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Capabilities Approach to Leadership Assignment Sample

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Capabilities Approach to Leadership Assignment Sample


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The Capability Approach

Sen’s Capability Approach is an ethical framework. It states that social preparations ought to be analyzed frequently consistent with the volume of freedom human beings need to publicize in addition to attaining features they price. Amartya Sen's capability concept method is a theoretical framework that includes two central normative claims. First, the belief that freedom to obtain betterment is of number one ethical significance. And secondly, the freedom to gain development needs to be analyzed in relation to human beings with abilities. In different phrases, their actual possibilities to do and be the proportion they price (Kuhumba, 2018). The technique has been advanced into a spread of extra particular normative models that seems to be consisting of the ones of social justice or the narratives of improvement ethics. It has additionally offered an upward thrust to extraordinarily innovative literature of interdisciplinary within the social sciences ensuing in the latest social data and signs. And to a brand new coverage paradigm utilized in particular in growing research, the so-referred to as human improvement method. The capability technique claims that freedom to obtain betterment-being is an issue of what human beings could do and be. And consequently, the sort of existence they are able to successfully lead. As Sen provides an argument that human beings' goods or property or their intellectual reactions application is irrelevant perspectives due to the fact they offer restricted or oblique records regarding how existence continues. Sen states the factor with the instance of a popular bicycle. This includes the traits of transportation; however whether or not it's going to really offer transportation will rely upon the features of those seeking to use it. it is able to be taken into consideration as a normally beneficial device for the general public to increase their mobility (Clark et al., 2019). 

Despite the fact that that individual, by means of a few quirks, reveals the bicycle is fascinating, we need to be capable of observing inside their evaluation device that it nevertheless lacks transportation. This intellectual response additionally does no longer display that the equal individual might no longer admire transportation if it has been in reality existing to them. The capabilities method is going immediately to the standard of lifestyles that human beings could truly reap. This satisfactory existence is analyzed in relation to the imperative principles of capability and functionality. Sen argues that an appropriate method to assess the way properly human beings are doing is their capacity to live lifestyles that they have got cause to price, no longer their wealth of assets or subjective betterment (Esmer, 2021). However, to start to verify the way human beings carry out in relation to potential, they first want to decide which features are crucial to the best lifestyles and what sort of, or at the least, we want to signify an evaluation process to decide this. Evaluating functionality is greater facts-traumatic than different money owed of benefit as it no longer most effective have a far wider perspective of the things that constitute the success of nicely-being, however additionally tries to evaluate the liberty human beings simply need to create high-standard selections (Krupp-Schleußner and Bartels, 2018). Due to the fact the value of a fixed ability depicts a person's powerful freedom to live a lifestyle which is precious in phrases of the fee of the operations to be had to that person, while to be had functioning are more suitable, so is the person’s powerful freedom.

Individual Context

On the basis of capability approach of Amartya Sen, it can be stated by me that U have both the freedom to obtain betterment in my life along with increasing my personal development along with I am also able to understand and analyze the concept of well-being on the basis of human's capacity and functioning or operating. As per this theory, I can guarantee that I have the capability to express my viewpoints and innovative ideas to a designated person or organization where I am working as export manager. This seems to generate my overall well-being as an individual in my professional life. This further increases my power to analyze the different factors of life and surroundings depending on which I would make future decisions on whether I should continue with that particular factor or not. On the other hand, with the help of Sen's capability approach, it can be stated that I have the ability to analyze and understand justice, betterment, and poverty in society on the basis of a particular subject matter. Moreover, I also have the capacity to understand the different regions where I am required to do additional hard work as export manager for enhancing the reduction of weaknesses in those regions which seems to make me unable to judge the betterment in terms of my own functioning and capacities. 

I have been able to analyze the different skills that must be developed by me for improving my academic results in educational institutions such as communication skills, reading skills, and reading skills and gaining professional growth as export manager. On the other hand, it is important for me to create good and friendly relations with my classmates so that my well-being as a student in the class can be achieved by me in future. The capability approach has assisted me in knowing that if I am not able to get the freedom to advertise and promote my personal and professional activities and operations that I value, then it would be hard for me to increase my own capability approach level.  It has been identified by me that I had failed many times to generate good connections with my friends which made me unable to garner good future scopes of gaining standard jobs through their recommendations although I additionally need to crack the interview and tests sections after which the final call for offer letters are being received. This acts as a huge obstacle in the path of obtaining the goals and establishment of activities that I prefer of high value in my life. Hence, it can be said that the capability approach has assisted in analyzing the different social aspects that I should consider as valuable.              


A private analysis is a great function of someone. This first-rate links to certain things inherent regarding them consisting of ambition, kindness, and sensibility. Attributes are unique to talents. Personal abilities are commonly known and may be stepped forward via education by a person (Munir et al., 2021). An instance of talent is non-verbal communiqué. Personally, a person may have a hard and fast of traits or attributes that make you shine. Your private qualities have an effect on your pattern of going in each day's lifestyle and the manner they will react to distinct conditions. Consequently, the higher a person understands themselves, the greater a person would be capable of executing in exceptional conditions (Rosique-Blasco et al., 2018). 

On the other hand, analyzing one's own capabilities would help an individual in ascertaining the strengths and weaknesses that he or she might endure within themselves. This would further make them as export manager cautious about the different new activities and knowledge that they should learn for reducing those weaknesses along with enhancing the sustenance and retention of the strengths that a person already endures from the very beginning. Moreover, it additionally assists them in ascertaining the threats that they might face due to a lack of positive personal traits in both personal and professional life. In order to evaluate self-capabilities as an export manager, it is necessary for a person to recognize their own skills and talents (Maniss et al., 2021). However, it has been recognized by me that I had the capabilities of doing a detailed analysis of a particular topic or subject on which a report, article, journal, or book had been published by a renowned author in the international market. On the other hand, I have the skills of enhancing effective time management of my work along with research skills, independent learning, and talent to make a presentation in PowerPoint. 

Moreover, I additionally have good communication ability that seems to make me able to convey a message or new thoughts with a proper explanation that seems to make the listener understand the basic meaning of it that relates very much with the role of expprt manager. I am able to lead a team-working as a group leader through helping them in understanding the entire project or assignment along with making them know the activities they have to perform individually for accomplishing the entire project. 

I also have the ability to take initiative regarding implementing a new idea or working procedure that might be not liked by a higher authority in starting but later on it will provide the biggest rewards to them in future. Thus, I have the capacity to take risks while leading a new task which will be my plus point in future to get jobs in higher posts in big multinational firms in future. I am having the capabilities of increasing my competitiveness in both training institutions as a learner and in an organization as an employee too. One of the biggest strengths that I am now currently having is my creativity and high level of patience which further helped me in solving critical and tough problems very easily.    

Inequalities and Unfreedoms

Personal inequalities refer to the negative and bad attitudes and behavior that a person endures within themselves. It has been identified that personal inequalities make an individual unable to achieve the high rate of success that they could have achieved if all those incompetence do not exist. On the other hand, personal inequalities make a person unable to gain valuable respect both in society and the professional world. Thus, it can be said that personal inequalities seem to create a bad image of an individual in the eyes of their neighbors and surroundings thereby, making it impossible to live in that particular place with utmost mental satisfaction (Van Deursen and Van Dijk, 2019). It has been recognized that with a lack of personal abilities, it will be impossible for a person to increase their standard of living in society along with degenerating their growth in terms of earning a better livelihood for themselves as export manager. Thus, it can be said that the prevalence of personal inequalities is directly linked with social and economical inequalities too. On the other hand, personal inequalities will only get reduced when the social and economic inequalities are completely diminished thereby, making the persons to afford and acquire those functions and establishments for which huge money and social dignity are needed (Tonne et al., 2018). Inequality of an individual takes place when people no longer own an equal degree of fabric wealth or common residing monetary situations. The improvement idea has in large part been involved with inequalities in quality of living, together with inequalities in profits/assets, schooling, fitness, and nutrients. Social inequality is defined as relational methods in surroundings which have the impact of restricting or harming a collection's social popularity, social elegance, and social circle. regions of social inequality consist of getting the right of entry to balloting rights, freedom of speech and meeting, the quantity of assets rights and get right of entry to schooling, fitness care, pleasant housing, journeying, transportation, visiting, and different social items and offerings (Zgaga, 2021). Aside from that, it could additionally be visible within the great circle of relatives and community lifestyles, profession, job pleasure, and get admission to a credit score . 

If those monetary divisions harden, they are able to result in social disparities. The motives for social inequality can differ, however, are frequently extensive and a long way accomplishing. It additionally could be set up via discriminatory law. A social disparity pertains among ethnic or spiritual groups, classes, and nations generating the idea of social inequality as a worldwide phenomenon (Dosi et al., 2018). Unfreedoms refer to the lack of freedom and independence to do a particular work or say anything that a person thinks and feels from the heart due to social stigma and political pressure. My own personal inequalities are that I seem to be often arguing with any person whether it is a young man or an old age man without thinking this might hurt their sentiments. Moreover, I am a very stubborn, aggressive, and arrogant person by nature which seems to negatively affect my relationship with friends and family members and could hamper my job life in an organization on disciplinary grounds. Sometimes, I might also face unfreedoms in the future in terms of lack of scope and ability to place my viewpoint, thoughts, and innovative ideas in the group meetings in organization.         

Functioning (Leadership)

Leadership is defined as the way of leading, directing, managing, and operating a particular team or an organization. The person who leads the organization or team is known as a leader. It is the responsibility of the leaders to convey the details of the project or assignment that had been given to their team staff in the company. The major goal of leadership is to increase the productivity of the entire production team along with encouraging the employees to give their best for meeting the long-run desires of the company in future (London et al., 2019). Effective leadership consists of showing a robust personality. Export manager leaders showcase integrity, honesty, ethics, and trustworthiness. Leaders act in step with how they communicate and earn the ability to be accountable for others' achievements within the organization. b leadership entails clean communiqué abilities. Leaders communicate with and pay attention to staff participants, reply to questions and worries, and are empathetic (Fürstenberg et al., 2021). Leaders utilize powerful verbal exchange talents for transferring the business enterprise ahead and attaining new stages of fulfillment. true leadership sees where the organization is headed and plans the stairs required to get there. Visualizing the things that are viable, following developments inside the sector, and taking dangers to develop the enterprise are only necessities of export manager. Effective leadership indicates optimism and affords wonderful strength to the body of workers. Right leaders are very helpful and are actually worried regarding the betterment of others. Leaders discover solutions to demanding situations and reassure and encourage employees while matters pass awry. Leaders discover methods for the body of workers to do jobs collectively and reap most outcomes in a green and powerful way (Zia, 2020). 

On the other hand, the objectives of leadership as export manager are to create a ber link between management and employees, becoming an effective mentor, and taking rational and smart decisions. It also has goals of developing active skills of listening, having better management and utilization of time, being much adjusted to any sort of changes, depicting high levels of confidence, being able to discover effective and scientific processes of completing tasks, and others. Hence, it can be said that to achieve the goal of leadership it is very much necessary for a leader to be patience enough (Fürstenberg et al., 2021). As per me, the qualities that are valuable as a export manager are being self-aware, confident, good communication and listening skills, concentrating on improving team members, explaining the work properly, and being much disciplined. On the other hand, as a leader, it is necessary for me to be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each member and thereby assign the job as per their expertise.        

Plan to attain 

The type of leader that I want to become in the future is a democratic leader which would help me in being able to generate more close relationships with the employees. Moreover, as a democratic leader in the office as export manager, I would be able to give employees the platform to express their own views, advice, and innovative ideas regarding a particular decision that has been undertaken by me regarding production and requirement of new systems. On the other hand, it would also increase the sense of attachment of employees towards the company as they start to think that their point of view is also taken into consideration. This further would help my company in gaining a high amount of goodwill reputation in the eyes of employees. The steps that are needed to be followed for becoming a democratic export manager leader are enhancing encouragement of the members of the team to share their opinions and thoughts along with increasing the involvement of the employees in decision-making procedure. On the other hand, as a leader, I am also required to appraise the employees for the sort of creativity that has been displayed by employees. 

Researchers endorse that excellent democratic leaders own precise developments together with being a group participant, owning a willingness to conform, having truthful thoughts, and being engaged within the method. The robust democratic leaders encourage belief and admiration within their employees. Those export manager leaders are honest and enhance selections based totally on their morals and values (Jan DeBell, 2019). In addition, they have a tendency to are trying to find various reviews and no longer attempt to silence dissenting voices or people who provide a much less famous factor of view. As an end result, workers experience stimulated to do so and make contributions to the institution. It is necessary to create it smooth for all team participants to proportion their minds and thoughts. For a democracy to function, anybody has to sense as though they are able to deliver their opinion and understand that it will likely be heard. Different methods to enhance a democratic leadership pattern consist of being inclined to pay attention, encouraging organization individuals to take positive movements, and developing a cohesive selection-making method. 

While every organization individuals sense that they are able to make contributions with their minds and reviews, they will be more recommended to take a lively role within the process. This expanded engagement ends in greater creative thoughts and higher levels of productivity with the help of export manager(Caillier, 2020). It additionally reduces the probability that group participants will experience as though their contributions do not rely upon. If I do not have sufficient time to acquire everybody's entry and act on it, this may result in a useless democratic manner. A democratic leadership method is likewise useless if the organization's contributors could not seem to be contributing in a significant manner or if the selection was being made requires the dissemination of data that should not be shared on a massive scale.


From the above study, it has been analyzed that person who leads the organization or team is known as a leader. It is the responsibility of the leaders to convey the details of the project or assignment that had been given to their team staff in the company. Moreover, it has been observed that  objectives of leadership as export manager are to create a ber link between management and employees, becoming an effective mentor, and taking rational and smart decisions. 

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