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Education And Training Assignment Sample

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Education And Training Assignment Sample


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Task A- The research report

The analysis of theories, principles and models of learning and how theories, principles and models of learning apply to teaching, learning and assessment

Behaviourism theory:

The behaviourism theory is based on the concept that the actions of an individual are created based on environmental stimuli and the acquired behaviours are arrived at from conditioning and it arrived from interaction with the native environment. This theory applies to the teaching environment by allowing teachers to manipulate the learning environment for shaping behaviour accordingly among students (Banihashem and Macfadyen, 2021). It is believed that learning can be changed and it is observable through behaviour according to behaviourism. For assessing the level of learning among classroom students the assessment of their behaviour was conducted to analyse their learning efficiency.

Constructivism theory:

The constructivism theory believes that it is learners’ behaviour to construct new knowledge in pre-existing schemas of individuals while passively collecting information from their personal experiences and develop on incorporated representations and information. The teachers utilise a constructivist classroom for providing different situations among students that allow the exploration of students’ assumptions and it leaves better development and learning (Mukhalalati and Taylor, 2019). The educational institutions utilise unambiguous prior knowledge and the creation of cognitive dissonance to apply constructivism in the classroom. This theory utilizes by educational professionals to improve the learning quality of students by not only providing evidence but also evaluating their characteristics to achieve the desired level of learning.

Pedagogy model:

A pedagogy model is an educational tool for teachers that provide them with guidelines to improve the engagement of students by providing intellectually challenging tasks. The major purpose of this model is to build better development skills for learners by shaping their understanding on the basis of previous learning and life outside the classroom. This model allows teachers to deliver best practices in a classroom setting to improve the learning quality and perceived development of students (Banihashem and Macfadyen, 2021). The five steps of the pedagogical model including engaging, explaining, evaluating, exploring and elaborating help individuals assess their learning development in a systematic way.

Andragogy model:

The andragogy model of education believes that the instructions provided in an educational environment among adults should be focused on the processes rather than only taught content. It is a learner's centric approach to teaching in which the individuals learn better through different strategies like simulation, self-evaluation and case studies, etc. This model supplies in teaching environmental as problem-solving orientation, and internal motivation among individuals towards the better knowledge and experiences based on their requirements (Karim et al., 2019). The model allows an effective assessment of learning with the principle of self-direction experiential and background knowledge, utilisation of relevant learning with current roles, problem-centric approach and continuous motivation.

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