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Criminal Law Assignment Sample1

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Criminal Law Assignment Sample1


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Anger and small revenge may sometimes lead to life and cause harm oty the lives of people. It is important that the temper is controlled at the proper time when it is trying to go out of control. This is likely to save many people from danger and also save them from facing life threats. In this study, various aspects of revenge and childhood kidding lead to fatal causes and take the lives of three people. Knowingly or unknowingly, the person or held is responsible is going to be in greater danger and have to face legal proceedings that may cause a great harm to her life and career.

Identification and Focus on the Key Issues

Two friends Jennifer and Amira are out with the members and are with other members of the society. They are at the Law Society and after Jennifer notices that Amira is talking for a long time at the corner of the place with her crush Ahmed (Researchpapr.com, 2022). The main issue of Jennifer here is that she is jealous of Amira and she likes Ahmed; but he does not respond to her and talk to her properly. The problem is that she is not facing the issues in various ways that are likely to take place in the life of Jennifer (Researchpapr.com, 2022). The issue is that Jennifer had thrown a burning fire inside the house in which Amira and Ahmed are talking to each other.
Inappropriate and improper ventilation had choked all the people Philip, Ahmed and Amira to death. Their lungs were severely damaged and both Ahmed and Amira had suffered third degree burns (Researchpapr.com, 2022). Jealousy is the root cause of all the problems that have taken the lives of three people. It is the jealousy of Jennifer that has made her do such an act and that has resulted in taking the lives of their people (Researchpapr.com, 2022). There are many cases that have resulted in such cause and has made in the ways that have made it to suffer in various ways.
Throwing of the burning petrol wet cloth in the house in the presence of Ahmed and Amira is the basic under that Jennifer has made. She was unaware of the fact that this would lead to such a fatal result. The petrol wet cloth has fallen on a mail or carton box that caught fire and as a result of it burning in high flames, the curtains near it were led to fire (Researchpapr.com, 2022). The flames and fire had spread to the entire house and led to choking of lungs of the smokes of the fire had damaged the lungs and had lungs damaged. The injury of Philip is totally unknown to Jennifer and the inhaling of the smoke had damaged the lungs of Philip as well. Although it had been made, Philip was not burnt as severely as that of Amira and Ahmed (Researchpapr.com, 2022).
Philip was serious and was having problems with breathing, on seeing this a junior doctor named Samir gave him a drug named Theophylline (Researchpapr.com, 2022). The drug, instead of relaxing and soothing him, made him more critical as the rare condition of the lungs making it more damaged. This took the life of Philip as well after a few days of suffering in the hospital. As Philip was injured and later killed for burning ion the house, Jennifer was accused of three murders along with of Amira and Ahmed.

Case Laws of Murder

The appellant of the battered Richard Pashley in the case named “R v Hatton [2006] 1 Cr App R 16 Court of Appeal” has led to death and has caused the sledge master to consume the large quality of the alcohol (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). He has suffered from manic depression and is prescribed in the Lithium for controlling the disinhibiting and has experienced a manic state (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). There has been a proper way of giving a legal limit in the limit of alcohol in the blood. There is an apparent part on the development of the calling of the police that are the following morning and stayed in the dead man that are in flat (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). The Appellant portion of the police has no recollection that the actual killing of the vague state is mainly decreased by the development of the people. It is important that the placement is made underneath the case and is vaguely responsible for the development of the depression (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). Mr Pasheley is activated in the form of self-defence and is likely to attack him with the stick. It is mainly responsible for the enormous depression in the case of homosexual that are the cause of apparent. There are usage of the sledgehammer that is likely to defend itself, and this is causing responsible causes of actions that have argued it in the state of drunken condition (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). The decision of the jury is sought to be ruling in the judge having reasonableness for the appellate actions and is believed to be with them. The case is that the applicant convict is accused of murdering the victim (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). However, it is defended and said that the act was not committed willingly and was completely accidental and in self-defence.
The appellant is mainly because of cases of drinking that are made to be revealed in the firms of the developing the standards of the no money and are listed in home. The case is that the victim went to the house of the friends and his knowledge and the door for the believing no answer. After getting no response, it is seen that the friends have made the issue of the circumstances (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). Then she went to her friend's house and is supposed to be believing that it belonged to the friend. This case is that the rule is set out in the DPP vs Majewski that a person is mainly dependent on the mistake with the inducement of voluntary intoxication. It is important that crime is committed to be the basic intent for the application of the defendants and is mainly relied on the special facts of defence. This is liable under the “Criminal Damage Act 1971” and is needed to have the requirements of being genuine and have proper belief in them (E-lawresources.co.uk, 2022). Hence, the cause of intoxication of the defendants is the result of a special defence that is made in the cause of beef.

Lawful Implication of the Case

The case of Jennifer, Ahmed and Amira is subjected to murder case and is liable to be accused under many laws and legal action. Jennifer is likely to be accused of the murder and is liable to be sentenced to the criminal offence of the murder, namely Amira, Ahmad and Philip. The law namely “Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994” is the law that is liable to the person that is having any kind of proceeding in the form of the charges that are made to be applicable against the application of the circumstances that are applicable to it (Gov.UK, 2021). It is mainly granted to the preceding of the country that are caused in the constant considering of the grant of bail (Gov.UK, 2021). A murder case is like to be made in the crown pathologist that are bored in the forms of the development and has to be made in the forms of development for its stages of defence. They are major requirements of the renal of the people in the cases of love triangle and the case is later referred to the murder and criminals (Gov.UK, 2021). In this case the defence is likely to be the defence for causing more problems and have arranged a case of second- post mortem case. This is mainly needed for the coroner for realising the body of the deceased.
In contrast to the offence of murder and other cases that are important ort be liable in the law needs it be faced for the facts of development and develop in various firms. Offence and attempts to murder is an important law that is considered important for making the intention to kill and cause the grievance of the murderer. It is having the intention that has made it to suffer from the ways that are likely to cause more harm to the body of the deceased (Gov.UK, 2021). “Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994” is the law that is alleged for the commissions of the substantial aspects of the death that are causing harm to them. It is the cause that are mainly differences and needs to face the major problems of the case and the circumstance that has amended the murder to take place. The causation is fully different and it is important to be improved in various ways. The necessity of proving the criminal standard is the ways of mission that have caused the death of Amira and Ahmed and later Philip.
On the other hand, “Homicide Act 1957” is also label to Jennifer as she has committed the murder in the case if the where a person is killed in commission of offense (Legislation.gov.uk, 2022). The killing does not amount to the same malice and is aforethought that is caused as a result of development in the case. It is mainly done by the course of the furtherance that have made another offence for development in the case of murder. This is provided mainly in the case, in which the cause is not able to control their anger and have found the case that they are charged agents with the loss of self-control (Legislation.gov.uk, 2022). It is critical that the development be done appropriately in order to address the criminal impulses that are causing greater development. Jennifer could have kept her cool and controlled her rage if she hadn't hurled the petrol-soaked towel. The fire had mistakenly killed three people, forcing Jennifer to abandon her work and settle for a life as a criminal. It is mainly determined for the development of the question and has more prospects of the options that are taking place properly.

Theoretical and Practical Frameworks

Implementation of various theories and frameworks is going to be helpful for understanding the case critically and properly from the point of the view of the accused. “Retributive Theory of Punishment” is the concept of the retributive justice that is revealing a variety of the ways. It is important for understanding the different forms of justice and commitment that are various principles. It is important that the committing to certain kinds of wrongful acts if the paradigmatic crimes that are proportionate punishments. This is considered to morally deserve various suffering in the case that they have committed the crime (McCartan, Hoggett and Kemshall, 2018). The moral and impressionable intentions have made it possible to punish them in various ways that are innocent and should be inflicted in disproportionate ways. This theory his applicable to the case as it is the theory that is applicable to the case that causes the crimes committed with violate thoughts. The crime may not be international; however, the crime or murder committed has taken the life of three innocent people.
On the other hand, “Jurisprudential School of Thought” is the deterrence theory that is related to the sociological school of Jurisprudence. The sociological school is mainly created based on the relationship of the law and society that are undefeated in the social phenomena. The law is applicable to the case as it is the case that has aimed it to be social and practical phenomena of the society (Colon et al. 2018). The crime committed by Jennifer has high severity and had the chance of causing harm and danger to the target. It mainly indicates that the individual are committing crime needs to face the fragments for the deeds, and it has not deterred them from the criminals. Jennifer has committed a serious crime and has to apologise for doing such a bad deed and hence the theory is applicable in such a condition (Walters et al. 2020). It is important that taking care of the case is a major factor and it has to be made for setting the case and the overall standards for development of the theory on the basis of the sentence mechanism.
The theory “Incapacitation Theory of punishment” is the theory that has to be removed from the incapacitation and has to be made to face the inappropriate happenings of the case (Long et al. 2021). The incapacitation of the happenings must take place in the removing person such as the Jenifer permanently from the society and has to face several cases that are a result of development. The overall aim of the theory is to incapacitate and prevent the dangers in the future with the help of restraining.


The study in the criminal law concludes that crimes committed unknowingly can lead to a fatal condition, there are the needs to be made proper amendments in the character that are important to be made for overcoming such kinds of changes in the development of the character. There are certain laws and acts have been considered for analysing the case and to understand the consequences of implementing thus criminal law. It is important that the development made properly for taking care of the criminal thoughts that are having more causes of development. Jennifer could have controlled herself and her anger if she had not thrown the petrol doused cloth. The fire had inadvertently taken the lives of three people that has caused them in making Jennifer to destroy her career and land as a criminal.

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