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Evidencing Graduate And Transferable Skills-portfolio Assignment Sample

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Evidencing Graduate And Transferable Skills-portfolio Assignment Sample


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Section 1

1.0 Introduction

Nursing is one of the most respectable professions within the healthcare industry, focussing on the family and communities with individual care by living a standard quality of life. It provides a combination of both theoretical and practical based experiences to gain competency for achieving the criteria based on the reputed nursing program. The portfolio really documents the entire nursing experience that prepared the healthcare profession for the “PG Dip in Mental Health Nursing”. The academic journey really provides a clear idea about the most efficient transferable skills based on the nursing professional for enhancing the specific skills positively.

The professional dimensions and attributes of nursing have been stated as the most valuable profession to develop. Therefore, the nurse's training and practices are crucial for patient management with physical and mental health management. The implementation of theory, experience and practices are common three elements of this field (Jackson, 2021). The complete education and training with real-life cases are mainly involved with providing significant experiences before entering a major field. Therefore, the attribution of this training with practical and theory have proceeded with specific implementation and uncertain situation handling process and decision-making. According to Kensington-Miller et al. (2018), this is a most valuable and rare profession for an individual to sustain their career in. However, the professional and developmental program associated with dimension has been crucial to estimating major deliverable aspects. 

Different Systematic and orderly steps are there to be followed to get admission in the course of PG in Nursing. However, the nursing programs are varied with different courses with duration. The PG Dip Nursing admission required registration in NMC. Without registration, admission is not approved. Therefore, this is the initial step for course enrolment. This course has been consistent with two years of duration as the other PG course duration. Thus, the complete portfolio for Evidencing Graduate and Transferable Skills, after completing the student, is being awarded a non-graded pass. Therefore, the 90 academic scores are credited with level 6 and 900 hours prior to learning prospects.

The academic profile has consisted of a significant shift from Animal production and health to nursing sectors. The academic profile started with agriculture, and the certificate was issued in 1997. Thereafter, the university degree was based on Animal production and health. However, after finishing this course, my further interest and professional journeys proceeded with the banking profession. From 2002 to 2005, baking journeys were continued; in 2005, shifting from Nigeria to the UK was completed to join Lidl; the duration was Feb 2006 to Nov 2016. However, for a significant duration of the professional timeline, experience in-store managing has been gathered. During this time, the most drastic and important interest in the health and care sector has been developed. The development of interest in patient care and management has influenced me to join the PG Dip Nursing. 

The experiences of working in the NHS for several years and in different lower and medium secure hospitals have developed my professional skills and experience. The complications that have been mainly included in the majority of cases are Mood disorders, Personality disorders, Anxiety disorders, Psychotic disorders, Trauma-related disorders, Dementia and substance and so on. However, this long-term (5 years) professional association with this health sector has driven me towards the course competence and taken other professional careers with important professional skills and knowledge that is much more adequate. Therefore, this present course is a diploma course of collecting major skills and a range of skills to promote and handle major cases associated with mental disorders and the patient care process.

The present has focused on the professional background and academic background along with interest. Work experience has mainly consisted of significant health sector participation (French et al. 2020). The transformation process and shifting with adequate certificates in the professional field is significant and important to experience greater exposure in career development (Lourenção, 2018). Moreover, the present portfolio has incorporated major three sections to describe and evaluate the important interpretation of processes. Section-wise evaluation of the module descriptions and details of the course have been stated, professional information and CV have also been included. Therefore, the next section of the portfolio has been concerned with reflection and outcomes associated with the course. Thus, personnel plan and map development for pre-learning phases have been asserted. However, at the end of this document, the conclusion section has been stated with major conclusive statements and interpretations. 

  • Module Details

The present portfolio account has been concerned with the module of Evidencing Graduate and Transferable Skills. Therefore, this module has been focused on the major asserted aim and objective. The aim has been identified as delivering a portfolio to achieve the transferable skills associated with the nursing profession. Apart from this major aim, this module has demonstrated significant objectives. The objectives are basically- skills development prospects for the learners, quality development for transferable skills courses, integrated education with theory and practical. However, these three are majorly recognized objectives for this present module course. The title of this module has been created based on the deliverables aspect. Moreover, the portfolio development process and reflection of the portfolio have been helpful for the development of professional transferable skills development. The acquisition over the completely procession development and skill developmental aspect has been designed to deliver significant parts and details of courses. 

1.2 Personal Details

1.3 Personal Statement

The course that has been applied for improving the transferable skills in terms of the “PG Diploma in Mental Health nursing programme” initiates the student or the candidate to establish the best quality of skills and knowledge. This definitely improves the nursing skills by providing the best quality of treatment to the patients for their well-being. This also helps to increase the scope or opportunities for performing the healthcare duties and responsibilities in the healthcare sector by experiencing various practical skills and knowledge. This also helps to face the challenging issues that are faced during the critical situation by motivating them self for better work that is delivered to the patients with the optimum care.

The concerning module has been focused on the transferable skill for professional development. The nursing profession has been selected for the transferable skill evaluation with a portfolio. Therefore, the portfolio development and attached personal statements are adequately involved with delivering significant accounts about the professional and academic details in a precious and systematic structure. The improvement has been performed with a major course named "PG Diploma in Mental Health nursing programme”. The structured and interesting course with nursing professional development has been accounted for. Therefore, the implementation of procession and skilful application of knowledge and experience at the workplace with educational and training based exercises is requiring cables. 

Mental health-related nursing course is justified for individuals who already have experience or have major interests. Therefore, the interest and experience are effective to select this profession. However, this course is adequate to provide greater exposure to skills development for nursing. The exact and right knowledge and skills are the essential elements to be achieved by developing a professional for future application and implications in the case of patient care (Pott and de Jager, 2021). The working experiences in the case of significant fields and different sectors have allowed gathering different reasoning and uncertainty handling prospects (Al?Yateem et al., 2021). Thus, during store management time, dealing with different people has helped to build care-related skills. A variety of health care managing qualities and necessary skills are being included within this appropriate course to transfer into a professional person (Boczkowska ET AL. 2018). 

Continuing five years of experience in the health care sectors in the NHS and other sectors have developed interest and experience to promote further care based decisions and practices for the long term. Therefore, PICU, Acute ward, and safety of about 136 have been included within the personal Statement for the professional experiences. Thus, an academic transition from agriculture to animal production to nursing is a great journey according to professional interest. Different cases associated with mood disorders, psychological disorders, dementia, eating disorders, substance, personality disorders, and anxiety disorder have been included within the professional statement dimension. Moreover, the current portfolio has been created with significant interest in major professional development. 

The transferable skills module aims to develop the most important part of the professional shift with a nursing diploma course. The theory and practical elements incorporation have been made to promote the professional acquisition of health sectors activities as a nurse. However, my academic profile has been enriched with a graduate degree to university certification. Therefore, the professional journey from Nigeria to the UK was associated with significant sector changes. According to Chilvers and Waghorne (2018), pre-learning designing can be easily prepared with academic history and professional details and history. The certificate from agriculture is not adequate for the nursing diploma. Therefore, the last five years of experience in the healthcare sector are applicable. My interest in this field has been influenced to complete this PG Dip Nurse course for better opportunities to work in a high rated healthcare sector. The experienced cases mostly involve nursing with mental support providing and managing. The selected course is asserted with mental health care with nursing. Moreover, the successful competence of this course is associated with developing the skills and knowledge related to effective health care management and patient care with mental counselling and treatment. 

1.4 Personal CV

Post: Care Support Worker

Duration: November 2014–To date

Specific duties: 

Disorders related to mental and cognitive prospects are being treated with the post. Duties, taking care of patients with sleeping disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and dementia 

Post: Production Manager 

Duration: January 2002 – October 2003

Specific duties:

The production management duties are mainly involved with production quantity and quality monitoring. The market demand and sales rate analyzing for production accuracy. Managing production rate on a daily basis was the key duty and managing production-related issues. 

Post: Credit/operation Officer

Duration: October 2003 - December 2005

Specific duties: 

In banking sectors, this post mainly involved loans and operational management. The crediting process of every client and verification processes. Communicating with a variety of people during loans and crediting cases. Attending meetings and promotional presentations, and operational meeting management also been included. 

Post: Duty Manager 

Duration: February 2006 – July 2008

Specific Duties: 

Daily report monitoring, employee’s performance reporting, production monitoring and work environment management have been major duties. 


  • Graduate in Agri-technology-University of Agriculture, Nigeria. 2002.
  • “Diploma Agricultural technology-Lagos state polytechnic, Nigeria. (Distinction)”-1997


  • National Diploma in Agriculture
  • Senior school certificate

Section 2: Critical Reflection

2.0 Reflective Commentary

Reflection is considered one of the most crucial skills in the nursing profession, where nurses are totally enhanced in their reflective training sessions at the initial stage of the “Nurse Educational Programme” (Skela et al. 2020). This is the most valuable and essential for all the nurses that are mainly divided into three main components like “questioning”, “focused” and “purposeful". Reflective skill mainly helps nurse to face critical situation by understanding their impact and influences on the healthcare sector based on their skills and knowledge experiences (Ramis et al. 2018). This surely helps to figure out the gaping areas that need to be improved for learning and developing the nursing skills, improving the professional career more efficiently for better purposes. 

Critical reflection is one of the popular beneficial skills in the nursing profession, where the nurses are fully encouraged during their training and educational sessions. Valuable skills are very much essential for the nursing training, which are very much transferable for better purposes in order to become more accustomed with the workplace environment (Cordova et al. 2019). The portfolio definitely demonstrates the major outcomes of this type of reflective nursing with the help of critical reflective practices. “Gibbs Reflective Cycle” is very much effective for the critical reflective practices that positively highlight the practical based experiences by promoting various learning tools and techniques at the correct situation.

2.1 Learning Outcome One

"Appraisal of certain graduate skills along with implementation to the postgraduate study"

Transferable skills are very much acquired by the nurse during executing their nursing duties and responsibilities and it is surely applied in the correct situation for dealing with the critical situation. A graduate student mainly needs a wide variety of specific skills for improving their professional career in order to get more opportunities in their healthcare workplace (Piccinini et al. 2018). The academic journey really provides a clear idea about the most efficient transferable skills based on the nursing professional for enhancing the specific skills positively. The skills that are very much essential for the post graduate studies such as “communication”, “decision making”, “problem solving”, “teamwork”, “literacy”, “numeracy”, “literacy”, “IT skills” and “time management” (Grinspun and Bajnok, 2018). The graduate and postgraduate skills definitely improve the “academic programme” with better efficiency power throughout the nursing professional career. 

I am very much grateful to receive an opportunity regarding the study of nursing at “Diploma Level”, “Undergraduate” along with “Post Graduate level”. This surely improves my learning knowledge by possessing the capability of consuming the correct learning activities based on real life based or practical based actions for becoming a successful nurse in the future. These educational degrees surely improved my “post secondary educational degree” based on the science subjects that definitely achieves the greatest quality of learning knowledge. The above-mentioned skills positively enhanced my core set of skills for achieving “PG Diploma Programme” for becoming a future efficient nurse. This also enhanced my academic journey based on these learning skills, which surely can be extracted from the nursing education with innovative and modernised learning patterns. I have experienced a greater as well as most varied type of academic experiences during my working style as a “Health Care Support Worker” in a healthcare organisation. 

The significance of the communication skill in the workplace plays a beneficial role in delivering the best quality of patient care in the healthcare sector (Hartley et al. 2020). My communication skill is not so good so I have to enhance my communication skill as early as possible during my training sessions for treating the patients properly. I have properly recognised mistakes that need to be improved quickly by increasing the communicating capacity in my present academic nursing program. I have attached several degree certificates of B.Sc in Agriculture as evidence that would help the educators to access my degrees and working experiences. Another important skill that is very much beneficial for both undergraduate as well as postgraduate study is to execute the research activities by using certain tools and techniques. Reports need to be written regularly for accessing their personal gaping areas that would definitely identify the lack of portions for quick improvement (Jiang et al. 2021). I have a variety of experiences in preparing research proposals, projects along with some practical experiments that are kept in the form of a report for correct evaluation.

I am able to write and speak in the English language with leadership skill along with the time management that initiates me to complete my tasks within the given deadline. The term care is a crucial word for the nursing profession that is provided to the patients for fast recovery from the complications as early as possible with some potential outcomes (Ramis et al. 2018). I have certain working experiences in the healthcare organisation as Care Support, which I have already provided in my personal CV. I am keenly interested in helping and supporting others especially the vulnerable groups with proper assistance and care by treating them as a friend for fast recovery from health issues. Both graduates along with undergraduate skills are beneficial for the “PG Diploma Nursing Programme” that helps a practitioner or the nurse to achieve success in the future by managing the working responsibilities in the healthcare workplace surroundings (Skela et al. 2020). Being a future nurse, I need to adapt my nursing capabilities that definitely initiate my learning experiences by managing the wards of all shifts within a specific time with good quality patient care and treatment.

2.2 Learning Outcome Two 

Significances of “evidence based care”

“Evidence based care” practices initiates the nurses to evaluate as well as analyse the most reliable research activities for understanding the major risks along with the effectiveness of a certain diagnostic treatment or test (Widarsson et al. 2020). “Evidence based practice (EBP)” in nursing mainly demonstrates certain standards that mainly focus on the patient’s requirements by providing the best quality of treatment and services for better outcomes. EBP is very much essential for providing the most productive care by analysing as well as evaluating the major outcomes of the patients in the healthcare sector. EBP demonstrates the enhancement of “effectiveness”, “appropriateness” and “quality” of the healthcare services in order to synthesise and facilitate the evidence based nursing practices (Hickman et al. 2018). The government guidelines are properly ensured for improving the clinical and practical based learning experiences to deliver the standard quality of patient care. 

EBP is the effective delivery of care and support to the patients in the nursing profession that initiates them to live a healthy and balanced life without any complications. Clinical type of expertise knowledge is very much important for the healthcare sector by maintaining certain government rules and guidelines that surely helps to gather informative data regarding the clinical experiences and the p

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