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Booking System Laravel Assignment Sample

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Booking System Laravel Assignment Sample


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The web-based booking system is a system that is based on the web which is made up of PHP laravel, and MySQL databases. It is mainly based on two sections: the admin section and the user section. The main purpose of the web-based booking system is to connect between the two interfaces of customer users' end and backend for customer support. This could help the customer in booking events for the hairdresser's salon, fixing the appointment, and many other activities,s and be done easily. Small businesses like hairdresser salons will benefit by creating less waiting for the customer, sitting for hours waiting for the turn could be fixed with the web-based booking system. The booking system also helps in emergency planning and helps to write budget-friendly planning.

Minimization of the waiting time, appointment delay

It has been experienced and hated for waiting and having a complaint regarding the management process in every event. To minimize the waiting time schedule the appointment. As per the view of Murtiyoso et al (2021), it helps to reduce complaints from customers or clients. Waiting for the hairdresser is the main issue which customers or clients faced where the customer has to take out extra time for the coming and waiting to keep waiting for its turn is complicated for time-wasting. To reduce these problems the management to take place with the help of the management receptionist can allocate the time slot for the different clients and customers and it would be a hassle-free process for the customer. An order schedule according to the customer is also a priority and reduces the creation of conflict with the other client or customers. As per the view of Khan, et al. (2021), creating a web-based booking system can solve the problem of the customer waiting time, creating credentials and identification for their client. creating a spreadsheet for tracking the document or creating a token number would be a good practice at an initial stage.

Management of the appointment booking system - beneficial of the appointment booking system - reviews EXISTING appointment systems and why they fail to equip the researcher)

 Small businesses like hairdressing salons seem to be appearing simple but the complexity of the problem cannot be seen. What planning and coordination are required for the management process to deal with the customers. With the help of the web-based booking system, it can no longer be needed to appoint someone to plan and prepare the event and the booking system can help in assisting the task. All is needed to fill up some information to identify the individual. As per the view of Akshay et al. (2019), information like contact details, time of the appointment, the arrival time of the customer, type of haircut that customer wants, and much other information can be received with the help of a web booking system for hairdressers salon. 

Things that can be managed are login and logout password changes which are mostly required by the customer for the safety of their credentials. Management of payment and user accounts is also needed where the customer needs the feature of online payment and easy method of payment which has an outcome of hassle-free transaction for the customer. At the backend of the application CSV, excel or pdf format files can be generated to the receptionist alert can be given for the next client or customer to proceed with the hairdressing. A database can be generated at the backend of the application which could help the receptionist to coordinate the time schedule and the next step to take for the customer. As per the view of Saleem et al. (2019), the booking system decreases the waiting time for the customer and analysis the time to reach the appointed place. Appointment gets delayed the client or the customer would be getting the information at what time it will reschedule next for the appointment and what time to be reached. Even what number of sequences he has been allotted with and which number or series has been executed.

Recommendations for the booking system

Online booking systems are almost used in every field. This has built a different efficiency for the customer and client and can manage their busy schedule according to their free time. This also reduces manual error and conflict in the management of the business. As per the view of Zhao et al. (2017), the process of automatic reservation of booking a slot could be more reliable in the field of a hairdresser. Customers could have a good experience in handling the booking system process and easy methods. Another thing that could be done is online payment, automated communication between users and clients. As per the view of Cao et al. (2011), management could get more reviews and feedback from the customer which would be helping in enhancing and improving the there sectors or changes that are needed. 

Response or positive feedback from the customer can also help in growing the business. Attractive offers and promotions can encourage customers to view profiles and visit for once. Chat process support for a better customer experience could recommend. The local language chat process in the booking system can help in increasing the number of customers.


Web design is difficult to understand what good things should be put to represent the design of the website. How the web should be represented and easy to access for the customer. The major website design elements are needed to increase the usability of a virtual site. As per the view of Akinode et al. (2017), the website should be having a logo and the name of the business on every page and the logo should be linked with the homepage except for the remaining on the home page itself. The page should not have pointed back to the current page. Search should be available if more pages are linked. The web-based booking systems should not be cramming everything into a single topic. The structure of the page should help the user and long chunks of pages should be ignored on a single page. Writing headline and titles pages should be straightforward and simple that it should be clear and understandable what is the content of the page speaks about and should be making sense. It should be easy to search on google and with the help of search engine optimization that should be ranking. Use photos for the recommendation or suggestions for the customer for hairdressers in the salon. As per the view of Jakob's law doing the same as everybody else to sustain in the market. A photo can create a good suggestion and choose the style from the catalog which would be helping the customer for choosing a new style and recommendations should be provided. As per the view of Ansell et al.(2017), it should ensure that customers or clients could access all pages for the users. It should ensure that people who are blind can also access the page and have different features for them for a better experience and more comfortable experience. Use the title link for users to ensure and check where the link takes them after clicking on it.

principles and theories

The principles and theories that should be followed to create a web-based booking system using laravel. Laravel focuses on the end-user the main purpose of its focus on clarity, simplicity, and focus on getting work done. As per the view of Basir et al. (2018), companies use to build while keeping things in mind by planning how to create a web page and links to link with the different webpages should be considered as a first step. The database should be set up and easy to communicate with the web pages. Building the list of links that required the creation database table query and view file. Routing and viewing for building a showing the list of links and routes that would be displayed from submitting the form. testing the submission it should be checked that the form submission is working properly and it is connected to the database. Looking to the aspects of the usability principle that makes the user interface for the booking system which is more required for higher usability. The user interface should be better for the client to understand the web booking site clearly.


The web-based booking system has also created some benefits for the customer. On the home page provide their email address and phone number for better user interaction with the website and identification. The application should be working on both the platform Android and IOS. Customers can book by using the application using the browser also it can be easily accessed. The website should be having a logo and the name of the business on every page and the logo should be linked with the homepage except for the remaining on the home page itself. The features that should not have to login multiple times. Customers can also book with an online method without registering. The customer should not be worrying about payment failure. Credit card detail and other features systems should be introduced for verification purposes. Overall experience for the customer and better user-friendly environment to book online.

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