from the academic sector. Hence, proper improvement and quality management of education can enhance the learning programs for all students.

Task 6

6.1 Review the effectiveness of own knowledge and skills in a specialist area

The effectiveness of own knowledge and skills are effectively increasing the significance of a successful career. In this case, all students can improve their academic skills and prepare for professional careers. Knowledge and skills of an efficient teacher can positively improvise the structure of an educational organisation. In this case, all teachers are maintaining their responsibilities to create a new path for advanced educational planning. Additionally, teachers are enhancing the quality of online classes by implementing their in-depth knowledge, skills, educational plans, and other technical systems to demonstrate different academic topics. In some cases, teachers are presenting role-play on behalf of HRs, so that students can get to learn the process of the interview field. It provides benefits to all students to understand the environment.

According to Behzadnia et al. (2018), own knowledge and skill can bring self-determination. Proper education and practical practices effectively bring the satisfaction of all students. In most of the cases, students do not maintain their behaviour, become frustrated, break the rules of college and other restrictions do not maintained. Due to this reason, a proficient teacher is needed to mitigate this issue. Not all teachers can do the same thing; due to this reason, a skilled or expert teacher is required to manage the educational systems and learning process. Furthermore, they are facilitating opportunities to find out more paths for career goals.

On other hand, Shyr, and Chen, (2018) explain that educational settings are maintaining pedagogy. In this case, teachers are focusing on the rules of educational plans and learning systems. Additionally, it can say that knowledge and skills can enhance self-regulated learning, language skills, enhance academic performance, which takes towards professional success. It is also important to create instructional strategies to promote learning performance. It is important to manage a technology-enhanced self-regulation learning (SRL) model to improve knowledge and skills. This effective model helps to manage the quality of knowledge and skills. Language acquisitions, practical implications, technical evidence, and many other things are effectively creating facilities to manage academic perspectives. 

6.2 Identify own strengths and areas for improvement in relation to practice in a specialist area

With the help of SWOT analysis, a teacher can enhance his strengths and opportunities. On the other hand, he can reduce his weaknesses and threats that have occurred while the learning program is going on.

A teacher has enough ability to manage the provide knowledge and skills. He never looks back to share his experience in the classroom. A highly qualified teacher has the ability to maintain ethical rules to maintain a peaceful environment in the college and university. According to Teoli et al. (2019), SWOT analysis helps to evaluate strengths; by focusing on this fact, a teacher can follow all DET training rules. As a result, that teacher can maintain a reliable environment for student development.

Many teachers are using online forums to take online classes. However, some teachers do not know how to handle the online settings of multiple meeting applications. It is quite difficult to demonstrate academic topics through meeting applications. This area needs to be developed by teachers. Many colleges and universities do not enhance their management and educational plans so efficient teachers do not get facilities to share their knowledge and skills. Besides that, poor demonstrating skills need to be developed for better understanding.

Opportunities: As a teacher, I am fortunate to work in a college and share my knowledge based on a specific academic subject. The strength of a teacher can bring more opportunities and creative paths to educational management. With the help of all my strengths, I can get a promotion in a college. I can start a research process based on my specialised subject. This activity can enhance my skills and knowledge to develop educational plans.

Threats: Based on my weaknesses, I can face many obstacles while taking online classes. It becomes difficult to manage online classes. A well-skilled teacher can help to manage all professional aspects. However, online obstacles, poor setting skills, and other relevant factors are reducing the quality of education. On the other hand, poor managerial systems do not influence to proceed with the progress of better educational plans. 

6.3 Identify opportunities to improve and update your own knowledge and skills in a specialist area

From the SWOT analysis factor, I have found that I have enough knowledge and skills to provide better training sessions to my all students. I have focused on my DET training session. Due to this reason, I have gathered academic lessons, ethical knowledge, and cultural lessons, so that students can manage their ability and efficiency. In this case, all students are focusing on their teachers to learn new things and they are controlling their behavioural structure. According to Leal Filho et al. (2019), sustainability teaching training helps to achieve success. Apart from this, all higher education, good behaviour, cultural development, and other things are effectively increasing the essence of academic skills.

Additionally, Amhag et al. (2019) signify that educators or teachers need to enhance their digital competencies, provide professional training, enhance the quality of academic skills, share special developmental skills, digital teaching and many other things needed to by efficient teachers. In this way, students can enhance their skills and ability to develop their career goals. Therefore, it is clear that knowledge and skills development factors can manage their academic development and other systems. Besides that, proper technical knowledge, online training sessions and other relevant factors should be acquired by a teacher for students; academic and professional development. From this discussion, it is clear that systematic educational and professional development for all students.


It can be conclude that all teachers are focusing on their responsibilities and roles. Apart from this, all students are focusing on their teachers; due to this reason, all students are maintaining their skills and knowledge. Different tasks have included different skills, knowledge, SWOT analysis factors, and many other things.


All teachers have to focus on their online training sessions and they need to learn online forum settings. Based on this fact, all teachers have to manage their responsibilities digital competencies and other factors are managing their online education factors. Apart from this, professional development skills, teaching development process and factors should be managed with the help of motivational theories and models. It can also state that proper communication processes and skills need to be managed to mitigate all weaknesses. From the SWOT analysis, some weaknesses have found which should be developed for professional development. It can be managed with the help of digital technologies. On other hand, efficient teachers have to manage their ability and efficiency.

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