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Building Control And Regulations Assignment Sample

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Building Control And Regulations Assignment Sample


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The development in the society and the improvements in the building sectors enforces a necessity of some different approach for controlling public buildings. Building regulation is useful for providing a safe, energy efficient, healthy, comfortable, and environment friendly solid base. It is kept in check whether the requirements in construction and in designs are met or not. The local authorities generally do all the inspection of the sites and technical checks. Recently, in the Netherlands an accident happened with buildings. That incident showed the importance of having a quality check of the product used in construction. It is seen that not only control system effectiveness is an important factor but also site inspection, planning the action to be performed and permit procedure efficiency is also an important factor in building control. Now, building regulations follow certain standards for designing and constructing buildings for ensuring health and safety for people also including peoples having disabilities. The Building Act of 1984, obliges and empowers local authorities for enforcing building regulation on that particular area assigned for construction.

This law also includes right to entry into the buildings and prosecution powers and also enforcement happens in relation to dangerous structures, non-compliant and demolition works. According to the Building regulation of 2010, this law covers the extension and construction of buildings and its regulations are always supported by documents which are already approved. These approved documents give practical guidance in detail format mainly on compliance with the Building regulations.

Project managing decision

In order to meet the requirement of the Building regulation, it is important to decide who is going to assist the project. So, there is a need to appoint someone who has a good working knowledge in construction of buildings (Meacham et al. 2018). It may be the owner himself buying it or an architect, a building surveyor or structural engineer. Also a builder who is registered and a registered installer should be chosen in order to carry out the construction work. Registered installers are those who are registered individually with the Competent Persons Scheme. According to this scheme, the person held responsible for the work is able to carry out the work of specific types which is according to the Building Regulation Acts. Through this scheme, a certification can also be issued for completion on compliance (Straalen et al. 2018). The Competent Person scheme can work as wall insulation and also as cavity, gas and electrical installation in houses, in replacing windows and doors.

Increasing property value would require demolition for proper utilization of the land however the inspection is required to determine fraudulent activities. With a faulty foundation, a building cannot survive load, especially under external frequencies against which the natural damping would be ineffective (Legislation.gov.uk, 2021). The quality test results for the building materials if not pass safety guidelines then demolition is inevitable as it poses significant harm to the environment. According to building rules and regulations if conditions for demolition are inhabitable and unsafe demolition is not permitted. If the land is declared a community asset“ the approval of all the communal members is required before proceeding with the task.

Discussion on Demolition permitting process

Demolition is a process which involves breaking down of an already built building to transform it into a new building. Although it is a simple process, it can take a long time too if the structure that is to be demolished is big. There are some prerequisites before any demolition work like first the electrical system which are already damaged needs to be removed so that no casualties take place and also permits are necessary before any type of structure demolition, also demolition costs need to be calculated (Stromgren et al. 2021). There are two types of demolition and they are mechanical demolition, partial demolition and complete deconstruction.Mechanical demolition is a very simple way of breaking down a building. This type of demolition can be calculated within a day because the only thing this type of demolition needs is an excavator. This type of demolition cannot be possible everywhere because the end material or the residue cannot be recycled fully after the completion of the process.

Partial demolition are those, which were adopted so that the issues arisen due to mechanical demolition can be solved. Here, the materials which can be reused are kept aside before demolition takes place. After sorting out this type of materials, demolition is initiated and debris left is taken away from the site. Last and final option of demolition is complete deconstruction (Morini et al. 2021). This particular area uses every reusable materials that are kept aside before demolition takes place, which may even include nails, floorboards, and pipes. Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 states that anyone who is planning to demolish a building needs to give a notice to the LA Building Control Section. The copies of notice that need to be submitted to the occupier of the building which is adjacent to the building that is to be demolished. In addition, another copy of the notice is sent to the service suppliers of electricity, gas and water suppliers in the area of the building to be demolished.

There are some exception to Demolition process like any internal part of the building, which is in active mode, and the volume should not be greater than 50?, an agricultural building that is self-contained, failure in notifying LA about the demolition can cause fine to the owner (Van et al. 2019). The demolition process cannot start until a Section 81 Demolition notice gets issued within 6 weeks by Building Control. This Section 81 notice should be sent to the property owners who are adjacent to the building to be demolished.

A pre-demolition insertion is essential to terminate the quality factors of the existing structures and neighboring entities that would be most affected by the demolition. A bid would be carried out for the building to identify the required inspection specifications required. The bidding environment would help to identify the better personnel suitable for the task in order to avoid any critical consequences. The demolition contractor hired for controlling the subcontracts and sent for hiring a demolition inspector.

Notice conditions of Demolition Process

Some notice conditions for demolitions is that any drain or sewage tank of the building should be disconnected and sealed, any building adjacent to that building should be shored up if needed, the surfaces of the buildings which are adjacent needs to be weather-proofed due to demolition. Any damage caused to the adjacent buildings due to demolition should be repaired immediately. Ground surfaces are also repaired if they get damaged due to demolition (Carlini et al. 2018). The rubbish materials which are formed because of demolition and site clearance are removed thoroughly. Also it is very important to make arrangements of burning safety of materials present in the site by consulting previously with fire authority.

Decision of choosing local authority officer or Approved inspector

A local authority building control officer’s duty is to check whether building regulations match with the building work, only if it is not under any approved inspector’s control. According to Section 91 of the Building Act, LA (Los Angeles) enforces building regulations. A local authority building control officer has fixed fees but that can vary according to the size of the project or schemes under which they are working. The officers are restricted to the assigned LA (Los Angeles) geographical area. Local authority officers do not have the authority to consider or refuse any application (Chello et al. 2021). They also have the enforcement powers. Approved Inspectors is one of the well-known and largest United Kingdom’s specialist of Building Regulation. They are private companies who are liable for insurance. Here the appointment is done on a contractual basis agreeing on the fee to be paid. Approved Inspectors are not restricted to a particular geographical area.

They have the authority of choosing whether to take that work or not. One of the disadvantages is that they do not have any power for legal action enforcement. They have to submit a notice to Los Angeles initially about the work that needs to be done. They do not have the authority to deal with rented houses or with flats which are new and are for sale. As both types of appointments have their own advantages and disadvantages, appointments need to be done on the basis of requirement.

Full plan Application methods for Building Control

It is necessary before any construction process to deposit an application containing the full plan of the construction. This application may include information showing the full process and plans of constructions. After getting approval of construction plans, it is issued with an approval notice and if it is rejected the reasons are stated with it. The registered inspectors then inspect the site at the agreed point of construction. A Building notice is submitted after thatand LA is informed when the work begins (Aydin et al. 2021). Then, with the progress in work, it is thoroughly inspected. The inspector may ask for design details or they may suggest replacement of a few items. The Building regulation act is not applied if the premises are occupied by the crown. In planning, Approved documents are very important for technical guidance to fulfill functional requirements. It also contains specifications of quality materials that are needed according to Building regulation requirements.


This project consists of a detailed report that is required or that needs to be followed in order to make a construction on an area where the constructed building is first demolished and then new construction of building is to be done. It is clear that the Building regulation act plays a major role in the completion of the project though it is difficult to maintain. So, understanding of this regulation is very important before starting the work as it may help in selecting optimal regulation for the intended work. One needs to go beyond the scope and look outside of the construction and building technology category borders. Through this one can understand not only public policy of other fields but can also understand about the importance of building regulation research. It also needs to be checked whether engineering specifications are already drawn for design building and modified based on previous failure on designs.

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