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Object-oriented Project Analysis And Design Assignment Sample

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Object-oriented Project Analysis And Design Assignment Sample


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Create and manage a generic working domain for any student through the computer at Oryx college. A user should be able to organize the working space by a tree of topics corresponding to the activities in a recursive way. Each topic should have a name, a short description, and if needed a list of links to folders, files, or the web. A topic is either a terminal or a non-terminal. If the topic is not terminal then it should be related to other topics. Any terminal or non-terminal topic should be related to its parent and possibly horizontally to other topics in the network of topics in a symmetric way.
In this research A system has been implemented for the students of Oryx college and the system will be implemented using Java and MySQL. For implementing this system different kinds of diagrams and design has been made so that the system implementation can be visually understandable for the developers. From the several journals and articles, the literature review about the system has been analysed for the sake of the implementation of this student working system.

Technology has developed throughout the passage of age. Because of the advantages of computerized systems, the procedure is currently conducted through automating techniques, which lessen human influences on performance. Present days, there is a demand for automatic managing systems for schools and universities which must transition from mechanical methods to remote computing systems. The usage of databases as well as applications inside the system of education for pupils is changing as a result of technological advances that enable them to centralize their records and assessments.
Everything in the twenty-first century revolves on innovation. Today's schools and education have also evolved. Basic universities, like universities as well as senior schools, should get their unique administration structure. However, the existing primary student working system is described as an outdated generational administrative solution that could meet the needs of the users.
Student Working System is a web application program utilized in education to handle students' knowledge and documents. This technology is intended for use in elementary schools to assist administration as well as instructors with student information. Instructors, Learners, plus Parental Account, Graduate Examination Scores, Comments Response, plus Notifications were the 4 elements that comprise the Students Working System. Instructors could utilize this platform to enroll registration of students as well as manage parental as well as pupil profiles. Instructors could examine individuals' outcomes using graphing style to learn about individual achievement. In addition, instructors could email students' achievement to families via Quick Messaging Communication. Families may use the platform as well as check their people's assessment scores as well as graphs to learn about overall achievement. Such technology additionally serves as a forum for communications between families as well as instructors. As a result, administration, instructors, including students may all profit from adopting this approach.

Project Proposal

The proposal of the system is to create and manage a generic working domain for any student through the computer at Oryx college. A user should be able to organize the working space by a tree of topics corresponding to the activities in a recursive way. Each topic should have a name, a short description, and if needed a list of links to folders, files or the web. A topic is either a terminal or a non-terminal. If the topic is not terminal then it should be related to other topics. Any terminal or non-terminal topic should be related to its parent and possibly horizontally to other topics in the network of topics in a symmetric way. By using the generic built structure, the system should be illustrated and used for student work organization, whose goal is to minimize the browsing time used by the student to manage the documents, by adding, removing, reading, any target topic. The design of a system to help manage all the functionalities that should help students to organize their working space.
The goal of this System is to enable any institution's admin to modify as well as figure out any student's details whilst still allowing the students to maintain their profile updated and also inserting and deleting the files, documents regarding any study materials. It will also make it easier to preserve the data of pupils, including their "ID", name, postal addresses, mobile numbers, "DOB", and etc. As a result, all data on a pupil would be accessible within a matter of minutes. Ultimately, it will enable the student working system to be easy for this institution's administration and students. The primary goal of such a "SRS" documentation would be to explain the initiative Student Working System needs and to assist any institution in maintaining and managing its pupils' personal details.

Aim and Objectives

The main aim of making such a system of student's working system is to help students and also teachers for finding right documents or files at any time so that the browsing time can be reduced. (NWOKE, and CHILAKA, 2019) The objectives of implementing this system are:

  • To develop a system where students can manage a generic working domain.\
  • To develop a system a user should be able to organize the working space by a tree of topics corresponding to the activities in a recursive way.
  • To implement a system which can minimize the browsing time used by the student to manage the documents.
  • To create a platform where students can add, remove, and read any target topic or documents or file so that they can easily find it whenever needed.

Literature Review

According to Reddy and Rathna (2020), Academic administration technology provides a method for managing various types of processes of teachers’ performance such as attendance in classroom, transportation monitoring, foodstuff choices in hostellers, interlibrary loan accessibility electronically, campus announcements and activities. Effective organizations as well as colleges commence by fresher engagement and ensuring they would update the essential requirements. In this research, an intelligent school administration solution is properly designed and functions smoothly since it is founded over an electronic information technology named Firebase. Together with existing typical administrative technologies, the suggested method would enable a quicker, less expensive, more more accessible solution for virtual individual full administration including report generation. Regarding participation, conventional organizations rely on administrative activity such as registers and recording notebooks. The entire session's participation was recorded using usually a registers or a scorecard, then at the conclusion of the semester, statistics were prepared. Printed pages necessitate a bunch of documentation as well as are extremely intensive. There is no established mechanism in place where individuals may monitor as well as evaluate their own development. Organizations are unable to give learners with critical knowledge inside the event of a catastrophe. This software is being designed to answer most basic concerns of university scholars; it could manage general issues experienced by either daytime scholar and dormitory schoolchildren such as participation, meals, bus tracking, library resources, among university announcements. In an inclusive ecosystem, guarantee information reliability as well as confidentiality.

According to Bharamagoudar (2018), SIMS (Students Information Management System) is a simple platform for maintaining identification of students. It may be employed by instructional establishments or universities to conveniently keep individual information. The production but also administration of reliable, up-to-date documentation about a patient's educational experience was vital within both universities as well as institutions. Students’ management systems handle all types of student knowledge, academic evaluations, institution knowledge, class schedules, curricula, batching relevant data, assignment knowledge, as well as various relevant knowledge. This maintains everything of a student's information from moment beginning to the completion of the program, which may be employed for various analytical purposes, such as monitoring participation, advancement in the duration, accomplished midterms, seasons, approaching academic year curricular information, and test statistics, Any projects or homework data, as well as ultimate test results, would be accessible via a protected, interactive homepage incorporated in the university's website. It would also include teacher information, batches implementation information, student information in all areas, including numerous educational announcements to employees including learners that have been maintained by the university management. It also allows us to learn about all of the events that are taking place at the campus. Various statistics including inquiries may be created depending on a wide range of choices pertaining to individuals, batches, courses, teachers, examinations, vacations, accreditation, as well as the general institution.
According to Palmer (2020), One unresolved issue is that the descriptions of professional web page components frequently coincide. Numerous investigations, for instance, assessed webpage organization based on how effectively it includes organizational process, coherent and organizational framework, methodical content presentation and classification, relevant headers, and labeling, including buzzwords. Nevertheless, these characteristics were equally important in navigational engineering. Furthermore, the consequences of utilizing separate symbols and symbols extend transcend pictorial representations. Logos and symbols could also act as both graphical assistance during navigational as well as generate the distinct private label for such a company (objective). Further research is required to establish separate and quantitative metrics to analyze these features and their effects on consumer involvement.


This initiative might be utilized to create a personalized online purchasing site in the future, or it can be leased to such a firm engaged in goods trade. The software comprises a front-end interface for clients as well as the back-end administrative structure that executives utilize to operate the site within the background (Kalinga, and Ambakisye, 2018). The program's platform is Eclipse as the programming language has been using Java, which is utilized to ease application creation, administration, and updating. The underlying process utilizes "Microsoft SQL Server" as the database and is developed in the "object-oriented" programming language.
This essential aspect of the system architecture includes the architecture and functioning of the technology. Inside the picture, the organization is plainly visible. Every fundamental component is investigated in the attempt that creates basic groundwork towards subsequent development but also execution (Faisal et al. 2018). This technology was separated between two portions based upon this functionality necessity: a marketing component but also an administrative element. Users take advantage of the browsing component. The proposed system will be developed with the help of Java language.


  • Java
  • Mysql


Sun Microsystems created the Java computing languages, which has been begun by James Gosling initially introduced in 1995 as a fundamental feature of Sun Microsystems' Java ecosystem. Java SE 8 seems to be the most recent version of this same Jdk Standardized Version. With the growth of Java as well as its broad adoption, a variety of variants was created to accommodate different sorts of systems. J2EE, for instance, can be used for corporate programs, whereas J2ME is used for mobile apps (Christou et al. 2021). The updated J2 editions are dubbed Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME, in that order. Java is supposed to become a "Write Once, Run Anywhere" language.
Object Oriented: Anything in Java is indeed an Object. Because it is built on the Object paradigm, Java could be readily expanded.
Platforms Impartial: Despite most alternative computer scripting, such C or C++, whenever Java was built, it is converted generating operating system java byte - code instead of environment particular annotated script. This binary coding is delivered through the internet as well as is translated more by Runtime Environment (JVM) on the system on wherein code was executed.
Java represents Microsoft's replacement, however, this is designed to be greater sophisticated than This may be utilized to create customizable web pages and web-dependent distributed applications, reply to input supplied by users via java, retrieve data or databases, and then deliver the findings to the client. Java provides an application runtime supplied by the.NET System which contains an object-oriented computing style as well as an occurrence, influence framework which promotes program containment and reusing. When developing Java apps, developers get accessibility to Foundation components. Java is built upon its foundation, which is separated into a big array of operational elements totaling over 10,000 classes.


The Structured Query Languages (SQL) seems to be the relational technology. SQL were, remains, and would be the administrative syntax used network engine administrators including such IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase Analytic Client, plus hundreds of us for the coming years. SQL provides a modest though comprehensive collection of instructions for accessing, maintaining, and safeguarding information within a database. Such ability has culminated inside its enormous recognition. SQL or a variation of the languages is supported by nearly each single MySQL dataset. SQL packages were generally accessible for each type of desktop, from such a smaller portable processor to a huge server, especially for each operational environment, including Microsoft Windows, Mac, as well as several UNIX variants.
A database comprises any organized compilation of information that's also utilized because of a company's current software packages but is maintained by a database architecture. Consider a repository to be a compilation of databases that is linked to one another for the purposes of such a training. The Universities of Oxford's IT Development Programmes provides a curriculum regarding database structure. This coursework is required before taking this program.


Inside that domain of computers, "Eclipse" is an interactive developmental environment (IDE) for creating java programs as well as additional implementation programmes including things like "C/C++, "Python", "PERL", "Ruby", and so on. The "Eclipse" framework, which serves as the backbone of such Eclipse IDE, is made up of modules as well as is intended to be extendable through the use of a new connector. The Eclipse framework, which was created throughout Java, could be used to create rich consumer software, interconnected advancement environmental conditions, as well as creative types techniques. Eclipse may be utilized as an IDE for every computer programme that has a plug-in. This same Java Development Techniques (JDT) proposal includes offers a plug-in which enables Eclipse to be utilized for a Java IDE, PyDev seems to be a module which enables Eclipse to be utilized as a Scripting language IDE, C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) is indeed better connector which enables Javascript can be utilized as a Programming language to establish C/C++ implementations, this same Eclipse Scala connector permits Javascript to be utilized as an IDE to establish Scala software, as well as PHP eclipse is also a language.

Design and Diagrams

One goal of this section should be to turn that context diagram produced preceding section's project planning onto a practical representation resembling its intended machine. Several topics including computer organization and information architecture were discussed in detail. This essentially implies that "when must achieve it" conclusions from the preceding section's demand evaluation were utilized to establish "when it is why to choose."

Use case Diagram

A "use case diagram"" is a graphical depiction of ways the users could interact using a program. A "use case diagram" displays the program's many use scenarios including user types. The use scenarios have been represented by circles and ellipses. When developing the student working System use scenario, users must first define the potential characteristics in order to evaluate the platform's flow. Following that, one may design the layout or backbone of the framework 's functionality.

Activity Diagram

Among the most significant uml diagrams that explains the flow of activity inside a framework defines the "activity diagram" (Utami et al. 2018). An "activity diagram" is essentially a flowchart that depicts the relationship among one system of activity and another before beginning to draw.
Below mentioned Activity and state diagram describes the working flow of the student’s working system. Student need to log in first in the system then the list of requirements options will be appeared. If student find the required file then the file already been saved into the system if the file not found then the file needed to be inserted or updated into the system through the admin or by the student.

UML Class diagram

Student working system Class diagram represents a design that depicts the platform's linkages and also classes. Such a "UML Class Diagram" was created to assist developers in the implementation of the Student Management working System (Nazeer, 2018). It includes the class characteristics, functions, and connections among classes. Those elements ensure that the student working system implementation is in accordance with whatever its responsibilities ought to be.

Sequence Diagram

The student working system sequence diagram depicts the student’s management operations through the use of "actors, objects, and also messages". That graphic provides suggestions and guidance on how to construct this system application or the students. These concepts were implemented into a "UML sequence diagram" to improve the effectiveness of the "Student Working System" implementation.

Admin need to login to the system to manage the whole student management process. After the successful login admin can check the details of users, can handle their records, id, passwords etc. Also, admin can check the file’s validity, availability along with upload or remove the files or document.


The software application will be able to fulfill the purpose of reducing the browser time of students. With this system students can find any file, documents related to their study. The system has been implemented only for file and documents related matters. Students also can upload, delete any documents or file. But this system could be upgraded with a few extra features in future. Students could also be able to check and upload their assignments or grades. Research might also desire to increase the level of the assessment arrangements in terms of future descriptions and investigations. There are many characteristics of composing news that must be shown in describing the most frequent method of recognizing or administering both the assessments and existing examinations. This could include both broad classes within the subject & specific regions. The majority of the time, brand growth necessitates legitimate consideration (Morsy et al. 2021). As a result of this significant discussion, everything and every feature of this technology has been cited and defined in the Review Of the literature to reassess the risk-taking approach and reconsider any assets. The investigation gap might be portrayed as a move that will necessitate a strategy of exhibiting public exploration portions. The experts continue to disseminate material, which necessitates the development of their primary plan of investigation and the completion of the exploration tactics. To fulfill the requirement of logical investigation, the exploration plan should incorporate consideration of the designated end.


This study contributes to the automation of the current physical system. It is a digital project. It is constantly monitorable and controllable. It decreases the amount of labor necessary. It constantly delivers correct facts. Browsing time could be minimized. All of the material obtained throughout the decades may be preserved and retrieved anywhere at time. The material saved inside the storage assists administrators in making informed choices. As a result, a Web-Based student working system is preferable. All users, teachers, and executives may obtain the necessary materials quickly. This function is crucial at universities, hotels, and institutions. When it comes to participation, traditional institutions rely on administrative tools like registers and recording notebooks. The whole session's participation was normally documented using registers or a scorecard, and statistics were compiled at the end of the semester. In this research A system has been implemented for the students of Oryx college and the system will be implemented using java and mysql. For implementing this system different kinds of diagrams and design has been made so that the system implementation can be visually understandable for the developers. From the several journals and articles the literature review about the system has been analyzed for the sake of the implementation of this student working system. Many other critical style characteristics, such as stainability, accessibility, including appearance, were comparable to accessibility such as they still have not been properly established.

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