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Report On Personal Developments Assignment Sample

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Report On Personal Developments Assignment Sample


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A personal and professional Development Plan helps to make continuous development in the profession of an individual. It is a continuous process of making changes in a career of a person so that they can understand the journey of challenges along with the learning. Further, the report includes a description of the role of career development planning and its importance in the life of an individual (Lejeune, Beausaert, and Raemdonck, 2021). In addition to this, the personal development plan including short-term medium-term, and long-term goals. Also include some objectives regarding the professional development planning for understanding the purpose of creating the aspect of the report.It will provide a detailed analysis of different perspectives about the personal and professional development planning.

Describe and discuss the role of personal development planning

A Personal Development Plan is an account of self-evaluation and improvement that acts as an action plan for attaining academic, personal, or professional objectives. The personal development planning provides me a clear vision about where I want to be and want to do. Further, there is a very important role of personal development planning in my opinion.

Role of Personal development planning

A good personal development plan will help you to understand yourself better and it also helps you to identify your strengths as well as weaknesses. It is about taking responsibility for your success in life by making decisions that will help you reach your goals. This process can also be used as a tool for self-evaluation and improvement (Shaheen, and Hameed, 2020). It can also help in finding out what kind of person you are and how you should behave towards others. It is important to make sure the different types of skills for me to target on the specific purpose which is based on the vision of my career. I need to have an idea about the detailing of work that is required for my growth so it is crucial to have some planning on my area of development.

The planning helps me to assess my short-term and long terms goals that require some skills for future development. It is related to the different types of development requirements for an individual as well as a group. Further, there are various domains of an individual for working on the personal development plan and creating the value for defining the system. It is a continuous process for the development which is carried on my own for work-life balance. Further, it is a type of scale as well as information for enhancing the advancement in the career. It also increases the process of my carrier position and individual requirements must be in the process of continuous learning activities (Bukharina, 2018). This is my level of personal development skills searches speaking quality, enhancement in personality which is highly beneficial for my career and it also helps me to get more opportunities for professional development. In addition to this personal and professional skills are hard to maintain the continuous process so that it can equally level up my growth and development. In terms of a broader perspective, development planning includes some level of educational training and enhancing skills with career-related activities for the growth of my perception. However, there are certain examples regarding some professional development like managing legal information along with its training and accounting information that helps me to gain knowledge about different subjects so that I can face challenges easily in my career opportunities. Training helps to enhance my skills professionally so the learning consultation coaching provides me a better area for completing my level of knowledge (Gee, Schulte, and Matsumoto, 2019).

Personal Development Plan

The personal development plan mainly includes some objectives like short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals for achieving in terms of personal and professional development. It helps me to encourage accomplishing the goals for the future. It enhances my knowledge towards developing different skills like analytical, communication as well as interpersona

This personal development plan shows my short-term goals and long-term goals as well as medium-term goals where I need to bridge the gap between my status and where I want to be in the future. This helps me to achieve the targets with an end goal thal also improves my dimension of taking things in a way so that I can positively accomplish those goals. The short-term goal are table as it helps me to identify some next steps for heading towards the different dimensions in the career so that some of the strategies like analytical skills as well as creative thinking and helpful for me to the knowledge and get success in my career. It is highly impactful to get some short-term and long-term goals for a specific reason. It takes some time by taking some small steps and changes in the activities will help achieve those targets. It also mitigates some knowledge regarding the new terms of activities, and I did many research on the area of development so that I can manage to enhance my productivity and achieve those targets (Özer, Can, and Duran, 2020). Further, some good habits help me to develop my knowledge as well as competitively increase my skills. The capability of achieving targets is one of the major positive thinking about me to achieve goals by putting efforts to improve interaction skills so that it will be easier need to get communicate with people and get knowledge from them. Certain analytical skills must be improved for the development of activities like brainstorming and interpretation of some level of task that helps me to make decisions for future (Ying., 2022).

Aims and Objectives for professional development

The personal development plan consists of different things for improving my skills along with strengths and weaknesses. We create a personal development plan for analyzing some opportunities which need to be improved for the future aspect of a career and develop specific skills. The plan is related to concentrating on the appropriate opportunity with some aspect of developing the career at right time (Takei, and et.al., 2020). The goals of professional development can be made with the help of personal development planning that shows some desired goals for own growth. It will help me to focus on my growth in my professional area so that I can make some changes in my work and develop as a good human being. However, a personal development plan helps me to provide a clear vision for undertaking professional development and accomplishing the goals in my career. Some of the important things like strength and weakness in the personal area of experience help me to correct my professional career activities. Further, it gives me a structure of skills for completing some goals with advances for improving my level of understanding and my career. The priority based on work in each skill it's to be developed as per the requirement of the career (Hogarth, 2021).

Skills are tools and practices used in a workplace to facilitate smooth interactions and connections. In seeking out leadership opportunities, I could develop my leadership skills and show others that I am committed to improving myself. Try to put some of my leadership skills into practice with my manager. The benefits of expanding my professional network includes exposure to new ideas, building my profile, keeping informed of job opportunities, and providing myself with the opportunity to learn continuously. It is important to be specific when setting communication goals for work. Having vague or ambiguous goals doesn't provide direction, is hard to measure, and doesn't lead to success. By setting and achieving communication goals, I can improve my communication skills, productivity, and relationships (De Jesus, and et.al., 2021). By communicating accurately and effectively, a business can implement strategies, meet targets, and grow towards its objectives. Creating and enhancing relationships with employees and customers is the goal of effective business communication. The sender and organization should appear trustworthy and positive to the receiver. I need to consider communication skills as a major part of professional development for better growth in business activities. It deals with the aspect of considering the changes in my behavior after communicating with others. It enhances my interpersonal skills and managing the aspect of changes in the behavior of people.

In addition to this, the objective regarding professional development also includes improving my interpersonal skills as it helps to solve the problem at the workplace with better understanding. It's important to talk to and listen to others, you never know which idea can find its footing in your work. You do the same things in your everyday life as you do at work. I need to make some planning and stay on that for improving my performance and developing my career growth for a better future. You do the same things in your everyday life as you do at work. However, in my opinion, the management of work plays an important role to enhance my skills and considering it one of the most significant tools for development. Responsibility and accountability are two of the most vital interpersonal skills (Dieppe, 2018). Having both social and cultural awareness is the best characteristic of an intelligent worker. I can boost my interpersonal skills by being more appreciative of the people around me. It will be helpful for me to get the high level of confidence in my work and provide various opinions for the future perspective.


From this study, it can be concluded that the personal development plan is considered a continuous growth for my profession. It enhances my skills with a regular process through which I can and hence evaluate my positive as well as a negative aspects of challenges in the path of learning. The report also highlighted my part of learning including the short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. However, the personal development plan showcases the different skills which are needed to be enhanced soon. The structure of the report shows the different aspect of career development training and provide a learning complement to my level of understanding.

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