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Study Skills For Nursing Student Assignment Sample

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Study Skills For Nursing Student Assignment Sample

1. Introduction: Study Skills For Nursing Student

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Essential skills development is required for individuals who mainly practise nursing as without skilled practices proper patient care cannot be given following nursing ethics. Personal as well as professional skills development according to the intended job role is required to perform better and overcome critical situations. This essay's structured discussion sheds light on exploring evidence-based skills development like communication, numeracy, writing, reflection, use of digital technologies and transformation technologies. In addition, the process of self-skill development and its impacts on nursing practices has been presented.

2. Discussion

Recently I have performed the role of a trainee nurse through which I have developed the required skills like communication, numeracy as well as literacy and writing skill. In addition, I have also developed significant skills which address the effectiveness and performance of reflective practices in the nursing field. As per the views of Bonsaksen et al. (2019), communication skill is considered one important skill in order to practise nursing activities effectively and to serve better clinical services to required patients. In nursing practices, communication skills are mainly developed through the help of developing a set of skills that address effective literacy practices as well as numeracy along with writing abilities. I have performed various types of nursing practice-related activities through which I have developed multiple skills at a time.

I must say that I have developed literacy skills in time performing the role of e trainees nurse which includes hearing and understanding patients' case histories. On the other hand, in time practising at the emergency department as one of the blood pressure checkers, I have noted down how executive and senior nurses do not down case histories of patients for proceeding with further clinical practices. As reported by MacLean et al. (2019), literacy practice in nursing mainly refers to utilising the patient’s knowledge as well as skills in making effective insightful healthcare decisions. In this case, I have learned how to utilise patients' knowledge as well as skills in a time of developing decisions and why it is important for ensuring quality healthcare outcomes. I have also learned that the use of basic language is very much easy to understand for patients which improve health literacy among the patient population. I must say that one needs to develop literacy skills in order to perform a better job role of the nurse as well as a nurse manager and role of professional health care provider. 

Apart from these, I can say that performing such situations where I worked as supervising a specific patient who was under treatment at the hospital on the account of suffering from a high fever, has helped me to develop my literacy skills. In this case, I had to look after patients over time along with providing medicine from time to time and giving information to the executive nurse from time to time. It can be considered as one of the situational examples of situations in which I have developed literacy skills on a partial basis. Step by step developing literacy skills I have understood the ways to navigate complex healthcare systems for emergency purposes. In this way, my literary skill has been developed effectively by performing various situational activities to provide initial support to the healthcare system as well as patients.

Besides developing literacy skills, I must say that I have understood the need of developing numeracy skills in practising nursing activities effectively and the ways to develop as well as utilise it. As opined by As' ad (2022), numeracy skills can be defined as skills to understand the extent to which the application of medication is safe for patients according to their medical complications. Moreover, this is also considered a critical skill for nurses which is highly required for administering the medication process safely. I must say that I have developed these particular skills by developing calculator handling capability and fundamental requirements for performing calculations.

I must say that I have learned the process of calculating the intake and output of patients based on the required medication process. In accordance with the author Rani et al. (2020), adopting numeracy skills is not only beneficial for nurses to ensure good clinical practices but also ensures the chances of managing various emergencies in which patients' conditions can deteriorate for taking one miniature late action. According to me, in “state-of-the-art medical facilities”, one successful and professional nurse must have proper knowledge regarding the importance of developing mathematical skills and ways to perform them properly. Considering this particular fundamental I have developed knowledge as well as the ability to Calculate Dosages, "Converting Between Systems'' as well as "Drug Titration'', "And the calculation of IV Drip Rates'' properly which are considered as initially required numeracy skills for nurses.

Apart from highlighting numeracy skills developed by me, I have also developed reflective practices which have become very much helpful for me to understand the potential I have and the skills and abilities that I need to develop on an urgent basis. As proclaimed by Purnell et al. (2020), reflective practice is a kind of cognitive skill which seeks an attentive mindset towards looking at situations along with concerns of self-belief, practices as well as values allowing nurses to conduct self-assessment processes. I think that performing the role of trainee nurse has allowed me to acquire the scope of incorporating learning in improving patient care outcomes. It would be beneficial for me to perform a job role as a professional nurse in future.

Following this fundamental, conducting a Self-SWOT analysis has highlighted my potential strengths as well as weaknesses along with opportunities to improve by overcoming threats in the way of development. Partial development of literacy and numeracy skills has become one of the strengths through which I can perform nursing roles better than other trainees to quite an extent. As per the opinion of Nes et al. (2021), a combination of developed numeracy as well as literacy skills is considered an important skill set. I must say that acquiring thinking abilities has become one of my strengths which is mainly required by all who aim at practising nursing activities properly as well as following core fundamentals. The above presented a combination of the skill sets required by nurses at the initial stage to pursue student-based activities as well as at the professional level (Khoshnudi et al. 2019). I just need to improve the presentation of only the most important information in order to enhance my numeracy skill. [Refer to Appendix 2]

On the other hand, weak communication skills have become a kind of weakness which needs to improve in order to communicate with patients as well as other clinical personnel following nursing rules and formalities. In addition, it is kind of an inability of me not to operate digital technologies which require to be accessed properly in managing emergency clinical practices to provide sufficient clinical support to patients. Still, potential opportunities are there which would be effective for me to develop skills properly as well as knowledge abilities to handle digital technology-based clinical gadgets. As cited by Jefferies et al. (2018), technical skills adoption and development are highly required for nurse students to easily access and monitor patients' data and records in order to provide better clinical services. Based on this proclamation presented by the author, I can say that I need to develop technical skills effectively. In the case of developing skills through incorporating available opportunities to me, major barriers are lack of resources as well as high competition which impacts the overall skill development process and may change the mode of desired nursing practices. [Refer to Appendix 2]

In time performing practical sessions, I have performed the role which requires writing skills of nursing fundamentals and I asked to follow a formal writing style in order to follow general communicative ways. As per the views of Brown et al. (2020), writing is considered one of the core skill elements in nursing practices. I was asked to write an assignment based on the traditional nursing approach used in the clinical nursing process and it has been observed that my writing ability is quite low and needs to be improved. Writing also follows as an effective way of clinical communication (Lokmic-Tomkins et al. 2021). On the other hand, I must say that one needs to be confident about following a writing approach in time to present some essential clinical information. Based on identified skills development needs at personal, academic and professional levels I have developed an action plan which has been presented in the appendix section. [Referred to Appendix 1]

3. Conclusion

Hence, it can be concluded that there are various skill gaps which need to be overcome in order to be one of the ideal nurses by profession. Developing not only literacy, numeracy as well as reflective and writing skills but also individuals need to develop skills that would help them to access digital technology-based systems requires clinical practices to manage emergency as well as critical patient conditions. On the other hand, it can be summarised that students need to develop an action plan consisting of required skill development in order to manage patients' needs on time in the future profession. Thus, it can be stated that the discussion in this essay has remained covering required self-reflective accounts in order to provide insightful data regarding skills required in nursing practices.

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Appendix 1: Action Plan

Knowledge, skills, qualities and Experiences

Action Plans for Future Development


· Communication skill needs to be improved and it can be done through enhancing vocabulary stock and understanding abilities along with writing abilities.

· Writing skill needs to be developed and it will be done through following step-by-step writing guidance


· Identification of proper target audience is very much required

· Complete working drafts need to be well-presented


· Enhancing consistency in time of doing nursing-based mathematical problems is highly required

· Presentation of only most important information


· Time consideration

· It should be purposeful, focused and questioning.

Digital Technology

· Enhancing knowledge as well as the practical implementation of theory-based knowledge

· Retrieving information


· Consideration of target audience and initial approach to them

· Enhancing thinking abilities

· Practising audience-based learning

Appendix 2: Self-SWOT Analysis


? Partial development of literacy and numeracy skills

? Acquiring thinking abilities


? Weak communication skills

? Inability of operating digital technologies


? handle digital technology-based clinical gadgets

? Opportunities in terms of having long time duration


? Lack of accessible sources

? Excessive market competitions

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