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Stapleton Road Napier Road IKEA Assignment Sample

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Stapleton Road Napier Road IKEA Assignment Sample


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A reflective report is going to be established on it is at Stapleton road Napier road IKEA and M32 underpass. As per my understanding I shall briefly describe the several issues of local residents with their community council members (Hewitso et al. 2018). Residents were subsequently made aware of deliberate damage to numerous trees in the close proximity of this work, which is located directly adjacent to the 'M32 underpass'. We feel that unlawful activity was done to remove top branches & increase the billboard charts visibility from the highway. s. increasing challenge, increasing danger, lowering reward, lowering temptation, and eliminating excuses for perpetrators. Implementing a dilemma strategy will need rigorous examination of each sort of fly-tipping situation in order to determine which menu of viable preventative measures is worth attempting.

Issues highlight

Resident wants to develop their community with well decoration. After demanding Violence has been spread to several persons. I have followed several issues of this community. As per my understanding, Some residents are not clearing the rent or remuneration on time. After holding several meetings, no consciousness of residents have been followed (Bains et al. 2019). As per my understanding, this is the main use of violence. Understanding this situation, Community heads are planning for legal action. Offensive behavior & verbal abuses are creating a negative approach for this social community. Excessive use of alcohol on weekends has been increased in the last six month among the resident of this community system.

Work requirements and agreements

Waste management is one of the major emerging issues of nowadays. A community system is present in this residential site. Several misunderstandings have happened among residents on this site. Rumor as well as harassment issues are there as per my understanding. Interior design is one of the key issues (Kusch-Brandt et al. 2020) . Resident wants to develop their community with well decoration. After demanding Violence has been spread to several persons. I have followed several issues of this community.


In my opinion, the aim is considered for the proper management of the waste against fly tipping that is occurring in this particular site.


  • To control the fly tipping in a dynamic way.
  • To maintain socio economic structure.
  • To maintain a proper social structure.
  • To avoid social harassment in a proper systematic way.

Scope and remit for project

Waste management has an emerging scope in the social sector as well as the economic sector. As per my understanding socio economic structure can be maintained by the significant approach of waste management.

Partners or clients

This project is going to be established by the clients Joy hett, Danai Charalampidi, Jay Sincliar. They are trying to develop several residential project in proper and significant way. Interior decorator team is being engaged to develop these kinds of residential projects significantly. Several clients are present there (Zoualfaghari et al. 2021). As per my understanding, partners are trying to develop residential projects. Project management plays a key role to upgrade several kinds of residential as well as commercial project significantly.

Approaches adopted

In my opinion, several kinds of waste management adaptability have been taken by the government as well as the residential sector also. Several approaches have been taken in a proper significant manner (Kulkarni et al. 2021). Several NGOs as well as health centers are playing an effective role to control waste management.

Reasons and Methods

This is one of the beautiful under construction projects. Fly-tipping occurs when perceived advantages outweigh perceived costs, when gaps in treatment and transportation services encourage individuals having garbage to really get disposed of it, and when persons creating and disposing of the waste are unaware of their obligations or means of legitimately disposing of that as well. Proposed fly-tipping prevention measures fall into numerous categorie

Background research

Fly tipping has become a serious problem in the current environment where individuals as well as the institutional actors are involved with the illegal activity dumping wastages (Hewitson et al. 2018). In my opinion, efficiency and effectiveness in this project work required due to managing the increased wastages proper to minimize the environmental impacts. I have observed that, individuals, institutions, political dimensions are the main causes of increasing wastages and increasing environmental impacts. Organizations are involved with several essential activities where based on the environmental law, proper waste management is an essential task so that toxic substances can be minimized from the water and air and public health can be improved. Apart from that, individual actors of the society are also associated with not complying with environmental law and the commitment of green and they also dump daily wastes improperly. In this dimension, this study is associated with understanding the impact of Fly tipping in the environment, society, people and economy for minimizing this activity by different actors.

Meetings arrangements

This section is associated with evaluating the requirements of arranging the meetings with different stakeholders for meeting the project goal. In addition, based on the above issue, I can suggest that illegal dumping has become a major problem in the global environment where meetings are needed to arrange with some stakeholders such as suppliers, creditors, consultants and others for the development of effective infrastructure for managing the wastages effectively. Apart from that, meetings are required to be arranged with some NGOs related to conducting environmental and legal awareness campaigns and education so that behaviour of societal, individual as well as institutional actors can be changed to greater environmental as well as economic value. Therefore, arrangement of meetings with several stakeholders, institutional actors are required for meeting the desired project goals.

Waste management is one of the essential management systems to any society. There are several kinds of management techniques available to control waste in a dynamic way. This technique has a separate time table. A significance table has been followed to maintain a proper social structure uniformly.

Outputs and deals

Fly-tipping is common. There is unfortunately, more than one problem, which may be distinguished by location, persons, materials, and chances for both legal and criminal disposal. Different challenges necessitate various solutions. To draw them out, extensive and extensive examination is required.
Not everything is currently being conducted by municipal governments. Indeed, despite the advancement of Fly capture. It is not always practicable given the types of data collecting that are used. Local government policies & procedures might unwittingly generate chances and incentives for jump. Operating hours, computational modelling pertaining to, locations for, laws of, availability to, and fee patterns for giant building locations can be set in things that allow them more or less favourable to take flight by residents.

Reference List

Bains, M., Hongyi, Y. and Jialong, C., 2019, August. International policy perspectives on construction waste minimisation and recycling. In Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Waste and Resource Management (Vol. 172, No. 3, pp. 76-85). Thomas Telford Ltd.
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Reeve, S. and Eduljee, G., 2019. An Overview of Electronic Waste Management in the UK. Electronic Waste Management, 49, p.101.

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