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Business Description Plan Assignment Sample

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Business Description Plan Assignment Sample


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Service offered by business

The business is highly engaged in the intensive support to the needy and collaboration to the children with disabilities. The business provides centers to children for their education purpose and takes care of the range of childhood (Publishing, 2022). The business includes the support to backward people and family support, integrating early support and child care. Furthermore, the business provides employment opportunities under the act of “ Children Act 1989”.

Benefits of the service

The business is related to making availability of the requirement to the needy people in the UK. the involvement of parents that may include the parenting process to the homeless people. The business includes the provision of stability in the environment and security and a good constructive society. The government of the UK takes initiative action by establishing the “Childcare Act 2006” that contains legislation to the different businesses engaged in service providing (Publishing, 2022). These will provide proper health care and safety and job centers to the homeless people or low-income people.

Opportunity Analysis and Research

Explanations and the justification of the chosen market

According to, (Bigissue, 2022), at the time of pandemic crises, around 227000 people were facing the worst issue of homelessness. Most of the people were not qualified, these conditions the company has difficulties acknowledging them. The analysis of the data of homeless collection shows that more than 160 percent of people were suffering from homesickness and loss of education. At the same time, the period of pandemic 2020 the UK faced 37 percent higher, lack of sharing information or citizenship in different localities (Bigissue, 2022). Therefore, the service providing companies were engaged in collecting proper authority and citizenship for the people. 

PESTLE analysis


The political factor may affect the operation of the business of the service providing industry. These include different types of the tax rate, rules regulations, political instability, economical factor and unemployment rates. These affect the operating system of the business and due to its stable condition operating in the UK market is beneficial.


The economic factor affects the market diversification of the business. Hence the diversification provides equal opportunity to the share market to grow and flourish the business (Marketingtutor, 2022). The revised nature of the business may increase the demand of its service in UK business. The GDP of the country is developing and in the recent days is 3186 billion pounds.


Social responsibility refers to the different sectors for creating business opportunities. These will enhance the health care system for the vulnerable people, in terms of providing better service to the patients. The education system will help to keep updating the community with the latest information (Marketingtutor, 2022). The reasonable inflation rate in the UK and unemployment rate puts the people in high earning of income.


The service providing company in the sector of making consistency effort to break the barriers related to the innovative technology. Newly invented and developed AI and cloud computing technology in the UK contributes towards the development of the economy.


The legal fact plays an important role in the process of making companies more efficient. The “Equality act 2010” provides protection to the rights of the citizenship in uk. The “employment act 1996” provides better knowledge of the minimum wages, maternal and paternal leave and various protected rights. 


The business may also face issues related to the environment such as weather or unnatural tourist attacks. The process will have an impact on the government, private corporations and charity organizations (Marketingtutor, 2022). These will increase more reliable access to establish the business in the purpose of providing service at the time of natural calamities.

Porter's five forces

According to the marketing and opportunity of the company regarding the expansion and operation, Porter's five forces can be an effective plan for the determination of the internal and external factors. Therefore, the forces are 

Competition in the Industry

According to the major competitors in the UK regarding the service provided in mental health care, Creativity and Education will face a well-structured competition (Bruijl, and Gerard,2018). The main competitors of the company will be “Rethink Mental Illness”, “Mind wise”, “ADFERIAD recovery” and some others who are leading into the mental health supportive industries (uk.org, 2021). Therefore the company needs to follow a serious structure in the highly competitive market. 

Possibilities of the new Entrances

According to the market of the mental service providers, there will be a limited chance for the new companies to enter the UK market regarding business expansion and service providence. At the same time, the company will get several opportunities regarding entry into the market as it's stabled in the key area of Croydon. On the other hand, the company's main instrument for entrance into the market is the initial free services that will attract several customers for availing the opportunity of their services.

Purchasing Power of supplier

According to the expansion and marketing of the services of the company, the supply, and management needs to be very effective for the betterment of the availability of the services (Baxter, 2019). Regarding the free services of the company, it can easily be said that the support of effective suppliers will be the key element of the cost reduction. At the same time, an effective supply chance management system will also help the company to enhance the parental empowerment of the distressed people of Croydon

Purchasing Power of the Customers

The power of the customers in the UK can be one of the main external factors regarding the expansion and the operations services to the people of Croydon (Bruijl, and Gerard,2018). The main target of the company is to develop effective customer relationships by providing effective and free services in the initial stages. On other hand, effective customer relationships will help the company to ensure market capture and profitability.

Threat of Substitutional Services

Regarding the market instability, the main threat to the company can be the lack of financial support which can be the main limitation regarding the services of the company (Baxter, 2019). At the same time, the company can face some issues regarding the supply of the materials and some other key elements for the providing of empowerment to the distressed people. Therefore another issue will be the lack of resources based on the ineffective supply.

Competitive analysis

According to the market of UK, the company will face several major competitors like “Rethink Mental Illness”, “ADFERIAD recovery”, “Mind wise”, and some others who are at the top of the service market in the UK at the same time the company will enter into a perfectly competitive market. The companies mainly operate the entire service market of parental empowerment market of UK. Therefore, the company needs to develop an effective marketing strategy to compete in the competitive market. The competitive intelligence is the strategic process assessment in the gaining weakness and strength of the business. The competitors in the business on service providing face different types of difficulties in collecting data of the needy people. Therefore, the competition level is higher due to the higher requirement of the services.

Marketing Strategy and Plan

The marketing and the sales strategies are perfectly correlated with each other and effective marketing tactics enhance the sales and the benefits of the operation of the company. 


According to the provided information, creativity and education are mainly providing services to the distressed and the poor people of Croydon. The services will be based on providing monetary, medical, and employment support to people of low income and facing critical issues for survival (Ismail et al 2018). At the same time, the services will be based on the people who are facing mental problems, have suffered from some disease, are recovering from accidents, and are pregnant ladies also. The services will be beneficial for the people for recovering from the position where they belong. 


In the initial stages of the company, it will provide some free services to the people. Based on the duties for supporting the people the company will face some issues regarding finance management but it will effectively manage the costs (Busca,and Bertrandias, 2020, p.45). At the same time, the free services of the company will benefit marketing as it provides many effective services to distressed people. The competitors in this industry will face disadvantages in respect of the free services of creativity and education. On the other hand, the company will get benefits regarding market capture, value creation, and goodwill. 


Promotion is a key factor as it enables an organisation to enhance their brand awareness and successfully seek customer attention, which help to increase business. The promotion is mainly based on online marketing and some offline methods like posters, leaflets, and banners also. At the same time, the permission of the services of Creativity and Education will increase the attention of the people, and it can expand its operations and availability of its resources. Therefore, the marketers will tie promotion and placemats together for the appropriate reaching of the core customers.


According to the place of the company, the head office, or the centre of the services in the UK, Croydon faces several issues regarding the distress level. There are 47% of people facing psychological distress in the UK, therefore, it can be a great opportunity to provide several services in Croydon where the education level and the efficiency level of the people are lower than in any other part of the UK (Busca,andBertrandias, 2020, p.111). Therefore, the main job for the implementation of the services will be Croydon where there will be an acute need to support the parents who are facing the severe issue of survival.

Management and Operations

Management teams and ownership details

According to the given information of Creativity and Education Plc, the name of the owner will be Mr. Denver, who lived in Croydon UK. he is a well-established persona having two other service providing businesses. He passed out his MBA 5 years back and he is an effective business developer. Based on the experience of the distressed area of Croydon he has made up the decision of starting a service-providing company at the same time his motive is to develop the category of life of the vulnerable community and the families that have low incomes.

Role of the team members' skills and qualifications

According to the business structure, the owner Mr. Denver will introduce his business idea with the help of his friend who is also the parent of his other businesses. Therefore, he will operate the business with 1 general manager named Mr. Hamilton, 3 departmental managers, and 15 laborers for the delivery and the field works based on the objectives of the company (Gamero, et al, 2021). At the same time, the manager and the workers will be supported by some residents of Croydon who are subsidiary members of the company and helpful in the business works. On the other hand, the members are highly educated as they are the batch mates of Mr. Denver. Therefore, the operation of the company will be effectively operated as there will be the implementation of effective management and business strategies. The departmental managers will be engaged in the operations of the different workflows like recovering people from diseases, helping in parental empowerment, medical support, and some other work. This type of effective allocation of the works will manage all of the limitations of the performing of the duties.

Training and needs analysis

According to the duties and regulations of the company, much training will be provided on the basis of the duties and the performance of the workers. Mainly the workers will be provided training as they will be the main person who will directly contact the distressed people (Armb and Landers, 2018). Therefore, the handling of the people, helping them in their suitable ways and many business operations will be overcome with the help of proper training. At the same time, the need will also be evaluated based on the objectives. The main need will be the resources, funding, people’s support, and some support from the government of the UK. On the other hand, the requirements of medical instruments, food items, books, clothes, and much other equipment that is required for the operation of helping distressed people in Croydon will be earnestly required. Apart from this, there will be a requirement for the training of the workers as well as the managers regarding the newly launched business. 

Organization chart

Financial Analysis and Projection

The financial analysis of the company is mainly based on the analysis of the financial statements and the evaluation of the sources of finance. At the same time, the exit plans and the milestones will analyse regarding the evaluation of the projection-based costing and performance.

Sources and uses of capital

The company needs an effective source of capital to overcome the short-term liabilities of all of the operational plans (David, and Venkateswaran, 2019). The main source of the capital will be the personal investment of the owner of the company Mr. Denver. The CEO or the owner of the company will invest £100000 as initiating working capital of the company. At the same time, some other source of capital will be

Long term borrowings 

Developing financial support for the company through long-term borrowings can be one of the best options as it provides an initial increase in the total capital of the company. At the same time, the company will take a loan of £200000 from the bank with an interest rate of 6% per annum and which will be repaid in 10 years. Therefore the initial support of 0.2 million will help the operations of the company to run effectively.

Other Borrowings

The relative and the friends of the owner of the company will be the main source of the other sources of capital regarding the short-term loans and borrowings. At the time of any circumstance, the company or Mr. Denver can easily take a loan of borrowing from his friends and relatives.

Venture Capitals

According to the calculation, the expected future cash inflows of the company can easily take venture capital from the inventors to support the capital's structure. At the same time, it can be an effective source of finance to support the short-term business operations

Cash flow projections

The expected cash flow is mainly based on the assaulted expenses and several sources of income. According to the cash flow table, the company will face a huge obstacle of funds as it provided free services to the people of Croydon at the initial stages of its establishment (Soboleva, et al, 2018). The company has gained cash inflow in the pre-start possession in the form of the personal investment of the owner and the loans that will be gathered from the bank with an interest rate of 6%. The table reflects that the total inflow of the company in the pre-start position and the first three months after opening was £345000, £228000 in April, £323000 in May, £337000 in June respectively. The main source of the cash inflow is the sales and the funding each month. The sales of the company have been evaluated at £150000, £250000 and £230000 respectively. On the other hand, the funding will also play an important role in the capital structure and cash inflows. The funding was evaluated at £20000 in April, £28000 in May, and £27000 in June. On the other hand, the cash outflow of the company has also been measured at £212373 at the opera start position. At the first month of its establishment, the company calculated £217726, and the other two months of the cash outflows have been evaluated at £ 238533 and £2255419. Therefore the net cash inflow of the company has been calculated at £ 132627, £ 10274, £84466, and £81850 respectively. [refer to appendix 1] 

Balance sheet projections

According to the purchased assets and the liabilities of the company the assumed balance sheet has been made. The expected assets have been taken on the basis of the works and the regulation of the company, on the other hand, the expenses or the liabilities will also be taken on the services that the company will provide (El Rayess et al, 2019). The table has clearly reflected the total value of the assets and the liabilities are £227627. The main components of the assets will be the furniture, equipment, computers, and some vehicles for the delivery processes. The value of the assets is £10000, £12000, £20000, and £50000 respectively. According to the initial investment, the cash balance is higher than any other assets of the company. The calculation of cash has been measured at £135627. On the other hand, the liabilities of the company mainly consist of loans from the bank and creditors also. The value of the loan has been reflected at £200000 and the creditors are 10% of it. [referred to appendix 2]

Income statement projections

The income statement of the company is mainly based on the expected cash inflows and the net cash inflows also. The income statement of the company has been reflected with the help of the cash outflows of the company. At the same time, the heads of the expenses have also been measured in the same way as it is on the cash flow statements (Faccia et al, 2021). Therefore incomes are mainly based on sales and some other earnings. The total income of the company in the first month has been measured at £175000 including 150000 sales and 25000 from other earnings. On their hand, the expenses are the main factors of the income statements as it reduces the total earnings. Total cash outflow or the total expenses have been measured at £91925. Therefore the net income of the company has been measured at £83075.[refer to appendix 3]

Break-Even analysis

The break-even analysis is nothing but the determination of the possession where the company will be able to cover its expenses, mainly the fixed expenses (Sintha, 2020). According to the calculation of the break-even analysis the total fixed cost of the company has been calculated at £26500 at the same time the total variable cost has been measured at £77100. Therefore, the break-even point has been measured at 36% regarding the contribution. [refer to appendix 4]

Exit plan

According to the exit plans, the company will face some difficulties regarding financial support and funding will be the main issue (von Bonsdorff, et al, 2019). Therefore, the exit plan of the company will be based on other fixed expenses that have been measured at £26500. According to the future uncertainty if the operations of the company face loss or any kind of failure in gathering the fixed costs therefore the company needs to be closed.


The main milestones of the company are the development of the lifestyle of t distressed people of Croydon. Therefore, the milestones can be providing empowerment to the parents who are not able to manage their daily lives, educational support to the children, and medical support to the people of Croydon who are suffering from diseases. Apart from the monetary issues, the company's milestone will be the stem-by-stem development of human health and empowerment. Their key milestones that are required are plan review, which can be developed Palo Alto software. Assumption validation and Implementation of strategy would help to develop the the growth of the business.


According to the business plan of the company, several effective sectors have been discussed. According to the detailed discussion of the various factors of the many it can be easily stated that the company will be very benefited regarding the future operational plans. At the same time the many marketing strategies and the operational plans have also been discussed on the basis of the effective future sales. Apart from this financial analysis will also be done on the basis of the assumption-based costing with the help of the cash flow balance sheet, income statement and some other accounting statements. The breakeven point has also been mentions with the help of elements of the cash flow. Therefore, the operation of the company will be enhanced on the basis of expenses and financial performance.

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