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Business Management Assignment Sample

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Business Management Assignment Sample


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Fast food can deplete a person's nutritional status and provide harmful foods, especially to teenagers, raising the risk of obesity. Fast food intake is not only bad for people's physical health, but it's also bad for their mental health (Tran et al., 2020). In this situation, innovation to product development is the only way to deal with the issue. In this writing, a proposal for innovation will be made. A reflection on the experience will also be mentioned here. For completing the task, McDonald's has been chosen as the company.

Proposal for innovation


McDonald's offers various fast food products including chicken sandwiches, French fries, soft drinks, burgers, and some other types of fast food (McDonald's., 2022). The issue for the company is related to customer satisfaction regarding the products of McDonald’s. As the health consciousness among people is rapidly increasing, it has led to a decline in the consumer’s demands for fast food. The customers want nutritious and healthy food (Tran et al., 2020). This is the main reason for people shifting to other companies to get healthy and nutritious food. This has emerged as a huge problem for the company in tackling the stakeholder's satisfaction for the company.

Description of innovation

Innovation can be applied to the product development of Mcdonald's. The products can be innovated by keeping the satisfaction and needs of the customers in mind. Innovation can be made by developing healthy and nutritious food by reducing calories, saturated fat, calories, and other unhealthy and less nutritious ingredients from the products of the company. The company can use healthy and nutritious food items for meeting the health needs of the customers (Tran et al., 2020). The company can provide healthy and happy meals for the customers. The company can bring innovation in the food product development adding more nutritional value to the food products and maintaining the quality of the ingredients. Oatmeal, green salad, healthy veg salad, healthy chicken salad, grilled chicken salad can be some of the healthy food items that Mcdonald's can innovate.

The uniqueness of the idea

Fast food companies provide unhealthy food products across the country. In this situation, when McDonald's can deliver healthy food items to the customers, it can attract numerous customers towards the products of the company (Tavassoli, and Bengtsson, 2018). The idea of maintaining the health benefits of the food items by adding some nutritious value to the food items of Mcdonald's can be a unique idea of maintaining customer satisfaction. This is how healthy product development can become an innovation to the products of the company. It will also increase the competitive advantage of the company at this time of growing health consciousness among the customers.

Description of resources

The resources that are required for the product development and innovation of the products require some very crucial materials. These require fresh and healthy vegetables, ingredients, and other food items. Suppliers to supply fresh vegetables and meat are also required for product development. Moreover, skilled employees are also necessary for preparing healthy, and tasty food items that can maintain the customer's loyalty and satisfaction. The managers need to improve the knowledge and skills of the existing customers. It can help the entire product innovation process become successful (Bigliardi, and Galanakis, 2020). Apart from that, the company also needs to broaden the stock management and supply chain management of the company to maintain the stock of healthy and fresh meat, vegetables, and various other food ingredients.

Stakeholder engagement

The stakeholders will be engaged by discussing the entire product innovation plan. A two-way information sharing process will be performed for sharing information related to the product innovation process. A consultation with the various stakeholders will be performed for explaining all the detailed information to them (Stocker et al., 2020). Awareness about the brand and product of McDonald's will be made using social media and digital media. Maintaining the product quality and nutritious value of the food products, the customers will be engaged towards the brand of McDonald's.  The employees will also get all the detailed information about the product development and innovation process.

Reflective writing

Reflective analysis plays a very significant role in identifying the areas of learning. In this reflective writing, I will describe how I have gained knowledge in innovation (Gibson et al., 2017). Innovative development stimulates an organization to grow and evolve. The changes in my understanding of the concept of innovation are described and my experience with the innovation process is also mentioned in this reflective part.


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