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Report On Pre Construction Cost Estimation Assignment Sample

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Report On Pre Construction Cost Estimation Assignment Sample

Introduction: Report On Pre Construction Cost Estimation

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The project of office building construction in Manchester has an impact on implementation and project management. However, the cost per unit area of office building construction develops the model with the advanced technology of BIM. This technology improves the performance of office building, design methods and Infrastructure. BIM methods enhanced in the productivity of engineering and architecture. This technology enables us to utilize and perform the automatic extraction to improve the process of accuracy and efficiency. The concept of cost estimation serves a criteria of economic validity and forms a basic informatics during the process of building construction in Manchester. The characteristics of this pre construction estimation indicate the design formation and provide accurate judgment. This office building is developed by the model of cost estimation method and integrates the process of cost estimation and design. The planners developed this Manchester office building by the process of BIM technology and cost estimation method.

Discussion and analysis

Economic condition in UK

The economic condition of the UK grew 0.2% and improved the contraction 0.1% to measure the prices. The inflation of UK is very high and increases the strong demand from the consumers. The economy of the UK slows down due to this high inflation. So that the prices of elements of the construction of a building is high (Durdyev et al.2020). The construction of the office building sector in Manchester represents the significant sources in waste generations.

Figure 1: Economic conditions in Manchester, UK

Economic conditions in Manchester, UK

This sector contributes to the emission of greenhouse gas. This type of construction represents the intervention of the circular economy. The sector of this office building demonstrates classification of the solutions of the circular economy and mitigating the changes of climate. The sector of this office building construction is in a good position due to the opportunities of the global market. To build this sector they are using the method of BIM technology and cost estimation method.

Cost Management Techniques with BIM Technology

Compare different cost management techniques

BIM Technology collects the information from all phases. It gives opportunities to create accurate estimates. The department of cost estimator also used the BIM technology to get accurate estimation. This advanced technology allows accurate estimates in all stages. This technology estimates the whole prices and specifies the amount of this office building sector. 

Figure 2: Methods and techniques of costing

Methods and techniques of costing

Impact of BIM technology

BIM is very essential in the process of construction because it is holistic and improves the enable design, engineering teams, construction and digital technologies. BIM can analyze the environment issues, and can minimize the issues by this technology. This technology also can improve the project life cycle.

Cost implications of design selection and decisions

Cost is a very important criteria in decision making. Now-a-days during the process of building construction BIM technology is used. The adoption of BIM maintains a balance among the management of projects. Through the implementation and adoption of BIM increase the benefits regarding quality, time and costs (Luong et al.2021). To achieve the right balances between the factors of construction projects, develop the sector of this office building. The current study of the cost management construction process identifies the benefits and potential barriers. This study analyzes the construction organization to improve the construction project with the advanced technology such as BIM. The implications of this research identify the effective recommendations in the office building construction sector which is located in Manchester. The implementation of BIM germinates the development stage to provide the BIm services. BIM technology facilitates the assessment of work processes and construction materials. It is an accurate tool to reduce the discrepancies.

New rules of measurement

Construction cost estimates are the important aspects in the process of design. The process of this estimating develops the measurement rules to improve the accuracy. The aim of these rules is exploring the method of development of cost estimation. This methodology is based on ontology engineering. This office building uses a new strategy that is BIM technology. That requires a 33% reduction in the construction cost, and the 50% in delivery time(Wang et al February). BIM is very used in the process of cost estimation. The software of cost estimation contains a standard measurement which is very helpful in the process of estimating the cost. The current of this study investigates the development of NRM (new rules of Measurement) in the UK construction Industry. The process of current cost estimation contains packages to perform in the activities of cost estimation. The development of these new rules which is based on ontology achieve the BIM based estimation and develop the work process. 

Bidding strategies

Bidding strategies are used in multiple businesses, it contains three standards such as cooperate, functional and business. The strategy of bidding is the ambition for most contractors. Construction contracts contributed the methods and solution through the bidding strategy. This strategy focuses on optimum tender prices (Wu et al. 2020). The questionnaire survey is collecting the data to investigate the effectiveness and frequency through the bidding strategy. The adoption of low bid strategy offers lower prices than other competitors and increases the chance of winning the tender. Some complex technologies take advantage of these strategies to meet with the client requirements. In the environment changing contractors consider diverse strengths in the method of project management to clear the client requirements. To identify the competitive strategy the structure of the construction market concentrates on this office building construction sector. The strategy of low-bid cannot help to find new opportunities. Bidding strategy is the process of decision making to increase the profit in the construction Uk Industry.  

Cost estimation of pre-construction and calculations method

Figure 3: Calculation of site cleaning and pre construction

Calculation of site cleaning and pre construction

Excavation and site cleaning is used in pre-construction of a building. It helps to construct a foundation. The excavators use various equipment and tools at a construction site. It is possessing the skills to operate machinery. It helps to create a complex landscape. The work of excavation comprises the water line to establish the water system. 

Figure 4: Calculation of Sand filling and PCC

Calculation of Sand filling and PCC

Foundation work is the most important part in the process of construction where the sand filing and PCC play a vital role in this foundation construction. If the soil of foundation has more silt and clay with river and water, so the sand provides uniformity, this is the advantage of sand filling especially for PCC.

Figure 5: Footing and footing shuttering

Footing and footing shuttering

Footing and footing shuttering give strength in the foundation process. Without these the foundation cannot be completed. They transmit the load from ground to the upper building whereas the column and beam also give strength. But the footing and footing shuttering give strength initially. They are made of concrete with rubber reinforcement.

Identification of issues during the process of cost estimating

Before starting the actual estimate the contractors and clients involved in some agreement to set up the estimate. During the process of cost estimation some issues are formed such as quantifying the cost impaction, Resource the constraints, consistency, etc. Cost estimation is the forecasting process where the financial resources need to complete a project within a certain budget. Sometimes the requirements of clients are very demanding but they cannot pay the money according to their requirements (Liu et al.2021). For these reasons a chaos is formed between the contractor and clients. The cost estimation of this office building set an accurate budget according to their requirements. The contractor of this office building uses the technique of the cost estimation and BIM technology to visualize the execution of a building. The process of this estimation achieves the goals to collect the quality products. The purpose of this cost estimation is detailing the level to receive the good quality products.

overcome the critical issues during the process of cost estimating

To overcome the issues, an engineer needs to reduce the cost by 20% through the modifications of design. The estimators of this office building analyze the cost impact to approaches the new product that are intangible. The estimation of a cost constrains the quantity and quality estimator data that are obtained for the original sources. The data estimator provides statistical estimates. Collection of data involves different organizations and data sources. These data sources are used to analyze the agreements (Parsamehr et al. 2022). To improve the critical issues perform a work breakdown structure, create appropriate management, and identify the actual expenses. To complete this office building project successfully identify the report and estimation. A successful project management ensures that the project will stay on their budget. They are managing all the requirements as per client. Most industries are using the BIM technology for the cost estimation. The department of cost estimation analyzes the estimates as per the clients.


The estimation cost production can determine the selling price. Project managers manage the cost estimation and with the help of BIM technology the managers can identify the critical issues and manage the issues properly. Before any construction the estimation is very important to get an idea of cost. This management process analyzes the market price which is very necessary for the construction of this office building that is located in Manchester, UK.

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