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International taxation law Assignment Sample

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International taxation law Assignment Sample


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It is identified that tax liability is the payment that is owned by an individual for a business or any other entity as a federal or state or local authority. In general, it is identified that tax liability is incurred when incoming income is generated by sale for any type of investment that is being made by the assessed. It is also identified that state sales tax may be in curd on the purchase of any goods or services but where the income is generated by an individual the income tax generated. The text liability is the total amount of text that is an individual or corporation or any other entity for paying the text up to the authority such as known as internal revenues.

In the current case it is identified that make more can be is an international Rockstar and blues magician who is having a dual British and American nationality. It is considered to be having a naturalist US citizenship where he has entered into various income sources which is done through various shows. It is taken into account that there are various concerts that he has performed in throughout the world for which their income has been generated. The current report will help in solving the issue where it would be identified that what would be the text liabilities with respect to revenue authority is of the United States in the United kingdoms and the United Arab Emirates.


Under self-assessment of HM revenue and custom sources it is considered that access is usually deducted automatically from the wages, pension or savings that the person is considered to be having. People and businesses with their other income are required to report their income tax return every year so that they would be able to provide and pay the text. It is identified that the person who is having a self-employed business as a sold reader and is considered to be earning more than 1000 pounds or is considered to be a partner in the business partnership would be required to send a return of the income from the income that they have generated (Cui, 2020).

This is taken into identification that a person has earned some income from the other countries therefore the governments have created a text treaty with this considered for the purpose so that the burden on the people is reduced. The strike trees are considered to be made so that people in the country don't pay double taxation on the income that they have generated. Here it is identified that to be the taxable done on the people who have generated income they will not be Liable to pay tax again and again and there in countries. It is very much important where the tax has been paid by the person in the country of earning income that case, they are not required to make the income required to pay the tax again. With the similar impact it is identified that the companies are considered to be not having any tax. it is there for understood that we use as mistake the action source the production where they would be working in the manner to generate a better result full star there are various tax rate is that have been entered into between the different countries where in case of that access period within a country then there is no required to pay the tax again (Hakelberg and Schaub, 2018).

Here it is taken into concentration that there are some situations where the users need to consider the different factors related to advising the same. Here it is taken inter consideration that this would also help in generating a better result the internal revenue code would be taken into account (Tofan, 2021). This is also taken into consideration that he is as much not considered the factors as it is very much important where Morecambe needs to be considered. It is taken into consideration that there are various Indian revenue services which need to be considered for the same (Li, et. al., 2019).


On the other hand, it has been taken into account that Mick Morecambe is not required to pay any form of tax on the earnings that they have made where it is very much important than they should not say for any income that he is generated from BBC radio program or they have generated the income from Dubai or any investment in them from merchandise limited as they have already paid the text or then come text to her images to revenue and customs in United Kingdom (Olbert, and Spengel, 2017). Therefore, it is very much important for them to identify the same where the assessment of corporation tax is one of the most important factors. It is very much important that the users must consider the same (Monsenego and Bjuvberg, 2019).

This can be considered through the case law that is defined by the supreme court of the country in the case of Fowler (Respondent) v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs where the judgment was made for the identification of the double taxation of the income, here this was identified that treaty between the countries were taken into account where the judgement was made to provide the clarification on the double taxation of income. Here the reference of article 21 was given so that the user is not taxed twice on the income that they have generated.


Therefore, the above report a conclusion can be drawn that in the current case Morecambe is not required to pay any tax liability with respect to the revenue authorities of different states has he has already paid text as it is one of the most important factors where in case if you would be paying the tax again then it would change the treaty.

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