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Leading And Implementing Workplace Change Assignment Sample

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Leading And Implementing Workplace Change Assignment Sample


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Workplace change is one of the focused area by majority of business and Multi-national Corporation. Workplace change allows business to identify errors and development in the workplace. This report will be divided into the following sections: Analyses of the applicability of threedifferent Amazon change management methods. Identifying the organization's need for change and the resources required to make a change. Amazon is one of the companies that has implemented change management in its workplace to develop effectiveness and efficiency of the employees and activities. Creating Amazon's change management plan and finding techniques to overcome opposition to change and conclusions and recommendations.

Section 1

Seattle, Washington-based Amazon.com was one of the first companies to sell goods via the Internet when it opened its doors in 1994. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos already was selling products online when the company was created, even though many people hadn't ever even of the term "internet.". Online retailer, web service provider, and manufacturer of e-readers (Kindle) Amazon.com is the largest in the world (Orr, 2021). From books to music to video to electronic items in only five short years, Amazon.com has done it all. In the same year he founded the business, the CEO and founder of the company were named "Times Person of the Year" for their innovative work with Amazon (Jindal et al., 2021). Amazon's emergence as an e-commerce giant may be attributed to its customer-centric approach. Bezos concentrates on the demands of his consumers rather than competing businesses, and this is why Amazon had changed e-commerce. In recent years, Amazon has witnessed great growth in developing countries and APAC, even though the United States remains its most important market (Selmanovic, 2018).

Jeff Bezos became the world's wealthiest man in Q4 (2019) when the Amazon App attracted and over 197 million monthly visits, bringing in a turnover of USD 87 billion (Cirjevskis, 2019). In order to provide better and much more quality service to every customer who purchases anything from Amazon.com, AWS (Amazon Web Services) as well as Amazon's innovation talents are vital for the company's success. The company has offices in 16 countries and ships its goods to more than 100. For long-term success, firms must make wise changes inside their organisations, even if Amazon's change management appears like a victor that the e-commerce market has never seen (Attaran et al., 2020). Amazon might become an unstoppable force in the business and a respected member of society if it made the following changes:

  • Additionally, in-house green initiatives, such as ecologically friendly workplaces as well as packaging, should be given the highest priority.
  • Concentrate on developing and growing its click-and-mortar offline business strategy (To keep Walmart on its toes, more brick-and-mortar retail locations are required)
  • Counterfeit goods will be Amazon's primary emphasis going forward.

Identification of External Environmental Factors

Initially, Amazon (1994) began as an online book shop, but as the internet became more commonplace in people's daily lives, the firm developed in all shapes and sizes. Online sales of a broad variety of things, from consumer devices to toys to clothes to stationery, started quickly for the company. Amazon's strategic shift in organizational change has a number of factors, including the following:

  • Increased use of the internet
  • Consumers' changing behaviors
  • Modernization of Technology
  • Growth of the Industry
  • The worldwide economy

When Amazon began selling anything that could be sold online, it may be seen as a kind of organizational change. One must examine one's own character and the business climate in which the organization operates in order to make the necessary adjustments. Here, two approaches are employed and used to identify the adjustments needed in the company to achieve its long-term objectives.

PESTLE Analysis

It is a macro or external environmental study that organizations use to evaluate the context in which they are functioning. In order to avoid any shocks in the near future, an active study or investigation is needed here to avoid any external circumstances. This exercise will help in determining the Amazon adjustments that need to be made as a result (Sastry, Katvi & Tourani, 2019).

Political Factors

Amazon is a global company with operations in over 16 nations and shipments to over 100 countries, as noted in the introduction. Thus, the corporation is likely to face political and regulatory pressure, which might either provide an opportunity or pose a danger to it, necessitating a need for reform.

  • Government efforts throughout the world to combat cyber security pressures. For Amazon, this might be a chance.
  • Developed nations' political stability. Amazon has a lot of potential in the US, Europe, and other regions.
  • Government backing for e-commerce is on the rise. This presents Amazon with both an opportunity and a threat.

The political elements that may be used to identify changes in Amazon's change management are:

  • Government backing and stability in developed economies allow Amazon to extend its brick-and-mortar strategy in the US and the UK.
  • In light of the government's vow to combat cyber security, this move is encouraging for Amazon, which will be better able to combat the sale of counterfeit goods (Smits & Nikdel, 2019).

Economic Factors

Amazon is influenced by economic variables in the following manners:

  • Because of the solidity of the developed economies, Amazon has a golden chance.
  • For Amazon, the rise in disposable wealth in the developing world presents a new opportunity since more people can afford to purchase online.
  • Amazon sees a resurgence in growth as developing nations catch up to the speed of electronic commerce (Cirjevskis, 2019).

When it comes to Amazon, both established and emerging economies are attractive marketplaces, so the corporation has to concentrate on both of them. It's already doing just that, however. To service nations with less developed economies, the corporation may really invest in its technological and operational infrastructure by getting them on board with e-commerce (Cachon, 2020). In other words, Amazon's strategy, which may be included into its change management, must include the possibility of rapid development into new and underdeveloped countries.

Social Factors

  • Employees may be at risk from rising wealth disparities.
  • Consumer spending is on the rise in emerging markets, which presents Amazon with an excellent opportunity.
  • Customers throughout the world are becoming more used to shopping online, which is good news for Amazon.

According to Amazon's sociocultural variables for change management, Amazon is likely to expand its product or business model and compete with Walmart as well as other retail giants in the brick-and-mortar world (Raj & Pandey, 2019).

Technological Factors

Amazon's whole operation is based on technology, therefore technological improvements have a direct influence on the company. Amazon's technological impact may be summarised as follows:

  • Obsolete technology is disappearing at an alarming rate (threat & Opportunity )
  • Boosting IT resources' efficiency (Opportunity for Amazon)
  • Cybercrime is on the rise (threat)

Amazon is under extreme pressure to improve its technical assets due to the quick obsolescence of newer technologies. As a result, Amazon needs technology advancements in both combatting cyber-crime and counterfeit items as a matter of urgency and a shift in the company's culture (Veilleux, 2019).

Legal Factors

When it comes to its online operations, Amazon has a legal obligation to follow all applicable regulations, or it might face serious consequences. The following aspects are crucial in this case:

  • Amazon has a chance to capitalize on tightening product rules.
  • Import and export regulatory changes made by Amazon might be considered as an opportunity once again.
  • When it comes to environmental regulations, Amazon has a new chance.

In order to create new industry standards, the firm has already begun focused on making its package more environmentally friendly (Wadhwa, Vashisht & Phutela, 2020).

Environmental Factors

Although the company's business strategy is solely online, the company's activities have an environmental effect. As a global citizen, Amazon also has a responsibility to protect the environment and not pollute it in any way. Environmental sustainability and participation in different environmental efforts have been agreed upon by countries throughout the world. In order to help Amazon function more effectively while still safeguarding the planet, Amazon's managing change must put a b focus on energy conservation measures (Kavanagh, 2019).

VRIN Analysis

It is possible to utilize the VRIN/VRIO study to examine a company's resources, as well as its competitiveness and advantage, in order to arrive at these conclusions. The strategic tool may aid in discovering a long-term competitive edge by evaluating an internal company resources and talents, and this in turn helps companies identify their core strengths and establish such an advantage. In the following manner, the VRIN/VRIO attributes are utilised to evaluate resources and capabilities:

  • Valuable
  • Rare
  • Inimitable
  • Non-substitutable/organization


Amazon.com benefits from essential competencies when it comes to taking advantage of available possibilities and countering risks from both the micro and macro environment. These abilities enable a company to grow, grow, and expand.

  • Brand Image

As part of the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility, Amazon conducts open and public reporting on these activities. High brand integrity characterizes the Amazon.com brand image. Amazon's long-term marketing efforts and outstanding product offers have served to enhance the company's image over the years. This has also helped the company to serve its employees by gathering profitability and revenue from the clients and customers. Workplace change refers to wellbeing of the employees along with focus on profitability. The Amazon.com brand has a b following. The high level of brand integrity and b brand equity that has led to this level of brand awareness is a direct effect of this recognition.

  • Supplier Relationship

The distribution system of Amazon.com is well regarded across the world. It has also been a success for the corporation to produce items and make them widely available in nations without an operational unit. By virtue of the company's global supply network, this was made possible. The employees has provided enormous efforts to create a reputation of the organization. Each and every interaction between the organization and external stakeholders is held to the strictest of standards and regulations.

  • Innovation

Amazon.com offers cutting-edge items and services. The company's innovation also has an influence on the company's other functional areas, such as marketing. The innovative ideas of the company has helped in the workplace change by offering technological ease to the employees and increase in profitability. Using the new technology helps the organization make its procedures more efficient. Economies of scale and lower operational costs may be achieved.


  • Global Presence

As an international company, Amazon.com is active across the world. Because of its global reach, Amazon has been enabled to expand its client base and make revenue in a variety of markets. Expansion has enabled the organization to create workplace change and betterment of the employees in the workplace.

  • Problem Solving

Amazon’s management and employees are urged to collaborate in order to find solutions to issues. As a result, the company's ability to collaborate, innovate, and be creative is enhanced. This has been possible with the support and cooperation of the employees, staffs and workers.

  • Adaptability

Amazon.com is an online retailer with a global reach and presence. As a consequence, the business is subjected to a diverse variety of social norms and values. Due to its size and scope, the company has demonstrated a high level of cultural adaptability via their involvement in localization as well as marketing efforts, as well as a range of managerial responsibilities in several nations throughout the globe. It is critical that the company's products and services be tailored to its target markets in order to expand internationally.


  • Quality Product

The brand's popularity has grown as a result of Amazon's ability to deliver customers with higher quality items. The workplace change has increased the productivity and quality of services for the clients and customers. The excellent and constant quality of Amazon's items encourages customers to make more purchases and raises the company's overall revenue. Only the company's most senior executives get access to this priceless asset, making this a one-of-a-kind value for the organization.

  • Location of the Stores

Amazon.com is a global retailer with locations across the world. The band's awareness is boosted by the fact that Amazon com sells its merchandise in a wide variety of locations. A wide variety of items are available to customers in all of Amazon com's markets. The workplace change resulted in profitability which eventually assisted the company to expand its stores in the market.

  • Marketing Communication

Profits rose because to Amazon's clever use of promotional materials. There can be only one strategic focus for a corporation whose culture and vision are in accord.

  • Competitive Pricing

The Amazon com is able to operate at economy of scale because to its efficient manufacturing capabilities. The company's expansion and constant demand have kept the company's operational expenses in check. Aside from cutting costs and improving internal procedures, the company has also benefited from technology.


  • Financial Strength

As well as this, Amazon.com has a solid financial base and a well-known name. New product research and launch alternatives may be explored thanks to the company's sound financial standing. As a result, a company's financial health is an important consideration when evaluating potential acquisitions and mergers. Since it has a healthy balance sheet, the company can commit more resources and time to product development and quality control across all of its markets. With the assistance of more resources the company has been able to create a change management process in the organization.

  • Technological Advancement

Competitor advantage may be gained by using Amazon's technical improvements and integration. Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, Amazon.com is able to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of many of its business processes and activities. As a result of its technological advancement and integration, the company's global activities may be successfully controlled.

  • Distribution Channels

One of Amazon com's major advantages and resources is its ability to manage and build distribution channels. As part of the business's supply chain, the corporation owns and manages many distribution channels, as well as a variety of foreign agents and dealers. Amazon.com is able to reach new markets and improve sales or consumption of its goods because of the variety of distribution methods it uses.

SWOT Analysis

  • Strategic Options

In order to decide its market and product strategy, Amazon uses the Ansoff Matrix, a marketing planning tool. This diagram depicts the four main business strategy alternatives that may be used by companies. For a business to succeed, it has to be able to reach as many people as possible with its offerings.

  • Market Penetration

The term "market penetration" refers to sales to present clients. In order to break into new areas, Amazon takes a direct and aggressive strategy. This technique depends on the utilisation of user experience features such as recommendations on an e-website in order to penetrate the market retailer's. Amazon is particularly concerned with tailoring the user experience via the effective use of data science as well as machine learning. The e-commerce giant collects and stores information on customers of all ages and genders, as well as their personal characteristics and p

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