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Refection Assignment Sample

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Refection Assignment Sample


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Part B: Reflection essay 

Demonstration regarding awareness about the ethical and professional system

Ethical and professional system of organization-oriented values of organization activity and aims. Considering that BT group performance regarding values and ethics could be considered standard because of huge CSR practice. I have observed that this organization has performed CSR more effectively and constantly which increases corporate culture among employees. CSR practice regarding expenditure of this organization is constantly growing by 3% in the last three years, which is being observed by financial reports (Koskinen et al. 2022). Ethical practice in BT groupimprovises commitment of employees tiered organization. The professional system both ate interrelated for organization growth. 

According to the fact of professional system maintenance in organization activity ensure development of employee’s productivity. I have observed ethical practice. Along with that, I have noticed that ethical practice in organization activity continuously increases its brand image among cu\consumers. Using a different approach to maintain ethical consideration like quarterly financial reports published in the public domain to income investors about current financial conditions. Ethical confederation is effective for the long run of organization in future. Additionally, I have observed that organizational ethical proactive not only improvise culture of organization but also increase involvement of employees toward organization. Maintaining the labor for employees is also considered as ethical practice of the organization. Using different activities like public health improvisation regarding activity increases performance of ethical practice. 

Another factor regarding awareness about the professional system in organizations has been developed by different ethical practices. This is meant to describe ethical practice in organization and improvise working quality of organization that directly improves financial condition. Additionally, organization ethical practice ensures more involvement of investors, which improves the capital structure of enterprises (Nyholm et al. 2018). I have observed ethical practices in telecommunication companies help to build trust among consumers that organization provide better service to customers. Furthermore, consider development by considering the ethical issues of organization that help to grow with higher productivity. 

Additionally, I have noticed legal; activity of the organization has been performed by management to make sure to avoid unnecessary issues in bunnies' operation. Tax and legal activity of organization provide better culture to organization activity due to ethical practice. As per organizational activity has oriented with different crisis management activity which help to make sure more potentiality-oriented growth in future. Although the prospect of organizational performance measure and provide correct information to investors improvise financial condition., on the other hand unethical practice regarding financial information damages organization brand image along with legal issues (Namenda, 2018). Using an ethical professional system in an organization improves the performance of an organization because sustainable growth has been generated by this. Along with that management could take decisions about organization improvement relating to decisions rather than misleading employees and investors. Through ethical practice in organization gain trust of employees, stakeholders and investors which indirectly retain growth of organization. Noticing different circumstantial evidence regarding ethical practice of both organizations has reflected that higher possibility is possible due to more effective activity by the professional system.

Effective communication

Effective communication is a process by which ideas, opinions, knowledge, and data can be exchanged. In the current world, effective communication is necessary for the companies to enhance their productivity as well as establishment of relations between the management and employees. I have seen there are lots of elements of effective communication which can help the company. As narrated and elaborated by Cousin (2018), Communication can also be established by the range of media. I have seen that the five types of media are “television, radio, print, internet, and outdoor media '' which helps in effective communication. I have learned that in the current era where the internet and its users are rapidly increasing, it is beneficial to establish effective communication through the internet. On the internet there are lots of tools available like “social media, Facebook, email”, and such kinds of tools to communicate in a huge manner. 

The mass media can be the best platform to communicate with the general public. As such, communication porches help to exchange general ideas, and knowledge, which can be beneficial for individual people as well as for the companies. For example, the company BT group Plc can use the effective communication tools to improve the efficiency as well as its profitability. As per the view of the author Stache et al. (2019), I have observed that in the communication process sharing of ideas and knowledge can be beneficial for the company to overcome the problematic areas. Effective communication in a company can help to engage the management and employees. Further, it helps to identify the issues of employees that might affect the overall performance of a company. Not only the employees, the effective communication in the company also helps the manager to perform their job with more responsibility. As narrated by the Nwabueze and Mileski (2018), I have observed that the communication through the internet helps to collect more feedback from consumers which will be beneficial for the company to modify its products as per the consumers choice. Through effective communication the companies can identify the potential markets. 

Effective communication can consider as source of information for the organizational members, which help to decision making process. Moreover, I have been observed that the effective communication promotes the motivation. The company BT group Plc can use the effective communication to motivate it employees. As motivated employees can perform well and can contribute more to enhance the profitability and efficiency of company. Moreover, I have identified that through the effective communication the company can do the controlling process in more effective manner. Communication process through the internet the company can access the wider range of consumers and the feedback process can beneficial in order to improve the productivity and qualities of products and services. Moreover, it can be stated that the effective communication help to fulfil the organizational goal in near future. In the existing world internet can be an effective tool for effective communication (Kohnov et al. 2019).

Importance of applying leadership and teamwork

Leadership and teamwork are acknowledged as the two major determinants which help in moderating and accelerating the performance of an entity. Both the aspects are highly important in order to seek better collaboration and affirm quality results for an organization. Precisely, leadership styles play a qualitative role in boosting the performance of a team by stating specific direction and attitude to perform a task. On the other hand, it is also accounted as an important tool for seeking proper vision for a team of a company. I feel that a leader must be aware about the advantages and disadvantages in its team and regulate their performance accordingly. Furthermore, proper leadership from a leader helps in motivating and inspiring the team mates through valuable feedback and guidance. Application of leadership in an organization strengthens the capability of the firm by boosting its morale and captivating the quality of work through visionary alignment (Mercader et al. 2021). The leadership also plays a huge role as it helps to monitor the performances of the workers in the organization. Moreover, the overall workflow of the business can be maintained in terms of gathering a better performing capacity.

On the other hand, the capability of the organization can be measured by the position of the company in the business market. The organizational leaders can help to take several business decisions so that the business can evaluate the financial performance and include various strategic methods. It can also help to improve a vision of the business in terms of operating with the major companies. Hence, the moral of the business and the employees can be better by motivating them to generate better productivity and profit margins. It also opens up to take various legal actions to develop the financial aspects and improve the business trades with other major companies. The leadership process can also help to create better utilization of the existing resources to operate the company for further. In addition, organizations can intend to increase the schemes and the policies of the company so that the overall business can get developed. The employees can be motivated based on the quality of leadership that has been implemented in the company. The targets of the organizations can be easily reached which can generate more productivity in the business market. Hence, best financial decisions can be adopted based on the identification of organizational deficits. The leadership and teamwork can help to establish a business relationship amongst the shareholders, the investors along with leaders and owners of the company (Cavaliere et al. 2021). It can help to improve the capital investments of the business which can lead to better productivity in the market. In association, financial structure can be improved. The internal ambience can be improved based on the leadership qualities and teamwork that has been implemented in the company. Effective leadership can help to bring better market capture and it can lead to generate better goodwill of the organization. Hence, it can directly impact the company’s market position.

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