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Sales report of Apple Inc Assignment Sample

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Sales report of Apple Inc Assignment Sample


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This report aims to analyse the annual sales of Tech giant Apple Inc. evaluating the company’s global revenue of 2021, especially when a pandemic has hit the world and several industries have faced downtown economically. The report discusses how to sell structures has contributed to this significant prosperous sale figures emphasising the principles of sales management. The information shed light on several successful selling principles and how it is essential to develop sales strategies to build high profitability for the organisation. As Apple has proved over the years, it is a band with utmost promised quality and gains trust from the consumers. However, the iPad, iPhone, iPods, and MacBook targeted the segment as these are very high in products. But the company's sales approach has penetrated the rising disposable income aspect in many countries, garnering a tall sales figure. They have used several organisational cell structures, including marketing, geography and sales, with a coherent market evaluation.

The total net sales during 2021 reached 365 .82 billion in US dollars. This net sales of Apple have increased from the last year record-breaking sales of 274 .52 billion. The annual revenue of Apple quadrupled over the previous ten years with constant waves of launching new and innovative products that have contributed to the drastic growth of Apple. All the products are considered market revolutionary, creating their dynasties. The immense success commercially has contributed to the high price of Apple stocks and resulted in over tenfold growth in share prices. Apple is a first trillion $ Corp regarding market capitalisation with holding largest market cap as a tech company of hit songs. The sale strategy is heavily dependent on Apple stores which have created their unique designs with minimalistic and substantial glass panes creating a signature style that has created a unique identity to their consumers. The retail stores have been the fastest retailer to cross the US$1 billion annual sales trademark. The primary success strategy in sales has resulted in their various located Apple stores globally, with the majority of those stores in the US. California has itself 53 Apple stores.

Fundamental principles of sales management

As a sales manager, it is imperative to be in a leadership position with a responsible and committed approach to trigger significant growth. The formulation of needs objectives ambitions of the company and allowing those goals and objectives with the team is essential to recognise the unique makeup of each of cell representatives articulating their weaknesses, strengths and skills which can be developed through which best of sales figures can be achieved by them. The fundamental principles always involve understanding philosophies and behaviours that trigger engagement from all the team members. A spouse would serve as a strategy to manage the team members, especially freshers, and as a part of sales leadership, there are the following fundamental principles which as a sales manager, I have observed:

As COVID-19 hit the world during 2020, it was highly ambiguous to all the team members how to penetrate the market amid the economic downturn, but as Apple offers high-end products, the lowering disposable income did not significantly affect the company’s merchandise sales. On the contrary, in this period, many middle-income group employees invested in their gadgets to perform better as a rock culture changes from office to work from home. The sales team understood the philosophy and maintained the consistent effort they would have in retail stores, but this time with marketplace sales, website De to see and personal selling. Even the work culture has significantly changed for Apple sales executives and representatives, but consistent discipline has achieved higher growth. Consistency does not mean representatives did not have enough flexibility.

Asin it is seen that micromanagement leads to resentment from the direct reports, especially when in the context of highest performance. Employees need a certain degree of independence and a sense of responsibility. Suppose an employee or consistent enough to perform higher figures in sales requires a certain amount of agency to demonstrate their productivity effectively. They also need managers to foster trust in them, adding their stake in work. But Apple has a particular culture that every employee aims to perform their best in the sales team with given freedom, garnering this amount of engagement from them. Managers have also successfully controlled this freedom and trained them in skills that have contributed to their value. In this way and uniformity of performance have been seen in the sales team.

This aspect is related to the above elements, such as dedication and consistency. As a sales manager, I have tried to treat every member of my team equally to achieve accountability and high standards of work ethics. Share treatment Temple oils have always resulted in her engagement from them. They have been reactively looking to broaden their sales targets beyond expectation due to this fair manner and equality culture.

Apple products are enough to make the sales employee confident. As a sales manager, I have noticed this conviction also needs to be lit up on my sales team so that they would have the strength to eliminate their mistakes and help each other with empathy solving problems diplomatically me to getting the risk of difficult conversation unwelcome and sales-related issues. Sales figures often show inconsistency ever, but as a manager, empathy must be the fabric of ending every sales team member to be equal and show conviction that the performance can be developed without inducing toxic culture. If the staff model is enhanced, the long-term objective can be achieved quickly, which has created accountability and mutual trust in that most fear of sales team. Therefore it resulted in this had a sales figure of the company.

Importance of sales planning

Sales planning is essential to position the business in the market to have the advantage towards the customer in highly competitive players. As Apple is a niche brand but established itself as an exceptionally technologically innovative and advanced entity that often followed counterfeit products by the market with much lesser prices, Apple sales strategy must be developed without miscommunication to their cost target customers with a well-defined marketing strategy emphasising on increased visibility and well-defined sales planning. To get maximum market share, sales planning holds great importance as it builds a system for the sales team to mitigate the risk of deviation from the actual objective. Sales strategy must be measurable with each specific goal with a clear plan to achieve it (Silverblatt, 2019.). Sales planning often follows an innovative approach, including five aspects. First, sales planning must be thorough and transparent to the self-representatives on what to promote and through what is a channel to gain consumers attention with detailed information. Secondly, sales planning must be measurable so that leaders in the team can articulate the performance of sales representatives and identify the issues of low commission and sales planning. The only quantifiable parameter can solve the loopholes in the sales planning and enable the sales manager to modify it. Third achievable, sales planning must follow a natural path broadening the horizon of productivity of cell representatives and companies performance but not with unrealistic standards. The right amount of motivation and calculative risk in self-planning could achieve outcomes beyond expectation. Fourth relevant, sales planning must be pertinent to the present atmosphere in the market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape in the market has completely changed. Therefore Apple has also induced different marketing strategies and sales planning through e-commerce, D to C, B2B sales planning differently, which are very different from their earlier sales planning (Nascimento, et al., 2019). This is targeted so that all the specific measurable and achievable objectives are suitable and relevant to the situation. Therefore the company is successful in generating the same and the sales numbers. Fifth time-based sales planning is related to the particular time in which the sales have to be close so that the delays and efficiency could be optimum. Without time constraints, sales can seriously drop and make the products of select mainly when a company such as Apple Inc. is operating in a severely competitive market of consumer products.
Sales planning also identifies the target market so that the company focuses on essential factors through which they can penetrate the consumer's mind, location, gender, spending habits, age, income, and other names. Especially when a product like Apple is looking for potential customers, they need to emphasise identifying the right target customers as it is a niche product, not a mass one. And the market is also expanding. It is important to note that the Apple users only indulge in being potential customers for other Apple merchandise (Kim, 2020). Therefore the sales team needs to identify the factors influencing the target market. While new customers acquisition is also critical in the sales planning and through what channel it can be achieved, it should be planned in sales planning. Understanding the market competition is another outcome of sales planning that would help the company integrate several competitive advantage factors into the sales strategy (Tien, 2019). It improves the service and product, eliminating the risk of competition. Sales planning is also concerned with consumer needs to align with the trends. Apple Inc. always brought products that are the first movers in the market. Therefore they innovate their product in such a way that and demonstrations that product that consumers grow the trend within them. Apple is a trendsetter, not a follower, and it is perfectly aligned with the sales strategy. Sales planning also helps the team be organised, accountable, and responsible or achieve with a more disciplined sales strategy. The critical success of any company is always dependent on this discipline yet flexible sales planning that will contribute to sales growth (Kaur and Sharma, 2015).

Method of selling and sale reporting

Is this selling, also known as selling techniques, extremely important in strategizing sales to increase revenue (Chanin, et al., 2018). Different companies follow many selling strategies to sell that commodity is to the target markets dependent Ring on the relevant situation. Other methods are widely used in selling at the following

Challenge sales approach
This approach is adopted by companies that come with products and needs that are not identified and challenge the market. Apple is one such challenger company that aims to build product p

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