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Managing Human Resources Assignment Sample

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Managing Human Resources Assignment Sample


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The study would enhance detailed information about the development of strategies and utilization of techniques that could be utilized for developing employee engagement and involvement. On the other hand, it will additionally depict a proposal of a communication approach which would help in generating greater employee voice. Moreover, it will enhance analysis of the training and development considerations in the business proposal for generating employees' and managers' roles, understanding, and duties. It would also reflect conclusions about the overall lessons that had been learned from this analysis. At last, a preferable recommendation would be depicted for analyzing the improvements that are to be made in human resource management and procedures of employee engagement. 


Development of strategies and the use of techniques that can be used to enhance employee involvement and engagement

The strategies that are needed to be developed for generating employee engagement and involvement are upholding the core values and cultures along with providing employees a basic understanding of the different aspects of the organization to make them feel that they are also part of that company. On the other hand, for enhancing employee engagement the managers and owners are required to assign them the most premium and challenging tasks or jobs which increase their involvement in the manufacturing activities deeply. Not only this, it is the responsibility of the HR managers to look after the well-being of employees along with providing them with training and learning platforms and courses so that they could improve their skills and knowledge. This development would further make the employee increase their standard of performance and productivity too. It has also been identified that to ensure better employee engagement there must be complete transparency from the managers' side in the sense that all the top-level decisions that had been taken by the owners and chief executive officer are being shared with them (Jiang and Luo, 2020). This will make the employees very intensely involved in the decision-making process and will get the opportunities to express their views and innovative ideas that might help the organization in the long run. On the other hand, it is necessary for the HR managers to recognize the best performers and thereby, appraise their work efforts and dedication towards the production tasks. This will motivate the employees to increase their commitment and attraction towards the company and its manufacturing activities. Moreover, the managers are also required to make the employees accountable for any sort of mistakes or changes that had been done by them in their tasks. 

This will further increase their concentration in resolving their mistakes and changes and focusing more on future tasks for avoiding the same faults again thereby, increasing their deepening involvement in the task force. This would also make the employees more responsible and disciplined in their work in the future. There must be a proper application of solicitation and utilization of the feedback from the team about a particular employee. This would further help the HR managers in gaining factual knowledge about the level up to which a particular worker is giving their best and involving themselves in the group tasks and assignments. Moreover, the managers are additionally needed to maintain regular connectivity and accessibility with the employees (Shen and Jiang, 2019). Not only this but they are also required to communicate regularly with employees and create personal bonding with them which would help them in recognizing the personal and professional issues that are being faced by the employees. After identifying their issues, the HR managers are required to resolve those problems which will further make employees feel that they have secured future and growth in this company. Thus, it helps in retention of employees in the organization for a long tenure. 

On the other hand, for increasing employee engagement, it is also necessary for team leaders and managers to deploy the right tasks to the right persons so that expertise and specialization can be generated. Offering personnel scope to develop their talent set continues to keep them engaged, and having something to do with activities in their direction continues to inspire them. No longer only that, however gaining knowledge of and improvement tasks exhibit that proprietor fee their personnel as people they select to always put money into their human beings, as opposed to updating personnel with applicants which have the competencies the managers' preference. Employees are engaged after they sense their task is precious to the enterprise and facilitates the company to acquire its long-time period desires. Often displaying personnel that the company apprehends and admires their efforts is an easy posture that is going an extended manner in enhancing their experience valued. Bringing personnel into the fold as regularly as viable is an exceptionally powerful worker engagement approach. In case the group do not realize the things that are taking place behind the curtain, they are not able to completely make investments themselves and their energies into the organization (Chawla, 2019). Plus, in the event that they get the feeling that they're deliberately being overlooked, they will begin to mistrust control and lose self-assurance in management. Firstly, it is necessary to generate a platform or device that allows personnel to express their mind and ask queries of the proper human beings. This could maximum probably be their HR branch; however, chief executives need to additionally be reachable to all personnel, even though it is far most effective for some days out of the region and with the aid of appointment only. 

Moreover, utilization of the group’s remarks and not anything would irritate and disengage their personnel quicker than in the event that they experience they’re losing their time sharing topics which might be without a doubt critical to them. Pay attention to what your crew individuals have to mention and perform on it. Engaged personnel is inclined to head the extra mile, however, that does not imply they have to anticipate them to function at an above-common clip every duration (Cattermole, 2018). They are no longer the sole characters within the group, so ensure they seem to be no longer left within the lurch and are anticipated to perform on behalf of their friends. Depending entirely on the efforts of their maximum engaged personnel could possibly result in worker burnout.

Proposal of communication approach that will assist greater “Employee Voice”

The employee voice is the means with the aid of which human beings interact with their perspectives on their enterprise. It is the principal manner that personnel could have an impact on subjects that have an effect on them at work. For employers, a powerful voice contributes to the direction of innovation, growth in performance, and organizational development. For personnel, it frequently affects elevated job pleasure, more have an effect on and higher possibilities for improvement. maximum companies already set up a number of approaches to acquire employee remarks, however, those have a tendency to have been advanced and applied in isolation from each other (Kwon and Kim, 2020). For that reason, such strategies regularly conflict, replicate or depart gaps, instead of contributing to a streamlined, complete typical angle. On the other hand, employee voice also assists the organization in increasing the experience of employees. It appears maximum businesses are going via certain sorts of trade, reacting to excessive marketplace rivalries and digital advancements. The perception of 'alternate as the brand new consistent' has in no way be true. But modification applications frequently failed whilst personnel had no longer been worried. 

A strategic technique to worker's voice can offer the maximum enticing sort of involvement, so personnel purchase-in and reply to modifications constructively in preference to with resistance. There has additionally been a wider alternate in society at massive that has formed desires. Everybody stays in certain of a remarks way of life, in which human beings have the possibility and desires of conveying their perspectives, whether or not via radio telephone-ins, fact television votes, online evaluation websites, or social media. That social and client revel in divided into the worker experience human beings anticipate on the way to explicit their voice and to be heard (Kim and Lim, 2020). Coupled with a transfer far away from 'jobs for existence' and in the direction of portfolio careers, the personnel that seems to be not listening would lose out. As virtual systems have proliferated, there may be presently an unconscious array of listening equipment that human beings are getting extra skilled in the usage of non-stop listening, surveys of pulse, and in-intensity annual surveys are every locating their region along with every different, for special functions. 

Different equipment, along with the idealization platform Wazoku or company community evaluation such as Synapp, garnered a special type of remarks. Clearly, there may be a well-known perspective that the utilization of more than one worker's remarks, listening and perception aspects may be higher suited for a company's desires (Prouska et al., 2022). However, it has been identified that the communication approach that should be undertaken for increasing the employee voice is informal employee voice systems like email interaction, normal communication among employers and employees, meetings and social occasions in offices, and employee remarks. On the other hand, it has also been observed that as an approach, it is necessary for an employee to use communication as a transmission. This method signifies conversation as the procedure of transmission of a message as meant with the aid of the source. Right here, starting off the verbal exchange is taken into consideration as an essential element for the interaction to take vicinity (Wilkinson et al., 2020). The ones practicing this perspective outline conversation with the aid of numerous components: offering, transmitting, sending, or receiving data. 

The employees' voice can also be increased by the managers through adoption of democratic leadership styles. This is due to the fact that as per this leadership style, employees would be taken into consideration by managers and leaders while enhancing decision-making about a particular task thereby allowing workers to express their views and innovative ideas that might be productive to them in that particular subject matter. This further generates an increase in the scope of employees to raise their voices and concerns over different production, marketing, sales, and price-related issues that might assist the company in increasing its business operations. Moreover, an communication approach that increases the employees' voice hugely is the communication as publicity that seems to assist employees in conveying their messages in such a way that it generates ability among them to influence the thought process and mind of the managers or employers, thereby incrementing their own importance among their eyes in a larger sphere (Ruck, 2021). On the other hand, this sort of interaction approach is also termed the display-focus or audience-apprehending model. This is due to the fact that it sees interaction from the viewpoint of catching the aural or visual focus of the users. Senior leaders engage with personnel much less frequently than leaders and so their effect on employee voice is oblique. The movements they undertake and the selections they enhance clear out down into company testimonies which might unfold in the whole of the organization. Those tales may be bad or nice. 

For instance, incredibly centralized selection-making combined with a loss of direct duration with personnel may additionally result in a ‘shared tale’ throughout the agency that worker reviews are not valued or taken into consideration whilst senior leaders make selections. Senior leaders need to, consequently, make certain that worker voice aspects are constructed into selection-making to the best degree, in order that company testimonies regarding the senior chief openness to guidelines are advantageous. 

Moreover, having a worker consultant on the board, for an instance, may want to assist unfold the proper testimonies, up to the time this placement is taken significantly. Motivating center managers to maintain interaction on casual listening extra than speaking and responding in methods that worker worries regarding becoming out of sphere are every method that corporations could undertake steps to cope with this problem. The concept of giving essential remarks could make personnel experience psychologically dangerous. That is described with the aid of a perceived excessive degree of danger to regions inclusive of nicely-being, societal status, and institution reputation. Confronted with this danger, it is simpler to live peacefully (Prouska et al., 2022). This is hard to triumph over, however, the appropriate information is that leaders could take steps on a couple of fronts. some forms of frame language which include crossed hands or protective posturing could make personnel experience psychologically dangerous. 

Being privy to the way they come upon is critical. As a substitute, enhancing it to clear the manner they may guard the worker inside the manner you depict their remarks upwards could enhance their experience more securely in their arms. They can additionally offer data on time-frames and subsequent steps. Consistency within the lengthy-time period is crucial right here and the greater they are able to generate personnel experience securely; the greater they may sense comfortable voicing their reviews in destiny. And the greater they may proactively provide remarks without being requested (Ruck, 2021). Accomplishing this transfer at scale is fundamental to generating worker voice as a section of the company’s subculture.

Training and development considerations in the business proposal to enhance both managers and employees’ understanding, roles and responsibilities

The training and development that are needed to be considered for increasing both employee's and managers' roles and responsibilities are skills to use new sorts of software and machines along with increasing their leadership capabilities that seem to increase their ability to undertake big responsibilities and roles. On the other hand, they are also needed to take learning courses about new systems and virtual technologies. Moreover, they are also needed to go through orientation training which seems to enhance proper space for the employees and managers to understand the major core values, vision, mission, and objectives of the company. This knowledge about the company would create a huge sense of commitment and sincerity among them about the organization, thereby making them aware of the big duties and roles that they should perform for the betterment of the company (Halawi and Haydar, 2018). On the other hand, another training that is to be considered for making employees and managers analyze the onboard training and technical training. This would additionally combine them with every software program and hardware that they may utilize. This application could last as long as it endures time to update applicable task capabilities and deal with every up-to-date that personnel wants updating to do their process properly. perhaps your personnel is already professional at accounting, writing quotations, writing content material, and others. however, there may be constantly room for development, in particular, if their task calls for particular technical competencies. consequently, many businesses have a price range to preserve and enhance their personnel's technical abilities. soft talents are additionally crucial for task boom (Sung and Choi, 2018). They should extensively segment tender abilities as a mixture of character trends, attitudes, and social behaviors. those abilities permit human beings to speak, collaborate, and control struggles successfully. 

Product schooling may be a section of their onboarding learning program or ongoing talent schooling. They could use it to teach themselves regarding the goods or offerings they constitute to make sure they make a great impact. Additionally, it maintains its present-day group of workers on innovative merchandise, offerings, or functions. They could both teach their personnel periodically with direct publications or utilize an LMS to enhance this manifest with a long way extra ease (Sartori et al., 2018). A few companies need personnel to have positive lawful responsibilities to carry out their tasks. For instance, the government wants loan advisers to frequently update their licenses and production employees to maintain unique protection certificates. Governments would regularly offer compliance schooling. Every so often this takes place in conventional face-to-face learning and development, and occasionally this occurs online. Examine greater regarding how an LMS can assist with compliance schooling. Keeping consistency may be pretty enough, particularly if the strategies and merchandise trade regularly. To maintain personnel updated, a unique schooling group from the headquarters could provide schooling on a website (Ellström and Ellström, 2018). Rather, headquarters up-to-date provide all of the statistics and documentation after which leave it updated to the branch managers. 


From the above study, it has been analyzed that to ensure better employee engagement there must be complete transparency from the managers' side in the sense that all the top-level decisions that had been taken by the owners and chief executive officer are being shared with them. This will make the employees very intensely involved in the decision-making process and will get the opportunities to express their views and innovative ideas that might help the organization in the long run. On the other hand, it has been observed that managers are also required to make the employees accountable for any sort of mistakes or changes that had been done by them in their tasks. This will further increase their concentration in resolving their mistakes and changes and focusing more on future tasks for avoiding the same faults again thereby, increasing their deepening involvement in the task force. This would also make the employees more responsible and disciplined in their work in future. 


It can be recommended that the HR managers are needed to look after the different modern tools and techniques that should be taught to the employees for making them more skillful and productive. On the other hand, they are also needed to provide an appraisal for improvement in the performance of employees in the form of awards, promotions, and salary hikes. Moreover, it can be suggested that the employees should undergo through on the job training which would help them in actually learning about the way work is to be performed on the production floor. It is also necessary for the employees to increase their voice by becoming more aware of the new events that are taking place in the company and thereby, analyzing whether they would be bad or good for the entire team (Helming et al., 2019). The HR managers must make frequent direct meetings with employees to have knowledge about the types of issues that are being faced by the employees in the workplace and thereby, resolve them.

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