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Report 2 - Health And Safety Management Assignment Sample

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Report 2 - Health And Safety Management Assignment Sample


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Health and Safety Management system is a process that deals with different types of policies, procedures, as well as plans that are effective to maintain the health and safety of employees. It is effective to minimise the risk of injuries within the workplace. The overall performance of staff members, as well as companies, are being maintained through this system. This study tries to identify several kinds of systematic processes that are effective to improve health and safety management systems within any organization. The effect of this management system on firms, challenges, and so on tries to identify through this literature review. Theoretical aspects related to the management system tries to illustrate through this study. 


The concept of health and safety management

Effective health and safety management is helpful to establish and maintain a culture and safety of the firm. The attitude and behaviour of management and workers are being maintained through this management system. According to Almost et al. (2018), occupational health and safety management system are effective to avoid organizational injuries among staff members. Health workers are also facing issues due to changes in health and safety measurements within this country. Within Ontario, the health care sector is also to conduct investment in this sector approx $2.5 billion (Almost et al. 2018). The leading interventions among individuals are being specified through this management system to improve the performance of the company. Several kinds of elements are included within this system including senior management commitment, continuous development, communication, competence, employee involvement and so on. All these elements can help companies to improve their services as well as market performances. 

On the other hand, Swallow and Zulu (2019), shed light on the implementation processes of health and safety programs within any firm. The changes in organizational culture are effective to modify the services of the company over time. This management system deals with the legal structure of the firm as well as its requirements related to services and products. A structured risk assessment process is being maintained through this study. The managemental processes related to practices are being modified based on this safety policy that can help individuals to fulfil the requirements of their customers. The Health and Welfare acts are effective to provide guidance for this firm to provide guidance for firms to improve their services (hsa.ie, 2022). Workplace safety is effective to improve the level of productivity of staff members as well as the company. An effective communication system is also effective to improve the performance of health and safety measurements within firms. This can able to minimize the risk of managemental processes within the workplace. 

Effect of health and safety management within organizations

Occupational health, safety, and well-being are an integral part of the organization to continue services over time. This system deals with different types of mechanisms to transfer information related to organizational risk factors. The formal and informal governance mechanisms for projects are effective to modify the services of staff members of different business firms (Smyth et al. 2019). Health and safety management contributes to the effort of employees by maintaining a basic standard of any organization. This can help them to avoid hefty fines as well as compliance-related with health and safety measurements. The health and safety regulations are associated with low quality of inspection, worker issues, fines for non-compliance, and so on. 

Implementation of health and safety in the workplace helps organizations minimize potential risks and identification of hazards within the firm. The organizational environment is improved through this system which is effective to maintain the cost structure of any company. The issues related to safety failure are being specified through this process. According to Walters and Wadsworth (2020), the health and safety measurements within an organization is effective to manage the emerging issues of workers' safety. The consultation process with staff members is important to minimize the risk of organizational operations in a proper way. The labour relations, economic as well as socio-political contexts are effective to conduct risk assessments over time to earn more profits from a competitive market.

Organizational psychology is also playing an important role to modify their services by providing safety for workers. This is helpful for organizations to improve their future of work as well as organizational structure. According to Rudolph et al. (2021), health and safety management is effective to provide support for their staff members to organizational performances. This is effective to secure their services as well as position within a competitive market. 

Challenges related to health and safety system 

Different kinds of challenges are being specified by individuals that are effective to minimize the risk of failure within a competitive marketplace. The workplace incidents and hazards are being identified through this process (Ellahham et al. 2020). On the other hand, proactive risk assessment processes are being specified based on this managemental system. Health care issues, as well as pitfalls within the workplace, are creating an effect on the performance of this company over time. The application of artificial intelligence is also creating an effect on the implication process of health and safety management (Dahl and Starren, 2019). The reduction of significant issues is creating an effect on the behavioural aspect of safety inspections. The sustainable solutions to problems are not able to identify through this system to improve the rate of productivity of the organization. The environmental health and safety sectors also face issues related to their expected trends within a competitive market (Thibaud et al. 2018). The social, economic, and political crises are also considered challenges to the health and safety department of the company. According to Kislyakov et al. (2018), organizational diversities are also creating an effect on the performance of health and safety management within organizations to modify their services. Cultural health, as well as safety factors, are being improved through communicating with staff members. This can help them to identify their mistakes over time that are effective to improve organizational performance within the competitive market. Social learning processes within a firm are also affected due to a lack of health and safety management systems. 

Processes to mitigate health and safety issues in the organisation

Maintaining health and safety in organisations is really crucial because it plays a key role to resist any kind of injuries in the workplace. The employers and the business owners are responsible to implement the processes in order to mitigate the issues regarding health and safety in the organisations. Some effective processes for the mitigation of health and safety issues in the organisations have been described in the following. 

Creating a plan

The organisation is supposed to make a plan in order to improve the health and safety departments. This plan will help the organisations to identify the actual areas of health issues and reduce those issues (Niciejewska and Kiriliuk, 2020). Moreover, the organisation has to assure that all the employees can access the safety plan. This safety plan will include the availability of cleaning products, first aid equipment and all necessary medicines in the workplace. 

Inspecting the workplace

Higher authorities of the organisations have to take initiative to inspect the workplace on a regular basis. They have to take care of all equipment and tools so that they remain well maintained. Employees have to be aware of the location of the fire in the workplace (Charles Rajesh Kumar et al. 2021). 

Conducting training for the employees

Employees need proper training and they need to know about the existence of all potential risks in this sector. They need to maintain a safe work process and write notes if there is any health and safety risk in any job (Lestari et al. 2020). In this regard, the organisations need to conduct special training so that their employees can adopt all the risk mitigation strategies efficiently. 

Investigating the accidents

Organisations need to take authentic steps to find out the actual reason behind the accidents if they occur in the workplace. It will help the organisation to understand the root cause and remove that easily (Niciejewska and Kiriliuk, 2020). 

Discussing the facts 

 All the employees are supposed to discuss the innovative methods of mitigation strategies for health and safety issues and it will make them more aware of these. They also need to attend some first aid training to make them more efficient to mitigate the basic issues in health and safety (Klimecka-Tatar and Matev�, 2020). 

Maintaining records

Keeping records of all the treatment and mitigation strategies like incident investigation, and inspection is needed to make those better. It helps to obtain the unsafe situations and trends of risks. The organisation is supposed to maintain a health and safety logbook and particular health and safety tab on the official websites (Umeokafor et al. 2020). 

Theoretical aspects related to health and safety management

The Domino Theory

The “Domino theory” has been made by Heinrich and this theory states that a series of sequential incidents are responsible for the accidents in the workplace. According to this theory, there are many incidents that are like unsafe conditions and generate the fundamental reasons for accidents (Akinlolu et al. 2020). Responsible dominos or the factors are "social environment and ancestry”, “fault of the person”, “unsafe acts” that play an active role to make accidents happen in the workplace. “Social environment and ancestry” include stubbornness, recklessness, carelessness and some other undesirable personality traits of the employees (Abdullah et al. 2022). “Fault of the person” includes bad temper, ignorance, and lack of knowledge of the employee that increases the probability of the accidents. Moreover, “unsafe acts' ' are machinery faults and a lack of proper equipment that can accelerate the intensity of the accidents. Organisations need to avoid all these dominoes because one domino influences the other one and makes accidents happen in the workplace.

The Health Belief Model

The “Health Belief Model" is a scientific tool that helps to obtain particular behaviours of the care users. As per this model. The willingness of the people can help them to change their behaviours that are essential for health and safety. Some specific barriers create challenges in the management of health and safety. These barriers include the number of errors, expenses, social consequences, discomfort and other dangers. Mainly these are not the physical barriers, but the social barriers (Daragmeh et al. 2021). The organisations need to take proper initiatives to remove the barrier. According to this theory, this initiative will help the employees to enhance their willingness and they will also get motivated to reduce the social changes. Ultimately this will be helpful for the organisations and health and safety management of the workplace. 

Literature gap

This research has been conducted on the basis of the accumulation of articles and journals that are driven by authentic sources. These articles and journals have been used as secondary data and the research has been executed as per the qualitative analysis of these articles and journals. In this regard, it needs to be stated that all the authentic journals and articles could not be collected as those were paid and this is the financial constraint of this research (Al-Kelan and Raja Hussin, 2020). This research has been done on the basis of only articles and journals that were easily available. It has created a literature gap in this research about health and safety management. This has provided theoretical aspects on this ground but it has lacked the practical implementation of the application of it in reality because of the absence of primary data. 


Therefore it can be stated in the interpretation that this study has shed light on the health and safety management of the organisations. It has described the basic concept of health and safety management. It indicates a group of policies and practices that are applied to make plans and procedures to reduce the risks and injuries in the workplace. Impacts of health and safety management in the organisation have been evaluated in this study in a well-organised way. It helps to reduce risk, cost, accidents and the turnover rate of the employees in the organisations. Apart from that, there are several challenges in managing health and safety in the workplace that has been elaborated on in current research. Processes of health and safety management have been explained with the application of relevant theories and models. 

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