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Business law Assignment Sample

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Business law Assignment Sample


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This is identified that the formation of a contract is considered as one of the most important factors of a contract as an agreement giving rise to the applications which are considered to be enforced and are considered to be recognised by the law. It is identified and common law there are three basic essentials that are related to the contract which includes the agreement intention of creating a contract and consideration will start it is identified as one of the most important to that of a contract with the parties should reach an agreement which will be held the user's to make an offer and would help them to accept it another party. There would be various forms of factors that should be used for the purpose of reaching the agreement by the court to apply an objective test. The current report that includes the identification of various factors which are related to the different aspects of the case laws which are identified under the case here advice would be given to all the parties who are related to the case and affected by the case.


The current cases are related to the on the contract where the binding contract is made or not. It is identified that it is one of the honours of the rounds which were put before the advertising in the newspaper and in online facts are all the information related to the same were considered. It is identified that these were assaulted wants which were put before the auction where these were also put on the internet for the purpose of action.[1] It was identified and then there were two offers that were made to Aditi where one of the offers was related to selling the wands at 95 pounds through an email where the email stated that fair in case the offer is not accepted at 98pound than would be accepted and spares used as accepted on the other hand the contention of a day it was also present where are the identified that she would be going with the offer of Bernie, this was considered that this offer was used where the user would be performing its function and here it was also identified that the performance of the contract would be done as an invitation to contract. Aditi also informed the Auction company that she is asking to withdraw the wands from the auction.[2] This was identified that wants were moved from the auction where both the person at the answering machine did not hear about the withdrawal and the box attracted a lot of interest and was considered to be sold to the highest bidder at 250 pounds. 

Therefore in the current case, it is identified that it is considered to be having a contract with Bernie as the contract was considered to be entered between Bernie and Aditi as an implied condition to the contract that was given between both of them. On the other hand, as the information was provided on the answering machine about the withdrawal, therefore, the offer was considered to be withdrawn on the 14th of October itself as the communication of a doll was made by Aditi.[3] Therefore in the current case, they are having a legal binding contract with each other, on the other hand, Bernie would be considered as l of the current case as he has made the offer to the contract for the purchase of the product. On the other hand, it is identified that the action that was done on the website would be considered null and void as the contract was already entered between Aditi and Bernie before 14th October after the withdrawal of the offer on the website.[4]


Auction is considered to be an invitation to sale contract where it is identified that the invitation is maintained by the offer and for free is required to make a building for the purpose of purchasing the product. It is identified that the current case Celia so the auction in the advertisement where she decided to buy a Lego set for son where she took off from work and travelled approximately 65 mile from Northampton to Hendon.[5] It was identified as the adventure ride and the auction was withdrawn from the sale and was sold privately. This was identified that in the current case it is the offer that is being made at the auction and the auction is having a right to sell the product privately as well. Therefore it is identified that in the current case The Lego set was already settled at a private sale that occurred between the owner and the auctioneer.[6]

Therefore it is identified that the current king is not the person who is considered to be having an open invitation to sell the product. This is identified and where the action is being done the product can be considered to be sold at the previous stage as well.[7] It is also taken into account that the legal was considered to be sold privately before the auction hence this is considered as one of the most important factors when the auction is only considered as an invitation to offer where the product can be sold to any other person as well and the private manner. For this, the cost cannot be claimed for the compensation for the purpose of any expense that has been done. This is an independent claim that has been made for the purpose of gaining the compensation by failure would be considered to be relevant as the compensation cannot be given for the claim that Celia is demanded.


This is taken into account and the current cases related to the concept of deserving where there are two types of methods of selling the property at an auction which includes with a reserve and without reserve it is identified in an auction held with the reserve the owners of the right to not to sell the property where the auctioneer bringing the piece of property up for bid is an invitation to make a contract.[8] It is not considered to be an offer to contact. But before the highest bidder is accepted the seller can draw on the property from the auction. It is also identified and the auctioneer can withdraw the property from the auction before dropping the gravel where it is identified that with the building being too low the auctioneer needs to sell the property. This was identified in the case of Pitchfork Ranch com v. Bar Tl 615. On the other hand, it is identified that the metal logic of making an auction may be considered to be different depending on the jurisdiction where it is identified that in English auction there are different forms of auctions practices that are identified from the Dutch auction.[9]

Therefore in the current case has diverted has already withdrawn the building that he has made for 200 pounds therefore it is identified that the offer that was made against my divert for five pounds would be considered to be invalid and auctioneer is considered to be having a right to withdraw the auction sale as the item was considered to be sold very much below the worth of the price. Hence this is taken into account that David is not entered into a valid contract where the offer was not accepted by the auctioneer.[10]


Therefore through the above report conclusion can be drawn that the auction is considered to be having an auction where they can accept or reject the auction that has been made by the offeror to the auction. Hence it is identified that oxygen is considered as an invitation to the contract where it depends on the auction to accept the contract or not. It is considered to be the right of the auctioneer to identify whether to make a valid contract between the parties.

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